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This dude right here. Joe "Pimpin' Ain't Easy But Somebody's Gotta Do It" Namath

This dude right here. Joe “Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy But Somebody’s Gotta Do It” Namath

First things first, shout outs to the Seattle Seahawks who put THE most tremendous asswhippin’ on the Denver Broncos at the Super Bowl. Good googly moogly. In a bout of “that’s what she said” that D held it down like none other. Despite the title of this post, the gifs and memes I saw at the expense of Peyton Manning and the Broncos definitely made my evening. Congrats to the Legion of Boom and the 12th Man.

Oh, Internet, how I love and hate thee. While the Internet might be the place where baskets full of kittens reside and where the people who created the Irish Springs smell all met, it’s also the holding cell for some of the worst denizens of humanity. Now don’t get me wrong, I love doing hoodrat things with my friends just like everybody else so I do have a certain ironic appreciation for the worst of times, you know, Ishmael and all.



Moving on. Since I spend so much time on the ‘nets (no Brooklyn) reading and engaging and putting rings on things in the way of likes, comments, and up, up for the downvote, I have come to realize that there are certain terms, ideas, and phrases that have come to annoy the living f*ck out of me on the Internet. It’s not because the words themselves are a problem, it’s because they’ve been debated, dispuated, hated and viewed in America by so many folks that I get lost in the sauce. And because I don’t trust things I don’t understand and since I found Jesus next to my love in a hopeless place, well, I figured I’d share with you the words I current hate because of the Internet.

Ready, set, go.

1. Thirst/Thirst trap

Amazingly, because the Internet has over used the concept of a thirst trap so much, I find myself using the term…though usually in the most non-sensical way possible. For instance, I’ll be at church and the pastor will say “Jesus saves” and I’ll say, “yeah, Jesus was thirst trappin’.” Okay, that’s not true, I wasn’t in church when I said that. Point is, the terms “thirst” “thirst trap” have become SO overrused via people everywhere that I’ve started to hate their existence. A lot. EVERYTHING IS NOT A DAMN THIRST TRAP.

2. Theory

Can we rap a taste? Cool. I’m so gotdamn tired of people positing their “theories” about everything. Just because you have a thought doesn’t mean you have a theory. Though I suppose every idea that you have about why something happens is technically a theory. Somehow, Twitter is amiss with everybody and their damn theories about theories. I’ve got a theory that your theory is wrong my ninja. Stop theorizing. Theoretically, I’m just over people and their damn theories. Can we come up with a new word or something for “people on the internet thinking?” Please, for the love of the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.

Do you all realize that Christopher Columbus was ridin’ around with that Nina?


These are the jokes folks. I’m here every Tuesday.

3. Rape culture

This is a touchy one, but creep with me. Pun. I had NEVER heard the term rape culture until it became one of the most ubiquitous terms ANYWHERE online to discuss boys behaving badly. And to be clearly, boys do behave badly. But I think it started to get taken too far. I’m almost surprised that Richard Sherman’s rant heard ’round the world didn’t SOMEHOW get turned into a discussion of rape culture. And I’m so dead serious. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist – there clearly is a rape culture that’s probably not had such a defining term attached to it before – but there was a time on the Internet where tossing the word rape culture a littering didn’t seem far fetched. Seriously.

4. Feminism

I said it before so I won’t go too deep here, but again, the idea and concept of feminism has been SO skewered by the Internets that I’m at the point of (perhaps convenient) disdain for it. The term, not the movement. Women’s rights and equality. I’m for that sh*t.

5. Narrative

I HATE the idea of everything as a narrative. But when you read as many stories online about n*ggas theories on things such as feminism, and rape culture, well, the word narrative shows up pretty much EVERY time. Everything gets devolved into a narrative of something or other now. Goldie Locks and the 3 Bears isn’t just a fairy tale, its a narrative that speaks to the what the skinny white yoga girl was alluding to the other day…and my next one…

6. White privilege

It clearly exists, but I think some folks concept of white privilege may not be as fine tuned as we think. Just saying, the next 10 times I hear the term white privilege in terms of somebody getting that last Coke out the machine will be…well, the next 10 times.

You know, I really should have titled this post: My Theory about the Narrative of The Effects of Rape Culture, Feminism and the Thirst of White Privelege.

Except then I’d have to blow my brains out. Fight me.

So, are there any words or terms you now hate because of the Internet?

Talk to me.


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Panama Jackson

Panama Jackson is pretty fly (and gorgeous) for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. He refuses to eat cocaine chicken. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future. You can hit him on his hitter at panamadjackson@gmail.com.

  • miss t-lee


    Ugh…take that dead horse to the glue factory.

    • The Champ

      shame deez

      • miss t-lee

        You just couldn’t help yourself huh? LMAO

        • panamajackson

          Just a shame really…

          • miss t-lee

            Good to see ya’ll have remained consistent smart azzes over the years.

    • Stop shame shaming

      • keisha brown


      • miss t-lee


  • PaddyfotePrincess

    Joe Namath and Pam Oliver in the yak coats though? Smh.

    In all seriousness, I enjoyed Bruno Mars and RHC much more than I thought I would. Kam Chancellor is a beast and the Seahawks defense came to play.

    • JayIzUrGod

      That halftime show was impressive…but for all of both Anthony & Flea to be in such great condition at 40 plus….I’m ashamed of my fatness.

      • PaddyfotePrincess

        Yup. They rocked it.
        *listens to “Under the Bridge.”*

        • JayIzUrGod

          I see we will have to do karoke when you come back

          • PaddyfotePrincess

            Yes we do.

      • Flea is my favorite bassist! I was so hype when they hit the stage!!!!! Bruno would be great to see live though. So charismatic and energetic!!!

        • PaddyfotePrincess

          Bruno is such a showman. I loved his opening drum solo.

          • I didn’t know he could play!!!

            • PaddyfotePrincess

              Neither did I. It set the tone for his spirited and very polished set.

          • Epsilonicus

            That solo had my whole house hyped!

            • PaddyfotePrincess

              I’m not sure what I was expecting from his performance, but the drum solo was a pleasant surprise.

        • Rachmo

          I loooove Flea! He’s my birthday twin

        • JayIzUrGod

          They look like they are having more fun now than when they were younger.

          Did you see the documentary The Other F Word? Its about rock stars who are dads, and Flea is in it with his kids, he really really loves his kids

          • Flea has always been a sweet heart. I had the hugest crush on him from middle to high school.

            • JayIzUrGod

              Awww look at you

      • afronica

        Especially considering all the drugs that Anthony at least has processed, their condition is astounding. The human body is capable of so much.

        • JayIzUrGod

          It is, i just hope that its not a temporary thing and that they can still keep going despite the past

    • That’s not nearly as embarrassing as Joe Namath and his infamous Super Bowl interview.

      New Tigallo…new Tigallo…new Tigallo…


      • PaddyfotePrincess

        Tell us how you really feel Joe, lmao.

        • That was a cold holla if there ever was one, LMAO!!!!

          • PaddyfotePrincess

            In her mind she had to be like “WTF?!”

        • Sahel

          The guy knows how to make a statement

          • PaddyfotePrincess

            Clearly. Doing the most and nothing at all at the same d*mn time.

      • That wasn’t the Super Bowl. That was a regular season game. Dude was sauce money though, for REAL. #Jetlife though.

        • panamajackson

          Broadway Joe STAYS on the sauce in public.

          • afronica

            Explains that coat.

      • Epsilonicus

        Did he really tell her he wants to kiss her, on live tv?

  • iamnotakata

    .” Feminism

    I said it before so I won’t go too deep here, but again, the idea and concept of feminism has been SO skewered by the Internets that I’m at the point of (perhaps convenient) disdain for it. The term, not the movement. Women’s rights and equality. I’m for that sh*t.”

    All of this…. and (yolo, yaaasss, but I’m sleep though,) there are plenty more but I can’t remember them…I try to stay away from using social network popular terminology.

    Oh and the Superbowl was a disgrace….I don’t even know what that was tonight///I am seriously wondering if someone paid those Broncos to not play…The commercials sucked too.

    • RewindingtonMaximus

      I think feminism needs a Super Bowl commercial. Might find its roots then and the people scre-wing up the definition will learn a thing or two.

    • helga_g

      Feminism in the internets really confuses me

      • Sahel

        Gender rights in general have become a mine field of miscommunication

        • Case in point: The nuclear bomb known as the word “submission”, LMAO!!!!

          • Sahel

            DUDE,that is a banned word in this post feminist world. lmao, just add Alimony for women and you have a riot

            • Dude, a couple of years ago on VSB, either Champ or Panama did a topic referencing either the word or the concept….and it did not go over well!

              • Sahel

                I can imagines,the word is radioactive…and if i remember the personality’s commenting on VSB at the time were not easy

                • That’s when I had to do the Okayplayer way of doing things: LOG OFF FAM!

                  • Sahel

                    Shout out to Chamleonic…..

            • Well, according to this separation agreement, I’m (allegedly) going to get some checks for child support. Shockingly, I’m getting the Four Corners run on me in terms of this agreement, trying to run out the clock until I have no choice but to take her to family court. Shocking!

          • panamajackson

            Which is tragic b/c its such a beautiful word, reminds me of supple and “bend over that a$$ to phat”

            • keisha brown


              • panamajackson

                what? was it something i said?

                • keisha brown

                  no. i just reminisce. #swidt? ;)

            • LMAO!

          • Submission is one of those words which requires a thorough explanation though lol

            • Yeah, and it varies from country to country. Submission in America doesn’t exactly mean the same as submission in Africa. I learned that by talking to my Nigerian co-worker. This topic would need for me to do a guest post, but considering the word, it’s history and the controversy surrounding it, I’m not going to take it there. Not now…not today…not ever!

              • Yea. I’m currently “testing the waters” of a D/s “faux-lationship”. Being submissive is something the extends beyond doing XYZ because your a woman or a sub or a little or what have you. I’d like to hear your thoughts on it though. I’m open to listening.

                • I would do it, but that would be one long winded post for me. And then there would be the aggressive pushback in the comments section…

                  • *deep sigh* boooooooooooooooooooo Disqus needs some sort of instant messaging or private messaging system.

                  • Yoles

                    i think you should post.. we can be long winded together…

              • keisha brown

                i too would love to read that.
                matta fact.. PA do you have a blog?

                • Nah, Google killed that when I wanted to change my username on YouTube. As such, I devoted my blog time to writing music reviews on Amazon and sample snitching on Who Sampled. I don’t think anyone really wants to hear a word of what I have to say- at least not here.
                  Does this mean I can go back to lurker status again? LMAO!!!

                  • keisha brown

                    NO. you cannot.
                    you provide a much needed and respected opinion on here in a myriad of topics.
                    if i can come back on a semi-regular basis..than you are part of that package too homie. LOL.

          • PivotTable

            Lol I never understand why people don’t understand why this word ruffles feathers. Historically it makes sense. One gender specifically was expected to submit just because. I’m sure if men were expected historically they would be annoyed by the inferences of the word too.

            That said. Most people in relationships submit to one another. Me and boyfriend are always acquiescing for the greater good of our bond together. That’s just how ish goes down.

            • afronica

              “That’s just how *good* ish goes down.”

              My humble change. You know you’re in something good when you’re adapting to and for each other.

          • Yoles

            a : a legal agreement to submit to the decision of arbitratorsb : an act of submitting something (as for consideration or inspection); also : something submitted (as a manuscript)


            : the condition of being submissive, humble, or compliant


            : an act of submitting to the authority or control of another

            i am going to speak on the kinds of submission relevant to this thread: submission to superior force and submission to superior truth. The one is weakness and the other is strength. It is an exceedingly important part of our lives to learn to distinguish between these two, and the more so because the wrong kind is extolled by nearly all schools of popular thought.

            by some this is pressed so far as to make it an instrument of actual oppression, and with all it is a source of weakness and a bar to progress. we are forbidden to question and there is much eloquent speaking and writing concerning the beauty of quiet resignation, all of which appeals to a certain class of minds who have not yet learnt that gentleness does not exist in the absence of power but in the kindly and beneficent use of it.

            taken in general, this is a word that simply means surrender to somebody’s authority, submit to somebody’s command. but taken in the right sense the word “Submission” is a word that has the power to feed Unity, Faith and Leadership. submission I think means submitting to a mission that is of higher value, a higher cause than ones own selfish motives.

            as children we submit to our parents and teachers and those are the days we learn the most, we grow the most in all aspects. but as we grow up… our ego becomes more important. as adults, very few people find a mentor, a guru and submit their ego, remain teachable and continue to learn and grow to be a better person, a better human being… and such people generally end up being very successful.

            all great leaders that world has ever seen, not only understood the power of submission, they used this power very effectively. the true leaders were not those that lord over their subjects, instead, they are the ones who submitted their ego and became servant leaders, willing to always serve others.

            tl:dr there is power and wisdom in submission and this happens on a daily basis. it is also something abused by the masses and for this i am saddened to no end.

            • afronica

              Dang, Yoles. You’ve given me a lot to think about with this. Thanks.

              • Yoles

                anytime… i am here for US

    • In relation to feminism, I hate the term ‘heteronormative’
      I commit suicide in my imagination every time I hear or see the phrase.

      • panamajackson

        maaaaaan listen. I hate that word too.

      • afronica

        Except that I’m not sure feminism birthed heteronormative. I don’t think one, strictly speaking, necessarily has anything to do with the other.

        I think gay people are people, and everything that statement entails. But I think the repercussions of that statement are separate from my thought that women are people, too. Tl;dr: If you don’t like *the gays,* don’t blame feminism.

        • Never would I be upset at the empowerment of any disenfranchised.
          The term ‘heteronormative’ is usually is paired with the word ‘male’ as an an adjective.

          They are somewhat linked.

          • afronica

            Ahhh, I see. My bad.

            You may be right about the linkage of heteronormative and male, but that’s just wrong imho. As if men are the only ones thinking that way.

        • I think the term heteronormative comes from Queer Theory, which believes that gender and sexual orientation is a performance, even if the base desires are biologically based. In other words, just because you have a certain orientation, it doesn’t follow that you have to act in particular ways.

          • afronica

            I’ve heard it used more as a lens with which to view culture and society.

            Friends and I were tossing out movies to go see. When I suggested one, my friend said, “Straight people problems” to describe it. I didn’t agree with his characterization, but I could see what he meant. He didn’t want to pay $11 and sit through two hours of straight people doing what straight people do again. I thought about it and realized that just about everything he experiences is created for the straight point of view.

            And that’s what I think of when I see heteronormative. Thanks for another way to think about that term.

    • panamajackson

      I’m sorry but “but I’m sleep” and its variants is the greatest sh*t to happen to slang/trendy language since “catch the fade”

  • RewindingtonMaximus

    Free speech.

    I don’t think I ever got the concept of free speech until I used the internet. And by concept, I mean people talking Godzilla meets the a.s.s whooping the Seahawks gave kinds of bull sh it while at their anonymous at a computer screen, wearing a wife beater, sweats and pizza stains. I can’t call it at times, but I’m sure a punch to the face can find you at any place, any time, if we know where you are.

    Irks me to no ends.

    • miss t-lee


    • *looks at Lil’ Boosie*

      • And the legion of mindless drones who want him free.
        I’m still trying to figure out how he gained such a dedicated following who will literally protest for his release.

        • The same people who are R. Kelly fans that wore the “Free R. Kelly” t-shirts when he got taken in for that s*x tape.

          • Sahel

            But do those free campaigns ever work

            • It worked for The Lox, LOL!

            • R. Kelly hasn’t been to jail yet. It seems to work for celebrities. Your average knee-grow will remain incarcerated.

              • IcePrincess

                Incarcerated or worse. Troy Davis, anyone? Smh

      • IcePrincess

        He coming home in the next few weeks! So there!

        • But the question is this: Due to his history with legal troubles, can he stay home long enough?

          • IcePrincess

            No doubt! That man beat a murder charge in LOUISIANA. He extreeeeeeemely lucky. He knows the score. He ain’t going back. They said he just wanna hit the studio, said he wrote like 600 songs behind the wall. My question would be, does he still have “it”? 5 yrs is a long time ….

      • panamajackson


        Seriously, n*ggas seem to want folks to come home who clearly belong in prison.

        I would say “REINCARCERATE BOOSIE” but I’m fairly sure he’ll get himself put back in jail on his own.

    • Especially if u just talking about online….them retweets ain’t gonna save him getting a real lawyer might

  • Cheekie Mae


    It’s overrated.

    • And its cousin “trash”

  • One word that I hate solely because of the internet (and thanks to urban music after 1993) is the word that isn’t even a word- “Conversate”.

    However, thanks to the tireless efforts hood ninjas trying to make themselves sound intelligent, that words is now officially in Webster’s dictionary- no seriously! Look it up, LMAO!!!


    • panamajackson

      I personally enjoy the word conversate. I wrote an entire defense of the word here on VSB years ago. I’m a conversator.

      • Conversate, Orientated, Reconciliate, Irregardless, these are a few of my favorite things lol

        • Val

          Irregardless is going to end-up being a word.

  • Everyday I’m Russellin

  • The word “trigger”. Apparently everything is a trigger for everyone and you have to warn people in advance lest they become triggered by that thing that you said which triggers them. It’s exhausting to hear people complain about basic things in the world which cause them discomfort. I’m sorry you are a recovering bulimic but I’m not putting a “trigger warning” on a post I made about food I like, just because it would cause you discomfort to hear about things which nourish the body.

    • ratchet dialogue

      the commentors over at xojane stay being triggered.

    • Or saying controversial, stop being a punk say what u gotta say or say nothing, blood in or blood out b

    • laddibugg

      Lord yes. If you’re that easily triggered I suggest staying off the Internet.

      • I didn’t know that “trigger” was a thing until a few months ago. I pay them no mind. The only things I actually provide a little disclaimer for, are some of the medical things I post which are a bit gory.

        • SuperStrings

          Never heard of “trigger” before now.

          • It’s truly a silly thing for people who want to be coddled and have things censored for them.

            • SuperStrings

              So I guess everything is a trigger then.

    • Shamira

      I feel like this is an oversimplification.

      Having a rape scene played out in a show, in detail, without warning is a trigger.

      Not wanting people to talk about food or whatever is just being annoying. And also, in the concept of bulimia, an indicator, that you still have some work to do.

      • Someone being triggered by a rape scene isn’t something I’d consider to be trivial though. I understand that as a traumatizing experience when honestly could be triggered by a number of things beyond the physical act itself. Wanting people to warn you about posting a recipe for a snack is extreme in my opinion. I have actually had someone do this to me before. I empathize with people who have/have had eating disorders but if the sight of food is triggering for someone, then I’m not sure how they are able to navigate life on a day to day basis.

        • Shamira


    • afronica

      I’d like to hear esa’s opinion on this. esa, oh esa, where are yooou?

    • Turk Dickerson

      I’m tired of trigger warnings to the point that I now just hit people with stuff without warning. It’s like an Internet sucker punch. PENIS WRINKLE! See what I did there? ZERO WARNING.

      People are too damned soft now. Fcuk ’em. Sock ’em in the jaw and yell “Pop goes the weasel.” That’s what I say.

  • Probably “kink”. Pretty much anything that isn’t missionary for procreation is labeled as kink now. Second would be “queer” for the exact same reasons.

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