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Why This Empire Meme Is The Worst Meme You Will Ever See This Week

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1. There’s a particular strain of Blackness that creates the particular strain of Black person who’d create a meme like this. Perhaps it was their upbringing. Or the particular type of education they received. Or maybe even experiences they’ve had as an adult. Either way, however they got there, they are ashamed of Black people. Of Blackness. Because they believe we’re pathologically dysfunctional. And they also feel duty-bound to separate themselves from this dysfunction. To remind everyone that they #staywoke while the rest of us…take naps? (I don’t know.)

Anyway, the person who created this meme does not give a damn about whether parents who watch Empire give a damn about their children’s homework. This was created by a person so ashamed of Blackness that they wanted to shame Black people for enjoying something they believe does not promote the most positive portrayals of Blackness. It’s respectability memeing marinated in a bucket of concern trolling.

In summary, I do not know who created this. But I have no doubt this person is a no-fun, terrible person who takes showers with socks on and takes pretzel salads to potlucks.

2. In contractions, the apostrophe is commonly placed where the letters were removed. For instance, “don’t” is a contraction of “do” and “not.” The apostrophe comes after the “n” and before the “t” because the “o” in “not” was removed to create that word.

And, when “you” and “all” are contracted, it becomes “y’all.

It is not “ya’ll.” 

This is a common mistake people make. And it’s usually not something worth mentioning. But when you’re calling parents out for not checking their children’s homework, perhaps you shouldn’t show everyone that your parents still need to check yours.

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Damon Young

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  • celinad6

    #2 for the win!

  • iamnotakata

    Lol! This summation of the character of the individual that created is all the way accurate! I don’t have kids but how they gonna try and regulate folks getting their life watching cookie gey folks together on Empire. ? stop it! And I don’t know about other folks but in TX it’s just yall no apostrophes. It’s an exception in our language thx!

    • miss t-lee

      Tell em. I only use the apostrophes to show off my fancy book learning…lol

      • AlwaysCC

        i use the apostrophe only when i’m addressing non southerners lol

        • miss t-lee


        • Brass Tacks

          Yep. To those in the know, its simply, “yall”

  • “Y’all” not “ya’ll”… Good to know.

  • PhlyyPhree

    I GUESS. I feel like whoever made this meme has tired arms from stretching for that reach. Sheesh.
    IF my child had homework, the only time I could check it is BEFORE I watched Empire/performed another activity I found relaxing?

    They sound like one of those snitching ace people who make up the entire “neighborhood watch” just so they can report you to the HOA for leaving your trashcans out an extra day at the sidewalk.

    • Amber

      HOA petty is on a different level. I’m convinced that folks on HOA boards failed at trying to join the police force.

      • Epsilonicus

        It’s why I’m never moving to a community with one.

    • Echo

      My thinking is who tf waits until 8pm to check their kids’ homework anyway? Unless you get off work that late, there is no way that would even be happening.

    • heyheyno

      Right plus if I had kids they would surely be sleep by 9pm. So I would have check their homework at like six smh.

    • Question

      Or cuz you still have Christmas lights up the weekend after New Years Day.

    • Carlisias

      I don’t have child but I rolled my eyes at this meme. The whole concept of this meme is stupid. WTF do you think parents were doing before Empire came on? Florida school districts opened in August. Black respectability has never been a priority of mine.

    • belligerentwill

      As a black man who teaches 1st grade in the City of Brotherly Love, I can attest to the fact that SOME of us do indeed put Empire watching in a place of importance over our children’s homework. So the meme DID make me chuckle a bit. That being said, as frustrating and sometimes true as this idea is for me as a teacher, I’d never make a meme like this, lest I be viewed as self-righteous or judgmental…or at the very least petty and we all know how the VSB community feels about those of us who are petty.

      Oh, and screw the snitches in my HOA who rat on me for my trash can being left by my garage door longer than it should be. I’m busy. Why don’t you get busy too and find something to do other than policing your neighbors violations of arbitrary and nonsensical rules.

  • That Guy

    Wouldn’t surprise me if this was created by a white/non-black person. A lot of people love to get on the internet and pretend to be black so they can air their racism under the guise of ‘holding our own accountable’ or whatever.

  • Madame Zenobia

    “And, when “you” and “all” are contracted, it becomes “y’all.”

    It is not “ya’ll.””

    THANK YOU! This drives me INSANE! Oh yeah, and I agree with everything else you said too.

    • Technically it could be a contracted “ya all”

      • wouldn’t that still be y’all? You Yanks are an odd bunch I tell you what.

        • Val

          How ’bout them Giants! :-)

          • Lol if you get to be happy about this win then don’t you say a thing to me about “winning in my division” because the Redskins are hardly competitive.

            • Val

              Ha! The Washington Football franchise was 2-0 though. That seems competitive to me.

              • They were 1-1 before last night and the Dolphins are trash so when it comes to weak divisions NFC East might take the crown this year. There are two 2-0 teams in the NFC South though.

                • Val

                  Dolphins? Anyway, let me have my joy, AP!

                  • As long as you let me have mine you can revel in that 1-2 record :-)

      • I was JUST coming to type that lol.

    • Tosin Otitoju

      how does anyone write ya then ‘ then all, unless they’re kidding or daft?

  • Betty

    Only non-teachers and non-parents are posting like this is an outrage but those who work with kids know this is real talk. I’m always amazed how parents will let JohnJohn go to the movies and take trips and get new games but don’t check any homework and act shocked when they hear about problems with it.

    • PhlyyPhree

      But I don’t think a meme will help those parents. The parents who are active and involved and care about their children will make sure that the homework is done and checked at some point before it is due, whether that point comes BEFORE Empire or after.

  • Crystal Black

    Did I miss something? Children’s is the possessive form of children. It’s not intended to be a contraction here.

    • Damon Young

      “Did I miss something?”


      • Medium Meech

        Champ done took out another light skint, on another post about Empire. When will the violence stop, Champ, c’ant we all just get along?

        • Champ is Chris Kyling these lightskinneds left and right

        • TeeChantel

          LOL. This is too much.

  • Dr. She Who Reads

    What kinda misraised (malraised? illraised? unraised?) person misspells an abbreviation?

    It’s you + all. How you get ya’ll from that? Maybe they think you is spelled y-a-u.

    Gotta be.

  • Keetra Nicole

    hahahaha….I love you for this!

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