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Why The Georgetown Hoyas Need To Be Your Favorite College Basketball Team

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Although they won’t get as much publicity as Lebron, Derrick Rose, Kyrie Irving, and the rest of the professional athletes and celebrities donning “I Can’t Breathe” shirts, what the Hoyas did before Wednesday night’s game against Kansas was arguably more impressive. One, because they’re a group of 19 and 20 year olds conscientious enough to make that type of political statement. But, more importantly, college athletes have virtually no power. Yes, Division I athletes are on full scholarships, but those are one-year renewable. Meaning they can be revoked if a coach feels the player isn’t good enough or if they over-recruited and need some scholarships to free up. They also have the power to not allow a player to transfer schools, and to decide which schools they’re allow to transfer to if they do allow them to leave.

Also, they’re broke. There’s a difference between being surrounded by money and actually possessing money. Most college athletes have no money. And “no money” usually equates to “no power.”

This type of powerlessness might not seem like that big of an obstacle, but trust me. When you’re a broke 19-year-old Black kid whose status as a student-athletes is in the hands of his coaches and who also happens to be one of the most visible faces at a predominately White university, having the courage to use your one source of leverage — your visibility — to do this type of thing is a big fucking deal.


Damon Young

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  • Yes, I admit I didn’t hear about this story. But it’s damn powerful to see them make this statement. Beautiful! Proud of these young brothas.

  • Meridian

    LOOK. AT. MY. F*CKING. PEOPLE. I’m so proud. So very very proud.

    Side note: Just gonna take a second to notice all the posts today say ‘Damon Young’. You know what you get for that? Bacon. Real bacon that men eat on bear skin rugs that they took down with their bare hands. Not the sissy bacon that doesn’t even sizzle when you cook it.

  • It’s a shame the conference shuffle means we don’t share a conference with these cats anymore. They need to be feted everywhere in the Big East this season.

    • Sigma_Since 93

      I miss the REAL Big East. Louie vs. John vs Jim, TPing the floor after the first basket, and two W’s in the bag every year thanks to playing Rutgers.

      • Sigh… It’s funny because it’s true. We were good for two things: upsetting some incoference team at the RAC because our student section got them shook and hiring crappy coaches because of budget issues. I miss you Gary Waters! The one decent coach we had and he got run out of town.

  • Black Georgetown Student

    This is one of the very few moments where I’m actually proud to call myself a Hoya. Going to a school that totes the Cura Personalis (or educating the whole person) mantra while actively ignoring the racism that their black students have to face is tiring, frustrating, and angering to say the least. I mean the Jesuit priests who ran Georgetown in the early 1800s had a plantation in Maryland, sold their slaves down South instead of freeing them, and let their Southern students bring their slaves to school (http://georgetownvoice.com/2007/02/08/the-jesuits-slaves/). So Georgetown has a racists past that it hasn’t come to terms with. It probably goes without saying that the black students here had to fight tooth and nail to get Georgetown to even acknowledge that black people are being killed by the police. We even staged a die-in at our tree lighting ceremony. But to see the basketball team is a HUGE deal for black students here partly because of what you said, but also because the basketball team is known in the black community for not really being part of any type of fight for racial equality on campus. They go to class, play basketball, go to parties, and don’t do much else. So this was completely unexpected for us, and I’m glad that they did it!

  • This does indeed feel more powerful than like Kevin Garnett smiling next to Jay Z. Speaking of Jay Z allow me to quite “F*** the NCAA ninja”

  • Sigma_Since 93

    This is the John Thompson legacy right here. The son learned from his pops how to make a statement. I loved how the Elder Coach Thompson stood up for injustice back in his day.

  • uniquebeauty79

    This is the only place I have seen it for real. I am all over the internet reading news articles. This. is. the. only. place. GO HOYAS!!!!

  • Rachmo

    This warmed my cold dead heart.

    • Lea Thrace

      Thought that’s what the whiskey was for…

  • miss t-lee

    I love it.

  • KingJames870

    Respect to these young’ns. This took some balls.

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