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Yeah, Let’s Chill With The “KKK Clashes With The Black Panthers” Headlines And Story Angles



(Quick thoughts about this weekend’s rallies in South Carolina to protest the removal of the Confederate flag)

1. I mean, I get it. The Ku Klux Klan was present at this rally. As were some Black pride groups, including those affiliated with the Black Panthers. And, I would assume that if a KKK member and a Black Panther were to meet each other, they probably wouldn’t share hummus recipes. Also, you can’t really ask for a better, more explosive headline than one that includes both the KKK and the Black Panthers — the Batman and Superman of American racial pride groups.

Except, that last part — the part about them being the Batman and the Superman — is completely misleading. Putting them in the same headline does suggest some type of racial Avengers battle. “Ok…you guys get your hate group all-stars. And we’ll get our hate group all-stars. And we’ll see.” But they’re not the same thing.

The KKK is a terrorist organization specifically created to terrorize A) Black people and B) people who tried to prevent them from terrorizing Black people. The Black Panthers — an organization that’s far from perfect — were created to protect Black people from terrorism. And…they weren’t even there. It was the New Black Panther Party — which has no official connection to the Black Panthers.

But headlines such as the one found on Slate (“At Least Five Arrested as KKK, Black Panther Group Clash in South Carolina”) and CNN (“KKK and Black Panthers hold rallies at South Carolina Capitol, supporters clash”) and NPR (“KKK, Black Panthers Clash At South Carolina Statehouse Rallies”) make the KKK and the Black Panthers seem to be analogous. And combines the New Black Panthers with the Black Panthers, while fanning the misinformed flames of the people who use the Panthers as their racial boogeymen.

Also, the headlines suggest the KKK and the Black Panthers got into some type of brawl. Which, if you keep reading, just didn’t happen.

From Slate.

At least five people were arrested Saturday as Klu Klux Klan members and black American groups clashed outside the South Carolina Statehouse. Around 50 members of the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan gathered to protest the July 10 removal of the Confederate flag, reports the State. The white supremacists were protected from jeering and booing crowds by a line of state police. But a brief fight broke out on the Statehouse lawn.

The KKK members arrived just as, on the other side of the Statehouse, the Black Educators for Justice were ending a rally. At its peak, the crowd reached around 2,000 people, who were “fairly split between black and white protesters and observers, many toting cameras to document the spectacle,” notes the State.

Basically, the White hate group clashed with a large group of people against hate. And that group of people against hate included many Whites.

2. I’d love to be a fly on the wall of the place where the “the Confederate flag is not a symbol of hate” people are meeting today, after an entire weekend of very visible White hate groups using that flag as a symbol of hate.

I can imagine them just all sitting in a room, seething and silent for an hour, until someone says “Did you hear about Tiger Woods?” And then more silence. And a minute later, the same guy says “It’s just crazy how bad he is now.” And then more silence. And another minute later “I mean, he didn’t even make the cut, and….” And then he gets cut off, by other guy saying “Not now, Chester. Not now.

And then another hour of silence.

3. I’m not surprised that the photo of the Black cop helping the White supremacist suffering from heat stroke has gone viral. But I don’t think it’s some metaphor for racial unity and/or forgiveness or something. I just see a guy doing his job. And with certain jobs, if there’s a pile of shit sitting on the ground, you have to take care of the shit. It doesn’t mean you forgive the shit. Or want to reconcile with the shit. It just stinks and you just don’t want anyone to step in it.

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at Or don't. Whatever.

  • RewindingtonMaximus

    What better way to sell sensationalism than two have two of the most famous American rights parties in the same place at the same time (although with the KKK, the “rights” they fight for still allude me)?

    I get how you feel Champ, but this is a race war. They need to fuel the flames. They want us to have a “shots fired” scenario to get this party started….but we aren’t having it. Which leaves the ball in their court, and they don’t like that. They want another “2 cops dead in retaliation for Eric Garner” scenario.

    Speaking of which….its been a year since the video of his death. One whole year and $5.9 million dollars later to prove legally one cop can kill a man with his bare hands while 4 other cops hold him down, and NO ONE will be held accountable.


  • There hasn’t been a Black Panther Party in decades.

    • RewindingtonMaximus

      Not one that resembles the historic version we all know of, but there have been splinter groups

    • Damon Young

      yeah, the new black panthers and the black panthers have no connection. edited the post to make that clear

    • The “new” Panthers were asked to leave Charleston by various other black groups after the shooting last month. They are a group of oddballs.

  • Julian Green

    The other day, my mom actually asked me if I’d had any trouble on the road getting to work because she had heard from somebody (who heard from somebody) that the KKK would be on the highway trying to force black drivers off the road. My mom’s from a time where the Klan was still a thing you had to be concerned about.

    This whole situation has almost become farcical. All types of baseless rumors are flying around Columbia right now. I swear, some people want some BS to pop off so they can put it up on WorldStar.

  • Sigma_Since 93

    Come on Champ, you know that chexy titles get clicks and the media is all about the clicks and comments. This is a classic case of you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink; there are too many mis informed / un informed, in denial individuals who are clinging to that flag. I read the CNN article and the one guy supporting the flag said lots of American’s died fighting for this flag. I found myself saying to myself:

    How can you consider your ancestor to be an American when technically he died as a defector from America??? How can you fly a Confederate Flag and a United States Flag side by side when the Confederate States didn’t consider themselves to be a part of America???

    How can you fly a Confederate Flag with a Don’t Tread on Me flag when the guys that came up with that notion were from the same states you wanted to separate from????

    When was the last time you saw an American Flag proudly displayed by the mob during a lynching???

    I really wish the Panther’s never showed up; let the dolts pout and wail for all to see.

    • RewindingtonMaximus

      Many great questions with very stupid answers to follow them.

    • PhlyyPhree

      You know what??? These are damned good questions….
      I however will not be waiting around for the foolery that is sure to come up trying to justify an answer

    • Val

      “How can you consider your ancestor to be an American when technically he died as a defector from America???”

      I just want them to answer this one.

  • A couple things:

    1. The “New” Black Panthers are almost always dressed up in “all black”, outside of media hearsay, I didn’t see that many of them at the events or in any pics. Plus, the New Black Panthers are extremely small in number.

    2. I’ve never liked the term or the usage of the word “hate” to describe terrorists. It’s nothing more than playing with words, like Mike Wallace and his crew did when they made the “Hate that hate produced” documentary. It removes the distinction between violence and denouncements, thus greying the lines between cause and effect or violence vs. self defense. Hatred isn’t some kind of disease, it is a human emotion, that exists in contexts; regardless though of it’s nature, it is the action done in the name of hatred that leads to rage, societal disorder, oppression etc. As much as the media, and many well-educated people like to preach, the power of words are secondary to the actions done in their name, and the relationship between the two is only confirmed after the fact.

    3. Over in England, there was a documentary entitled “Inside the KKK” (came out close to the marching date), which needs to be played in the U.S. at sometime, probably PBS or something. Went into detail, about how there’s been a resurgence of the Klan and similar groups in the age of Obama. As is always the case with the Klan, their resurgence is always an indication that shifts of power are taking place in American politics. In the 1870’s it rose in opposition due to the rise of the black republican politician; in the 1920’s it rose in opposition to blacks and immigrants in the cities gaining political power in the Democratic Party; in the 1960’s it rose against the integrationist of the south. People can proclaim post-racialism all they want, but it’s well known that unlike the cockroaches that scatter when light turns on, white supremacists come out into the light, when the hallways of power get a little darker.

    • Sigma_Since 93

      # 3 is the truth all day. The correlation with the rise of the President, the take our country back folks, succession, and the Klan are undeniable.

      • The thing is when the democrats are in power, these radical right wing groups like to come out the woodwork, which was the case with Clinton. What’s crazy about the Obama presidency, is that regardless of what he does, they continue to grow and prepare to come up against him, while saying it’s not racial.

        • Militia membership has sky-rocketed. Many of these clods think the Federal government is trying to seize Texas.

          • RewindingtonMaximus

            After watching VICE…I’m done.

            I mean…I watch movies. The government takeover is coming but not the one these retards keep thinking of. Its the other way around, corporate takeover of America, and then government just does what corporations say period.

            • Lol, look I have conspiracies that I believe in too…like for instance:

              2 years ago, the Obama administration wanted us to invade Syria due to human rights violations. The country and congress backed off and it didn’t happen. A year later, a group named ISIS is the biggest thing since slice bread and is at war with every other Middle Easter country including Syria; we then intervene in Syria, which is now a friend, and oh, a year later, we have a nuke deal with Iran, which is also dealing with problems with ISIS and has a pact with Syria…interesting.

              But apparently it’s more believable that pretty much a handful of US troops are going to invade one of the biggest states in the world, filled with militias and ex-soldiers who’d love to put their skills into practice. So its pointless selling this idea to any right wing groups.

              • RewindingtonMaximus

                That’s what tickles my fancy. The fact that people would watch TV shows and movies and believe the idea of diabolical government plots but not acknowledge that it is actually happening, just not the way they imagine it to be.

                We lose so much context because we are not at the table, but for right wing groups to consider themselves primary targets because they own guns and have militia training…hilarious.

                • You know this reminds me of the Showtime Series the Borgias, where Savonarola gets burned by the Catholic Church for being a “false prophet.”


                  I wonder if all these people who made false prophecies or false conspiracy theories had to worry about such punishment, if there would be so many of them floating around in this country.

                  • RewindingtonMaximus

                    In all honesty, I think this would light a fire under their a$$es (no pun intended…ok maybe). Mainly because all nuts are looking for their fears to be credible, and harming folks who spew craziness is the perfect way to point out maybe others should be listening.

                    • I don’t think it’s those who spew craziness that should be burnt lol, I think it’s those who are proven to be wrong, and then end up being shown they are wrong, and then keep on doing the same thing. Lol, there’s a clip on youtube, back in 2000, where Alex Jones predicted on January 1st, that Putin and Russia were going to invade the United States lmao…15 years later, look at him!

                    • RewindingtonMaximus

                      I will say they are persistent, if nothing else. But in truth…15 years later…we are giving Putin plenty of reason to try.

            • Spoken as someone who has never worked in corporate America. Big business is nowhere near as efficient as portrayed, and it would collapse due to incompetence.

              • Government investment in fortune 500 companies plays a major role as to why many corporations are still on top. The public-private partnership hustle is real.

              • RewindingtonMaximus

                I’m speaking as a government employee, in that everything we have, we owe to corporate America. We are so inefficient without them.

          • In America, people always embrace and take action based on conspiracy theories when their favored political party isn’t in power. Furthermore, if the U.S. still can’t take over Afghanistan, how the h@ll is it going to take over Texas, which is probably bigger than Iraq and Afghanistan combined?

            • None of these fools have asked themselves “why would they want to take over Texas?” but I try not to think like an Alex Jones listener.

            • #facts it’s as American as cherry pie.

    • RewindingtonMaximus

      Its funny how easy it is for you to pinpoint the correlation in a paragraph (#3) but for 6.5 years, White America has done everything possible to pretend they have no idea what people are talking about when it comes to the hatred against the President. I’m pretty sure you have a point, in that when Obama leaves, how quiet things will get for a brief moment.

      • KMN

        I agree with you on your last point…things will quiet down…but then all the CNNs and FOXNEWS will tell us that it was all in our heads and that we were making up things and it really IS a post racial society…only AFTER another white man takes office

        • RewindingtonMaximus

          Oh but of course. Its just funny after having the first Black President, people can’t wait to go backwards. Even the idea of Hilary winning isn’t legit (but that might because she should not be the only qualified female candidate,)

      • Sigma_Since 93

        “when Obama leaves, how quiet things will get for a brief moment.”

        Only to plan how they can undo everything that he did. Pay attention to new laws at the state level.

        • RewindingtonMaximus

          Actually the funny part is, they want to try to take some of what he did but they will fail on all fronts. If for no other reason than lack of contingency plans.

          Of course we will all get sucked into the void when they try though.

        • Val

          And, the Democrats are so spineless that they’ll let them do it. That’s the really sad part.

          • Sigma_Since 93

            Can’t do much in gerrymandered districts. The slick thing is the Republicans have given up the urban areas to get more voting blocks in rural areas.

            • Val

              They can at least speak up. The Democrats were almost silent while the Republicans proclaimed that their only goal was to make President Obama a failed President.

              • Sigma_Since 93

                You see folks speaking up (Wisconsin, North Carolina) but the system is rigged at the local levels to create change. Brothas will need to move into rural areas to impact the vote in those counties.

      • mynameiskevin

        Yep. Especially if the right wing gets its way. Let’s not forget that there was nary a peep about Ebola in the US after the midterm elections after it was one of the biggest topics in the weeks prior.

        • RewindingtonMaximus

          It boggles my mind how life altering issues trend like Twitter topics in this country. People have died from Ebola. Whole nations are nearly in ruin because of Ebola, and we played Topic of the Week with it because we let the TV scare the $hit out of stupid people.

          And then the internet filled all the websites with the sarcastic THANKS OBAMA.


      • White folks like to ignore the problems of race because it involves self-examination. They would rather focus on liberal vs. conservative or economic policy, but not institutions and their groundings in history and how they still function relatively the same, even though much in society has changed on the surface.

        For instance, I was reading about the history of Country Clubs in the U.S., and I was reading the whole basis of Country Clubs was to have places in the country, where the powerful could hide from the masses to avoid socializing with the “unfit” and letting their superior genes get diluted (yes country clubs were a product of the massive popularity of Social Darwinism in the late 19th Century.) This fact isn’t hidden, it’s right there in the open. And since all these institutions pride themselves on maintaining tradition, why is it shocking that they still maintain their founding principles? Even the Wolf of Wall Street guy (Jordan Belfort), wrote in his book about how he struggled as a man worth 9 figures at the time, to get into the top level WASP social clubs in NY during the 90’s, due to the simple fact that he was Jewish (who supposedly rule the world.)

        This is the world white folks, specifically middle class white folks like to live in: a world completely divorced from history or reality, even when it’s staring them right in the face.

        • Sigma_Since 93

          “White folks like to ignore the problems of race because it involves self-examination. ”

          You could have stopped after this sentence.

        • RewindingtonMaximus

          You’re right. I watched this documentary about Carnegie and his business partner Henry Clay Frick. About how Frick created a country club in the middle of Pennsylvania just so he could escape the crappy legacy his father made with the name Frick, and establish his own. All members ate high on the hog will commissioning this damn being built. One day the dam broke, and flooded the town below the country club.

          All the members wanted to know is when the water could be cleared out so they could continue going to the country club. Shameful.

          • Sigma_Since 93

            History has been kind to Frick and Carnegie. Folks chill in Frick Park all day long and forget that Frick was Carnegie’s muscle to get things handled.

            • RewindingtonMaximus

              History loves to distort our view on the fact that almost everywhere we walk, there’s a body underneath the ground, put there under the guise of “progression for a better tomorrow”.

        • mzpw

          “White folks like to ignore the problem of race because it involves self – examination.”

          Great minds think alike. I nearly got into a scrap w/ my supervisor about this EXACT ideal nearly two months ago after a conference we attended. Must be onto something….

          • True.

            It’s obvious; most middle class white people think they are where they are for about 5 reasons:

            1. Hard Work
            2. God
            3. Ethics/Morality
            4. Obeying the Law
            5. Community

            Racism, challenges all those points, because it introduces the question, if all those 5 things are equally redundant, when black people possess the same characteristics, throughout American history is the result the same? When they realize it is not, they have to deal with Racism, and that’s a thing they’d much rather avoid.

            • Ger Wil

              Was it you that brought up the point of the inequality of veteran housing post-WWII/HUD/the ?

              I dove into that a little bit recently. That could easily be one of the bigger reasons that many middle class and well-off white families are where they are in this generation.

              • Val

                It is without a doubt the reason why. That was the first time that Whites en mass began to acquire actual wealth.

                And, as that was happening Black folks were suffering both being denied those Vet loans and redlining.

              • I’ve brought it up before, but I’m sure others have too.

                It’s very well known in policy circles that the FDR administration mostly created the phenomenon known as the suburbs, so that Urban planners could reconstruct the cities, like Robert Moses was doing in NYC, so they could be more car friendly and thus create economic booms. The government provided cheap loans and other forms of money to European Immigrants and war vets, as well as educational opportunities and moved them into the Suburbs. This is the modern origin of White people (Jews, Italians and Irish weren’t completely viewed as white before WW2) in America; before white was synonymous with anglo-saxon.

                Black and brown people were forced to remain in the cities and were basically moved into the project building, which were specifically designed to shrink the distance between living spaces between people, to make room for the construction of roads. When black people either who had made enough money to move to the burbs, due to the chaos that was going on at the time (common sense shows that people forced within a tight living space are more prone to violence against one another than those who have lawns and outdoor backyards to call their property), they were either overcharged or oppressed by working class whites, and thus remained in the cities.

                • Mostly accurate, but I do want to bring up a couple of points. Suburbanization would have happened without FDR. However, it would have been qualitatively different. The WASP elite had been quietly moving to the suburban since right after the Civil War. Most of the money suburbs were built around rail. Without FDR, the elite would have abandoned the cities for the burbs, leaving the White working class and minorities behind.

                  • No you’re right…everything was pretty much being driven by Social Darwinism, which is so big a part of modern U.S. history and our institutions that it’s an utter crime that few ever even talk about it. There’s a good book by E. Digby Baltzell called the Protestant Establishment, that goes into detail about the transition period in America.

                    • Also people forget that the Levitt family originally built Tony gated communities. They then saw the business opportunity in redlining and flipped the game up.

                • SuperStrings

                  “common sense shows that people forced within a tight living space are more prone to violence against one another” Several studies have also verified this.

                  • Somehow Southeast Queens escaped this due to a rant community of the descendents of escaped slaves. They couldn’t recline that area, thus creating the modern quasi suburb today.

          • RewindingtonMaximus

            What person really likes being told everything they have isn’t through their own hard work and merit…but rather just being part of lineage? No wonder they fear the truth so much.

            • Word. Whites are people too. No one wants to hear that.

              • RewindingtonMaximus

                Exactly. I’d be pissed if everyone and they momma wanna tell me about me.

            • Sigma_Since 93

              Chris Rock hit the nail on the head when he said Black folks can be rich but not wealthy. All the loopholes and vices others used to obtain wealth we’ve been shut out of.

              • RewindingtonMaximus

                I always wonder what life would be like if the first trillionare was Black.

        • Heck, prior to WWII, White ethnics in the North often found common cause with Blacks because they were often thrown in similar situations. Then redlining happened, and the Irish, Italians, Jews and other groups became White.

    • 1. The “New” Black Panthers are almost always dressed up in “all black”, outside of media hearsay, I didn’t see that many of them at the events or in any pics. Plus, the New Black Panthers are extremely small in number.

      They come off kind of cartoonish to me.


      Excellent Points.

    • Another thing is that a lot of White people in power don’t want White Poverty to become well known. While the powers that be can deal with minorities gunning for their spots, and hopefully assimilate them, they can’t deal with White people trying to push their way into the establishment. Such actions would mean that some of their own would take some Ls and either end up in the projects or trailer parks. We know they won’t let that happen.

      • Yeh, they don’t want poor white folks to know, that the establishment doesn’t really give a d@mn about them either and that they have no clue what the establishment actually thinks of them or life in general.

  • KMN

    Champ….I have a comment in moderation…just delete that for me please…ty!!

    • Sigma_Since 93

      HOMIE!!!!!! What’s happening cuz??

      • KMN

        Not much main…lol…chilling getting over these damn mosquito bites!! UGH (I hate the outdoors lmao).


        • Sigma_Since 93

          No. I’m out of mix!!!! Can you believe it. I had to settle for a syrup sandwich to satisfy my initial craving. Pics are still forthcoming.

          • KMN

            LMAO I seriously fell out laughing lolol…but hey syrup sammiches will do but dang man…you need to learn how to make some homemade pancakes…you could’ve been doing it!!

  • Elowwole

    That cop pic has been irking me since yesterday! People keep sharing it with captions like “love conquers hate”. That Black man wasn’t conquering anything other than having good sense. Why couldn’t his fellow clansman help him get out of the heat? And you know that old man thinks Black people should exist for his service anyway! He still hates Black people. Nothing that cop did changed that.

    And can we talk about how the KKK had “police protection” for their “rally” over a flag, but we get arrested for protesting in support of Black lives?

    • Courtney Wheeler

      Yeah I know. The cop did his job..he probably didn’t want to…or found it ironic that he chose a profession that will make you help or the defend the rights of douche-nozzles but whatever. It had nothing to do with loving thy fellow man.

    • The KKK better represents the images and beliefs of the state. That’s why they get police protection.

    • Any sizable protest at the state house would have SLED or the SCHP present.

    • Lol, the media always looks to find one of these random pics like that.

      All it costs is giving a group of people 15 minutes of fame and then moving on.

  • Val

    I’m sure Huey Newton is turning over in his grave. For the life of me I can’t understand why original Panthers don’t speak up and protect the image of the Black Panther Party.

    As for the nonsense in South Carolina; sometimes you have to learn to accept a win. We won. The flag is gone. So let the Klan and anyone else who wants to stand out there and scream themselves silly. We don’t need to be there.

    We have other battles to fight. #sandrabland

    • Sigma_Since 93

      “As for the nonsense in South Carolina; sometimes you have to learn to
      accept a win. We won. The flag is gone. So let the Klan and anyone else
      who wants to stand out there and scream themselves silly. We don’t need
      to be there.”

      Lack of vision and leadership on the part of the New Black Panther Party. Let them folks fly their personal flags and take notes of who is friend or foe.

    • They have spoken against in the past if I recall correctly.

      • Val

        They need to speak louder. I really don’t care if White folks think they are the original Panthers. I’m concerned that Black folks actually think those disorganized people are directly related to the Black Panther Party.


      The old school Black Panthers have a website that has criticized the New Black Panther Party. The Klan are overt terrorists (who have murdered and raped people) and while I don’t agree with the new BPP on every issue, the Klan has no respect for me at all. We certainly have to fight many battles. You’re right on that point Sister. The war isn’t won yet. In South Carolina, there are many more victories that aren’t achieved yet in dealing with health care, economics, workers’ rights, etc. Black people have every right to live and fight for justice in this nation.

      Peace and Blessings to you.

      • Val

        You are right about the other fights in SC. The Public Education system there needs to be the next big battle.

        • Like @DG and I have been saying- it’s nice that that rag was taken down but there are much bigger problems.

          • Sigma_Since 93

            Save SCSU!!!

            • That too. SCSU has a lot of work to do.

              • Sigma_Since 93

                Internal housekeeping aside, it angers me to see the disproportionate amounts of dollars that are sent to public HBCUs vs PWIs in the same state.

                • True. Some of the small PWI state schools get the shaft too. If you aren’t Carolina or Clemson your alumni better hustle. Tuition creeps up every year. I wish state’s board would have made noise about the cash flow years ago.

                • I see your point but the housekeeping looms larger than you think. How else will you get private donors and corporate America on board if you don’t have your act together?



      • RewindingtonMaximus

        Yea….none of that is happening.

        The flag is probably gonna be the highlight for progression for the next 10 years. Everything else stays stagnant. They don’t care for consistent change.

        I’m curious as to what it would take for everyone involved to collectively put the gun to SC government’s head and get them on board.


          The SC government have many people who are stubborn and reject change. It will be a hard for more fair laws to be passed. I do believe that since criminal justice reform has so much support from across the political spectrum, then that on that issue, progress can be made in SC and throughout America.

          • RewindingtonMaximus

            I hope the pressure mounts up instead of just being pushed aside as always. In my mind, if the SC government is pushed hard enough, a domino effect will follow for other states.

    • Amber

      I wish those black protesters would have stayed at home and let the kkk look like the fools they are. We won that flag battle now let’s move on to more systemic issues.

    • Outside of Angela Davis, pretty much all the founding/major BPP members are dead.

      • Val

        Actually Angela Davis was never a member. And there are quite a few still around. Elaine Brown is still around. So is Kathleen Cleaver and Bobby Rush.

        • I honestly completely forgot about Kathleen. No to anything Elaine Brown.

      • Bobby Seale is still alive. He has a sinecure through Temple University where he’s professionally Bobby Seale.

    • Asiyah

      All of those pics of those pro-Confederate flag people crying were perfect examples of white tears. SMH.

  • BreezyA

    The following comments were under a Yahoo News article (I should have known better than to read anything there) about the black police officer helping an elderly white supremacist who got sick from the heat at the SC rally:

    “That’s what he’s supposed to do. That’s his job.”

    “What about the Black Panthers. They urge people to kill whites.”

    “Why are people calling this old man names & making assumptions.” (He was clearly identified as a white sup.)

    “Not all Black people are criminals, not all WP are racist. Not all oranges are orange, etc.”

    “Why is the media always inciting race wars?”

    Reading these comments made me both sad & scared for humanity bc these people were dead serious.

    • Lol, these comments are relatively light, compared to what I’m used to.

      • Val

        Right. I unfollowed quite a few news outlets on fb because I realized it was pointless to keep reading the same hate filled comments from White folks over and over again. They’ve been saying the same things for 500 years.

        • Derrick Hoel

          Wallow in self pity. That is the real reason no one cares. Give me an example where a white person has directly done something to keep you down. If you would be honest, I bet you cant name one.

          • Soula Powa

            Oh, and speaking of disgusting, don’t feed the trolls.

            • Derrick Hoel

              So a “troll” is anyone that disagrees with you? Lol, wow

          • RewindingtonMaximus

            Reading your font doesn’t count?

        • Soula Powa

          I know right. Normally I don’t read comments on many sites excluding this one. However I can’t help it on because they have their comments right next tot the story. And it’s all the same crap. “Why does Obama hate America?” etc. It’s disgusting.

          • Lol, and it doesn’t get more liberal than MSNBC.

            I think to a lot of conservatives, the fight against liberals is what gives them life. That’s why all those conservative books are always best sellers, including Ann Coulter’s book which is the foundation of Donald Trumps anti-Mexican campaign.

        • Asiyah

          I tend not to read the comments. I don’t need that filth.

        • Kim

          Can’t even read the Black Section of news outlets without them swarming the comment section smh makes me wish that there was still prominent black owned outlets. I think the root or some other new outlet is now owned by white corp.

        • Kim

          Can’t even read the Black Section of news outlets without them swarming the comment section smh makes me wish that there was still prominent black owned outlets. I think the root or some other new outlet is now owned by white corp.

    • RewindingtonMaximus

      That’s tame.

      The comments for what I read about the SC shoots alone……I’m surprised I didn’t kirk out already after what I read that whole week.

      • nillalatte

        Right! I was thinking that’s not as bad as some of the stuff I’ve read. Dude, one guy disturbed me so bad on FB I took screen shots of his screen name, page and friends. I was appalled. You can’t fight with those idiots. Also, Jade Helm 15 conspiracy nuts. Ignorance!

        • RewindingtonMaximus

          Nilla…the $hit people post online…I mean I’ve done some dumb $hit but these nigs are 10x my age…I can’t..and if its young people…God I just wish I was rich and a hacker, so I could fly to people’s homes and whoop the fuck out of them after hacking them.

    • mynameiskevin

      Eh, that’s par for the course for the mouthbreathers there.

  • Courtney Wheeler

    I watched a documentary, I believe it was VICE about the “new KKK”. There approach now is far tamer and kinda corporate from we’re use to. Leaders of different chapters will go to NAACP meetings and say things like “Oh no…violence is wrong…we don’t hate you persay..we just don’t think we should REALLY mingle like that…ya know…don’t date white women/men…maybe not interact in social setting too much. Maybe we should try the separate but equal thing again.” They’ll even donate to the chapters.

    So basically if you’re an imperialistic idiot you’ll totally subscribe to this ideology.

    • AlwaysCC


    • The KKK goes through surges.

      They’ll get violent if the opportunity presents itself, and they don’t have to worry about losing their careers and jobs in the process.

      • TeeChantel


      • nillalatte

        They have jobs? It’s a leap to say careers. ;)

    • RewindingtonMaximus

      Its the passive aggressive approach. Takes the heat off them but gently pushes their agenda. They are in for the long haul and honestly its a really good plan.

      • People don’t realize that’s how David Duke got a come up. He was the first Klansman to come up with that passive aggressive approach, and he’s managed a career out of it.

        • RewindingtonMaximus

          Slow and steady wins the race

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