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The Short End Of The Stick: Women, Height Preferences, and Hypocrisy

We all know the story:

Perpetually and hopelessly single Girl sends an email to her homegirls, asking them to please be extra vigilant in their on-going search for Girl’s potential future beau. Girl’s homegirls — tired of Girl ruining brunches with her increasingly melancholy laments about her (lack of) dating success and also annoyed with smell of staleness emitting from Girl’s vagina — agree to help Girl with her search, even though they know that Girl’s standards means that there’s a better chance of seeing Muammar Gaddafi on Dancing With The Stars than finding her a match.

But, as luck would have it, one of Girl’s homegirls does happen to meet a Boy who should be a perfect fit. Successful (he’s a lawyer), handsome (he’s a lip model for Chapstick), funny (he was a finalist on the 1st season of Last Comic Standing), adventurous (he owns a full-grown liger), athletic (he plays semi-pro rugby), hood-enough (he goes to a Black barbershop and his name is “Malik”), and well-endowed (in college, a group of very impressed women nicknamed him “baby-arm”), Boy is a close to a perfect man as you can get. Girl’s homegirl tells Girl about Boy, and Girl is extremely excited (and extremely wet).

But, Girl also realizes that her homegirl is leaving out one very important piece of information. You see, although Girl is 5’0” in heels, she refuses to date anyone under 6’2”, and when Girl finds out that Boy is “only” 5’10”, Girl’s no longer interested and her panties immediately dry back up. Girl’s homegirl realizes that this is the last straw, and, realizing that Girl will continue to make everyone’s life a living hell, hires and sends a team of ninjas (not “n*ggas,” but actual ninjas) to Girl’s apartment to murder her. They succeed.

Although this tale was a bit hyperbolic, it’s not really that far from the cold hard reality of women and their completely illogical height preferences; a dastardly phenomenon with far reaching effects. Men who reach the average height for an American male — 5’9” — are routinely dismissed by women as “short,” and legitimately short men — men who fall under the average — remain the only demographic on Earth who it’s still socially acceptable to ridicule and/or discriminate against.

As pointed out in yesterday’s “The 10 Men You Should Never, Ever, Ever Consider Dating,” even many (if not most) midget broads still feel entitled to be with men who reach the ever so notable 6′ mark…even though only one out of every seven men qualifies.

This state of mind also affects how we categorize behavior. An asshole who happens to be 6’3”? Just an asshole. A 5’3” asshole? An example of Napoleon syndrome. An 6’1” man whipping a F-150? Cool. A 5’5” man whipping a F-150? Overcompensating.

Even (the few) women who are completely self-aware still take part in this foolishness, saying things like “I know it’s wrong to say this, but how’s it going to look when I bring my midget man to the family reunion and he gets picked last for volleyball?”

Yeah, I know that was funny, but imagine if this was said about, I don’t know, “big” women.

“I know it’s wrong to say this, but how’s it going to look when I bring my whale woman to the family reunion and she eats all the damn catfish?” (Ok, this was still kind of funny, but you get my point)

The most telling part of this phenomenon is that it exposes women who attend services at Our Lady of The Completely Illogical Height Preferences as being just as shallow and superficial as they accuse men of being. While chiding men for going gaga for God-given gluteus gifts or (gasp!) having a certain hair or complexion preference, they’re showing no shame in freely expressing that their relentless need to rock 6 inch heels and still be able to “look up” to their beaus automatically disqualifies any man who’s not at least five inches taller than her from coitus contention.

Sometimes they’ll even try spit some evolutionary gobbledygook about “feeling safer” with a taller man, like you need that extra two inches to help fend off the woolly mammoths and foaming crackheads of the Saks Fifth Serengeti. F*ckers.

Admittedly, it’s true that you can’t fabricate physical attraction, and I’m sure the illogical height preference hoochies will remind me of that fact. But, once you get to the meat of their mindset, you find that the preferences are 90% based on appearances. Basically, it’s not that she’s not attracted to men who don’t meet her requirements, she’s just concerned about the comments her homegirls will leave on her Facebook profile pics when they see that her new boo can head-butt her in the nose without bending over. At least a man’s preference for T and A is actually about the T and A…not whether his girl’s ass will look fat enough when he takes her to the company picnic.

Anyway, people of, how do you feel about the completely illogical height preferences phenomenon? Do you think women are justified in feeling this way, or is the hypocrisy making you gag?

Also, for those who do pray at the height preferences alter, explain yourselves! Why exactly are you so hell-bent on being the Nate Robinson to your man’s Yao Ming? What’s wrong with just finding a Rondo?

—The Champ

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  • SouthernQT2DC


  • Liz

    Honestly, as a tall-ish chick (5’9.5″) I don’t need a man who is over 5 inches taller than me. I’m not into heels but even if I wanted to be, it wouldn’t bother me to be eye to eye, or a little taller than him in heels. My main beef? Being eye to bosom. I really need to not be noticeably taller than my man when we are both wearing flats. I don’t think that’s a difficult request. I don’t think I am being shallow for feeling this way either lol. There was a time when I only wanted to date basketball players because I loved their height. I guess I still kinda like their height, but it’s not that much of a dealbreaker to me anymore.

    Either way, I get it. Some men prefer T over A. I prefer tall/average over munchkin. I don’t think we are being hypocrites, especially the tall women. We just want someone our height lol.

    Also, I don’t hate on short men. I feel like we have a kinship in our dating struggles with respect to height.

  • lotusflower11

    I died at lip model and baby arm. Too funny

  • datgidigirl

    Yay, I’m here BEFORE everyone has come and gone.

  • I encourage women to discriminate against men who aren’t giants. This leaves more men for me to choose from. What? Isn’t this a place where we can be honest?

  • SayitWithYoChest

    Attack of the Giant Amazons in

  • DC1913

    i’m 5’3” so unless dude is an extra from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, i’m good. But if he is, well hey, I don like the look of it *oompa loompa voice* LOL. But seriously I think there are OTHER stereotypes about height/feet/hands that also go in to play. If a guy is small… he may be…small… sooo yea…

  • AI

    I don’t hear too many women say an actual height preference. I tend to hear more that they want a guy to be a certain number of inches taller than them. I think it has to do with the uber-erotic forehead kiss (a la The Best Man). Not as erotic if you have to squat.

    Personally, at 5’7, I just wanted a guy taller than me if I could get it. Luckily, my husband is about 7 inches taller.

  • like i said yesterday don’t sleep on us shorter men. it really bothers me when short women always try to date taller men. what about us? we don’t get any love? as a short man i can protect a woman just as much as a man who is 6’10.

    you’re right. when it you break it down to the core women liking taller me is all about physical attraction. it is what it is. i have physical attractions as well. i don’t like weaves. i like flat stomachs and a good T&A ratio. look at me now.

  • Tezzybaby

    I think you are totally spot on with this entire post. At the end of the day you decide your dating pool. If you limit yourself (and that is exactly what you are doing) by putting all these qualifiers on your potential boo then you forfeit all rights to be salty about your lack of eligible mates. If you need a tall man to validate you as a woman, then guess what, it’s time to put on your big girl panties.

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