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White People Stay Winning: A Minute By Minute Breakdown Of The VMAs


Welcome, everyone, to this year’s VMA recap. My name is Damon Young, and I will be your host for the evening. And, by “My name is Damon Young, and I will be your host for the evening.” I mean “The only reason why I watched every minute of this shit was to recap it for you ungrateful bastards. I hate you all.” 

Without further ado…

9:01: We start the festivities with a vision of Lady Gaga that will definitely give me at least five nightmares over the next two weeks. Whenever I watch her perform, I feel like I haven’t evolved enough yet to understand it.

I will say, though, that it did kinda seem like her opening was throwing a bit of shade at the rest of the pop diva collective, including Beyonce. Who’d win in a deathmatch between the Beyhive and the Little Monsters? God. And lacefront.

9:10: New Yorkers: “Wow. I can’t believe how surreal it is to have the VMAs in Brooklyn this year.” Rest of the world: “Shut the f*ck up, New Yorkers.”

9:12: After getting over the shock that The Weeknd is just one person, it started to dawn on me that the VMAs were just one big ass metaphor for cultural appropriation.

To wit,

1. They’re taking place in Brooklyn, the gentrification capital of the world.

2. They prominently feature Justin Timberlake (a man who, well…more on that later), Robin Thicke (a man whose biggest hit is a blatant—and possibly illegal—ripoff of a soul icon’s song), Macklemore (more on him later), and Miley Cyrus: aka The White, Ass-Less, Twerker (T.W.A.T. for short).

9:20: During the Thicke/T.W.A.T. performance, the camera pans on Rihanna making a face that can best be described as “the face you make when one person is making a terrible argument and you’re just waiting for them to finish” combined with “the face dog owners make when trying to determine if that new smell is a dog burp or a dog fart.”

T.W.A.T. also cements her status as the first person to officially be “post-appropriation.”

9:30: It has officially reached the point where Lil Kim has become impervious to snark. There’s absolutely nothing funny you could say about her that wouldn’t be equally sad, so you just acknowledge she exists, shake your head, and send some more flowers to Lil Cease’s grave.

9:40: I have a lot to say about Kanye. So much that if I said it all, it would dominate this recap. That said, I still have two Kanye-related observations to share.

1. His personal descent into where ever the hell he’s descending to has made me realize how selfish of a music fan I am. As long as he continues making great music—which he is, btw—I don’t really care that much about what is “happening” to him.

2. Yeezus is officially my second favorite Kanye album. (MBDTF is first. College Dropout is now third.)

9:45: There was a performance featuring a group of big-bootied dancers with football shoulder pads. I have to say, that image plays much better in my dreams than it does on TV.

9:50: On the list of people no one dislikes—or at least, will publicly admit to disliking—who’s first: Pharrell, Jill Scott, or Janelle Monae?

(My guess? Janelle Monae. No one dares say anything even remotely bad about her. She’s basically the Candyman of music right now.)

9:53: Apparently, Macklemore and “Definitely Not Adele” had an anti-homophobia song this year that was pretty popular. This song won an award. During the speech for said award, he said something about how we’re “on the forefront of equality.” I’m 99.2% sure that did not make any sense.

9:58: As my favorite part of every awards show—the commercial break when a couple local businesses/parties get their own spots—occurs, I’m reminded to ask you all something: Do other cities still use “for the grown and sexy” in their promotions for nightclubs, or is Pittsburgh the lone holdout?

10:00: You know, whenever some popular artist or entertainer makes a serious public gaffe (i.e. Russell Simmons’ Harriet Tubman Sex Tape Jam, Kevin Hart’s recent rant against Black women, etc), an apology is probably the worst way to get back in the public’s good graces.

Why? Well, as Justin Timberlake—and us “forgiving” him for throwing Janet Jackson completely under the bus during the Super Bowl—proves, there’s a four point plan for getting that done.

1. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever admit to any wrongdoing.

2. Be White.

3. Produce shit people like.

4. Produce shit people like, and make cute faces while doing it.

That said, J.T. rocked the house. Which, apparently, is all that matters.

10:12: The camera pans on Taylor Swift watching Timberlake’s performance and experiencing her very first orgasm. I’m officially getting uncomfortable.

10:20: Big gay Jason Collins and A.S.A.P. Rocky combine for the most awkward award presentation ever, giving America a hundred thousand different opportunities for inappropriate (and inappropriately corny) jokes. (My favorite: Collins sure is riding this gay thing. Get it? Riding this gay thing? Ha!)

10:24: Yeah, this shit by Macklemore and Definitely Not Adele is the worst rap song I’ve ever heard. (Yes, even worse than K.O.B.E.)

I think I just have a strong distaste for Public Service Announcement rap; a distaste only rivaled by Gospel rap (“Dont stop, pop that Bible!”) and “rap played on an episode of CSI Miami when the plot involves the murder of a rapper” rap.

That said, Macklemore seems like a very nice guy. I will root for him and continue to never listen to his music. Basically, he’s the White Wiz Khalifa.

10:27: Some White guy I’m too lazy to google just shouted out God and his single mother in his award acceptance speech. First, they take our music. Now, they’re taking our speech cliches???????

I didn’t read a tweet about someone watching the 50th anniversary of the March of Washington on MSNBC this weekend for this shit!

10:37: As Drake starts his performance, I’m reminded of the fact that if he wasn’t a rap star, he’d be a perfect #7 on the haircut poster in every Black barbershop.

BTW, I know Jermaine “The Human Itis” Cole made some headlines last week after saying he thinks he wouldn’t be as popular if he were light-skinned. While that may or may not be true, I do think Drake’s complexion has made him less popular. (Yes. Less. )

Why exactly? Come back tomorrow.

11:00: The rest of the show involves Bruno Mars doing Bruno Mars things, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, more T.W.A.T., and more proof that 2013 is the year of White people winning at everything, including being Black.

I was going to end it with “See you all again next year” but the way things are going, I’m kinda nervous they’re going to take VSB too.

—Damon Young (aka “The Champ”) 

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Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for GQ.com And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at damon@verysmartbrothas.com. Or don't. Whatever.

  • alana

    Being halfway across the world, I didn’t get to watch this. The live streaming at work didn’t help me out. But, I was presented with a Link to the Miley Cyrus shindig. I couldn’t get through it. For this! I am grateful.

    Chicago stay saying it’s for the “grown and sexy”. I hope when I’m doing with my Korea life, they have given up the “Grown and Sexy” ghost.

    • if you dont say grown and sexy, dudes show up in white tee and axe body spray

      • Todd

        Sad…but true. *smh*

      • LMNOP

        Wait.. that’s not grown and sexy?

  • I am very happy the whites are all over the music awards because I am so sick and tired of blacks treating this profession as the only profession where they can make money.

    • oh ok

      • WIP

        This pic and this caption are wrong as he11, LOL

      • Drifter2545

        This is racist.

        • Sounds like a personal problem

          • Drifter2545

            And this is why we cannot progress as a race. With small minded, petty and childish comments like this. Yes there is still institutionalized racism against us. Yes us blacks have gone through a lot throughout history and still do. I get that. But there’s no excuse to be racist against whites or any race for that matter. I can understand the resentment that we hold, but don’t be racist. That just adds fuel to the fire and causes a bigger divide than what Martin Luther King and other civil rights activists were aiming for. So I’ll answer your snarky response with this: no this is not a personal problem. This is a problem that us blacks have to deal with everyday. There is no need for anyone to be racist. Stop contributing to the problem and be the change that you want to see.

            • Shamira


              • Drifter2545

                Please educate yourself and help us as a race progress and not regress..

                • Shamira

                  How can I get an education if a nice little white lady doesn’t come and take me out of the hood?

                  • Drifter2545

                    Terrible troll is terrible. I really hope you’re trolling and that you’re not an idiot.

                    • Shamira

                      Negative Nancy needs to notice nobody needs a nagging nuisance.

                      Did I do that right? I am uneducated, after all.

                    • Drifter2545

                      If you are truly educated read this and then you’ll understand: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning%E2%80%93Kruger_effect

                    • Shamira

                      Hmmm…I’m the troll but you continue to engage with me, shoot me content that I’ve already read and do not care for, and seem not to take a hint…who’s the troll now?


                    • Drifter2545

                      I think you do not understand the definition of a troll, lady.
                      Troll: One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

                      Your comments fit that description. Not mine. I’m trying to contribute to the discussion while you’re posting comments and trying to infuriate me, which aren’t working. Seriously, educate yourself and read the 2 links I posted. You will learn something homie.

                    • Shamira

                      “Troll: One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a
                      newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum
                      disruption and argument.”

                      …says the person who engaged me….and several others….calling them racist…..

                    • Drifter2545

                      *sigh* “This is racist” does not equal “You are racist”. Please learn the difference. Plus that was not an inflammatory statement to get you upset. You could have easily have said “Why do you think that is racist?”, but you did not. Instead you decided to act like a child and try to troll me.

                    • Shamira

                      my childlike behavior seems pretty fitting since you seemed to have deigned yourself stern schoolteacher of the interwebz. sorry I ain’t fighting for a gold star from you.

                      This is racist isn’t inflammatory? Responding harshly to an obvious joke isn’t inflammatory? LOL okay then, homie

                    • Drifter2545

                      Wonderful. Let’s make fun of white people, be INSENSITIVE and joke about how their problems aren’t really problems. Yeah. That’s real funny. . That’s racist. We all know that white privilege allows them to not have significant problems like us and other races. Yes that makes sense, but it’s not right to ridicule them and be insensitive. That’s just wrong. They are human beings and they have feelings too. That’s what i’m trying to get at and what you’re not understanding.

                    • Shamira

                      Too bad I wasn’t referring to all white people, I was just responding to the person who posted inanity on this comments thread. But regardless, if you want to cape for white people you are more than welcome to. I have no need or intent to do that much. But show me where I said that black people are superior to white people. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

                    • Drifter2545

                      I fight for all races and that’s what people SHOULD be doing. That’s what Martin Luther King fought for. Come on man. Be objective for once and understand why I’m saying this. By posting “White Tears” you are sending that message that “black people are superior to white people” because you’re saying that white people problems are nothing compared to black people problems.

                    • Shamira

                      I said no such thing. Good luck convincing people to fight against the oppression of whites. Send me a link to your kickstarter campaign!

                    • Drifter2545

                      LOL. You are truly unbelievable. It’s alright. Stay asleep my precious sheep.

                    • g574050@rmqkr.net

                      no they should not they should fight first for personal survival and replication then for their children and closest relatives race and nation in that order,as far as our DNA is concerned we are merely the chaff. BTW I know youre white so stop fronting commie bitch

                    • g574050@rmqkr.net

                      well you guys are superior to us in some ways viva la difference. thats just the nature of evolution we adapted for different environments- unfortunately youre living in our now.

                    • g574050@rmqkr.net

                      liberals have no sense of humour

                    • g574050@rmqkr.net

                      hey i am a white “racist” and i thought you were pretty funny and this lady is probably a fake white liberal

                    • The Champ

                      No need to post this link repeatedly. Stop doing it

                  • Drifter2545
            • Val

              Yeah, it’s all our fault.

              • Drifter2545

                No it’s not our fault, but being racist isn’t the way to go.

            • Martin Luther King Jr. was out smashing hoes with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. I’ll be sure to take on as many paynuses as my orifices can handle as well. Thank you for your kind words.

              • Drifter2545

                Please educate yourself and help us as a race progress and not regress.

                • *gasp I shall do NO SUCH THING! Help out people just because they have copious amounts of melanin?! Never.

                  • Drifter2545

                    Terrible troll is terrible. So what sort of things are you doing to help your community?

                    • Things you aren’t privy to and aren’t obligated to be privy to. You can take your poor insight and advice to someone else who is easily swayed by your online presence.

                    • Drifter2545

                      LOL! So you’re basically doing nothing. Ok. Well done. Bravo. http://i.imgur.com/ZnqQ5.gif

                    • Ok

                  • Drifter2545
                    • Who are you to tell me how I should expend my spare time? Lol

                    • Drifter2545

                      If you want to stay ignorant then by all means you have the right to, but don’t pretend like you’re helping the black community when you’re actually hurting it.

                    • Right

                    • LMNOP

                      I think you have all the evidence you need to see that afropetite IS making the world a better place with her cute avi and funny commentary.

            • h.h.h.

              “racist” signifies a prejudice/bias based on ethnicity, and utlizing economical, legal, miltary, etc. resources to subjugate said ethnicity…

              posting white tear, i feel, doesn’t quite cut the mustard in terms of ‘racist’…

              but that was a nice sermon sir

              • Drifter2545

                You seem like the most logical person here. Even if that doesn’t constitute as racist(although I disagree), you have to admit that that is discriminatory against a race and wrong. My point is that you shouldn’t be discriminatory regardless. I feel as if people use the black struggle as an excuse to be racist/discriminatory. Please explain this to me, because i’m trying to understand.

                Also, nice profile pic. The latest manga chapter was sick!

                • h.h.h.

                  dying to understand?

                  a 17 year old black kid can be shot, and so long as there is no witnesses, the killer can walk free
                  you have a mass media/social media outlet that allows white folks to pretty much talk over a genre that is more or less about the black urban struggle, host an awards show in a town that pretty much shows the effect of gentrification in an urban environment, and then you wonder why black folk…educated black folk would laugh/mock at miley cyrus attempting to twerk for a national audience? and you wanna call it racism?

                  nah fam, ain’t racism, that’s more chickens coming home to roost.

                  • Drifter2545
                    • h.h.h.

                      what’s the relevance in posting this response to me?

                      you’re an intelligent Afro-American male, no?

                      you want to have a discussion, or do you want to move your agenda?

                    • Drifter2545

                      If you understand the context of the article you will see exactly why I posted it.

                    • h.h.h.

                      ok, i can’t see the article, unless it’s the same one on huffington post, you can either walk us through it, or you can be vague and mysterious. your choice.

                  • Shouldn’t chickens coming home to roost have a much bigger punishment for white folks like losing their country or losing a war instead of Miley Cyrus getting admonished for twerking. She is still rich and still going to get paid.

                  • g574050@rmqkr.net

                    how many times must we remind you trayvon was WAS a thug a criminal even a burglar an assaulter a drug adict and he tried to murder GZ who shot him in self defense.
                    whites were run out of the cities they built by black crime now we have things like stop and frisk we can buy back in if you want to sell and move to black run cities like detroit and atlanta or just buy an SUV and a Plasma screen.And if you dont want stop and frisk fine theres always Idaho you can enjoy yourselves

                    and if you had any brains above an 85IQ you would realize Miley twerking like sheeboon is anything but a triumph of white culture -so emjoy

                    • h.h.h.

                      “how many times must we remind you trayvon was WAS a thug a criminal even
                      a burglar an assaulter a drug adict and he tried to murder GZ who shot
                      him in self defense”

                      if you can tell someone is a criminal, just by account that they’re wearing a hoodie and khakis at 7pm on a someone rainy february…then i commend you, little one.

                      *pats you on the head*

                    • g574050@rmqkr.net

                      having grown up in ghettos i can tell a thug a block away. but GZ didnt need to he just called the cops on a hunch that happened to be right, and TM attacked him and GZ gave him what he deserved . not because of what he thought he might be but because he was trying to kill him right then.when black defend TM you look like lying scum that continues to blame everyone else for your faults.

                    • h.h.h.

                      if that’s what you believe, then so be it.

                      it’s, unfortunate.

                    • g574050@rmqkr.net

                      yeah me 12 jurors and the other 90% of the country

                    • h.h.h.


                    • g574050@rmqkr.net

                      kind of hard to get ahead in the world when you insist on your own version of reality but enjoy

              • g574050@rmqkr.net

                but since races evolved through evolution selected in different environments said prejudice is subjective but valid. But might be a advantage in one time and place in another not so much. never the less from one time space vantage they can be evaluated making the term racism kind of stupid.

        • LMNOP

          I’ll bite. I think you mean well, but are misunderstanding this.

          The idea of “white tears” is not racist. It is a useful idea for any one (and probably especially white people) who cares about talks about racism to be aware of. In fact, when I googled “white tears” to see if I could find a good definition of the concept for you, I found one on a website called “whites educating whites” so I think it is safe for me to say on behalf of the white community, the phrase “white tears” is not offensive to white people (except maybe the racist ones, and really, they get offended easily).

          I am having a hard time explaining what it means, but an example would be if a white person says to a black person “oh you think YOU have it rough with racism?? Well, let me tell you… Once when I was in eighth grade these two black kids made fun of me for being white, and it was really racist and it really hurt my feelings! AND I sunburn easily! Poor me.” It doesn’t mean white people don’t have feelings and should be ridiculed whenever they express legitimate distress, and if you took it that way, I can see why it would bother you.

          • Drifter2545

            I understand now. It’s basically like first world problems when compared to people in third world countries. The weights of struggle is different for the white and black communities. We have gone through, and still go through a lot of things that white privilege can get away with. White people do experience racism, but it’s not as much as what black people experience if I understand correctly. That makes sense and you’re right, but it’s still racist imo. The idea of “white tears” is that white people problems are not really problems, which is false because they are. They’re just not as life threatening and serious when compared to other races.

            “It doesn’t mean white people don’t have feelings and should be ridiculed whenever they express legitimate distress, and if you took it that way, I can see why it would bother you.”
            This is exactly why it bothered me. It comes down to kindergarten teasing. “boo hoo! your problems are nothing compared to mine so shut up!”. That’s insensitive and demeaning. We should all just love one another regardless of race, but I can understand the resentment we have because of the past.

            Thank you for being reasonable and explaining this to me unlike some other people here. I truly appreciate it.

            • h.h.h.

              “We should all just love one another regardless of race,”


              • Drifter2545

                Because despite all of the cultures and how different we are, we’re all humans. The only race that truly matters is the human race. In the end we all have families, friends, struggles, etc. Yes they vary from race to race, but at the core we’re all human. This is what Martin Luther King strived for and accomplished.

                Why not?

            • LMNOP

              The phrase “white tears” is also usually used specifically in discussions about racism, when a white person is trying to kind of make a situation all about them and how much they are a victim, so I would say it’s a little more sophisticated and nuanced than kindergarten teasing, but I am sure you’re not the only one who doesn’t care for the term.

              I also appreciate your thoughtful response.

        • g574050@rmqkr.net

          Racist? – Why whatever do you mean, don’t believe in evolution?

    • Jay


    • Sahel

      Well dang

    • throws downvote off the backboard and slams it home

    • LMNOP

      I like how this comment is on a website where the majority of the commenters are black people with graduate and professional degrees, commenting from their non-rapping jobs.

      • Aly

        Crazy, right?

      • WIP


      • Freebird

        racism is a h@ll of a drug

      • Drifter2545

        You’re using a website as your sample size?

        • LMNOP

          Good call. This will probably keep my one sentence comment out of the peer-reviewed journal I was hoping to get it published in, won’t it? :(

      • I am a black person with a professional degree that does not mean what I said was incorrect. It seems as if most black kids today want or strive to be an entertainer or an athlete.

    • Drifter2545

      It’s funny. You make sense and people downvoted you. More blacks should be going into the fields of science, technology, medical, etc. instead of entertainment, sports and music.

      • Val

        Yes, of course, because most of the people that comment here are rappers, pro athletes and singers. Or aspire to be. Know your audience.

        • Drifter2545

          You’re using a website as your sample size. That’s faulty logic.

          • Val

            You should really head over to Clutch or Bossip or Huffington Post Black Voices and preach there.

            • Drifter2545

              I saw this on my facebook news feed and decided to try and open up people’s eyes since this page supposedly has educated people on it. Unfortunately people want to be bias, ignorant and childish(not you btw. Most of the other commenters are.). I’m just saying my piece and leaving hoping that we can progress as a race and not regress. Hoping that the positive message can get across and spread.

              • Val

                Okay, the thing is though, sometimes one needs to hang back and get their timing right before jumping in. Otherwise you’re libel to get tripped up in the ropes. Pardon my double dutch analogy. But, I hope you get my point.

      • Most blacks don’t like to hear that because it means they actually have to use their brains and become something other than an entertainer or an athlete.

  • I Am Your People

    I’m on the West Coast, so I “watched” (Thanks Vine and Instagram!) on Twitter. @akaCharlesWade summed it up with something like ‘being black and gay are cool as long as you aren’t actually black or gay.’ And I was HERE for the Rihanna reactions
    BTW – Miley Cyrus did all that non-twering and dry-humping on her daddy’s birthday.

    VMAs were on opposite “Secret Millionaire,” which had the first Black (and even more generally, the first non-white) millionaire. It was Amos Winbush III @techceo. Throwing shade all on the ratings.

    • keisha brown

      that tweet was everything.

  • Jay

    Miley feels like Jay gave her the green light so she’s milking this “twerking” thing for all its worth, and if you think that Miley can really twerk then you’ve never been to a (black)strip club, YouTube, or an unattended middle school classroom in the hood. Someone text me “WYD” during the show. I text back “working and watching the VMAs” which my phone interpreted as “working and watching the B.S.” http://i.huffpost.com/gadgets/slideshows/268242/slide_268242_1850793_free.gif?1354828672672 Auto-correct indeed…

  • Commentary on the T.W.A.T. performance (which was the only VMA clip I’ve watched):

    1. Anita Baker took to twitter to make Miley jokes.
    2. I will not be able to sleep for days after seeing giant twerking teddy bears.
    3. I still cannot f*****g understand anything that comes out of 2chainz mouth
    4. Paula Patton allowed Robin Thicke to wear his halloween costume early?
    5. Um, what?
    6. I’m glad all of the black Disney child stars turned out normal. Thank God.

    (*EDIT* My apologies if #6 came off as insensitive in light of the recent tragedy with Lee Thompson Young, in which is was not my intention to be hurtful or to make light of his death)

  • ChaoticDiva

    Oh great, I’m in moderation purgatory after voluntarily censoring an f-bomb. I didn’t know my asterisk use was too profane.

  • Mr. Gundam

    I been lurking for a minute, But I really wanted to mention this one thing:

    As Great as it was seeing VMAs support gay rights nationally tonight. I can’t help but feel jealous of them being in NY without mentioning Stop and Frisk.

    I know I sound like the “what about these other issues nobody mention…” guy, I just wish some of the other WAYYY more famous rappers could have done that months ago.

    Also ‘Ye performance was simple and effective

  • The Smiths reaction to Miley’s “performance” says it best…

    • Val

      Their expressions are priceless! There are going to be hundreds of gifs of them with those looks on their faces very soon. And, who is that chick next to Will and what exactly is her hair trying to do?

      • Sahel

        Two eyes,if this keeps up,i will finally get to see your nose.

        • Val

          Says the man with no face.

          • Sahel

            I have a face,it just always comes out pixelated in photos.

            • Val

              That’s what Beelzebub said.

              • Sahel

                So you believe in demons. Dont worry sweet Val,am an Angel

      • I have no clue who the lady is but the ensemble on her head is doing too much for me.

        • E Jones

          My feelings exactly.

        • John Shannon

          Uuuuhh, that’s Jada

      • John Shannon

        That’s Jada, lol

    • nillalatte

      You STOLE my post. Umph! LOL that is my reaction too. BTW.. who is the girl to the left of Will Smith?

      • Jay

        Just post it again, someone else already did…

      • The early bird gets the worm…or in this case the night owl *hoots*

    • also not only does willow looks normal but is mrtified, glad will reeled her ssa in before she ended up like well, miley.

    • LdyAntihero

      That wasn’t actually their reaction to Miley’s performance- it was a shot from earlier that night during Lady Gaga. Wish it had been though.

    • GypsyCurl

      Can I just say: Until Miley Cyrus can isolate one butt cheek, she is NOT twerking. Twerkers around the world should be offended that people are referring to her movements as twerking.

    • LeslieS
  • I Am Your People

    I just need to know why people are mad at Lil Wayne for literally opening his songs with “no homo” vs Macklemore figuratively opening “Same Love” the same way

  • I could make a comment to all of this, but I think Will Smith and the family have said all of it in this reaction shot.

    • WIP

      BOL!! The boy’s face is IT. This alone has made my Monday.

      • BreezyX2

        He always looks like that doe…lol

        • Yonnie

          In this interview, Will clowns Jaden on that face that he always makes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inzrXcSs16I Its at 1:53. I died.

          • BreezyX2

            LOL! Thanks Yonnie :)

          • LMNOP

            The Smiths are one of my favorite famous families.

            • Val

              Yeah, I like them as a family too. But, for some reason Will sans family creeps me out.

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