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Yesterday,  I briefly mentioned that many new children will be borneded in Pittsburgh because of the recent victory of the hometown Steelers.  Though I was being a weebit facetious, there just may be some truth to those words.  That idea got me to thinking:  exactly what ARE some events that may have lead to an increase in the birth rate in this here fine nation of ours?  I mean, we all know that upon finding out some good news or being apart of some good news tends to make people randy, right?  That’s true, right?  Right?

Sporting events get people’s blood boiled and emotions rise, but do they pass muster in the grand scheme?  Let’s see.

Here are five eventst that I think helped spread the love:

5)  Woodstock

Isn’t mud just, euphoric?  On the real though, at a music festival intended to promote the ideals of s.ex, love, and rock & roll, you know folks were spreading 2 out of 3.  Add a little PCP to the mix and the risky activities probably peaked in the middle of day 2.  Every picture I’ve seen indicates that women AND men were giving up the lovin’ at rates unbefore known to man.  And yes that counts as scientific evidence towards the fact that I’m right.

4)  Million Man March

Though billed as a day of responsibility for Black men across the nation, my guess is that women everywhere were excited at the masses of Black men who seemed to care so much about the progress of the Black community.  And you know what happens when Black women start thinking about responsible Black men.  Yep:  lovin.  As in McLovin.  Oh yeah.  One million Black men too?  You know the draws were being tossed at the TV screen from Idaho to Maine so when the man returned home, well, needless to say, I’ll bet they played apart in their own million man march…if you catch my drift.

3)  Boston Red Sox 2004 World Series victory

This one probably didn’t really boost the Black love rate but you can’t tell me New Englander weren’t running around on major hump duty after the BoSox won in 2004.  I’ll bet lots of “home runs” were hit that night!  Heh heh heh.  Okay, that was a bad joke but I’m exhausted right now.  Sue me.

2) Dr. King’s March On Washington

Civil Rights?  Check.  Lots of people?  Check.  Way back in the 60s Dr. King and his organizers put together the March on Washington and I’ll bet lots of marching was taking place behind the scenes.  With all of that good vibration and feeling going on in and around Washington because of this event, you know the lots of legal briefs were filed.  Throw in the “down for the cause” ness of the March and hormones and love were at all an all time hight.  My theory is that this did more for interracial mixing than any other time in history but I have no data to back that up.  So we’ll just assume its true because I’m sexxy.

1)  Election Night/Inauguration Weekend for President Barack Obama

This one is so easy its almost illegal for me to type it.  But have you any idea how much lovin’ was happening because of the good mood and feelings that people were having because of these events?  It’s like everybody was in a constant drugged state of being leading to lots of bad decisions, in the name of all that is right.  I’ll bet that around September or October of this coming year, lots of little Inauguration Conceptions will become Stimulus Babies.  That’s a little budget nerd humor for you. Viva la Obama – now gimme dat ….


So, what are some other events that you think might have led to more lovin’ just due to the sheer excitement or good times of the event?  Basically, why were people so happy to jump in the sack??

Where is the love, people?  Where is the love?


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Damon Young

Panama Jackson is pretty fly for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future.


The Champ-ions.



  • Hostess


    People got thinking about mortality and shyt. Thinking about dying makes people want to live. Makes them want a part of them to live on. How do they do that? CHEX!! Not the cereal!

    • Hostess

      The first day of Katrina when folks assumed help was on the way. Some figured they’d waste some time and sperm until help arrived.

      • The Champ


        The first day of Katrina when folks assumed help was on the way. Some figured they’d waste some time and sperm until help arrived.

        i doubt that. too much dysentery and swamp juice going around for good gotdamn

    • miss patterson

      @Hostess I’m embarassed to admit this but 9/11 made me call and ex and yanno…however no babies were made.

    • BmoreCreative


      Yup…your right on this one…my next door neighbours at the time were getting it in mid afternoon like the next plane was headed for our block….

      mind you, we live in baltimore city…

  • SouthernGirl

    I can’t reply to a comment on my phone for some reason :-( so lol@hostess and ‘not the cereal’ chex.

    anywho…since it all started with sports im’ma take it to my game– bball– and say the finals last year, boston over l.a.

    ’tis all for now.

  • Jac

    Absolutely…I am thinking November 4 was THE day.

    In fact, can somebody check Mrs. Obama…? I might be waiting on a brand new baby to grace 1600 Pennsylvania..that would be great so ok..other times that people have just been overwhelmingly lusciously lustful?

    I’m going to go with Fourth of July Weekend New Orleans, LA the past 15 years…Sans Houston…let’s weigh this…hot sticky bodies, little clothing, lots of liquor.

    Here’s another one…all the people in the Midwest and Northeast suffering through bad winter weather? Yep…I’m seeing Thanksgiving babies.

    2006 brought a high rate of births for the Bayou…that’s right I just survived the most catastrophic natural event ever(Hurricane Katrina). Excuse me while I get it in.

    • Hostess

      @Jac, U and I are ~HERE~! I just added the same thing about Katrina!

    • The Champ


      In fact, can somebody check Mrs. Obama…? I might be waiting on a brand new baby to grace 1600 Pennsylvania..that would be great so ok..other times that people have just been overwhelmingly lusciously lustful?

      according to the rumor mill, this may be happening sometime this year

      • blackberry molasses

        @The Champ,

        my mom said that WAAAAAAAY back… and she would know. She’s a midwife. She can spot preggo before a woman even knows herself.

    • SouthernGirl


      chex was the furthest thing from my mind when we were on the run. maybe that’s cause my SO was running in the opposite direction with his fam at the time…

  • miss patterson

    An event that leads to lovin’? The Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual sale and the launch of the new Jessica lace boyshorts at Frederick’s of Hollywood. If you buy $40 worth of merchandise you get a free pair. There’s a coupon on the internet. Lingerie events make me randy. So does alcohol and…eh, nevermind.

    • The Champ

      @miss patterson,


  • puff

    i think maybe the turn of the millennium… a lot of folk thought the world was coming to an end, so they probably tried to get as much in as possible before it did. and instead ended up with a bunch of ’00 babies. more generally, any new year’s eve celebration results in a lot of chex, hence the large amount of people born towards the end of august/beginning of september.

    • The Champ


      i think maybe the turn of the millennium… a lot of folk thought the world was coming to an end, so they probably tried to get as much in as possible before it di

      i think busta rhymes and his various concubines were the only ones affected by this

      • shottanix

        @The Champ, E.L.E?.. :)

  • Naturally Alise

    “The Great Snow of 199?” in Durham, NC. My freshman year of college we got snowed in. No getting off campus for about 3/4 days, I am sure there were a few girls that did not return the next semester…

    • willnotbetelevised

      @Naturally Alise, Yo that was actually true. The blizzards of what…? ’96 and ’93 in DC and the baby rates exploded in september. there were articles on it and stuff. Nothing like being locked up safe and warm with snow outside to make you think of raising the heat sommo. Shoot its snowing now. Probably a whole bunch of Libras on the way

  • Stank-0

    The World Cup easily has to be a baby bump. People from all over the world descend on a single place for about 14 days. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!

    The Olympics too!

    • The Champ


      this is very true

  • shay-d-lady

    I know natural disasters make it do what it do… The icestorm of 92 gave me several lil cousins and the straight line winds that hit the m-town in 06 boosted the population as well

    • Miss Patterson

      @shay-d-lady, march 1993 aka the blizzard of 93 was another ‘event’.

  • Maximillian

    How about that blackout in 2003 that took out most of the east coast?

    No lights or a/c, just some candles and a charged up iPod…

    • 8th Wonder

      Hell, that sounds pretty good to me right about now…

      • miss t-lee

        @8th Wonder,
        Yes ma’am e-twin…lol

    • From Da Hip Peyso

      @Maximillian, that black out may have been the most fun I had ever in life. After the all day hood long BBQ (you had to cook all the food in your fridge, and most ppl had electric stoves) and some good games of manhunt, I found out that my gf’s mom was stuck at work (cuz she was a nurse)……

      • laylah

        @From Da Hip Peyso,

        that was mad fun. me and all my neighbors chilled in front of my building all night… and ate all night, cuz everyone was cooking on their stovetops (we had gas ones…)

    • The Champ


      yeah…the blackout was number one on my list when i first read the entry.

      i actually took a flight (one of like only 50 in the air that night) to new york that friday just for some gotdamn. i guess “gotdamn” means that you can turn into a gotdamn fool in pursuit of it

  • GOODENess

    I co-sign on all Obama related three point stance dances! I haven’t gotten any POTUS pole yet, but I’m hoping to soon…(loking around to see if he caught that) I even bought some special gold “skywalkers”** for such occasions and have yet to get my body (ba)rack’d…anybody got some frequent flyer miles I can borrow? Anyway, my list is of annual events that have increased child support cases all over the country!!!

    I got 3 words for ya’ll… KAPPA BEACH PARTY! All my old arse TX folks can feel me on this one…it happens in April around Easter time and I have gotta tell ya, the GOGGLES be in full effect! When I was going to U of H, “The KAPPA” had many a chick not returning for the Fall semester due to being due!!!

    I will also humbly submit the Essence Festival..all that soul and positive Blackness…grown folks and soul music…summer sun (and heat) and all those cocoa colored skin tones in one place! not to mention it’s in New Orleans!! there is something about that city that makes rational muhfugguhs lose their everyloving minds…but what can one expect from a city that sells hard liquor at the gas station and a disposable camera is 18 bux, but a vodoo doll is 99 cents! the N.O. is the Southwest Las Vegas…what happens there, stays there! that being said…gwon and add Bayou Classic and Mardi Gras…

    **skywalkers – secksay arse shoes that look real GOOD in the air!!

    • miss t-lee

      I’ma do ya one better Goody Two Shoes.
      The Texas Relays…you already know!
      I hate that I never got to make it to Kappa in the good ol’ days…lol

      • Tx10inch

        @miss t-lee

        Neva made it to tha Kappa either, but i’ve definently heard all about it….

        • miss t-lee

          Yep…according to all the folks who made it–it was epic….lmao

          • GOODENess

            @miss t-lee AND AJ…
            I have never been to the KAPPA myself…I was dating my future ex-husband at the time and he wasn’t having it…plus, something about that weekend made our whole campus smell like B’DUSSY..NO THANKS!

      • Nikiloveli

        @miss t-lee,! I never made it to the beach, usually the party started on the parking lot that was 45 after Kemah. Fun times!

        But uh, them relays? That’s why I love Austin till this day!

        • miss t-lee

          I’m still debating if this will be my last relays or not, but when it’s in your backyard, it’s hard not to go…lol

    • a.j.|3rd Coast

      Well, there are CLEARLY some other 3rd Coast people on this thread. While the Texas Relays, Essence & The Kappa are defnitely events to induce libidos…that doesn’t make them special. That could be ANY party, at ANY club, on ANY weekend. If you put 100+ of “us” in a room w/ a dj, and a bartender — things are going to happen (besides sweaty dance funk…?!)

      I think what Panama is getting at here is the “memorable” moments in history that may have resulted in considerable boosts in infant mortality.

      Given the nature of the question and for the event(s) to be a one-time only or rare experience — my answer would have be…undisputedly…concert tours by either Maxwell or Sade. Any fella or lady getting w/ a significant or date getting dressed to go to one of these events, generally doing in he hopes or with the intent that at the end of the night, there WILL be some boot knockin’. The collective musical repertoires of these artists ALONE is enough to make you flash back to the first time you put one of their jamz on a custom mix tape or CD for someone you were trying to seduce.

      Moreover, they only tour every 5-8 years…so when the opportunity comes along, you just HOPE that you have someone in your life to capitalize on the moment.

      Hmm, I wonder what that statistics on these concert babies would be…?

      • miss t-lee

        @a.j.|3rd Coast,
        ::waving:: what’s up AJ…lol

        • a.j.|3rd Coast

          @miss t-lee,

          Hey, li’l lady…don’t know if we’ve met yet, but HOLLA!

      • GOODENess

        @a.j.|3rd Coast, *head nod from the corner* sup foo!

        • a.j.|3rd Coast


          Hey, you…just saw your Blogspot page. Nice.

          • GOODENess

            @a.j.|3rd Coast, *blushing* thanks and sh!t…

    • The Champ


      i have a vhs tape of some, ummm “adult” scenes from the kappa beach party in like ’01. i have no idea why i’m sharing this info, btw

      • GOODENess

        @The Champ, sorry…it took me a minute to get past the VHS part…lol…are you IN any of these fossil films?

      • miss t-lee

        @The Champ,
        VHS huh? Truly old school.
        I wouldn’t expect anything less from you Champster.

      • a.j.|3rd Coast

        @The Champ,

        Hmm…the Kappa ’01, hmm? Long past my college days. (whew!) If you manage to find candids of VSBers