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World’s Biggest Artist Kanye West Is Gonna Make This Paul McCartney Guy A Star.

kanyepaulKanye West has reached an odd place in his career. While anything he does becomes immediate blog fodder and is afforded the requisite social media swirlywoo, I can’t say that I’m amped for a Kanye project at this point. Sure I miss his music. But I actually only miss the Kanye that showed up for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. In fact, the only person I actually know that liked Yeezus is the other half of the ownership end of this site and I’m not completely convinced he isn’t trolling the Black community with his Yeezus standom. And yes, some of you will say you like Yeezus. I don’t believe you.

I realize that loving abstract non-sense is definitely that shit that bougie black people like, however, some art is just meant to be appreciated for its existence and nothing else.

Marrying Kim K definitely put him at oversaturation, but they got a cute little kid out of the deal. Once lil Nori learns that its okay to smile the world will truly be a better place. Then again, if Kanye and Kim were my parents, there’s a pretty good chance that my visage would be fixed in a permanent side-eye. I can’t even imagine the conversations that happen in that household. I’m sure lots of talk about fabrics, hi-hats, and depth. Maybe Kim talks on occasion. I’m sure there’s tons of fashion talk especially since Kanye seems to be willing to spend a lot of money to look like he didn’t spend shit. His entire clothing line looks like a Joe Boxer at K-Mart special. And somehow, I’d be willing to bet its gon’ run the GDP of some small counties to get a grey hoodie. That’s been cut. Two hunnid dollar white tees are not whats hot in the streets. I get pissed when the price for my pack of Fruit of the Loom white tshirts keeps going up.

I’ve lost my point.

Over the weekend/New Year, Kanye dropped a song that lots of people think is great called “Only One” possibly borne of the once rumored (rumors no more) musical sessions to have occurred between Paul McCartney and The Louis Vuitton Don. It features Sir Paul playing the keys and Kanye singing with a little help from Auto-tune (okay, a lot of help from Auto-tune). As Kanye stated, it’s a message from Kanye’s mother thru him to his daughter. It’s actually pretty sweet. Also, Ty Dolla $ign is working with Kanye on his new album. You need to know this because this is important. The only person missing from all of Ty’s most popular songs of the last year was Kanye. Kanye West on “Paranoid” or “Loyal” might have ended world hunger.

Of course, as the internets go, many folks sarcastically joked that they had no clue who Paul McCartney is which sent many individuals with not one ounce of chill into their feels. Now, is it entirely possible that some young kid who is a Kanye fan has no clue who Paul McCartney is? It’s POSSIBLE. But I also think that the kind of person who is a Kanye fan would likely know who the fucking Beatles are. I think most fans of Kanye tend to view themselves are more music people than say a fan of, Gucci Mane. Not that they’re mutually exclusive, but if you only listen to Gucci, Brick Squad, or Waka Flocka Flame, you really ain’t listening to Kanye anyway. Hell, I’m a Kanye fan and I’m on the fence with curiosity about his next musical offering. Sometimes, your own ambition is a bridge too far. Kanye is one of the few who can make his vision equal his ambition, but after Yeezus I wonder if he even likes life.

Back to social media and Paul McCartney, I find it hilarious that people would get their undies in a bunch. Let’s say that some souls didn’t know who Paul was, but then went to Google to find out and found out that this dude is musical royalty. I’m not the biggest Beatles fan though I fully respect what they did musically. Their history is cement. And they have songs that I will always love. But I didn’t even know he was still putting out albums. He had an album released in 2013. I had no clue and I’d wager that many others didn’t either. My most vivid memories of Sir Paul include the 80s and then his divorce settlement. Point is, there are artists who have laid the foundation for music I know and love that I had no clue were the source material for a lot of music I listen to. And I could be called a music snob (at one point, not so much anymore). Point is, until niggas know, they don’t know. When they do learn, then all is right with the world. Thanks to hip hop producers I’ve learned about more jazz artists than I can shake a stick at. It’s like I have a swimming pool full of liquor, then I dove in. Hell, I didn’t even realize that John Legend’s “Save Room” was a “Stormy” sample until yesterday. And I love Reuben Wilson’s version of “Stormy”. And I’m a music head.

Obviously, this is less of a thing than I’m making it out to be. There are probably some folks who didn’t know who he was – seriously – and now they know. Most who joked obviously do. And the folks who lost their marbles were going to lost their marbles about something. We’re talking the fringe here. But it is similar reaction to many folks who pride themselves on their knowledge of something. “i CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DON’T KNOW WHO XYZ IS?!!!!!!!!!”

Dude. Chill. We all don’t know. At some point you didn’t either. Now you do. Now I do. And then you shoot your cousin.

But until then, let’s hope this Kanye guy makes the most of those sessions with that Paul guy. I’ve never really heard of either but I like music and I just heard this great album by some guy named Michael Jackson so I’m open to anything.

Panama Jackson

Panama Jackson is pretty fly (and gorgeous) for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. He refuses to eat cocaine chicken. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future. You can hit him on his hitter at

  • Erin

    Nori will never smile. Look at those cuddly and delicious cheeks. Do you think the laws of physics will allow those to be drawn upward into a smize? Word to the 652 other more-relevant points made in this post.

    • camilleblu

      this made me giggle…

    • AlwaysCC

      “Word to the 652 other more-relevant points made in this post.”
      were there more relevant points? lol

  • MeridianBurst

    “I can’t say that I’m amped for a Kanye project at this point.”


    Actually — even though I practically choked on my tea when I read that because Kanye is one of my faves even if I don’t have favorite rappers — if his new stuff sounds anything like what he did with Theophilus London then I’m not here for it either. I still balked. It’s Kanye! You pretty much know at this point it’s going to be some kind of experience so I look forward to seeing what his thing is gonna be this time around. Yeezus was heavy handed but I appreciate the obvious TLC and experimentation he put into that album. It was that project that pioneers something different so everyone hates on it initially but eventually the culture reflects it. Sort of like Ciara and the gutter face thing. He does have the potential to fall off the deep end into straight garbage under the guise of it being art, and I really just want him to stop it while he’s still ahead.

    “Once lil Nori learns that its okay to smile the world will truly be a better place.”

    Listen. Someone needs to tell her if she keeps making this face ” >_> ” it’ll get stuck like that. She’s the type of baby who doesn’t even laugh when you tickle her feet and now everything is ruined in life cuz you didn’t hear the baby giggle. Nori is the type of toddler that if you put your fingers to your head and tried to call her, she’d hang up on you.

    I wanna love everything Kanye does SO bad but his clothing line is gonna make me agree with the people who are contratrian to his brilliance. Haute Homeless is not the business. It isn’t even groundbreaking. That look is already a thing but it’s like he combined it with a page out of a MSFTS and A$ap Rocky collaboration and tried to sell it to us. Nawl. Be different but be dope about it. His stuff looks cold on models. Normally I think fashion is trash on the runway because the models don’t actually fill out the clothes. I’m obviously looking at the quality of the collection presented and if I like it, but I wanna see it on a person with a body like mine. Kanye’s line happens in reverse for me. I think his stuff looks sooo good on models but it looks horrible on him. But I am here for his fur lined parkas. I f*cks with those heavy.


    *snickers* Flawless.

    “I’m not the biggest Beatles fan though I fully respect what they did musically.”

    I’m pretty sure I’ve heard The Beetles but not intentionally. I don’t care. I was pleasantly surprised that he was treated like a peasant in the presence of a black man. Kanye appropriated his legacy. I laughed.

    • Who’s Paul McCartney tweets made the local news, cuz damn if a black man gonna appropriate Sir Paul

      • MeridianBurst

        Apparently, Kanye is the best thing since slicing bread into French toast sticks. Sir Paul was his jiggaboo.

  • – Why am I not surprised in the slightest that Kanye did a record with Paul McCartney? Kanye is approaching that Tyson zone where you’re liable to believe ANY story said about them. That said, the record is hot, and the organ reminds me of classic period Stevie.

    – This reminds me of the Boondocks strip where Riley Freeman is talking about how Rick James missed his chance from the Chappelle show.

    – This also reminds me of the time working the US Open where I ran into a guy named Cliff Richard. Seeing that he had access to the VIP seats and was given the title Sir, I had the decent sense to Google his a$$ and peep his rap sheet. Here’s to hoping the fools who don’t know who Paul McCartney is do likewise. Use that device that you use for cat pictures and arguing with strangers to learn something.

  • I’m done debating Yeezus with people, if you didn’t get it you didn’t get it.

    This song was sweet but I don’t feel like I ever need to hear it again,maybe as an album outro.

    For trolls sake, Stones > Beatles

    Speaking of Beatles this killed me on Twitter last night

    • Sweet Ga Brown

      LMAO. Gotta love/hate social media.

    • miss t-lee

      “For trolls sake, Stones > Beatles”


      • Yes… the Beatles were dope but the Stones are just better to me.

        • miss t-lee

          I’m a fan of both, but the Beatles edge out the Stones, IMO.

          • Great writers meh artists

        • MeridianBurst

          Gotta use #TrollLogic to decide this one. Stones can crush bugs in nature so they obviously win.

        • The Doors > both

    • camilleblu

      lol…desus is special.

    • Rachmo

      I’m more of a Beatles fan but the Rolling Stones did have a bit more soul (mostly due to their Black backup singers).

      • Muddy Waters’ mentoring them a tad helped with their sound too.

        • Rachmo

          Rolling Stones definitely had an appreciation for “Black” music and were pretty upfront that it was the sound they wanted.

      • miss t-lee

        All of the soul sound they stole from the Blues artists.

        • SororSalsa

          And Mick Jagger’s worship of James Brown.

          • miss t-lee

            Yes, indeed.

    • Shay-d-Lady

      lol this reminds me of what Panama has said anytime i have let him listen to one of the local artists i am working with ” i dont care if i ever hear this song again”. to which in reference to this song: Agreed

      • panamajackson

        Hey…at least I’m consistent lol

    • panamajackson

      That made me laugh outloud for at least 5 minutes.

    • panamajackson

      Also, the Stones have a pretty uneven catalog. The Beatles, for all their hype, pretty much live up to it. I just don’t love them.

  • Michelle

    I will admit, I can be one of those people.
    Four years ago, my teenage cousin thought that the Isle Brothers had sampled Gwen Stefani for their “Between The Sheets” …
    No, not Biggie’s “One More Chance”…
    No, not even Ashanti’s “Foolish”.
    But, Gwen Stefani.
    I had to bite down the urge to kick her out of my car.

    • You should’ve

      • Michelle

        Well, I was driving down the Grand Central Expressway, so I didn’t have anywhere to drop her off.

    • Rachmo

      I’m trying to calm down.

  • I thought people were supposed to be excited about discovering and sharing new music.

    • miss t-lee

      Good music, yes.

      • I only have the finest of tastes.

  • cakes_and_pies

    In regards to Paul McCartney:

    “It’s like Paul McCartney stuck in my head,
    Fell in love with a b**** walked away with one leg,
    She ain’t even have to run to get away with the bread.”
    That lyric will never not be funny.

    • panamajackson

      Agreed. It’s funny when Fif said it. It’s funny when reading it. Classic.

  • Shay-d-Lady

    lol i like yeezus.. yeah its very uneven with extremely notable songs and some exceptional trash. and afew that i cant remember but the standouts make it a solid album. that being said. the innanets really do need a “chill the f!ck out” button. also. i didnt know those songs were ty dollar sign. i didnt even think that was a real person. i thought all those bitter Mitch songs were by Rico Love.

    • Yeezus really highlights all the ways I hate the way Kanye samples.

    • Damon Young

      “lol i like yeezus”

      panama believes anyone who actually likes yeezus is either pretending to like it or forced themselves to like it.

      • panamajackson

        It’s because its true.

        • miss t-lee

          So true. Straight dumpster juice.

  • Actually not surprised.

    We live in an age where people have pandora and radio stations that play one genre of music. If you’re into top 40 or listen to mostly hip-hop radio stations, you’re not going to run into the Beetles. Plus, music not only has to do with taste, but many times is a reflection of the pace of life of a generation…The Beetles are way to slow to be in sync with most younger people’s music tastes.

  • Andrea

    This 1 inch of snow makes it feel like the government shut down.

    • Rachmo

      Except it’s more like four inches. Whyyyyy are the weathermen treating us like ani-mol?

      • Andrea

        Oh Werd! Nooo wonder! I just to a little peak out the window. I hadn’t planned to leave the house this morning. That explains why the subject of every email is ‘Unscheduled Telework’.

      • Andrea

        OMG! Wow I really missed what is going on outside. I have clearly checked Everythang but the weather. lol

      • Always better to get credited for am extra three inches.

        • camilleblu

          i feel like there’s a dirty joke in there somewhere.

          • MeridianBurst

            Only if someone starts throwing snowballs.

            • Didn’t think snowballing works like that.

              • Andrea

                Can you explain snowballing for the special needs kids

                • MeridianBurst

                  *coughs* Um. It’s when you give someone head and swap the nut.

                  • Andrea

                    Good to know!

                    • camilleblu

                      erm…is it? is that good to know?


                    • MeridianBurst

                      I’m just happy she didn’t judge me for joking about such a thing.

                    • camilleblu

                      yeah…i judged you instead…lol

                    • MeridianBurst


              • MeridianBurst

                I mean, I’m fairly certain it’s easier to make a large snowball with three extra inches.

                • I’ll trust your personal experience. I am not a snowball expert.

                  • MeridianBurst

                    !!! That’s how you’re gonna do me Ricky? Gonna put all that innuendo into personal terms? I would just like to say, even people who live in Cali have played with snow before. Expert schmexpert.

                    • Love you :)

                    • MeridianBurst

                      I <3 you back my love.

      • Andrea

        And it is trending on twitter. I am Really kind of slow.

    • camilleblu


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