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White Men are Winning at Literally Everything, So Why are they Still so Angry?

Rush Limbaugh (Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)


Who hurt you, boo? You should smile more. It may feel like the whole world is against you, but do all of you have to be so bitter?

Look at all of your athletes and celebrities with astronomical success. You have special programs to get you into colleges and businesses based almost entirely on your race and gender. You get hella advanced degrees. There are magazines and TV shows and movies centered squarely on you. Even when you think there aren’t.  You have 11 white history months. Shit, even some of my best friends are white.

So why are you so angry?

Your president won. He’s angry. The president’s press secretary has a cushy government job. He’s also angry. And even in your declarations about your winning, you’re still angry, as if you’ve finally been relieved of consistent Ls.

Yet you have very few Ls. Okay, except that time in the South when you literally lost. But, at the end of the day, you got back your property, your land, and your money. You got back everything brah.

Oh wait, back implies that you lost something. And really, you never lost your country. I mean, I’m no STEM major, but adding the years of dominating America, subtracting a few years of a Civil War and a handful of black politicians during Reconstruction,  remembering that rich white men in the Union were still white so adding them too, multiplying by 6, adding the seats you got after Reconstruction when the handful of black politicians were kicked out, adding 150 more years of black prison labor and white capitalism, 44 white male presidents, 8 bajillion white male CEOs, add .5 for Barack Obama, carry over the one annnnd yep *types furiously in TI-83 to confirm* you’ve always had this country.

In the last year or so the words “economic anxieties” “white working class” “rust belt” and “middle America” have been bandied about. And guess what, I get it. Both liberal and conservative economic policies for the last 50 years have hurt the interests of labor, the poor, and working class people of all races.  Yet everyone is still only talking about you. Your needs are being prioritized.

And while a critical mass of you in the Midwest either stayed home or quietly voted for a tyrant in 2016, not all of y’all were in that minority who tipped the election. The majority of you have voted for a white Republican guy every election since the 1960s regardless of whether his policies actually align with your needs. And a lot of your women do too. And when your sub-mediocre leader–who need I remind you, won–isn’t outchea throwing Twitter temper tantrums or throwing his own administration under the bus, he’s golfing on his resort. He’s not leading a damn thing but his turkey neck towards impeachment. He is not checking for you. But it doesn’t matter if he isn’t. Because the whole western world is.

So let that hurt go. You are still white and you are a man. You can take comfort in the fact that you can assault, stab, massacre, stab some other people, steal, kill, rape, threaten, lynch, and did I mention kill, but your power and privilege will generally protect you.

If you step out of your glass case of emotion, maybe, just maybe, think about why you conflate people’s will to destroy white supremacy–that thing that allows people like you to commit atrocities with fewer consequences than anyone else in the world and, often, benefit from them–with the destruction of white people. Or y’know, keep being angry.

Malaika Jabali

Malaika Jabali is an attorney, writer, and activist with a J.D. and M.S. from Columbia University. When she's not getting a superfluous amount of degrees, she is defending A.I.'s practice rant, knucking if you bucking, and reviewing the meme calendar to ensure its accuracy. You can follow her on the twitter at @MalaikaJabali.

  • It’s hot. Let’s gather up these White Tears and have a water fight.

    • Penelope

      Naw, too salty.

  • grownandsexy2

    This post, while true, is certainly catnip for trolls.

    • AzucarNegra

      I give it about 30 comments for the first one to pipe in.

      • Furious Styles

        It tends to happen 1-2 days afterwards. Social media brings all the trolls to the yard.

  • BrothasKeeper
    • “Surfing While Black”
      … at least they didn’t get shot.

      • Rewind4ThatBehind

        They can’t swim so shooting is counterproductive & a waste of bullets = the one time white people would agree not to shoot us.

        • Wild Cougar

          who can’t swim?

          • Rewind4ThatBehind

            You know that glorious stereotype of Black folks not being able to swim that white people love to perpetuate like most of us don’t come from countries surrounded by water.

            • UrbanNortheast

              I just swam a mile this evening. I once met a White dude who believed Black folks literally, biologically were incapable of swimming because our bones are less buoyant. This person went to college.

              • cyanic

                White people blinded by white supremacy will never comprehend their lies being lies.

              • Monica Harris

                Lol one time a non black POC asked me “aren’t black people afraid of water?”

                Gotta be honest though, Im not a huge fan of going into large bodies of water, but it’s not because I’m black!

              • Blue Skies Bring Tears
              • Rewind4ThatBehind

                He’s probably got a small d*ck so there’s the flip side of that coin.

                • UrbanNortheast

                  Ew! He was a coworker in my first job who was a good 30 years older than I am (which means he made it past 50 believing this nonsense) and senior to me, so I wasn’t thinking about that.

                  • Rewind4ThatBehind

                    That was me being petty and thinking of how insecure of a man he must have been to have his beliefs.

                    Sorry to put an ugly idea in your head.

                    • UrbanNortheast

                      Dude was busted. Ha!

              • Mike Sherman

                Was he retarded and was it a for-profit college?

            • Kemi

              Well, this stereotype only emerged because black people were legally prevented from going to whites-only swimming pools during Jim Crow, and socially prevented afterwards. Swimming areas that black people DID have access to were universally crappy, and many soon closed down. So, as usual, wypipo had to come up with some insane racist justification for why black people weren’t going swimming (and it couldn’t be “because we’re racist”), so they came up with: “well, *THOSE* people can’t swim, because of bone density.”

              • Rewind4ThatBehind

                Don’t you just love their reasoning for creating BS idea of how we are inferior to them when biologically, because we are human, we are nearly identical?

                Makes me giggle every time.

                • Kemi

                  I swear, if it weren’t for the fact that it makes me angry all the time, racism would be some seriously funny ish.

                • Unreal

                  I think the punishment for all of the white supremacist trash that rioted should be they have to take an ancestry DNA test and get the results read to them on live TV.
                  Get the popcorn!

          • TheUnsungStoryteller

            I know my black azz can’t.

            • cedriclathan

              Get that black azz to a pool this summer for lessons. It’s never too late.

              • Mary Burrell

                Glad to still read your words continue to recover.

                • cedriclathan

                  Thank you! Sitting in the sun in the yard getting my rest. Appreciate all the kind words.

              • CheGueverraWitBlingOn

                Facts. I’m still learning. Got a list of instructors.

        • La Bandita

          Stop that. Island blacks can swim. Black American is not only black.

          • Rewind4ThatBehind

            No love.

            I said that’s what White people think of US.

            I know that’s the furthest thing from the truth.

            • La Bandita

              Sorry, I ever doubted your rewind – you know I love you. But I’ve heard a few black americans and wyte americans say this to me. I swim and I swim well – my dad taught me.

              • Rewind4ThatBehind

                It’s ok love, I know you meant well.

                I was taught to swim by my dad as well….well mainly he flung me into the ocean and traumatized me, so my mom just ended up getting me swimming lessons, but damnit we can swim!

                • La Bandita

                  haha!! Your determination. My mom was taught like that – no bueno. It’s the worse way to learn. Being taught as a baby is best – they have no fear of water.

          • Mike Sherman

            U honestly think that the color of ur skin has anything to do with swimming ability?

      • cedriclathan

        “They probably stole them boards…”

        • BrothasKeeper

          “….the water makes their hair so coarse…”

          • cedriclathan

            “…I wonder if sharks like dark meat?”

            • Brother Mouzone

              They like seals, so……

          • cyanic

            Wouldn’t it make woolly hair softer?

            • Blueberry01

              Not with all that chlorine…

        • I just laughed out loud on the expressway.

  • Freebird

    This is a post where I’d actually like to hear some of the cowards reading from the shadows of their relationship failures speak up.

    What says you angry little white man in a college dorm? Or you middle aged p orn addict still mad that blonde you thought owed you some v agina fcuked Tyrone and never even thought about you in high school. Why you stay mad son!

    • Hugh Akston

      Because O said if he had a son he’d look like Trayvon instead of agent 45?

    • I’m not throwing this on White guys. A lot of men of all backgrounds think like that.

      • Rewind4ThatBehind


        It’s such a burden being a man.

        • Kat

          A burden….bruh

          • Furious Styles

            It’s a…different…burden. It’s a cage that has more room than yours, but it’s still a cage.

          • Rewind4ThatBehind


            All sarcasm.

        • It can be.

        • grownandsexy2

          Being a woman can be burdensome too. We all have our crosses to bear. Your blues ain’t like mine.

          • Rewind4ThatBehind

            Don’t make me come taste your blues GS.

      • Freebird

        I get it bro and I’m glad we have men around here providing the reminders. Sounds like progress. But the post is about white male privy, and while VSB provides space for the examination of black male privilege, often, Id like some insight on the other side of the game. But keep speaking up T. It’s needed.

        • MsSula

          Thank you Freebird. The post is about white men, period.

          • Freebird

            It’s OK to talk about white male privy without a “well actually” in regards to black men…at least once a year. Its ok….But I get it black men are monsters too.

    • Mary Burrell

      This is what set that mad man off that ran a sword through a black man in New York and that was part of Dylann Roof’s manifesto that black men were r@ping “their” women. These people are mentally ill.

      • Unreal

        I’ve always said that it God gave white men bigger d***s the world would be a peaceful place.

  • Zil Nabu

    Well then. This sounds about white.

  • Val

    Loss of power makes folks angry. Even if the loss is larger in their minds than in reality.

    • I was just about to say something deeper about that.

    • Brown Rose

      I have to wonder Val are they really losing any power. There are more non-white faces sure, but I don’t see how they have lost anything that matters.

      • Val

        See my answer to Lea.

    • Lea Thrace

      Its not loss of power. Its a slow down in the gain rate.

      • Val

        They have been losing power since the Voting Rights Act of 1964. Like I said, it’s a very slow and slight loss but still a loss.

      • cedriclathan

        Yep! The winner of the sprint isn’t speeding up at the end just slowing down the least.

  • Mr. Mooggyy

    While I agree with most of what you wrote, there is cause for “concern” amongst the whites! The middle aged white male is dying off at a record pace. There are all these mixed babies (see black) that are putting their white lineage in jeopardy! So while on the surface they seem like their “winning”, in reality, they are self imploding!

    • Gibbous

      THIS!!! All those white supremacists complaining about white genocide. They’re complaining to black people about interracial marriage. Police your own brah! It’s not my faulty that white people have babies with black and brown people. I certainly don’t care about how “brown” our country is or is becoming.

      • lunanoire

        Mildest “genocide” ever.

  • clownFace Prod.

    Loch Ness, Tupac alive, the lie in this article….things that will be looked for and never found.

  • There was an interview floating online with a Latinx man speaking to a white politician about why he felt there were more white men needed in power.

    WP: Because the blacks, the Mexicans, the Muslims, they’re all coming to try and get their piece of the pie.
    LM: They are American citizens, do they not deserve a piece? It’s a pretty big pie.
    WP: Not as big as or bigger than mine.

    And that is the crux of most angry white men’s issues, I feel. Someone else’s gain is automatically their loss, and that is not acceptable.

    • J.E. Pierson

      And the achievements of POCs are not legitimate, it was Affirmative action or some other kind of handout

      • Exactly. It was very telling that he said “they’re coming to get their piece.” So you acknowledge that this piece is mine and I am owed it, but you have a problem with me coming to claim it.

        How dare I?!?!?!?

      • Gibbous

        Because Harvard regularly just lets any old body become the editor of the Harvard Law Review. “Where’s his transcripts?” Which other president had to show transcripts?

        AA might get you a seat at the table but it certainly doesn’t get you any accolades much less a law degree.

      • CheGueverraWitBlingOn

        Achievement by POC threatened their emotional and mental zero-sum gain view who “deserves” America.

        • Blueberry01

          …and routinely exposes their mediocrity…

    • Also, another thing of note is that I like to say that Jim Crow Is A Red. What that means is that racism has often led to a lot of circles being squared in White America. Now that such a resource is diminishing, White America is going to have to come out of its own pockets to take care of its own, and it’ll get worse before it gets better.

      • Brown Rose

        They recently did an article in WaPo highlighting what we already knew. Sates with high majority whites I.,e Vermont have some of the highest and most generous benefits. Those with high Black populations on the other hand i.e. most of the South don’t. I always say if there were no Black people in America it would look like Norway with Nukes.

        • jarednotjerrad

          This! They would be more than willing to give more if they thought the “lazy (insert word for poc)” wouldn’t get it.

          • Brown Rose

            Indeed. And how do you get poorer whites to buy that, have them believe in their inherent genetic and cultural superiority even in the face of poverty, blight and misery. And then layer it with a divine manifest destiny. The program works beautifully.

            • Britt Long

              We’re watching it work all over again–whiteness as a possession. It may be all they have but they have it, by Christ. Read Poor White Trash (NYT bestseller) for a historical survey of how to get poor whites to stay poor, clutching the white label, like it means something.

              • Mary Burrell

                I have been hearing about that book on many podcast.

              • Unreal


            • Brother Mouzone

              What you described is the exact strategy republicans use to win elections.

        • Mike Sherman

          That’s prob more because they are small, liberal states, rather than their actual demographics.

    • This sounds like something that the Hitler Humper, Richard Spenser would say.

      • They’re so unabashed with it, really.

    • Rastaman

      For a people who view attempts at equality as persecution any attempt by anyone else to even get a piece of the pie they have earned is viewed as a loss. Remember these are the same people who went to war to defend their right to enslave another human being

      • Mike Sherman

        Slow down with “a people”, not all white people see equality as persecution. During the civil war, the union army was much bigger than the confederate

        • Unreal

          No but until white people as a group acknowledge that white privilege is real regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum, that white supremacy isn’t just bigots in hoods but the entire history, infrastructure and legacy of this country, the “conversation” is surface talk and the result will be the same.

          • Mike Sherman

            That’s certainly true, but it’s going to be very hard to get a high majority of white people to acknowledge white privledge, especially if it’s used as a wedge political issue by the republicans, like it is now. I think that a slight majority of left leaning white people acknowledge privledge and almost nobody on the right. Increasing that % will be a long and slow process, and it’s really important for white people to lead on this issue.

            • Unreal

              I mostly agree but I have to say that I’ve known far too many ultra left liberals totally blind to their own bias.

              • Mike Sherman

                Me too, that’s why I said only a slight majority of dems. Usually if u point it out to them, they acknowledge and become aware tho. It’s a vastly different response than if u were to point out White priveledge to a trump supporter.

    • NotToday
    • ms. nylahou

      Plus, who wants to be an aging white guy. There’s nothing sexy about an old white guy. They can’t dance, and their butts are flat.

      • augey march

        Hey…..stop that. 60. Dance better than your boyfriend….or girlfriend….or for damn sure better than your mother. Got a butt so tight and round you can bounce nickels off it and have ’em land across the room. Sexy as the day is long (says my wife…who is a very kind woman). No choice about the white. No choice about the aging. And some of us old white fucks give a shit…..really.

        • ms. nylahou

          I stand corrected, and will admit when I’m wrong!

    • Mochasister

      And that’s basically it. No one else is supposed to have anything other than what they have meted out. Instead of them being happy with what they have they’re busy worrying that someone might have a little more than them. God forbid.

    • Unreal

      It’s not just that. Other groups successes upset the narrative that they are superior. That was and continues to be their biggest issue with Obama.

  • Wise Old Owl

    The Original Peni$ Envy:
    That’s why they are Mad at the World and especially hate Black Males and their perceived “Mandingo” status…plus, they have to pay to play and “playing” ain’t cheap, so they must continue to steal, lie, murder and do whatever it takes to control and maintain resources in order to continue to be able to play…

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