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Yeah, This Just Might Be The Most Ironic Photo Ever Taken


According to a regular at Deadspin, this ad ran in the LA Times a couple months ago. And it is…everything. Seriously. There’s nothing this photo is not. Sad. Hilarious. Awesome. Ironic. There’s a gas station two blocks away from me that also doubles as a hair salon…and also sells chicken wings and ribs. This photo is that place.

—Damon Young

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Damon Young

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  • Val

    I wonder how much Sterling paid the NAACP to get them to give him that award? Shame on the L.A. NAACP for this. This guy is a known racist/ bigot from way back. SMH.

    • SailorMoon

      That’s the thing. He has a history of racist actions, so it not as if the NAACP should feel blind sided. They chose to ignore it for a check, at most the can say they didn’t know, but if that is the case why are you handing out Humanitarian awards to people you have not researched.

      I’m surprised they have not spoken up about this situation yet.

  • Ms TLC

    How is this even possible?? How could they not know that this guy is a flaming racist? How embarrassingly hilarious!

  • AmosBanks

    It must have been a slow year for Humanitarians in LA.

    • griffdamagician


  • blackphilo

    We aren’t even truly surprised by the NAACP at this point.

    In other news, who would have thought LeBron would become the Jim Brown for our time? Evidently, he’s thrown out the Jordan/Kobe playbook for non-leadership off the court.

    • Ms TLC

      No, I’m not surprised I guess. It’s just that the conflict of interest is so blatant. MORE of the conversation has been released where he basically admits he feels that the players are slaves and he’s their master. Ok I paraphrased a bit but when a white racist male says things like, “I support them by giving them food, clothes, cars and homes, etc..” “Who makes the game? me or them??” ETC.. He’s power tripping BIG TIME! He also says that white jews > black jews. The girlfriend does a nice job of goading him on, by lulling him into this false sense of security that allows him to spill his racist guts (apparently TMZ’s original audio accidentally on purpose left out some stuff…)

      • blackphilo

        Shamelessness and corruption dgaf about “conflict of interest.” Donald Sterling as an NAACP “humanitarian”?!? DY succinctly nailed this one.

        Your paraphrase is on point. The willful self-deception of Doc Rivers and Chris Paul is desperate and tragic. It’s looking as if Sterling was right about his power over the well-paid help.

        Jalen Rose, as a studio commentator, has been diplomatically speaking unvarnished truth. Got to give props, too, to his studio partner Bill Simmons, who has been implicitly calling out ex-commissioner David Stern for letting Sterling get this far in the NBA. Will be interesting to see what happens after the league office’s “investigation” is done.

        • Ms TLC

          “Shamelessness and corruption dgaf about “conflict of interest.”

          “The willful self-deception of Doc Rivers and Chris Paul is desperate and tragic.”
          Which probably explains why he’s racking up techincals and his team is losing.

          “Will be interesting to see what happens after the league office’s “investigation” is done.”
          Agreed, I will be watching intently.

          In other ironic news… Michael “I aint taking no pictures with no AFRICAN AMERICAN DEROGATORY NAME w/ an A” Jordon has released a statement admonishing Sterling as well.

  • Ms Butterfly

    The LA NAACP is on some different ish all together. Don’t forget they also endorsed Hilary Clinton over Barack Obama for president. I don’t get how a whole organization can be about advancing colored people, but when a colored person is trying to advance to president, you choose the white person. SMH.

    Also, Don sterling had to pay out one of the largest housing discrimination settlements in history to black and Hispanic residents in some property he owned. He’s been racist as all get out for a while now, so the NAACP can’t claim they didn’t know.

    • Epsilonicus

      I don’t see the issue with NAACP choosing Hilary over Barack. I mean if they had policy concerns then why question it?

  • JB

    Is his name really Leon Jenkins??? With a Jheri Curl???

  • griffdamagician

    This just goes to show us, the more things change, the more they remain the same. Spend some time with older black people and maybe some American Indians if you can find them. They will always remind you that in this world you are your “color” first and a man or a woman second to them. My grandfather has always told me “no matter how far up their ladder you go remember what side of the line you are on. Its certain things they are not going to let you do, and certain things they will not stand for you to have. Be aware at all times.

    • Ms TLC

      “They will always remind you that in this world you are your “color” first and a man or a woman second to them.”

      This rubs me the wrong way, I know what it means but I always felt like why should I settle for second class treatment? I may not be able to change the world instantly with my words or actions, but I can at least do my spirit some good by not willfully participating in cognitive dissonance. Hope that makes sense, I feel like when you “accept” no matter how reluctantly hypocrisy, prejudice, abuse, etc…it damages you

      • BlueWave1

        It doesn’t mean you accept it. It just means keeps your eyes open and be aware. We younger folks sometimes act brand new and think we don’t have to fight injustice anymore. We move to our trendy neighborhoods (or the trendy move to our neighborhoods), we get an expensive degree or two, and we think we’ve made it. No, we haven’t really made it. We’re just not at the bottom anymore. But there are many levels.

        Donald Sterling is going to prove just what “making it’ really is when this whole thing shakes out. Adam Silver can’t force him to sell his team. The other owners would never allow that. They wouldn’t like the precedent it would set. He’ll pay a fine, do some lightweight PR work, and it will all disappear. Meanwhile he’ll still continue to harbor his racist views and still make money off the people he hates. That’s power. That’s what means it to have “made it” in this country.

        I think the lesson from the older generation is not to confuse moving from the bottom with moving to the top. There’s a lot of space in between.

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