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That damn Lloyd Price…you go boy.

Long time ago (long long time ago…long time ago <—- name that reference, and if you get that you are WAAAAY good) here on VSB, we used to reserve Fridays for a sort of “getting to know you” experience amongst the readers. We figured that we had such a dope community we should learn as much about folks as possible. Plus all of the icebreakers (of sorts) were good for getting lurkers out of hiding and introducing ninjas to new ninjas.

So I’m about to bring it back to the bottom of the map. One of the funnest ways to learn about yourself and others around you is via personality tests. So I figured, what the hell, let’s all take a short one and one we’re all familiar with: The Jung Typology test. I told the test and it turns out that I’m an ENTP.

They are intensely curious and continuously probe for possibilities, especially when trying to solve complex problems. Inventors are filled with ideas, but value ideas only when they make possible actions and objects. Thus they see product design not as an end in itself, but as a means to an end, as a way of devising the prototype that works and that can be brought to market. Inventors are confident in their pragmatism, counting on their ability to find effective ways and means when they need them, rather than making a detailed blueprint in advance. A rough idea is all they need to feel ready to proceed into action.


Inventors often have a lively circle of friends and are interested in their ideas and activities. They are usually easy-going, seldom critical or carping. Inventors can be engaging conversationalists, able to express their own complicated ideas and to follow the ideas of others. When arguing issues, however, they may deliberately employ debate skills to the serious disadvantage of their opponents.

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle, that sounds about right. Basically, I will tear you apart with my vicious rhetoric…then take you out for a shot later on that night. I’m like a Sweet-n-Sour Gummy bear. I’m fairly certain that those that know me might agree. Basically…punks jump up to get beat down. Or something.

Anyway…take the test and peep your personality type. It’s a fun way to kill time and then we can all find out how we stack up. Do you agree with your description? Why or why not?

Oh, by the way, #geminiseason is coming. Happy Friday, VSB. Happy Friday.

And as a special treat, please check out the 3rd episode of WTF Iz Rong w/ Panama Jackson. It’s on like Donkey Kong.

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Petey out.


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Damon Young

Panama Jackson is pretty fly for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future.

  • naturalista88

    My profile is long, so I’ll just post the link for those who care to read it:

    Oh, and I’m guessing that reference is from “Kings of Comedy.” If I’m right, I accept checks, cash, money orders, and Link.

    • naturalista88

      I really, REALLY dislike you after watching that video Panama; I damn near knocked my laptop over & choked from laughing so hard. You gone pay my emergency room bills if I go into cardiac arrest or something *lmao*.

      • kaname

        Who was doing the meowing?!

        • naturalista88

          *Lmao* if I knew I’d tell you.

        • Panama Jackson

          i’d tell you, but then i’d have to kill you.

          it was one of our interns.

      • Panama Jackson

        what was wrong with the video. it seems extremely normal to me.

        • naturalista88

          Riiiight, “normal.” I forgot who I was talking to *lol*.

  • Malik

    I got INTP. I always get INTP. It fits me to a tee with my personality, temperament, and career aspirations.

    “They will listen to amateurs if their ideas are useful, and will ignore the experts if theirs are not. Authority derived from office, credential, or celebrity does not impress them. Architects are interested only in what make sense, and thus only statements that are consistent and coherent carry any weight with them.”

    • African Mami

      awwwwww, that’s why my fembooo likes you!!!! *tear*. She wears glasses too.

      • MJoy

        you’re gonna get me in trouble ;)

    • That Ugly Kid

      What I find interesting is that I used to get INTP before I went to Basic Training. After Basic, I became a ENTJ, which makes sense. I care less about people’s feelings now than I did before Basic, and I’m way less tolerant of failure than I was before. Both are traits acquired from Basic. Because repeated failures meant our platoon got in trouble. Which was NOT fun. At all. Especially when the same d*mn people kept f*cking up.

      • Malik

        Which branch?

        • That Ugly Kid

          Marine Corps

          • Malik

            I’ve met a couple of Marines. They’re either sociopaths or some of the best people you’ll ever meet if you can deal with the ingrained military behavioral patterns/expectations.

            • Hipployta

              Having worked with Marines at a few assignments I will co-sign that cool people or sociopaths business. Luckily all the ones I work with now are nice and well adjusted people. The other ones in the past are best forgotten.

          • Royale W. Cheese

            Marines are crazy. Not looney crazy, but more like warrior crazy.

            • Justmetheguy

              Royale- There’s a thin line. Most of the ones I know go back and forth between the two

  • Tes

    1. Bernie Mac
    2. INFJ
    3. It says I’m introverted, judging, feeling and intuitive… I’d agree with that. Not necessarily in that order but *shrugs* I suppose it’s right. I’d like to think I’m more outgoing when I’m interested in the people I’m around; if I’m around dull people I tend to be…dull. Get me around people who interest me and I’m more prone to talk.

    • Liz

      we on the same team so we’re def awesome. thats all that matters!

      • Tes


    • Classy6ft5

      I got the same. I’m in one of the career fields it suggested.

      • Iceprincess

        Im INFJ too. Did u see the list of ppl that are that type? Seems we’re in pretty good company :-)

    • Keisha

      INFJ too!!! I actually have a degree in Psychology with a minor in Communications. The description was surprisingly accurate. While I love people, there are times when I just want to be by myself. I thought the part that stated, “self-expression comes more easily to INFJs on paper” is so true. When friends make me mad and talking on the phone or face to face doesn’t work, I will crank out an email explaining my position/thoughts so fast!

      I’m glad to be in good company… #Team Awesome :-)

    • Panama Jackson

      nope. its not Bernie Mac. I truly think that nobody would get that reference b/c its from a song. An obscure song.

      • Toh

        P, The reference is- Fela Kuti.

        • MiMi

          My fellow country-man

      • Scarlet

        Damn. I was thinking Outkast & hearing Big Boi’s voice for some reason…

        • Justmetheguy

          @ Scarlet me too. I figured I was wrong though so i didn’t say nothin.

    • Guenther

      I am an INFJ as well. I am torn however as to what career path I should follow. I am being drawn more to teaching than I am to law. Even though I have lawyers on both sides of the fam. I am not feeling the law, probably because I am working at a law firm currently.

    • Datalore

      I’ve taken this before and I alterate between INFJ and INTJ. Currently I’m in a “F” phase.

    • Beautifullyhuman

      I’m in the INFJ crew. I’m actually surprised this assessment was spot on since the questionnaire was so broad, but this part resonated:

      “INFJs are deeply concerned about their relations with individuals as well as the state of humanity at large. They are, in fact, sometimes mistaken for extroverts because they appear so outgoing and are so genuinely interested in people — a product of the Feeling function they most readily show to the world. On the contrary, INFJs are true introverts, who can only be emotionally intimate and fulfilled with a chosen few from among their long-term friends, family, or obvious “soul mates.” While instinctively courting the personal and organizational demands continually made upon them by others, at intervals INFJs will suddenly withdraw into themselves, sometimes shutting out even their intimates. This apparent paradox is a necessary escape valve for them, providing both time to rebuild their depleted resources and a filter to prevent the emotional overload to which they are so susceptible as inherent “givers.”


      I know I don’t post often (I’m a daily lurker), but Panama you keep me rollin’. You’re silly as hell (of course in a good way). That video had me dying…lol. I can’t stand Toure’s pompous ass and your impersonation was on point. Thanks for the laughs.

    • trin-trin

      INFJ here too…this is very much my personality…growing up, i thought i’d be a novelist…ended up being a filmmaker…not that big of a jump tho

  • ShardeMarie

    I got ENFJ.

    “ENFJs know and appreciate people. Like most NFs, (and Feelers in general), they are apt to neglect themselves and their own needs for the needs of others. They have thinner psychological boundaries than most, and are at risk for being hurt or even abused by less sensitive people. ENFJs often take on more of the burdens of others than they can bear.”

    Super spot on *sad face*

    I mean I am a cancer, so I’ve always been a nurturer and put others (like my children) before myself and I don’t even want to get into the whole getting abused by less sensitive people cuz ninja is just ungrateful and flat out mean.

    • Breezy

      *enters the ENFJ corner and pulls up a chair*

    • Wild Cougar

      I got ENFJ, too and I don’t think it describes me, really. I should take it again after I’ve had my coffee.

    • Reecie

      I’m also ENFJ

    • MJoy

      This must be the corner for the moms… hello all.

      • Squee

        But I’m not a mom. Yet.

  • King Jordan

    son, if Flambé..Puree…Toure ain’t block you now….he gonna block you like mutombo…lmao

    i’ve done Myers-Briggs a couple of times….first time i got INTP (aka the Architect – Einstein and Jefferson are 2 examples) or ENTJ (FieldMarshalls = Margaret Thatcher, Napoleon, Golda Mier)

    so i guess that means that i have the innate capability of leadership, but i perfer to be the Mastermind (no Nas)….

    or maybe it means i’m 50% brains, %50 leadership, and 100% Knicks fan. Knicks winning the title? Stranger things have happened.

    • That Ugly Kid

      The Knicks winning a title isn’t strange though. It’s downright impossible. Now Chicago on the other hand…

      • demondog06

        go pistons……

      • MJoy

        They will win before I die. They will win before I die. (Clicks heels three times)

        • Malik

          You’re a fan of the New York Knickerbockers?

          • MJoy

            um… absolutely… I’m ALSO newly single and very very vulnerable ;)

            • Breezy

              Well dang….girl you and Mami are a trip. Going hard in the paint to secure ya’ll e-boos….lol.

              • MJoy

                lol. You gotta work for that championship ring!

            • Malik

              Only if I can play with your hair.

              • MJoy

                deal ;)

    •!/IluminatiNYC Todd

      Hello fellow ENTJ. The Knicks will win a title this year. Mark my words!

      • Hipployta

        Just stopping by to high five my fellow alumni o/

    • Cheekie

      “son, if Flambé..Puree…Toure ain’t block you now….he gonna block you like mutombo…lmao”

      RIGHT?! Apparently, you done made it as a Twitter celeb if you get blocked by Toure. There’s a spreadsheet and airthang listing the people who have.. for dumbarse reasons.

      Oh, and Panama does a MEAAAAAAAAAAAN Toure impersonation. Or at the very least, a meannnnnnnnnnnn Toure’s hypothetical brother impersonation. He nailed it. Fool.

    • Panama Jackson

      lol. he can block us/me all he wants. i actually think i was doing him a service.

    • Asiyah

      THE KNICKS!!!!!!! MAH TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET’S GO KNICKERBOCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • MJoy


      • Chelly

        Let’s get it, Knicks!

    • Ro

      Well howdy fellow ENTJ’ers…. Field-Marshall checking in…. yeah that’s all i got….

      I’ve taken this thing a few times… I can’t remember what I’ve gotten in the past… leadership is always in there somewhere but I figure that comes from 1. being raised in a military home and 2. being the eldest child of said home. me knows not…. *flips dreads and sips water*

    • Royale W. Cheese

      ENTJ’s represent!

  • mena

    I took out some paragraphs but other than the perfection part (I just care if it works) this is a decent summary of me:

    To outsiders, INTJs may appear to project an aura of “definiteness”, of self-confidence. This self-confidence, sometimes mistaken for simple arrogance by the less decisive, is actually of a very specific rather than a general nature; its source lies in the specialized knowledge systems that most INTJs start building at an early age. When it comes to their own areas of expertise — and INTJs can have several — they will be able to tell you almost immediately whether or not they can help you, and if so, how. INTJs know what they know, and perhaps still more importantly, they know what they don’t know.

    INTJs are known as the “Systems Builders” of the types, perhaps in part because they possess the unusual trait combination of imagination and reliability. Whatever system an INTJ happens to be working on is for them the equivalent of a moral cause to an INFJ; both perfectionism and disregard for authority may come into play, as INTJs can be unsparing of both themselves and the others on the project. Anyone considered to be “slacking,” including superiors, will lose their respect — and will generally be made aware of this; INTJs have also been known to take it upon themselves to implement critical decisions without consulting their supervisors or co-workers. On the other hand, they do tend to be scrupulous and even-handed about recognizing the individual contributions that have gone into a project, and have a gift for seizing opportunities which others might not even notice.

    To complicate matters, INTJs are usually extremely private people, and can often be naturally impassive as well, which makes them easy to misread and misunderstand. Perhaps the most fundamental problem, however, is that INTJs really want people to make sense. :-) This sometimes results in a peculiar naivete’, paralleling that of many Fs — only instead of expecting inexhaustible affection and empathy from a romantic relationship, the INTJ will expect inexhaustible reasonability and directness.

    Probably the strongest INTJ assets in the interpersonal area are their intuitive abilities and their willingness to “work at” a relationship. Although as Ts they do not always have the kind of natural empathy that many Fs do, the Intuitive function can often act as a good substitute by synthesizing the probable meanings behind such things as tone of voice, turn of phrase, and facial expression. This ability can then be honed and directed by consistent, repeated efforts to understand and support those they care about, and those relationships which ultimately do become established with an INTJ tend to be characterized by their robustness, stability, and good communications.

    • kaname


    • NYCgyal

      Posted it down below, but +2

      • fivegirl

        I got that too! The relationship part was the most accurate. I suck at dating because flirting and small talk drive me up a wall. Now I know why all of Panama’s generalizations about women always confuse me. No one is making sense! I just want people to make sense!
        And Michelle Obama is a INTJ so wooo!!!

        • Asiyah

          “The relationship part was the most accurate. I suck at dating because flirting and small talk drive me up a wall.”

          Same here! I feel so out of the loop because I’m just not into that stuff at all.

    • WIP

      Mena, we match!

      • Mena

        Woo Hoo!! :-)

    • Perverted Alchemist

      INTJ up in this piece *throws up the diamond*

      • Mena

        I knew I liked you for a reason :-)

    • Kema

      I am INTJ too! Woop Woop!

    • Asiyah

      I got INTJ, too, Mena! It really describes me. Though for the life of me I can’t understand why anyone would think that I am self-confident. I’m the most insecure person I know!

      • Mena

        Confidence always masks some type of insecurity. There must be something that you are confident about. Like if someone questioned you on it, you would give them a heavy side eye.

        • Just Passing By

          INFJ’s stand up. I actually had to take that test for a course and it fits me. I don’t like large groups. Intimate settings and small groups and I’m good. I don’t have time for flirting etc small talk. People find me odd because I don’t talk often. If you’re talking about something I have no interest in, I’ll sit back and listen. That whole confidence thing kind of threw me but like mentioned up post, if I know what I’m talking about I’m good, otherwise I’ll fake it till I make it or st back. As far as careers, education fits me. I tutor kids in math (up to grade 11ish) and computers. However, I’m studying to be an accountant so, *shrug*. Oh yeah, please don’t try to make me talk. If I have something to say, I’ll say it, otherwise I’m content to sit back and listen.

          Off topic: anyone else go and revisit old songs off YouTube after reading yesterday’s post? No, just me. Ok then. Carry on.

    • The Law

      I’m INTJ as well. Maybe that explains my relationship difficulties…

      or maybe I’m just an @sshole.

      • Asiyah

        “or maybe I’m just an @sshole.”

        I find myself saying this all the time lol

  • Mo-VSS

    I did everything I could to answer all the questions that pertained to the feelings of others with a “no,” and I still got ENFJ….It says I’m highly sensitive to others. Okay, so maybe it’s right. However, the one thing I disagree with is this statement here:

    “Like most NFs, (and Feelers in general), they are apt to neglect themselves and their own needs for the needs of others.”

    No. I will not neglect me for you. EVER. Other than that, I’d say it was pretty spot on. Oh and this was my fave line:

    “They have tremendous charisma by which many are drawn into their nurturant tutelage and/or grand schemes.”

    Basically that was a long winded way of saying I’m awesome :D

    • Mena

      Your last sentence is wonderful :-)

      • Mo-VSS


    • Wild Cougar

      You and me both are baffled on the ENFJ thing. The other analysis says teacher. Yuck. I HATE teaching. Never want to be a teacher. I even hate answering the questions of new hires at my job. I say idk, just so the ask somebody else.

      • GypsyCurl

        LMAO I do the same thing. I get so annoyed when I am asked a question bc: 1) I dont feel like talking, 2) I dont want anyone talking to me and 3) the question is just plain stupid.

      • MJoy

        I can sort of see you here based on your blog (which obviously doesn’t reveal EVERYTHING about you) but you seem to be very caring and giving with the cubbies.

        • Wild Cougar

          Yeah, I guess. But I don’t like it. I’m sposed to be a Superheauxbitch! *kicks rocks*

        • Asiyah

          mmmhmmm. I agree with MJoy.

    • Breezy

      I think we need to form a circle, hold hands and sing old negro spirituals.

    • Panama Jackson

      i kind of view this stuff like zodiac stuff. while a lot of the characteristics do fit me, there are some that obviously don’t. also, i refuse to believe that people fall into 12 general catergories.

      • Asiyah

        I feel the same way, PJ. Personalities are much too complex to be classified in this way. We should always take this with a grain of salt. It’s interesting stuff, though, and we could sure learn a bit about ourselves based on their accurate or inaccurate results.

      • Yoles

        Especially seeing that throughout ALL of these posts and people there are only two INFP up in here!! Really? No other dreamers, that see the good in everything and want us to all get along? Just me, cancergirl08 and Mary, the mother of Jesus?!?!?!

        • WIP

          Sorry. Most of us are cynical, mean bast@rds.

        • A Woman’s Eyes

          I see the good in everyone & know intuition is the way to go lol

        • Muze

          i’m late but i got INFP! :)

  • MadScientist7

    definitely not surprised by my type or score breakdown.

    Your Type is
    Extraverted Intuitive Thinking Judging
    Strength of the preferences %
    44 38 1 1

    ENTJ type description by J. Butt and M.M. Heiss
    ENTJ Identify Your Career with Jung Career Indicatorâ„¢ ENTJ Famous Personalities

    ENTJ type description by D.Keirsey

    Qualitative analysis of your type formula

    You are:
    moderately expressed extravert
    moderately expressed intuitive personality
    slightly expressed thinking personality
    slightly expressed judging personality

    • MizzCam

      Well hello, sir. Fellow ENTJ ;)

      I’ve taken this test probably 10 different times since high school and I’ve gotten ENTJ every single time. Actually, I got ENTP once but the percentage of P was like 51%, and J was 49%.

      From most descriptions, or conversations I’ve had about ENTJs, female ENTJs come off as bossy/b*tchy. *shrugs* Oh well. My personality is pretty awesome.

      •!/IluminatiNYC Todd

        A ENTJ and a Libra! Marry me MizzCam! We’ll rule the world together! Muahahaha!

        • MJoy

          you better behave!

      • MadScientist7

        this is my first time taking the test. if women ENTJs come off as bossy/b*tchy i wonder what that says about male ENTJs. i think i’m pretty pleasant to be around but then again i’m biased.

        • Breezy

          Diva dudes maybe?

      • Ro

        I would disagree but i do come off as kinda bossy… but its more like in the realm of me trying to help you avoid messing up but if you insist on doing it your way as opposed to my way or the right way (whichever that may be but usually one in the same) then go right ahead. Or I just keep my nose on my face instead of in ya business…. which basically means I’m awesome in more ways than I realized. I’ll take that.

        • Royale W. Cheese

          +1 This is poetry.

  • African Mami

    Jammy jams! What in God’s green earth is this test?! I took the damn test and it revealed to me that I am an ISFJ. Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging. Great! I don’t even agree with it!!!!!!! Whatev.

    What I DO have a problem with is the career choices that these idiots assigned me. I could be a secretary (WTFaggers?!), Paralegal (Again WTFaggers?!), Religious Education (Why don’t you just shoot me and bury me alive if the bullet didn’t go through my heart!). My career choices don’t have any leadership or growth opportunities! They just have me slaving.

    The ISFJ has my future looking really bleak and poor. Poor no be ma potion! Tufiyah! I reject it in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!!!!!

    So, the question is what am I?! I am everything BUT that HORRID ISFJ!!!!!

    The INFJ———>hold deep convictions about the weightier matters of life(check)
    are activists (check)

    ENFJ———-> entrepreneurial inclination (CHECK)

    • nillalatte

      So, I take it you were not pleased with your personality? :D No worries. At least it didn’t indicate you have personality disorders! lol

      • African Mami

        Queeeen, I didn’t even bother reading the rest of it!!! I’m so disappointed. He who shall not be mentioned, would not be impressed with that personality description-OLD MAID WOES!!!

        • nillalatte

          While I can appreciate your psychotic attraction to he who shall not be named, maybe, just maybe you’re trying a lil too hard to capture the heart of the one you seek. You know, flies, vinegar, honey thing? It seems this type of man was not covered in “Think like a man” movie. Just out right ignoring you just might be indicative of the other movie “He’s Just Not That Into You.” Now I say might. Maybe he just can’t understand what true intentions you have. lol

          • African Mami


            *iDIED* You have finished me! You have finished me!!!!!! See you in heaven, deuces!

          • MJoy

            Can we please jut be the friends that say “OMG he totally loves you don’t worry!” so we wont feel beaten up by friends and lovers??? lol

            My personality test says I’m an enabler…. and there ya have it folks.

  • Liz

    Team INFJ aka Team AMAZING!!!!!

    • African Mami

      yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! praise the Lord!!!! church.

    • Medium Meech

      Been a long time… you told me you were going out for milk.

      • Liz

        LOL!!! I miss you MeechyPoo! Where you been?

        • YeahSo

          I threw-up in my mouth… #AwesomeBTW

    • Cayenne

      Also on team INFJ! YAY! I’ve taken the test about 4 times in my life since college and I’m always INFJ, guess it always prevails lol!

      • Liz

        Ha, same here. I took this test about 4 years ago and it was the same

    • Jcf

      Whoo! Team Awesome!

    • Panama Jackson