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Y’all Do Realize Floyd Mayweather Is Gonna Kick Conor McGregor’s Ass, Right?

The lead up to the Mayweather/McGregor fight Aug 26th has been fascinating. Two aggressively annoying and arrogant and lilliputian men — one a quasi-illiterate domestic abuser and the other either a racist or someone just fine with donning a racist’s costume (which is just as bad as a racist) — attempting to out-douche each other is like watching a house centipede and an albino cockroach wrestle. Sure you’ll watch, but you just want them both to lose somehow and never be seen in your home again. And you’ll feel all itchy and crawly and shit for the rest of the night.

Also, this is very, very stupid. Not the build up and the hype. (Although that’s very, very stupid too.) But that this fight is even happening. And even that it’s been billed as a fight.

Regardless of how you feel about Floyd Mayweather’s solid fuckboy bonafides, it’s without question that he’s one of the best boxers ever. Yes, he’s a few years past his prime. But that merely downgrades him from “maybe the best in his class ever” to “maybe just the best in his class right now.” Conor McGregor is an MMA fighter who boxed some several years ago. This is not a fair fight. It’s not even McGregor bringing a knife to a gunfight. It’s McGregor bringing a fucking feather.

And in order to explain how doomed McGregor’s race-baiting ass is going to be, I need to tell you a quick story.

As many of you already know, I “played” division one college basketball. (And “played” is in quotations because a pastichio of injuries and apathies made my career whatever the level below “underwhelming” happens to be.) And while I’m almost two decades past my personal athletic prime, I still hoop pretty regularly, and I’m still quite good. If you’re reading this and you think you can hoop a little, there’s a ninety-five to ninety-eight percent chance that, at 38, I’ll still bust your ass.

There’s a regular Thursday night pick-up game I’ve been a part of for over a decade now. The regulars range from 25 to 60; most are former college athletes who relish those Thursdays as a rare opportunity to keep that competitive fire going. It’s also an open gym. Anyone can play — although if you call too many fouls or play too little d or take too many ill-advised shots, you might not get invited back — so you never know who might decide to show up. And for a two month stretch last summer, Chevon (Chevy) Troutman — a former star at the University of Pittsburgh who played professionally in Europe for 10 years — came pretty regularly.

Now, I’ve known Chevy since we both played in the Connie Hawkins Summer Basketball League when we were both in college. He’s obviously continued playing at a high level, and I’ve replaced the daily workouts and Mikan drills with wifi hot spots and milkshakes. Basically, he’s a professional basketball player. And while I can still hoop, I’m not. The distinction between the two was made painfully clear when he’d show up to Thursday Night Hoops, and would basically be a terrifying hybrid of Kevin Durant, Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors, and an actual velociraptor. Remember, these pick-ups are comprised of former college athletes with a few gallons of game and guile and pride left in the tank. And Chevy would do whatever the fuck he wanted against us. Like, he was so physically dominating that when we tried to foul him, we’d get hurt.

Anyway, in order to believe this taunting Irish dandy has any chance of beating arguably the best boxer ever in a fucking boxing match with boxing rules and boxing judges in a boxing ring, you either need to be so blinded by (admittedly justified) hate of Floyd that you can’t see straight or you’re complete unaware of the astronomical and astronomically ridiculous distance between “professional athlete” and “someone good at a sport.”

Or maybe you just saw Rocky too many times, and you believe Try Hard Whiteness is all McGregor needs to beat the Black boogeyman. But you’re forgetting one thing: Rocky was a boxer too.

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for GQ.com And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at damon@verysmartbrothas.com. Or don't. Whatever.

  • Queen@
    • KMN

      lmaoooooo that’s gonna be me tomorrow but with patron lololol

    • Lol

    • BrothasKeeper

      She cute. She might have cirrhosis, but I don’t care.

    • miss t-lee

      The best part of this video is you could see the exact moment homie in the back fell in love…lol

      • Mr. Mooggyy

        She’s definitely a keeper!

        • miss t-lee

          I ain’t mad!

  • Hugh Akston

    I got ncgregror in the fifth round with a KO by a kick to the temple

  • Diego Duarte

    I’m just here to watch a racist POS get beat and grounded into the ground.

    Top of the morning to you, motherfucker!

    • raul

      I don’t know man, except for that Ortiz sucker punch I think the last time Mayweather knocked anybody out was in the 90s. It’s most likely going to be a snoozer.

      • Question

        This. Mayweather fights are all hype, no fight.

  • I can’t even gamble on this farce, like trying to bet the outcome of a zany cartoon being written by rabid dogs.

  • Emily Harris

    Not going to lie. This is what I want to happen. But I’m not getting my hopes up anymore. The day a milk dud named Antonio Tarver beat my side-dude (he ain’t know- it’s okay) Roy Jones Jr. I realized that fights can surprise you and I try to be cool entering the viewing as not to get my feelings hurt- and actually, no- Buster Douglas was my first real heart break. Eff that dude. Seriously. Since then I’ve suffered many disappointments in the fight world and had to learn not to get my hopes up. I’m a Rousey fan, (as a fighter, not as a person) and I was sad she got mollywhopped twice. I’m an Anthony “Rumble” Johnson fan/Daniel Cormier hater and had to deal with that loss. The loss of Nate Diaz who I’m not much of a fan, but I hate Connor MacGregor. An extra cheddar Cheeto beat justice and democracy in our country… In my heart it makes sense that Floyd will win- in my stomach I’m HELLA nervous that this freckled arseholio will win and I’ll never be able to escape hearing about it.

    • Why you mad at Buster Douglas though? Mike Tyson “trained” courtside with hot dogs and beer with a female “trainer” at each side. He set himself up for that L. And with Ronda Rousey, style makes fights. She had never dealt with someone who could straight up brawl like that, and took that L smooth.

      • Sigma_Since 93

        Yeah Mike was seen everywhere but the gym. I blame Don King

        • I give all the credit to my dad for pointing that one out to me. He warned me that Tyson was risking that L with the way he was carrying on, but I was still star struck by how dominant Tyson was at that point. Tyson was never the same after that loss.

          • Mike beat most men just walking to the ring.

            • PriceIsRightHorns

              I will never forget the Spinks fight. My parents had ordered it and we were preparing to watch it. The “If It Isn’t Love” video had just premiered and I wanted tocatch a replay of the show to get the dance moves down. I went to my room, watched the four minute video, came back into the family room and the fight was over.

              • raul

                And Spinks looked absolutely terrified the entire 90 seconds.

                • PriceIsRightHorns

                  Yeah, he was shooketh. Didn’t he get $13 million for those 90 seconds?

                  • raul

                    Something like that. I think that was the fight that turned folks off Tyson’s PPVs because they didn’t think they where getting their money worth.

                    I remember my non boxing fan uncle buying it and never shutting up about it afterwards.

      • Emily Harris

        Listen folk. I don’t always have rationale for being mad at people, but if you beat a favorite- well earned or not, we’re not friends, so no to Buster Douglas (whom you cannot TELL my inner 5th grade boxing fan self was not down 14 seconds prior to him knocking Mike out, thereby rightfully losing that match resulting in what my family likes to call a doo doo cheat) and even worse for Tarver- cannot stand that dude and when my dawg B-Hop whooped him I felt 10% vindicated over my boy Roy. It was clearly in the cards that Roy needed to retire after that but my feelings are still hurt this day. Oddly enough I can cheer for Nunes against fighters I like less than her, and same with Holly Holm. Rousey should have never changed up her style, I contend to this day that if she had fought HER fight rather than try to fight Holm’s fight she should have won easily. Nunes, not so much. She was out to long and Nunes’ hands are no joke.

        • With Holm, Rousey pretty much had no choice but to fight on Holm’s terms. Holm rocked her with a few good shots, and completely set the terms of the fight from there. And Roy Jones Jr. is the prototypical fighter who hung on a few fights too many.

    • PriceIsRightHorns

      I was at that fight when Roy got knocked out. It was crazy.

      • Emily Harris

        So hurtful.

        • PriceIsRightHorns

          It really was. I think it happened in the second round. The undercard fights were decent and we got to see Zab Judah’s match so it wasn’t all bad.

          As much as I like Jones, Tarver had his number.

          • Emily Harris

            He SHOL did, and as much as it pains me to say it, on the rematch they gave him a mercy win because Tarver surely earned a second win- but I’m not bitter on his behalf. Related side note- my husband only agreed to let me name our son Judah after Zab Judah. Consequently his middle name is Nasim after Prince Naseem Ahmed because part of the bargain was that if I got the first name he’d get the middle (I had picked Solomon and the hubs wasn’t having it). And now that I’ve divulged unnecessary details of my personal life, lemme just say I’m real jealous you got to see the two of them fight in person.

            • PriceIsRightHorns

              Prince Naseem! I forgot about him. That’s too cute how y’all came up with the name.

              Oh they definitely gave Roy the first fight because Tarver clearly won it. Theirs was the first professional match that I saw live, and those early to mid 00s fights were lit.

              • Emily Harris

                Ugh, I had to edit because I realized I put the wording backwards. Yeah Prince Naseem was one of my husband’s favorites- I could take him or leave him, but we both love Zab despite losing steam at the end and overstaying his abilities. I knew he was going to lose to Garcia, but I can’t stand Garcia or his racist azz daddy so I wanted him to win so badly. Not a big Malinaggi (sp?) fan either so I was a little salty about that loss too.

                • PriceIsRightHorns

                  Yeah, Zab fell off at the end, but I’m still a fan.

    • I used to like Rumble until I found out he hits women, Jones until he turned into Pookie, and DC just irks me for some reason. Rousey was fun to watch but after Holly and Nunes bodied her she wasn’t the same. She took the Carano route and just made money elsewhere.

      • Emily Harris

        Yeeeeah, I’m not a fan of some of these folks as people. Like Rumble and Floyd- in fact Floyd is just a DIRTBAG of a person but I like him as a fighter. I also like John Jones as a fighter but he’s also a sketchy character. Inversely, I tend to like Pacquiao as a person (minus his scuffles and forays into lady abuse) but can’t stand him as a fighter- respect his skills, but can’t stand him. Daniel Cormier I can’t stand as a person OR a fighter (I won’t disrespect his skills- he is a beast, I just want him to lose, like always) and same goes for Connor- Adrian Broner’s another one like that. I like for him to lose.

  • Mr. Mooggyy
    • Connor thinks all he needs is one good punch. He is about to spend 4-5 rounds getting his behind kicked while looking for it like everyone else has.

      • Mr. Mooggyy

        …And he’s wearing 10 oz gloves! Floyd is way too elusive for that 1 punch shyt!

    • Penelope

      “Powder” made me fight the air!

      • BrothasKeeper

        Can you imagine McGregor tryna get a tan? It’d be like sticking aluminum in a microwave.

  • J.E. Pierson

    He may lose in the ring, but he won with, “why do you wear a backpack? You can’t even read!”

    • Well, when no one remotely your size can catch you square with a punch, do you really need to know how? LOL

  • Cosmic_

    I saw a clip of a face-off(?) with those two and honestly Mayweather seemed to have a bit of fear in his eyes.
    Maybe that’s his poker face? Maybe I am a poor judge of facial expressions?
    At any rate… I won’t know who won until I hear someone talk about it the next day.

  • This has Ricky Hatton written all over it.

    • Yeah, white Americans were pulling for Hatton over Floyd like Hatton was from Nebraska.

      • He probably thought he was in Oz when they dragged off the mat.

  • Val

    I think Mayweather must have paid this guy to act the racist fool, how else was Mayweather going to get anybody to cheer for him other than domestic abuse apologists and Hoteps?

    • Old Black men love Floyd. Of course they love Ike Turner too sooooo….

      • Val

        Making my point for me, thanks, Cog.

        • You’re not always wrong, kid.

          • Val

            Lol Thanks, I guess.

          • Emilyjdavis

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    • if so, that was money well spent. I didn’t give a F about this fight until the racist stuff started coming out.

      • KNeale

        Yep! I don’t watch boxing and don’t like to see people get hit but now I’m extra invested in the outcome in the name of racial justice.

        • Patsylrobinson

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    • Wizznilliam

      Right… Usually I hate Mayweather fights because they are usually boring as all_hell. I was hoping the MMA fighter would make an exciting fight… Now I might mess around and start rooting for Floyd. I can’t excuse this dudes words.

    • Most white boxing fans would probably pull for Connor anyway. Boxing splits folks via race at every turn.

      • thasamiam

        Ain’t that the truth. I remember when Bernard Hopkins fought Felix Trinidad at the Garden. Black folks in NYC were rooting for Hopkins and Puerto Ricans were pulling for Trinidad. Black people were trying to justify Hopkins blatant disrespect of the Puerto Ricans and their flag as merely psychological warfare that’s necessary in boxing. Which was straight up bullshit to me (I’m Black, my mom is half Puerto Rican and my grandmother was born in Ponce), hence me being one of the few Black folks to root for Trinidad.

        • Don’t forget Floyd’s past issues with Mexicans.

          • raul

            And Asians.

            • BrothasKeeper

              And hardback books.

              • Val

                Soft cover too.

                • SororSalsa

                  Don’t forget cue cards…

              • Emily Harris

                Sh*+ I lost a lil coffee on that one.

        • Ignite 1

          lol…..While he’s far from being the sharpest tool in the shed.. I feel he was just trying his version of “skull dugery.” Not a good look at all., but that’s Hop…He’s far from racist or anything…but very close to being an idiot. Anyway dude’s from North Philly., same demographics as The Bronx… NO WAY can he be feeling a certain way about Ricans or the PR….I’m black from West Philly, and my great grand pops was born in Loiza, and many of my cousins are from there or North Philly…. Nobody’s got a prob with PR, nor it’s flag…Heck.., they’re on EVERYTHING. (PR Flags) lol lol lol… Nard just was actin a damn fool. lol

        • Evorgleb

          Wasnt Trinidad also Black though? Im pretty sure I remember him being Black but from Puerto Rico. And can a person even be “half Puerto Rican”? Certainly it is a place with a distinct culture but Puerto Rico is a geographic location with people of several different genetic backgrounds (mostly a mix of Africa and Europe). Its not really like, for instance, Japan where the entire country is pretty much genetically homogeneous. So can you be “half Puerto Rican” when Puerto Rico is already a mix of other things?…Maybe I am over thinking this and should just start referring to myself as a half Pennsylvanian. I just always think its weird when people from the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico who are clearly Black are thought of or referred to as something different.

      • Idk who to pull for. Connor fine, but racist. Floyd dresses like a 12 year old and is illiterate. Decisions.

        • Overtymem Usicradio

          Really? Really?

        • Shenanigans


        • heyheyno


        • miss em

          Hard Team Nobody on this one.

        • MarcusSun

          Floyd dresses like white kids who listen to too much gangster rap

      • SororSalsa

        Wypipo always gotta believe in their Great White Nope of the Moment….

      • Mr_Sizlak

        That’s crap.

    • Probably. Although based on things Connor has said in the past, I question just how big that check had to be. He might have been willing to go there for free. *shrug*

      • He called the Diaz brothers “cholos” and made comments to Jose Aldo too. This isn’t new.

        • Talked about killing folks in a favela and called Aldo a p***y. Yeah, man. This is part of his game.

          • raul

            That’s also a big part of his success. Martial arts tend to be big on humility but spectacle sells PPVs. Granted Connor still had to win some fights along tbw way. And outside of saying some problematic crap to sell a fight he seems like an alright guy in the not out beating women sense of the term.

    • Junegirl627

      Side question: Am I an apologist if I just have no cares in me for women who enter relationship with Floyd, Charlie Sheen or Chris Brown? They knew what he was when they met these men. Because I would need to see letters from 2 licensed psychologists stating that they have completed indepth treatment and can handle confrontations in a non violent manner before they even got my phone number

      • Val

        Hiya, Jg. Interesting question. I guess there are two ways to look at that. One, that’s kind of blaming the victim. And the other, yeah, it makes perfect sense to stay away from folks with that kind of history.

        I guess there’s no way to no the reasons women date men who have a history of abuse. Maybe they think they’ve changed? Or maybe they were made promises? Who knows. But you make a god point.

        • Hammster

          I don’t think it’s any of those things. I think it could be that money is such a powerful magnet that it causes them to ignore the dangers that sometimes come along with it.

          • Val

            True, just trying to give them the benefit of the doubt.

            • Hammster

              I feel ya but when it comes to the three dudes mentioned, all benefits of doubt ran out for them looooong time ago.

          • Junegirl627

            I don’t know if I’m ready to say they chose getting their azzes beat for the come up.

            • Hammster

              No, I’m not saying that. It’s just that the lure of fame, money and power are hard to resist; that’s not just for women. The abuse just tends to come once they’re well into the relationship. Some guys are on their best behavior when they’re courting a lady and after the honeymoon is over the real fk ngga shows up.

        • Junegirl627

          I don’t think it’s victim blaming to tell people to take responsibility for the role they played in being in the situation they are in.

          For instance I know a guy who is really handsome, he’s a contractor and flips homes for resale around the tristate area. He is really nice to me and has been asking me out for years. The thing is I also know his ex and I heard about a party they was at when they were together. He got drunk and thought she was dancing to close to some guy and decided that the best way to address the situation was to try to smash her face with a brick in the middle of the party. It took 3 guys to carry him outside. That wasn’t the first, last, or worst encounter they had. She eventually left him and moved to New Jersery with her new husband. Thing is this isn’t the first time I heard about contractor guys temper when he drinks. So this guy sees me all the time and if I didn’t know any better I would’ve gone out with him but I know his rep so I turn him down.

          My question is this, knowing what I know about contractor guy, I would be really stupid to try to get involved with him, right? And if I dated contractor guy knowing his history and he abused me its no question that he is a despicable human being, but is anyone wrong for feeling apathetic?

          • Val

            I understand and I agree about the situation. I was just trying to allow for variables and such.

          • RaeRae

            Girl, I clutched my pearls in horror reading about contractor dude. Goodness…

            • Junegirl627

              If you see and talk to him you would never know but IMO he uses the alcohol as an excuse. Because he fall back on “oh I was drunk”” I didnt know what I was doing” “that’s not me I was blacked out” but he’s dispecable

          • I_AmU

            No one deserves being abused in anyway, physically, verbally, financially, emotionally or anything that falls under the umbrella of abuse. People sometimes knowingly enter into a relationship with an abuser. They think they can change the person but more than likely they don’t believe they deserve anything better. I have sympathy for both parties. The abuser because they have a problem that harms others (that’s not to say I wouldn’t try to whoop their azz). The abused because their problem hurts themselves.

          • Shenanigans

            You make a good point about the contractor but you have to consider that not everyone will be privy to the inside details of a person their dating until they start dating that person. You have the benefit of having heard stories about him and know to steer clear. Someone else might not know and still get involved with him. What if that person doesnt know the signs to look for? What if that person gets so emotionally involved that theyre blind to those signs? It happens, which is why its such a slippery slope to ask victims to take responsibility. Most of the times abused people are just so mentally battered that theyre cognitive abilities are not on the same level as other non-abused people.

            Having said that, women that get involved with the likes of mayweather, sheen and brown do jot deserve sympathy. Those women should know better.

            • Junegirl627

              I used to call it “I’m special disease” and I had it too. The thought that I am different. That the other people who came before me did things I would never do so they got treated in a way that I never will. And like every suffer of that disease I learned that I ain’t sheit.

              Don’t get me wrong, I have sympathy for anyone who is in that situation because the facts were someway hidden. But like with contractor guy. He is one of the most charming men I know. Funny, friendly, sheit he carried my mother’s groceries home for her and didn’t know that she was my mom. If I didn’t know about his ex I would’ve tried to be with him. But I did know and stayed away.

              I know how easy it is to be fooled. My question is about people who know the past of the man they are with and be with him anyway. Or who chose willful blindness over self love and care. Abuse never starts with a punch in the face. Or a kick while you are down. It always starts in small ways and only the extreme cases have actual battery.

              But when women opt to stay or pursue instead of leave. Once the truth is revealed or was always known about who she is with, why am I expected to care?

      • SororSalsa

        I wouldn’t say I have no cares for women who get into relationships with these wastes of space, but I understand why it’s hard to conjure up the max in terms of sympathy when they knew what they were getting into. Because one of the folks you mentioned are a one-off case of man f*ckery.

      • siante

        I talked with one of my friends who went through counseling after an abusive relationship- She told me one of the most empowering things her counselor did was encourage her to take responsibility for her actions and look at why she chose the type of men she chose & they dug into that. I think it’s natural for us to want a woman to assume some level of responsibility, but I think a lot of times we underestimate the seductive powers of a highly narcissistic and a manipulative abuser, I’ve done that with my friends, but then got caught up in abusive situations myself where EVERYBODY else could see the light except for me- so putting too much blame on the victim could be sticky territory, but yeah- there’s still a level of responsibility that I think is healthy.

        • Junegirl627

          I’ve never been in a physically abusive relationship but I have been in
          an emotionally abusive relationship. The one thing I had to learn was
          how to take responsibility for the role I played in the situation I was
          in. Once I did that I was more receptive to knowing and understanding
          the signs of a manipulative or abusive person.

          • SororSalsa

            ITA. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship and didn’t recognize it right away because I’d never experienced it before. It took a while before I left, but I can’t blame him after I saw him for what he was. I guess it took the final straw before I said no more.

          • Kenya Tate

            This!!!!! One hundred times THIS!

      • KNeale

        I mean yeah kinda. You should care if people get hurt just in general. I see where you coming from though but also keep in mind that domestic abuse is normalized as well as people believing women largely makeup abuse allegations. There are a lot of women that take physical abuse as being a deal breaker because they’ve been taught its normal behavior or at least expected behavior for women who make the “wrong choices”.

        • Junegirl627

          I don’t mean abuse situations in general I will help who I can when i can.
          My question is about men with a well known reputation for beating/abusing women like those specific men. My question is where does ignorance/ stupidity of the kind of man you are dealing with end and where does “you got what you was looking for” begin? How can any woman date Chris Brown after seeing Rihanna face, especially if he never really got counseling for his anger. How can you date a man like floyd who has a reputation for making his multiple women live like a harem and beats them. Charlie Sheen’s wife called 911 on christmas morning because he though she stole his drugs so he slammed her to the ground and held her by knife point in front of their kids. a year later he terrorized a prostitute to the point that she barricaded herself in the bathroom and called 911 while his kids were in the hotel room across the hall. And still managed to find a woman willing t odate him even though he has AIDS

          • LilMissSideEye

            I feel you, but look at the way folks talk about some of these victims — “she must have done something to make him act that way.” Tons of women don’t think these men are abusive — they think these men’s exes are crazy, lying, trifling, or all of the above. It’s an attitude of “I’ll never do anything to make him hit me” — not realizing that the only thing you need to do to “make” him is be there.

            They’re not the brightest bulbs in the WalMart, these chicks.

            • Junegirl627

              If you meet a man who flucked his ex face like CB did Riri and you say he won’t do that to me instead of what has he done to make sure he don’t react this way again, I have no sympathy

          • KNeale

            This is just my opinion but I think its a very very very long distance to “you got what you was looking for” begins because when I say DV is normalized I mean to a lot of people when they see someone getting abused they convinced its because something they did to deserve it. Anything ranging from “well she cheated on him what did she expect” to “well she egged him on”. And in their minds they think: That would never be me because I’m not a xyz… I don’t do xyz… And people get like that because they’ve spent their lives listening and watching abuse victims get blamed for being beaten, from their families, from their friends, from their TV, from people like us who are online debating whether or not a woman got what she deserved essentially. Its self perpetuating.

            • Junegirl627

              Now when I say “you got what you are looking for” I mean that if you are fully aware of the fact that you are with a person who has abused in the past and you know that they haven’t really resolved the issues that causes them to act in this manner. But you continue to date this person you are partially responsible for any “bad” comes from the decision to continue to pursue that person. We as women need to learn and teach others that it’s not enough to love yourself enough to leave, we have to love ourselves enough to avoid the danger to begin with. We need to love ourselves enough to not allow our mind, heart, body, life and soul to be a guinea pig for some person to see if they can handle normal man/ woman interactions. I truly believe that is when the cycle of abuse will end.

              I have to admit I am someone who does feel that you can “egg on” a situation. I don’t think that I am victim blaming to say that. It’s all about the circumstances. I do think it is possible to act in a way that makes matters worse in an already volatile situation and I do believe that most acts of violence are caused when people choose to engage in toxic behaviors instead of de-escalating.

      • Kenya Tate

        They don’t start out like that. They choose slightly insecure women then proceed to help them become completely unglued. It’s a methodical and insidious process. (Currently driving cross country getting away from it and glueing self back together.)

        • miss em

          My abusive relationship was just the opposite; I am a woman who is very self possessed and secure in my self worth, but I believed the lie in America that because I am a black woman I should somehow work my hardest and do my best while accepting any old thing in return. My ex would make me question every little thing like “Am I standing up for myself or am I being a bad attitude bitch?” My friends had to stage an intervention. And I think that my Papa Pope-like parents are a big part of why I stayed with that fcukery because I thought *I* was somehow failing if my life wasn’t perfect, not the fact that you can work as hard as you can and some people just won’t act right.

    • Maine&Grace

      He has to knock him out for the culture now

    • Yahmo Bethere


      I hate Floyd…..but….it’s boxing.

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