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You Have My Permission To Shin Kick Anyone Who Says “Cosby Is A Distraction From Tamir Rice”

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Earlier today, news broke that Bill Cosby would face criminal charges for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand — one of the 50 or so women (this number will never not be outrageous, btw) who have accused him of sexual abuse.

Earlier this week, news broke that Timothy Loehmann — the Cleveland police officer who shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice — would not be charged.

These two incidents are not related.

Actually, I’ll take that back. These two incidents do have some relation. They both involve Black people. They both involve the criminal justice system. They both happened to happen in America. They both received national coverage. Also, “Bill Cosby” and “Tamir Rice” have the same amount of syllables. And the Rice ordeal occurred in Cleveland, where Lebron James currently plays. Which connects to Bill Cosby because the Cosby news broke today, which is Lebron’s birthday. (And mine.)

So yes, technically, these two incidents are tangentially related.

But Bill Cosby finally facing charges for the decades worth of allegations today is not a conspiracy devised for us to forget about Tamir Rice. It is not a distraction. It is also not a citable, reasonable, relevant, or even particularly sane example of how America persecutes Black people but allows the killers of Black people to walk free. While the previous sentence is true, there’s no even remotely rational angle for that type of juxtaposition here. That argument is both dangerously stupid and stupidly dangerous. And, if you are caught making it today or any other day, you deserve to get kicked in the shin. Not a debilitating kick. I would like you to walk again. Run, too. But the type of kick that feels how it feels when it’s night time and dark and you’re naked and you’re walking briskly through your living room and you slam your shin into a coffee table. And then you yelp. And then you make a note to yourself to never do it again.

Yes, Bill Cosby is Black. As was Tamir Rice. And yes, Black men and women and children do routinely get railroaded by the criminal justice system. There are literally thousands of examples of this happening. Hundreds of thousands. Shit, millions. Bill Cosby is not one of them. Tamir Rice, sadly, was. But, as tragic as his death is, you are not doing him — or anyone else who fell victim to police-involved violence — any type of honor by using his case and Cosby’s to make some trite, quasi-deep, and pseudo-woke point about America and racism.

You just sound stupid. Like the dumbest motherfucker who ever lived. And you deserved to get kicked in the shin.

(And if you happen to be reading this and happen to be near someone who happens to be making this argument, go ahead and shin kick them. And, if you get in trouble for it, just tell them I said it was ok.)

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Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at Or don't. Whatever.

  • Pinks

    Implying, of course, that the abuse of all these women is somehow secondary, not as important and irrelevant. Funny how fools don’t be needing proof to call women hoes but want a written dissertation, receipts and dirty draws to sustain rape allegations.

    When anyone’s person is violated, whether or not itb results in death, especially in cases of systemic brutality against people of color, I for one can care about more than one thing at a time.

    • L8Comer

      “Funny how fools don’t be needing proof to call women hoes but want a written dissertation, receipts and dirty draws to sustain rape allegations.”

      Lol, this is a really great observation.

      • cakes_and_pies

        And still follow it up with “We don’t know all the facts.”

        • L8Comer

          Yea people get reallllll cautious, prudent, discerning and will reserve ALL judgment always and forever with rape allegations.

          It’s one of those things where a parody of it would be sadly so close to the truth. Like Chapelle’s parody of R. Kelly

      • Pinks

        They don’t want you to talk about what’s really happening.


          (*Evil wimmenz being code for the mama that abused me and pimped me out to her girlfriends, but all women must have somehow known what my mom was doing, right? RIGHT?!)

    • Some dudes are angry at a particular woman or small group of women that did them dirty. That said we have a warped world where it’s easier to get mad at random women then it is to confront women with specific sins, real or imagined.

      • Pinks

        Or, they’re angry at stuff that’s never even happened to them, but to their bum a s s fellow misogynist friends who put them on nonexistent game.

        • Hence the real or imagined. I’ve seen it range from imaginary to questionable to gee… Want me to get a crew to whip this chick’s a$ so the rest of the women can live?

        • QuirlyGirly

          That is what I dont understand- how are you mad at something that didn’t happen to you and if you ask the right question or think things through a bit you will see it either didn’t happen at all or the person was the cause to what happened but trying to play the victim.

          • Bushido Brown

            I see it all the time.

          • Pinks

            A lot of it is rooted in pathology and the idea that we all act a way and can’t be changed because it’s in our nature. Those are the same types who whine about friend zones and I dependent women and ish. Fugg em.

    • AyeDubya

      Girl, preach! I had to create an account just to upvote this comment.

      • Pinks

        Ha! Welcome!

    • Would you mind if I used the part about proving rape vs hoes? Because that was beautiful

      • Pinks

        Gone sir!

        • BrooklynGal

          Borrowing that one too!

    • Stephen Miller

      Pinks I totally agree with you, if a man is caught or proven to victimize a woman he should suffer the consequences Bill Cosby and myself included period. My question is simply this….Why they wait so long? Note what I said earlier now, I’m not excusing his wrong because wrong is wrong all day everyday even on sunday but what was the point of waiting?

      • Pinks

        Well, to my knowledge, not all of them waited. Some of these allegations are literally decades old, but even if they weren’t, why do we think we can police others’ reactions to traumatic events. Not everyone has the courage to face their demons, self-imposed or otherwise, head on as soon as they rear their ugly heads. Not everyone has the support of knowing they will be believed, buttressed, not blamed, etc. When more than 30 women have come forth and folks are still like “Nah, you need more people,” what does that say to the ONE woman who’s struggling with telling her story in the first place? That it’s not worth it because no one will believe her anyway, which is exactly what the whole rape power exchange is about. The ability to rob one of their voice.

        Also, whether they came forward 10 minutes or 10 months later doesn’t excuse, explain or justify anything. We as the public don’t get to tell people when or how to process their grief.

        • Tina

          “When more than 30 women have come forth and folks are still like “Nah, you need more people,” what does that say to the ONE woman who’s struggling with telling her story in the first place? ”

          THIS!! I don’t understand the “why did they wait so long” argument when you have dozens of women saying this man raped them and folks STILL don’t believe them. Isn’t it obvious why they may have been afraid to come forward?

        • Stephen Miller

          Please don’t infer that I am policing their procession of grief nor as a rape apologist in an understated way. Rape is wrong. Im only asking the question why wait because when a person violates another person there should not be any blurry lines or haziness about the encounter. It either happened or it didn’t happen. In these cases the lines are blurred because there was motive on the part of both parties. The women in some cases were looking for a hand up and Cosby in looking to take advantage of an opportunity to violate a woman. Even as a safety measure the women in these cases should have never allowed themselves to be put in a compromising position that would incline people to not believe them. Again, I’m stating that is not license for Cosby to take advantage and he should be prosecuted for breaking the law. I’m simply saying if a woman is raped it shouldnt prove to be a difficult task in providing the evidence to prove it. No blame is placed on them for making Cosby’s actions easier to accomplish. They just should not have given him the opportunity. Am I saying that they shouldn’t have tried to advance their careers? Absolutely not. I am saying, you should never have to go to a man’s house, dressingroom, or hotel in that endeavor. This alludes to why people question the circumstances and the women themselves. Cosby likely did it to more of these women that any cosby fan would like to believe or even deem acceptable as disgusting as that sounds. The fact still remains, there are people that question these women’s motives for rational reasons.

          • Pinks

            There should be evidence to prove rape. Sounds a lot like rape apologizing and Victim blaming. Should women think to ask for identification from their attackers, clear fingerprints and a full criminal background while their bodies are being violated? You know, to prove it happened? Attackers have been known to take condoms, clean rape scenes, make their victims take showers to erase DNA and you think it’s as simple as reporting and providing a suitcase full of evidence? Whether or not these woman wanted to advance their careers makes no difference in my opinion. Making a decision to sleep with someone for personal or professional gain does not give them the right to violate your body and trust, no matter what!

            Your statements are echoing the old “you could’ve prevented what happened to you” rhetoric from rape apologists that makes women and men who’ve been violated hesitant to come forward in the first place. No matter what they wore, did, didn’t do, where they were, whom they were with…it’s disgusting and vile to insinuate that any woman is somehow at fault for her own rape. Instead of teaching women how not to get raped, the focus should be on teaching men to keep their filthy di cks to themselves.

            • Comadrona

              Pinks, you are the best. You articulate the argument perfectly.

              • Pinks

                Oh, what a nice thing to say. Thanks!

              • Stephen Miller

                Cosigner you are probably the same as pinks. You should consider keeping your filthy private parts to yourselves. Since you feel it’s okay to sleep your way to the top.

            • Stephen Miller

              You sound like the type that would sleep with a guy for personal gain and claim to be raped when you don’t get what you want. Explains perfectly why you defend “these women” so vigorously.

              • Pinks

                You sound like you’ve never smelt p ussy you didn’t have to pay for. Good day.

                • Stephen Miller

                  And her true classless identity is revealed as bright as the sun!

          • dgrayson007

            What you posted is exactly what I see up and down my timeline but this particular case against him isn’t from 20-30 years ago it’s from 2004 and the victim tried to go after him for sexual assault not rape but the DA wouldn’t file charges. The new DA filed the charges not the victim she settled out of court in 2005.

            • Stephen Miller

              I understand very well the ramifications of the situation I’m only trying to make a point to Pinks.

      • Oluseyi

        Perhaps because only recently have societal attitudes toward rape started to shift away from victim blaming?

        There have been women—well-off, white women—who have walked into police stations to report rapes and been laughed at to their faces. Or the ones who wished to report their husbands for assault and had the cops call their husbands to come get them.

        Real risk still attaches to being an accuser, because men don’t want to believe you and in many cases will go to extreme lengths to keep you silent.

      • MissNormaDesmond

        That story happened only four years ago. The rapist wasn’t a rich, famous, or powerful man, and still, this is the ordeal the *victim* was put through because she reported the crime. Police automatically disbelieved her and treated her as if she were the criminal. In light of this, do you really not understand why, 20 or 30 years ago, women would have been afraid to report being raped by someone who at the time was one of the most powerful people in show business?

      • Lola

        they didn’t.
        these allegations have been being made FOR DECADES

      • fxd8424

        Folks weren’t paying attention cause I remember one victim saying she was laughed right out of the police station and her story wasn’t the only one. Most women know that the default is to be looked at as liars, so they swallow it and try to cope. When a few get up the nerve to come forward and be vilified, others feel empowered to come forward, thinking there is safety in numbers and maybe, just maybe, my case will be taken a little more seriously.

        • Stephen Miller

          So you mean to tell me that shortly after Jim crow noone could fathom even considering the remote possibility that a prominent black man would take advantage of a white woman given the opportunity? In the 70s? When an educated black man couldn’t get a decent job without affirmative action? In a country where even today blacks get locked up for life for stealing nothing more than $300 in merchandise because it’s their third offense. Noone in the 70s would lock up or even investigate a rape accusation made by a white woman implicating a black man?

          Do you smoke crack?

      • Erica Nicole Griffin

        My husband is a sergeant. Works in the county courthouse. Recently he told me about an 80 year-old woman who took the stand in a serial rapist case. She was raped decades ago and came forward recently. How does anyone asking her why she took so long serve any purpose? Name one single thing gained from that question.

        • Stephen Miller

          Was the man covicted of rape….more importantly was the man guilty of rape? Entertain the reasonING behind your point.

          • Erica Nicole Griffin

            That is the reasoning you would use to decide on asking her why she waited so long? Fair enough, she did not know the identity of her accuser so she had no way of pressing charges. After he was arrested for another incident they gathered evidence, matched it to his MO and then she testified. But please believe, dozens of women “came of of the woodwork.” And, you know that is the exact phrase his family and attorneys used to dismiss his pathology.

            In the case of Cosby, why are men so quick to call women, even ones with whom you are friends, liars? Do you believe us when we say that men have attempted to drug us on dates and at clubs? Do you believe us when we say that women who have survived rape struggle with overwhelming shame that leads to silence and depression? Is it so unfathomable that these women were intimidated by the idea of being called gold-diggers and whores? That such labels would damage their identities and livelihoods?

            • Stephen Miller

              With all due respect if Cosby is guilty KNOW that he will be prosecuted. That is a fact. It should be noted that the ONLY reason he wasn’t indicted after the deposition was because there wasn’t sufficient evidence. All the EVIDENCE points to these women being incredible. This last campaign against cosby is ONLY for persecution in the public eye. It’s really not hard to understand. If you and others must persecute the man at least stop trying to convince other people that they should too. Thats all I’m saying.

              • Erica Nicole Griffin

                Cosby has been confronted by accusers before. He was not prosecuted. And since when do Black folk wait until a guilty conviction to know that someone is guilty? If that is how you feel then please tell me your thoughts on George Zimmerman.

                Remember women are also victims of disparate treatment by the government. Black women especially.

                • Stephen Miller

                  There was no question about Zimmerman commiting the murder because he had not only got off the phone with 911 he admitted to killing Trayvon Martin. The outrage stemmed from Zimmerman killing Martin and suffering no consequences for doing so. In the case of Bill Cosby, you are outraged that the man hasn’t been convicted of commiting a crime that he didn’t commit. You outright ignore the fact that a deposition was held that was presided over by a JUDGE AND PROSECUTOR. If any chargeable offenses had come out it is the prosecutor’s JOB to indict on those offenses. That didn’t happen because THERE WERE NONE!! You rape empathists need to find a real victim to advocate, support, or empathize for because as it stands these Cosby “accusers” (and it most certainly appears to ba ALL they are) are successfully undermining your intelligence or lack there of.

                  Additionally you “Cosby” rape empathists aren’t really interested in the case because it’s apparent that you know nothing but what you see and hear on television, hence the lack of intelligence comment, and are vigilantly making yourselves look more ignorant with every word you spout on the issue. My personal recommendation to you is get informed or get in the corner and be quiet because there are people interested in getting the facts prior to taking an accusitory stance just because the media infers the green light to do so.

                  • Erica Nicole Griffin

                    “If any chargeable offenses had come out it is the prosecutor’s JOB to indict on those offenses. That didn’t happen because THERE WERE NONE!!”

                    Tell that to the family of Tamir Rice.

                    Meanwhile what are “rape enthusiasts”? People who love rape? People who attend rape conventions or subscribe to “Rape Aficionado Magazine”? And telling to someone to “get informed or get in the corner” is utterly rude and completely unnecessary. If you can’t debate without ALL CAPS and being rude your entire stand point suffers.

                    Finally, you never answered my earlier questions so I will ask it again in another way: Would you want a rape survivor to hear you speaking this way? Consider also this hypothetical person feels ashamed and maybe even silenced and has not told you or anyone else. Now also consider non-hypothetically, that at least 25% of all women and 15% of all men are rape survivors.

    • katrinatheterrible

      Please say you have a twitter? Please???

      • Pinks

        Not anymore, lol…i was starting to hate people I love in real life smh

    • RewindingtonMaximus

      So………….when you running for office bruh?

      • Pinks

        When my wealthy benefactor rolls through and bless the kid

        • RewindingtonMaximus

          Damn…that’s gonna be a while.

          Wake me up in a few years when that person finally squads up.

    • Misandry is Sexism Too

      “Funny how fools don’t be needing proof to call women hoes but want a written dissertation, receipts and dirty draws to sustain rape allegations.”

      That’s so true, it’s like men don’t realize that being called a hoe can put you in prison for the rest of your life, and in some cases, prevent you from being allowed to have children or live in certain areas, or obtain certain jobs. The impact of being accuse of being a hoe completely destroys lives. How can they not recognize we need solid evidence in a court of law before determining someone is a hoe?

      • Pinks

        Sad, isn’t it?

        • RethinkThePink

          The MRA is making a (very stupid) point, not agreeing with you.

          • Pinks

            I’m fully aware.

    • Noir Jente

      Yes. sorry but in the grand scheme of things the abuse of a serial rapist comes in a distant second to state perpetrated and sanction murder of women and children. In the grand scheme of things these women, none of them, are a fraction as important as Sandra Bland, or Rekia Boyd, or yes, Tamir Rice. Shame on you.

      • Comadrona

        It’s not either/or, Noir Jente, it’s both.

        • Noir Jente

          No one is saying it isn’t both. But one is clearly a more important issue than others. Don’t know why anyone would equate traumatizing someone’s life with actually taking it. But that is exactly what some are doing here. Murder is and always will be the absolute worse thing one human being can do to another. And anyone who tries to equate a lesser crime with it really needs to reexamine their motivation.

    • Erica Nicole Griffin

      Please make that plain, girl! People will call George Zimmerman guilty all day – with no conviction. But need Watergate tapes when it comes to rape.

      • Pinks

        I’m tired of trying to reason.

  • IsitFridayyet?

    “Which connects to Bill Cosby because the Cosby news broke today, which is Lebron’s birthday. (And mine.)”

    Happy Birthday!

    I struggle to find any connection between Bill Cosby and Tamir Rice. Besides that, the best distraction I have seen in recent memory was the coverage of the Ebola outbreak during 2014 election season.

  • So in the case of Spike Lee and that dude with that terrible song from Chi-raq do I get to shin kick them both? I mean someone needs to be punished for that song.

    • QuirlyGirly

      Spike should have known that song was trash. Maybe he had a cold and his ears was clogged when he heard the song.

      • In defense of Spike, the movie was doomed when he chose Nick Cannon. Every director ends up throwing in the towel some point in a Cannon movie.

        • QuirlyGirly

          I haven’t see the movie so I don’t know how well Nick acted his part but I did hear the song- well a portion of it because it was so bad, I never got past the first verse.

          Spike knew the movie was coming out around the time that Star Wars was being released. He also knew he had a uphill battle in selling Nick Cannon as a gangster. He at least could have had a banging soundtrack to get him over those two obstacles.

    • miss t-lee

      They gotta go in the sack with the cobra.

  • OSHH

    Happy Born Day!

  • adriennezurub

    Happy Birthday VSB?

  • Why did you take the pound cake that wasn’t yours in the first place, Bill?

    • This wins. I think we need not say more. Here he was talking about stealing pound cake when he was stealing a different sort of cake by the truckload. LOL

      • fxd8424

        Makes me wonder if he honed his “skills” on the women in the projects he grew up in. I don’t think it was his first rodeo.

        • At this point, Bill Cosby is doing tribal warlord levels with his cases. At some point, I’m not sure what level would get people to the point where an accusation isn’t plausible. When you’re pushing 50+ victims, that’s hard to wrap your head around.

    • KNeale

      LMAO!!!!!! Best comment.

  • Jocelyn

    Would you consider it a wonderful birthday gift if we recorded ourselves kicking people? I think a shin kick is in order for the woman who tried to turn my Facebook post about Tamir into a conversation about abortion. I’m willing to bet she thinks the women who were raped by Cosby shouldn’t have worn short skirts or something.

    • QuirlyGirly

      What in da hayle??!!! People stay reachin. How do those subjects even relate?

      • Jocelyn

        I am still scratching my head because I promise you that I have no idea how she got there.

  • kid video

    Not to say that Cos shouldn’t face charges, I find it odd that Charlie Sheen never faced charges from attacking chicks(most were pron/stripper chicks, but still) and possibly infecting them and others with HIV.

    Never mind all the cocaine he’s been caught with, and his TV show is still on the air. It could be he’s always been seen as the “bad boy” of Hollywood, and any woman that hooks up with him knows what he’s about.

    I haven’t seen Gloria Allred going after Sheen the same way Cos is getting it.

    Tamir was killed while holding a gun, while some older white chick pointed one at cops and only got arrested.

    Just another day in America.

    • Charlie Sheen paid the women to stay silent.

      • kid video

        Point taken…Cos should have paid the women off back then.

        I guess Cos thought he’d or them would be dead by now.

        • “Cos should have paid the women off.”

          Not: “Cos shouldn’t have sexually assaulted or raped the women.”


          • L8Comer

            lol, i thought he was being facetious. But the second sentence indicates maybe it was a serious response lol idk. awkward

          • kid video

            He(and American society at the time) didn’t see it as rape…just a misunderstanding.

            • L8Comer

              But… I think society knew that was rape in 2004, maybe not in the 60s or 70s.

              And he wouldn’t see it as a rape because he has the mind of a sick predator. Or maybe he did, and didn’t care.

              • kid video

                In 2004 Cos was calling out the failing of the black lower class, saying the things that 2520’s wished they could say.

                Bringing up the rape allegations then would have hurt the “Cosby Call Out” era.

                • fxd8424

                  2004 was when Andrea Constand was raped. It was in the news because a co-worker and I were discussing it. He says it was consensual (of course) but she’s a lesbian.

              • fxd8424

                I was around in the 60s and rape was still rape as we know it. And don’t be fooled, Bill knew it was rape. He just didn’t care. He’s a sociopath and a serial rapist.

                • Kela Harris

                  I read the deposition. He believed, in his narcissistic, sociopathic mind, that he was romancing these women.

                  • fxd8424

                    Bill knows the difference between romancing and rape. Look, both of us are from Philly. He’s older than I am, but there was a woman
                    in my neighborhood that Bill liked (she’s dead now). He used to wine and dine her, send flowers, gifts and a limo for her and sometimes her girlfriends to his shows. She was no shrinking violet but she never said he raped her. Rape as we know it now was rape then.
                    Even the boys in the projects where he grew up knew the difference between romance and rape. He knows it and I know it. He’s just a serial rapist.

              • Lavern

                Well if it matters so much to them now why didn’t it matter when he was a NOBODY!! but of course those mostly white women were soooooo terrified of the black male up and coming they could have EASILY put in jail with one word! Especially to their boss Hugh Hefner that has more money, power AND fame than Cosby at the time! Oh but the FEAR they felt as young women who could have taken down this YOUNG BLACK MAN yet wait until how many decades to seek their ‘justice’. Of course they are telling the truth because white women ain;t NEVA lied on a black man right, right?!! and waiting how many years to prosecute then make damn sure they get younger and younger accusers? I don’t remember Knee grows being this indignant about kiddie rapist Stephen Collins who here has checked for HIS statute of limitations surely you all are determined to vilify ALL the rapists right, right!!

                • NonyaB

                  STAHHHP pasting the same, uninformed broken record comment everywhere. Cosby was already a SOMEBODY back then: He won 3 Emmy Awards in the 60s. Read his wiki page, foo. What kind of sloppy shills is the Cosby PR dept sending out to sites these days, anyway?

                  Deep thought of the day: People can care and rage about *multiple* issues simultaneously, e.g. racism, BLM and bringing animals like cosby to justice.

            • Rape is not some newfangled concept that was created after the sexual revolution of the 60s.

        • Choccie

          No (to the pay off). There’s something called consent, that Cosby totally disregarded!
          Charlie’s women slept with him willingly, he just chose to not disclose his status. Should he be charged? Most definitely!

  • Two unrelated things but they are definitely not brightening my Kwanzaa. I really wish for Cosby to plead guilty, though. His victims deserve some form of vindication.

    • fxd8424

      His silence speaks volumes. If I were accused of some crime and innocent, I’d be shouting it from the rooftops.

      • He did just let the rumors linger for 40 years. At the very least, he could have stopped raping people.

        • KNeale

          I shouldn’t laugh but I couldn’t help it. Sometimes things are too true. You’ve already been accused bruh, maybe you should stop!!!!

  • Superstrings

    F.U.C.K. Bill Cosby. Also, F.U.C.K. Charlie Sheen, and R. Kelly, and Woody Allen, and Ben Roethlisberger, and any other people rape apologists can think of as an attempt to minimize Bill’s actions.

    • miss t-lee

      Thank you.

    • Jaris Cole

      How does this ONLY have 26 “up” votes?!?!?!?!!

    • Lavern

      Spare me!! you assholes lumping black men with white men when we ALL know damn good and well they are NOT treated the same!! Not ONE person is trying to prosecute Stephen Collins and now all of a sudden these so-called ‘victims’ are getting younger and younger to beat the statute of limitations but NOT for Duggar, Hastert, Collins or the other MANY white male celebrities hooking up with minors! But no need to care about what ‘they’ ar doing huh?!!

      • I don’t think he said they were treated the same.

      • MEME

        Stephen Collins only avoided prosecution because the Statute of Limitations expired on his case. None of his victims came forward, and he confessed, he would be in jail next to Jared Fogle and Jerry Sandusky had they not expired.

        • Mesocyclones

          There are no statute of limitations for child molestation so the Fogle and Sandusky comparisons are bunk.

          • MEME

            There was in the case of Stephen Collins. The statute of limitations expired once his victims turned 18.

      • True

        How about you keep your eyes on your own paper.

      • Superstrings

        There is no doubt that Bill will be skewered more than his contemporary white rapist peers. That’s racism, and it’s unfair. That doesn’t mean I think he should get away with it just because they did. They all deserve the worst.

      • RewindingtonMaximus

        You’re so dedicated to make this a race war that you’re still forgetting the main issue: women being abused.

        Yea genius, racism is always written into this story. That’s not going to change the fact that for over 40 years, 1 man was allowed to be a predator and at the height of his fame, manipulated a whole country into trusting his image so much that if anyone threw stones at him, they’d be the villains.

        Do you understand the difference, or do you feel committed to your own agenda?

      • LMNOP

        Who are all these people who are against Cosby raping people but okay with white men raping people?

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