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When “Taking A Picture” With A Black Man Means You’re “Throwing Gang Signs”

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So, amongst the raw frustration of the war against our Black brethren/sistren at the hands of police, is the frustration surrounding our portrayal in the media. Black victims accused of crimes unrelated to the police-driven murder, “no angel” labels, and simple/universal hand-gestures labeled as gang signs, all because of the color of the hands flashing them.

Of course, we notice the obvious discrepancy in that even actual White criminals don’t receive this type of treatment. But, according to the controversy surrounding a KTSP picture of Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges, it can happen. White folks can be accused of throwing up gang signs as well.

They just have to be standing under the influence of a Black person. Or SUIBP, for short.


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  • He who thinks before he speaks

    This is why you can’t believe everything you see on the news. Get out and do your own research people, because this news team clearly did not. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2V1-aUEXBu0

    • Tonja (aka Cheeks)

      Exactly. This man was part of a team knocking on doors to get people out to vote. But, Black images. SMH

      • Epsilonicus

        Now now. Don’t you know accuracy and Black people do not go together. Every time a Black man shows up, there has to be crime. Duh.

        Seriously, wow. So blatant with the racism. Welcome to post-racial America

  • Stories like this shouldn’t make me angry anymore. But they still do.

    • cra cra old white lady

      No offense, but I think these stories should still make you mad. When stuff like this stops pissing you off, then hope for The Dream will have died. There will never come a day in race relations where everyone has an equal seat at the table if people stop being mad enough to change things. Where there remains inequality, prejudice, and ignorance, anger and passion must there also remain. Education may be key, but righteous indignation drives the engine of change.

  • iamnotakata

    The funny part is KSTP issued a “statement” which was them quoting what the retired police has bins association sent them that led them to send their drunk driving “reporter” to run the false story. I mean they took no responsibility, they just going to go with “the police made us do it” and think someone is supposed to be okay with that. the word “news” gets used too loosely these days, because what they posted most definitely is satire garbage.

  • Perihelion

    What’s really cool about all this though is that, because we have a black president, we’re over ithe whole racism thing, so it’s really like nothing even happened. Which is cool. Because nothing happened. Because we have a black president now. Which is cool.

  • Paradigm

    True story: I once was accused of and almost got kicked out of school after a community service event where I took a picture with my arm around an old white woman while throwing up a casual sideways peace sign .. They called me into the office, pulled out some book they had and was like that sign meant “kill innocent b*tches” This is a true story of the bull’ish that takes place… I had to show pictures where I have that same pose w/ others smdh at the memory

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