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Wrong Is Wrong, Even If You Don’t Like Kanye And Kim

***The Champ’s latest at EBONY reminds not to allow a dislike of Kanye and Kim to dismiss the fact that what (reportedly) happened to them was effed up***

I get the urge to dismiss what reportedly happened to him and his fiancee as some sort of comeuppance. Or a publicity stunt. Or maybe you don’t think it was a form of comeuppance or a publicity stunt, but since you just don’t like Kanye and/or Kim, you heard the news and was amused by it. Maybe you even thought it was funny.

I also get the urge to dismiss Kanye as a hypocrite. I mean, he did create a song called “Niggas in Paris.” And he is attempting to “re-brand” the Confederate flag. And, I mean, he is engaged to a White woman. So if touchy race-related subjects didn’t seem to bother him then, why should he allow a simple “nigger-lover” to bother him now?

But, while I guess I get those urges, if you allow your personal distaste for Kanye and/or Kim to dismiss the fact that what (reportedly) happened to them was very wrong and somehow disregard the fact that their apparent response was a very normal and very human one, you — with all due respect — are stupid.

Actually, let me rephrase that. Perhaps you are not stupid. I’m willing to concede that. But you are acting stupidly. And you are doing a great impression of a stupid person.

There is nothing strange or un-understandable about a man coming to the defense of his woman after she was insulted and physically threatened. And, when you include the racial element — Kim was reportedly called a “nigger-lover” — it becomes even more understandable. Was he right to do that? Maybe. Maybe not. Right “in the moment” and right “from a distance” are two different types of rights. And, as much as we want to theorize or speculate about what they should have done, moments requiring an immediate fight or flight response have a way of overriding logic.

And, speaking of logic, for those who feel like Kanye and Kim’s interracial relationship somehow gives people a pass to hurl racial insults at them, do you realize how unlogical you sound? Do you realize you’re arguing that racial epithets should only hurt people who live a life you’ve deemed racially palatable? That, since Kim Kardashian has a history of dating Black men, it’s somehow ok to call her a nigger-lover?

(Read the rest at EBONY)

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for GQ.com And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at damon@verysmartbrothas.com. Or don't. Whatever.

  • Maris

    You had bettah STAHP with all that logic. Next we’ll be tackling the “only Black folk consider Kim a white woman” conundrum.

    • pls

      i haven’t heard of this conundrum before! what does the rest of the population consider her?

      • Maris

        They are QUICK to point out “Armenian”. They literally do not want to claim her @$$. As in, her actual posterior. She’s too “fat”.
        I mean, I’d also note, Kourt is my color,and Kim is a shade lighter than me, so I have trouble considering them “white”.

        • Epsilonicus

          It is weird that folks call her White. I have never heard White people consider Kim K White. Don’t they kinda run that racial draft decision?

          • Ohmygoodness

            At the end of the day it only matters what Kim considers herself. If she considers herself a white woman (and she can certainly pass for a white woman) then she is white. If she considers herself bi-racial then she is bi-racial.
            WTF is up with this “you are what white people say you are?”
            Hell if that was the case Mariah would still be a white woman. You know they were claiming her in the early 90s until she came out herself and said she was bi-racial.

            • Epsilonicus

              It is easy. Trust and believe that Mariah can herself whatever she wants. However, if she is treated and afforded all the benefits that White people have, then she may be White.

              Remember, race is not biological. It is a socio-political designation that is arbitrary in order to keep a racist power structure in power. Who is considered “White” has changed a whole lot since 1500s. That means White, which is the dominant power in Western society, gets to decide who is and is not White. You might not like it, but thats how it is.

              So if White people are not claiming Kim K, and she is not afforded all the benefits and privileges of being White, the she ain’t White.

              • Ohmygoodness

                Mariah is afforded all of the benefits of being white because of the way she looks but she identifies as bi-racial, so are you saying unless you “look” bi-racial your only choices are black or white?

                “…and she is not afforded the benefits and privileges of being

                You better believe Kim is afforded the privileges of being white. I have no clue how anyone can say otherwise. Do you seriously think her career would be where it is now if she were black, or even distinctly Middle Eastern looking?
                The best part about the way Kim looks is that she can play both cards, much like white Latinas a la JLo, she can play the non-threatening white lady one moment and the exotical the next. At the end of the day both of these ladies get the benefit of white privilege, Kim even more so than JLo because of where she grew up.
                I’m not mad at those who get to play both cards, but trust and believe it is a card only white minorities get to play….yes just in case you didn’t know there are white minorities, specifically Hispanic, like Gloria Estefan and Ricky Martin all over this country.

        • pls

          To my understanding Armenian is their ethnicity, white is their race.
          I thought she just pushed the Armenian thing to authenticate her azz pokin

  • Rachmo

    Champ you better go ahead with all that logic. Yes SIR

  • pls

    i agree with everything.

    but i didn’t see a single post that implied they had no right to be upset. just because people don’t feel sorry for them doesn’t mean they think the racist was okay for saying what he allegedly said.

    logic also says that people who have a well documented history of trolling the media could be just making the whole incident up. i’m sure those alleged papz got at least 1 incriminating shot, yet there are zero that have hit the net.

    • 321mena123

      The only place i have read about this incident is on VSB. I haven’t seen it anywhere else.

      • pls

        i frequent the gossip blogs and they are talking about it. theory is that ye effed dude up for no reason and called Kris to spin the story as he was defending kim’s honor from racist crazy guy.

        where in n*ggadom would someone who says “n-lover” in 2014 hold the door for said n-lover to begin with?

  • Shy Fran

    IMO, Kanye is sensitive to racial undertones/overtones ONLY when he is the victim of those said acts. He has no problems encouraging EVERYONE to sing “Nigg!s in Paris” (making many attendees uncomfortable) at a concert, but clearly hates the term “nigge! lover.” He hates fashion icons for not letting him in the door but cries & begs for their attention. He calls out materialism in his barely coherent rants but names all of 15 brand names in one song. He wants to talk about racism all day but rebrand (and sell) the confederate flag.

    Kanye is a revolutionary when it benefits him and he is so transparent. There is nothing authentic or respectable about him at the moment. And because of that, I am NOT saying that racial slur is okay. I am saying that I don’t feel one ounce of sympathy for him.

    • Ohmygoodness

      “IMO, Kanye is sensitive to racial undertones/overtones ONLY when he is the victim of those said acts.”


      One minute he is saying we’ve taken back the word and now everyone can say it because its only a word, the next he’s punching guy in the face for calling his woman a ni**er lover. Which is it Kanye?

      I have a feeling this is nothing but a publicity stunt. We have yet to hear any new info on this story, whether the guy will be charged for using hate speech, whether Kanye will be charged with assault. If this were real we would be getting updates on the hour.

      Something tells me this was another Kris Kardashian PR stunt, since KWWTK new season starts on Sunday. The guy probably got paid for his services and went home after the “altercation.”

  • kidvideo

    Can’t say I feel sympathy for either one…i dont even have cable, but i cant seem to get away from all things KimYe…
    I need to(Cap’n O.G.) read more.

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