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This dude right here. Joe "Pimpin' Ain't Easy But Somebody's Gotta Do It" Namath

This dude right here. Joe “Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy But Somebody’s Gotta Do It” Namath

First things first, shout outs to the Seattle Seahawks who put THE most tremendous asswhippin’ on the Denver Broncos at the Super Bowl. Good googly moogly. In a bout of “that’s what she said” that D held it down like none other. Despite the title of this post, the gifs and memes I saw at the expense of Peyton Manning and the Broncos definitely made my evening. Congrats to the Legion of Boom and the 12th Man.

Oh, Internet, how I love and hate thee. While the Internet might be the place where baskets full of kittens reside and where the people who created the Irish Springs smell all met, it’s also the holding cell for some of the worst denizens of humanity. Now don’t get me wrong, I love doing hoodrat things with my friends just like everybody else so I do have a certain ironic appreciation for the worst of times, you know, Ishmael and all.



Moving on. Since I spend so much time on the ‘nets (no Brooklyn) reading and engaging and putting rings on things in the way of likes, comments, and up, up for the downvote, I have come to realize that there are certain terms, ideas, and phrases that have come to annoy the living f*ck out of me on the Internet. It’s not because the words themselves are a problem, it’s because they’ve been debated, dispuated, hated and viewed in America by so many folks that I get lost in the sauce. And because I don’t trust things I don’t understand and since I found Jesus next to my love in a hopeless place, well, I figured I’d share with you the words I current hate because of the Internet.

Ready, set, go.

1. Thirst/Thirst trap

Amazingly, because the Internet has over used the concept of a thirst trap so much, I find myself using the term…though usually in the most non-sensical way possible. For instance, I’ll be at church and the pastor will say “Jesus saves” and I’ll say, “yeah, Jesus was thirst trappin’.” Okay, that’s not true, I wasn’t in church when I said that. Point is, the terms “thirst” “thirst trap” have become SO overrused via people everywhere that I’ve started to hate their existence. A lot. EVERYTHING IS NOT A DAMN THIRST TRAP.

2. Theory

Can we rap a taste? Cool. I’m so gotdamn tired of people positing their “theories” about everything. Just because you have a thought doesn’t mean you have a theory. Though I suppose every idea that you have about why something happens is technically a theory. Somehow, Twitter is amiss with everybody and their damn theories about theories. I’ve got a theory that your theory is wrong my ninja. Stop theorizing. Theoretically, I’m just over people and their damn theories. Can we come up with a new word or something for “people on the internet thinking?” Please, for the love of the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.

Do you all realize that Christopher Columbus was ridin’ around with that Nina?


These are the jokes folks. I’m here every Tuesday.

3. Rape culture

This is a touchy one, but creep with me. Pun. I had NEVER heard the term rape culture until it became one of the most ubiquitous terms ANYWHERE online to discuss boys behaving badly. And to be clearly, boys do behave badly. But I think it started to get taken too far. I’m almost surprised that Richard Sherman’s rant heard ’round the world didn’t SOMEHOW get turned into a discussion of rape culture. And I’m so dead serious. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist – there clearly is a rape culture that’s probably not had such a defining term attached to it before – but there was a time on the Internet where tossing the word rape culture a littering didn’t seem far fetched. Seriously.

4. Feminism

I said it before so I won’t go too deep here, but again, the idea and concept of feminism has been SO skewered by the Internets that I’m at the point of (perhaps convenient) disdain for it. The term, not the movement. Women’s rights and equality. I’m for that sh*t.

5. Narrative

I HATE the idea of everything as a narrative. But when you read as many stories online about n*ggas theories on things such as feminism, and rape culture, well, the word narrative shows up pretty much EVERY time. Everything gets devolved into a narrative of something or other now. Goldie Locks and the 3 Bears isn’t just a fairy tale, its a narrative that speaks to the what the skinny white yoga girl was alluding to the other day…and my next one…

6. White privilege

It clearly exists, but I think some folks concept of white privilege may not be as fine tuned as we think. Just saying, the next 10 times I hear the term white privilege in terms of somebody getting that last Coke out the machine will be…well, the next 10 times.

You know, I really should have titled this post: My Theory about the Narrative of The Effects of Rape Culture, Feminism and the Thirst of White Privelege.

Except then I’d have to blow my brains out. Fight me.

So, are there any words or terms you now hate because of the Internet?

Talk to me.


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  • ratchet dialogue

    1.) SEAHAWKS! Congrats on the win.
    2.) I’m in love with their coach. He has such a charming sunny disposition.
    3.) Bruno Mars is now in the same category as other legendary performers, aka. MJ, and Prince. That boy put on a DAMN phakkin show!

    • woah woah woah. Bruno only has 2 albums. He doesn’t have the body of work to be compared to Michael Jackson or Prince. He can chill with Janelle Monae right now with the best modern day performers.

      • ratchet dialogue

        i could care less……his showmanship is at par, as far as I’m concerned.

      • Sahel

        Yeah,they had to bring in the Peppers to supplement him.

        • Msdebbs

          Dang I kinda liked his show :/

          • Sahel

            The guy is an awesome performer and can play multiple instruments but he still does not have the kind of universal appeal that the NFL looks for

            • Msdebbs

              It was better than Yonce’s grammy performance..

              • Sahel

                Careful,surfboat is a movement

                • Msdebbs

                  No its not. Just a bunch of folks mimicking her as usual. She can hummm15 songs on album and it would still sale 50k units in 12 minutes. People gravitate to that woman like flies on shhhhhhh.

                  • panamajackson

                    <—- gravitator

            • I think that’s just because he’s new so the assumption is Bruno Mars and fan girls, this show was exactly what he needed to be taken more seriously by the masses

            • The NFL wasn’t looking for universal appeal for years after nipgate. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers? The Who? Springsteen? They’re just getting back around to showing artists (of color) under the age of 35.

            • Val

              He certainly did a nice MJ/ James Brown imitation.

          • panamajackson

            His show was dope last night. Made me want to see him live.

            • miss t-lee


      • Dude did his thing though. This might be the thing that puts him on that Prince/MJ level though. Plus dude has crazy crossover appeal, especially compared to Janelle Monae.

        • panamajackson

          He makes substantially more accessibly and easily digestible music. Not that its bad, its actually good. I think Janelle Monae’s live show is what saves her because her albums leave something to be desired and I’m a huge fan.

          • I love Janelle but can’t get into her music. I want to but can’t. She fine #doe

            • panamajackson

              She’s so gorgeous. One of my boys is her tour manager (in fact I know quite a few members of her team bc of the Morehouse connection)…anyway, so I got to hang out with her like…chillin and shit once…she is SO gorgeous up close and personal. Had me all in my feels.

            • Talked about this with Evyan a lot and The idea of Janelle Monae > Janelle Monae. I kind of feel the same way about Esperanza Spalding.

              • *nods

              • ……

                And you can kindly remove the government. Jesus Malik!

                • always shaming me for talking with you.

                  • You won’t have my unique name up on the internet unless I put it here. It is supremely easy to find me online. Idk who else follows VSB and what their intentions are. Thank you for changing it.

            • Epsilonicus

              Yeah she is fine.

              • Janelle and Res are the baddest, man.

            • miss t-lee

              We’ve had the discussion about the music.
              Yeah, no. Love the performances I’ve seen, but the music ain’t for me.

          • Agreed. Bruno Mars is Pop in the best kind of way. He isn’t trying to pander some image other than that of having a good a$$ time.

            • afronica

              And Bruno got ear worms for days. Have me humming stuff I didn’t even realize I knew.

    • Hol up hold my phone…congrats Seahawks but Pete Carroll is an a**hole and Bruno still got a couple couple of achievements to unlock

      • Bitter about how Pete Carroll left the Pats huh?

        • I’m past it, its just sucks he left USC in rubble now him and Reggie got rings

      • ratchet dialogue

        cry me a river!! how dare thee talk ish about PC!

    • Epsilonicus

      Bruno had one of the best performances in a decade.

  • Personally, I’d like to see at least one person that identifies as a feminist that can reasonably debate and state their opinion without resorting to shaming tactics, personal attacks, snide remarks and namecalling. I’ve met quite a bit of them and have yet to find one that can do that.

    • Sahel

      One word my friend,UNICORN

    • Shamira?

      • She’s probably the closest (and only) one and even she doesn’t like calling herself a feminist.

        • keisha brown

          that’s why.
          so many women probably are, but don’t want to identify as such because of the backlash from feminists that do. or others that have a different definition of it.
          a jumbled mess.

          • What in the world do the feminists need to pushback against someone that wants to identify themselves as such? I never understood that one myself.

            • Shamira

              The same way that black people only give respect to the “right blacks.”

              There’s respectability politics in everything. It’s disgusting and needs to be debunked.

              • Ever notice that respect is always given to the wrong people in the right situations? What is that about?

                • Shamira

                  Well that’s in everything. If you manage to successfully shill positive sounding language while still kowtowing to the structural patterns of the status quo, then you’ll get all the accoladeds in the world. Not just in feminism, but race politics, secksuality, religion, etc.

                  And yes, in the context of feminism, my statement was a direct shot at Cheryl Sandberg, lol.

        • Shamira

          I’ve shied away from identifying with that word previously for the reasons that a lot of women of color do, but I’m pretty comfortable in my feminist self now.

          • Is the reason behind women of color not wanting to identify themselves as feminists have a lot to do with the actions and/or attitudes of White feminists, or is it something else?

            • Shamira

              Yeah mainstream feminism has historically been used as a vehicle to promote the interests of middle class heterosecksual white women…which…leaves a whole lot of people and their platforms out. Not that they don’t deserve shine either, but it seemed like there was no space for anything else, which led to the rise of womanism, etc.

              Only speaking for myself, I claim the term feminist because it was built on the backs of black people and co-opted the Civil Rignts movement at its convenience, so it’s my right to take that term and force my voice to be acknowledged in that space. I have no issue with people that instead choose to be womanist, humanist, etc instead, however. It’s a completely understandable position.

            • afronica

              I agree with what Shamira said below. Also, I find that there’s often a price to pay with black men when they find out I’m a feminist. I’ve had guys write me off just because of the label. I suppose that’s for the best. If you can’t see me and communicate with me just because of a label, then we probably weren’t going to be good for or to each other anyway.

      • Shamira

        I am very flattered! But I am not the first, nor the best, at rational discussions of feminism. Let them believe what they want though.

    • nillalatte

      I’m game. Let’s do it. :P The unicorn goes to bed in 10 minutes. :D

      • I don’t think you’re a feminist either though…but I do know one thing- more on that later…

        • nillalatte

          You don’t think I believe in equal political, economic, and social rights for women?

          • Let’s just say I see things…and I’ll leave it at that…

            • nillalatte

              These men that are always saying they ‘see things.’ smdh… yet, they always missing the depth of the dark horse. :)

            • PaddyfotePrincess

              Please expound.

              • Sahel

                He won’t

              • Have you ever seen an instance where acute judgement and a logical perspective gets clouded by inner demons and outside sources? Yeah, that kind of thing….

                • PaddyfotePrincess

                  I have witnessed a few of those instances, yet we have to learn from the experience and not let them become the roadblock to bigger and better things.

                  • What a lot of people don’t understand about me is that when I debate, I come from the mindset of logic and rational thinking. I will also take unpopular stances by playing Devil’s Advocate. When I see a person that wants to debate me and they are coming with anything but logic and rational thinking, I will either refuse to engage them or remove myself from the situation entirely.

                    • Sahel

                      I just avoid internet debates entirely. I have seen quite a number of times here on this forum alot of demonizing and shaming just because one has a different view..

                    • As a Black conservative, I end up in petty arguments all the time- solely due to my political beliefs. At some point, it’s just better to bow out gracefully, you know?

                    • Sahel

                      Am apolitical myself because of my line of work but people need to learn to accept that their logic is not what runs the world.That is how conflicts rage on for years then we have to bring in snipers to end it

                    • Yeah, it’s true Sahel. I’ve never hidden it actually- although I probably need to due to certain individuals that post here from time to time. I’ve had people call themselves my friends cut ties with me when they found out I was a conservative. Oh well, you can’t please everyone…

                    • afronica

                      If you don’t mind answering, are you conservative across the board? Or are you conservative about some things but more liberal about others?

                    • The latter as opposed to the former.

                    • afronica

                      *nods head*

                    • IcePrincess

                      You just said shaming. Lol

                    • PaddyfotePrincess

                      Gotcha and I understand where you are coming from.

                    • Sahel

                      Hey P.A,she understands where you’re coming from

                    • That makes it PaddyfotePrincess, Dara…and that’s about it, LOL!

                    • Shamira

                      PA, I luh you, so take this with a litte aspersion as possible, cuz I’m reading between the lines here.

                      I can only speak for myself, but I am all for engaging in a reasoned back on forth on things that are important to me…until I feel like the person is being intentionally contradictory or obtuse for the sake of furthering more argument. And more often than not, playing devil’s advocate can tend to be code for just straight up being an azz. (Same with “libertarian” but I digress….). So while I am always happy to explain, explore and exchange opinions, the second that I feel like I’m being put in a situation with the express intent of debunking whatever conviction I may have, I feel no obligation to provide the situation with the intellectual respect that I don’t feel was afforded to me.

                      Like, for example, I’m reading up and down here, and not just from you, that people stay saying that no one has given them a reasonable definition and explanation of feminism. People have, repeatedly, and not just me. I hear this same statement made, not just in regards to feminism , but also with harassment, rape, etc. And at some point it just makes you want to throw your hands up. People have explained it, but the recipients either deign the answer insufficient/inconvenient for them or only remember the loudest and craziest.

                      All that said, I am always open for honest and open inquiries. I talk about these topics a lot because while it may seem like people are indundated with these thinkpieces NOW, five years ago a lot of these groups didn’t have a voice. Which is the magic of social media, really. It’s forced feminism to acknowledge women of color. It’s forced men to hear when they are encouraging problematic thinking. And it’s also forced radical people to be served some humble pie from time to time. So yes, there is a fair bit of muck, but the net positives almost always outweigh the negatives to me.

                    • I don’t see why people need an explanation for being decent humans to another human. This will never cease to amaze me.

                    • Shamira

                      There is nothing complicated about feminism. The way that we intentionally and unintentionally subvert it, in small and big ways, can be nuanced and complex, but feminism as a concept is pretty straightforward. And it’s thoroughly tiring to explain it time and time again, but I get that men feel like they don’t have a safe space to ask questions, so I do my best to be open and receptive.

                    • I’m fine with men asking questions, I take issue with men telling women how they should be existing within spaces.

                    • Shamira

                      Yep. Or women telling women, to be all the way real. Nobody needs to dictating anything here.

          • Negro Libre

            What’s the difference between a “social right” and a right? Just curious…

            • nillalatte

              A ‘right’, if you’re using the word as I think you may be, is either a legal or constitutional right. A social right is a right to meet your basic needs; education, housing, health, food. etc.

              • Negro Libre

                Oh ok

    • “Personally, I’d like to see at least one person that identifies as a feminist…”

      The trick about that is, depending on the day of the week, I don’t always self-identify as feminist, although people (coughBlackYodacough) will identify me as one with great relish. lol. And I usually leave it up to others to tell me if I debate reasonably.

      The crux of the matter is that while I think some of my ideals are feminist, I don’t claim the movement.

      • Black Yoda’s my dude, but he thinks every woman (except (censored) and (censored), maybe) are feminists, LMAO!!!!

        • afronica

          Wow. Thanks for that, PA. I knew that was how I saw it, but wasn’t sure if any guys thought the same.

    • BreezyX2

      Shamira has explained it eloquently several times on VSB. I think most recently she also did so in the post about Beyonce’s latest album. But let’s wait to see if she comes by today. Stick around PA!

      • I wasn’t around at that time to read about the recent Beyoncé post at VSB. Partially because I’m a dude and partially because I had some pressing personal issues to deal with at that time.

    • JayIzUrGod

      Same here but i believe they exist. Too many people muddle the mesaage with personal feelings. All ideologies require that you seperate emotions from the message in order for the message to be understood properly.

      • The problem is that they are passionate about their ideals to a fault- and that leads to them talking at a person instead of to a person. There is a difference.

        • JayIzUrGod

          I was in Midtown Manhattan this weekend for the Super Bowl activities. On almost every block, there was a Bible Thumper yelling as loud as they could about the Lord and what the Lord wants.

          I thought to myself ” The Lord doesn’t want you yelling at people on a Saturday evening in a very crowded area about damnation”. But if i said it, would they listen to me, or are they vindicated by their beliefs because other people hopped them up on Jesus Juice and told them this must be done?

          That’s how i look at feminism. Their ideals stretch beyond reality because of what other people motivate them to think. At that point, we aren’t even dealing with reality anymore, just an inflated ego with justification.

        • afronica

          I think talking at (or talk-yelling at) a person is a time honored tradition of perhaps most people. I see a lot of talking past each other on these streets.

          • And quite frankly, it’s counterproductive and solves absolutely nothing. All that it does is just creates more problems.

    • PivotTable

      I’m a classy feminist. What about it do you hate? Sounds like you just hate rude people. me too!

      • I never said that I hated feminism- I hated their approach to debating…well, the ones I ran into online and in real life that refer to themselves as such at least.

    • afronica

      I’m a feminist, PA. I’m not sure how debate worthy I am, but I do try to steer clear of shaming, personal attacks, etc. I think there are people who resort to these tactics that are feminists and (what’s a good description?) more traditional in their ideology.

      • I actually like your debates. I’ve seen you come with rational thoughts and approach subjects in an informed manner. You get two thumbs up from me.

        • afronica

          And you get three thumbs up from me. You’re my favorite motorcycle riding, crate digging guy who tried his hand at love again. I just wish you would show yourself more. Less cloak and dagger, more here’s what I think and why. Though maybe then, you wouldn’t be you. (-:

  • Msdebbs

    The word THOT needs to die….throw twerk in there too.

    • And YOLO…

      • Sahel


    • panamajackson

      THOT is actualy hilarious to me. Mostly because people not in the know have NO clue what it means or how to use it. Nothing funnier than educated 25-year-olds who have no idea what a thottie is.

      • Yoles

        i just found out via my 23 year old niece… its dumb and needs to be put out of its misery post haste

      • JayIzUrGod

        Or THOT juice as well. I aint even know what a thot was til my brother in law told me I was drinking THOT juice cause I was feeling cheap that day. Damn Limearitas.

        • SuperStrings

          Limearitas though? lol

          • JayIzUrGod

            I know….it was summertime and i needed a cheap drink…but that’s no excuse

            • SuperStrings

              You could have gone with a wine cooler. Do they still make those?

              • JayIzUrGod

                Plenty of them at your local corner store bodega. Winecoolers, Smirnoff Ice, Bacardi Sangrias…the list is endless at this point.

                • Epsilonicus

                  Does Mad Dog count as a wine cooler?

                • SuperStrings

                  I was thinking the old school Bartles and James. lol

    • SuperStrings

      What is THOT?

      • That Heaux Over There

        • SuperStrings

          Ahhhh, learn something new everyday.

      • Msdebbs

        Is short for that hoe over there or those hoes over there

  • “I can’t call it at times, but I’m sure a punch to the face can find you at any place, any time, if we know where you are.”

    I have long said that people who need to run off at the mouth online need to be dealt with in real life. Some people need to know about the consequences of their actions. They could end up like this guy right here:


    • Sahel

      Too many people would end up dead or missing

      • That’s something that some people need to take into account when they choose to engage in internet beef. You never know what kind of person you may be dealing with on the other side of the screen.

        • Sahel

          Yeah,you could be dealing with guys who dress like this

    • Dude getting his @ss whipped need to apologize for that mess man. Dude felt that pressure like a Broncos offensive lineman.

      (Sidebar: Don’t you think Manny Ramirez, the baseball player, is thankful for Manny Ramirez, the football player, right now? No one is going to notice the baseball player’s BS for a hot minute!)

    • 321mena123

      Who are these people that stay having their camera phones on? Even if i wanted to capture something, i would have to put in my password, find the camera app, switch it to video, and then hit record. I would probably have missed all of the action by the time i was ready to point and start recording.

      • “Who are these people that stay having their camera phones on?”

        The people who upload videos to WorldStarHip Hop?

        Oh yeah…shout out to the friends of Sharkeisha… *Muttley snicker*

    • JayIzUrGod

      Laid the f uuu ck out!

      That’s what they are scared of.

    • Hilarious, but probably would end up with a multiple shooting later in a different hood.

      • afronica

        And that’s my only problem with beef like this. These days guns could easily be a part of the equation, and that means more hurt, disabled or dead black men. No thanks.

  • Negro Libre

    I don’t like when the word twerking is used for something like this:


    We should come up with something else; like Spining.

    • nillalatte

      OMG yes… twerk was fun here on VSB for a hot minute, but then twerk was everywhere. Then there was Miley. Ugh.

      • Sahel

        But who do we blame for…..

        • Negro Libre

          Sheesh, you know we don’t blame ourselves when white folks are around.

    • BreezyX2

      *pours gasoline on computer and strike a match* What is this?!?!?!

      Black Medici you have been missed but THIS is not the way to make your grand entrance on these e-streets in 2014!!! Sir…SIR…do better :)

    • JayIzUrGod

      Twerking been going on since 2002.
      I’m tired of booty shaking. Gimme something different.

    • ratchet dialogue


    • Muze

      why am i up at 5am CRYING at this comment. lmao. i missed VSB.

  • Aly

    Troll (an opinion that’s opposite of yours =/= trolling)
    I don’t see it for him/her
    I can’t even (any version of this phrase)
    Side piece
    (and finally…)

    • “Troll (an opinion that’s opposite of yours =/= trolling)”

      I’ve posted on blogs that were geared mostly towards women. A lot of the female commenters would throw that word around mercilessly. I find it funny that they solicit opinions on various subjects from men and when men give an answer they do not agree with and/or like, they start with the “trolling” nonsense. It’s quite sad, really…

      • Aly

        Yeah, I’m actually not even sure of the true definition anymore lol.

    • I am so sick of EYE, you dont need to STRESS your words when youre typing, you’re not actually talking

      • YES you do lol…..I have been employing all kinds of stresses and upward inflections in my typing since the dawn of .com!!
        HOW else will YEW know that EYE mean bidness?!!?! Stresses are little gifs for regular sentences lol

        • afronica

          Tell ’em, Bunni. I love my stresses, yes I do.

        • Aly

          You’re one of the few people who can get away with it and still be adorable :)

          • Epsilonicus

            That ain’t cute… dont egg her on

      • JayIzUrGod

        Yes you do, its like talking. When you need to put proper enunciation on something to emphasize how personal your emotions are to the word, your voice gets louder.

    • panamajackson

      Ain’t gon’ be no Scandal slander (slander is another word that’s getting REAL close to becoming a word I hate…I think mostly because I be afraid that folks who use slander online WRONG will use these statements in places of employment)

      • Aly

        I don’t hate the show, just all of the internet stories about it.

    • keisha brown

      per last week’s post i def agree with #1 for a different reason.

    • ratchet dialogue

      I’m with you Aly, I DESPISE, the word, “EYE”. It just annoys me.

    • SuperStrings

      Why the downvotes though?

      • Aly

        Not sure, but I suspect it has something to do with Scandal.

        • SuperStrings

          Cut that out. Know one cares that much about a tv show. You’re making stuff up. lol

  • *channels Abe Simpson

    1. Thot
    3. Bae
    4. Beyonce
    5. Box
    7. Simp
    8. Real

    • The “self-hate” word gets thrown around way too much for my liking. It seems as if people are willing to throw the label at any Black person that walks to the beat of a different drum. If you ask me, it really needs to stop.

      And simp? Yeah, that one gets thrown around a bit too, but the acronym behind it is hilarious. I found out what it meant and I was dying afterwards, LMAO!!!

      • Didn’t know it was an acronym.

        • I didn’t either, but here’s what it stands for:

          Simp – Someone idolizing mediocre p***y.

          • Never heard the term before, but it is accurate.

          • Acronyms alone should make the list but damn if that isn’t accurate

          • panamajackson

            I question the validity of this statement, HOWEVER, its extremely accurate. Like CHAPS being Cheap A$$ Polo $h*t. <—– ain't accurate, but oh so right

            • Like a fool, I just bought a Chaps jacket on the same day as a Coogi jacket (Yes, Coogi actually makes more than sweaters- and no their jackets do NOT look like their sweaters, LOL!).

            • miss t-lee

              I also do too. I’ve hear simp forever–never heard an acronym #doe.

          • Freebird

            did not know that. i like the word again.

          • Ilka Missb

            Well, I’m coming out of lurking mode just to thank you!
            ***Goes back into the lurking closet*** (*_*)

          • thepopculturist

            Uhh.. thought it was just short for simpleton

          • JayIzUrGod

            That’s what they used to call johns who kept coming back for the same prostitutes to get them out of the life.

        • Right. Honestly, I think the acronym is new. Boyz II Men was singing “Simpin” on CooleyHighHarmony. I’m aaaaaaaaaaaaaalmost sure it originally stood for simpleton.

          • And back farther than that, Rick James had a song called “Pimp The Simp” in 1983.

      • keisha brown

        i’m lazy and want to put twists in my hair means i hate myself?
        GTEFOH. smh.

        • miss t-lee

          Of course it does. *cackles*

        • According to much of the darker-hued Internet, yes.

          • Don’t forget the natural hair “movement”, LOL!

            • Sahel

              And the no shaving movement

        • Shamira

          meanwhile they’re grabbing globs of miss jessies “curl stretching cream” and praying to the shea butter gods every not that their hair looks like tracee ellis ross…but I’m sleep.

          people like that they like. don’t know why it always has to have a deeper meaning.

    • 9. Shade
      10. Movement

      • You stole my word with Movement. N*gga, a party, record label or a clothes style ain’t a movement. Civil Rights is a movement. The Tea Party is a movement. Industrialization is a movement. These “movements” ain’t change no one’s life other than the lower bank balance. *smh*

      • panamajackson

        Man, I HATED the “movement” movement. I started my own though:

        The Epic Yolo Swag Movement. I was an Epic Yolo Swag Movement Trillionaire

      • Epsilonicus

        If I hear shade one more time…

    • You cant take box from us….its the safest description we’ve had in ages!!! But thot…..yeah man, whoever coined that phrases needs to be pistol whipped

      • Snatch > Box

        • MPM

          I don’t know about that, snatch just has an edge to it with that “tch” sound at the end.

    • Upgrayedd

      I was over Thot when an a girl no older than 1.5 was referred to as a Thotler.

      • Yoles

        I’m disgusted… for sham

        • Upgrayedd

          Yeah, I don’t expect much from WSHH but that was too much.

    • Shamira

      Also: fatherless.

      Use the term fatherless, even in jest, and watch how quickly i stop fuqing with you.

      • 321mena123

        Better yet, daddy issues.

        • Yeah, daddy issues can die a slow death.

          • 321mena123

            I would prefer quick death.

          • miss t-lee


      • I forgot about this one.

    • Amber

      What about “hater” and “stan.”

  • 1. Being approached once isn’t thirst, learn a better way to express that you’re not interested, every time you see thigh meat or some cleavage screaming thirst trap just makes u sound like a 12year old

    2. Theory is just a way of expressing your opinion but not fully owning up to it, Because having a theory and just saying I feel this are not the same, apparently

    3. waves for fair catch

    4. Intentionally walks

    5. Narrative makes inessential sh t sound kinda essential

    6. I feel like in 10years white people are going to take the phrase white privelege and make it “theirs” Because well, white privilege

  • Oh and can we stop misusing slander

    • I am guilty of misuse.

    • TheHumanSpider

      I resent that! Slander is spoken. In print, it’s libel.

  • Secret Sauce

    Black masculinity. How is that difference than masculinity?

    • Or black love for that matter.

      • ratchet dialogue

        black love is a thing you know. yesterday I saw black hood love which was quite enchanting, to say the least. consisted of chicken, big earrings, and other things.

    • oh dang, you got me. I was just firing up another blog post with black masculinity in the title LOL. So just plain ole ‘masculinity?’ You know ‘Black’ makes everything trendy!

    • panamajackson

      it’s more colored.

    • According to the media and Middle America, Black masculinity equals anger and hostility- at least to them…

    • h.h.h.

      Black masculinity. How is that difference than masculinity?

      More Lawry’s, less Mayo.

      • JayIzUrGod


    • JayIzUrGod

      Uhhh…last time I checked we have generational proof of the long term development of diminishing Black male pride and understanding, to the point where most of us don’t even know what we are.
      If you’ve got more sons than fathers out here, I think the proof is in the pudding.

    • ratchet dialogue

      this made me laugh out loud, literally!!

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