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Welcome To Pittsburgh, Where White People Open “90’s Style Hip-Hop Fried Chicken” Spots In The Gentrified Hood



If this weren’t a real thing that was really actually happening, the concept of a 90’s style hip-hop fried chicken restaurant created by White people in the hood would make for a cute and clever Chappelle or Key & Peele skit.

The owners would be the type of overzealous 90’s hip-hop fans who still rock oversized clocks and Kangols and FUBU and say things like “Studying 120 right now. Call me back at the God hour.” You’d walk in and the entire wait staff would be past-their-prime rappers. Lady of Rage and Bahamadia would be the hostesses, Redman, U-God, and Black Rob the servers, Spliff Star, Grand Puba, and Amil the cooks, and Raekwon the Chef would be the actual head chef. The menu would be filled with nods to that era. Perhaps you might be in the mood for the Ol’ Dirty Rice Bowl. Or maybe the Master Peas and Gravy. If really hungry, you could even get the What’s Roast Beef? with your DMXtra Spicy Wing Dings.

The skit wouldn’t actually air on TV. After filming it, they’d realize its one of those instances where the idea behind the skit is better than the actual skit, and would cut it from the episode. But it would find a life on that season’s DVD box set; included with other bits that didn’t make the cut.

Of course, White people seem intent on proving they’re able to create realities far more absurd and ridiculous than any fiction. Which is why East Liberty — which used to be a Black Pittsburgh cultural nexus but is rapidly morphing into Yinzer Williamsburg — will soon be home to “The Coop,” which promises to be an “urban, street style type of place” serving fast casual fried chicken, according to Adam Kucenic (the owner). It will sit next to Muddy Waters, an oyster bar created by the same owner. And on Muddy Waters’ other side will soon be another Kucenic creation: “The Big Kahuna” — a poke bowl restaurant with a distinctly Hawaiian feel.

That said, this is a free-ish country. (For the time being at least.) And there’s nothing inherently wrong with a White person launching a fried chicken spot in a still mostly Black neighborhood. Plus, fried chicken’s stereotypical connection to Black people has never not been the most peculiar stereotype ever because 1) loving fried chicken isn’t a bad thing and 2) everyone loves fried chicken because 3) fried chicken is fucking awesome. If aliens ever discovered and landed on Earth, I’m one hundred percent certain their first Earth meal would be an extra crispy three piece and a biscuit. And then they’d forget about their whole interplanetary domination and colonization plan and just leave Earth and take all of our chickens with them.

But remember way back when? When you first read the title of this piece, and said “Wait. Um…WTF?” And then read some more just to make sure that the sheer absurdity of the title reflected a thing that was actually happening? Those feelings exist because you’re aware of that historical connection between Black people and fried chicken. And you’re also aware of the salmagundi of racially, culturally, and politically charged feelings that exist whenever Black residents and businesses are displaced or priced out of historically Black neighborhoods. And that context allowed you to immediately instinctively recognize that the concept behind that restaurant in that specific location is a terribly insensitive idea.

“Why” you probably thought to yourself “would anyone think that was cool?

That thought was likely followed by another thought:

There was no friend or partner or whatever of the owner who heard about the idea and told him that maybe he should reconsider? That, even if his intentions where good, the optics and the reaction to those optics wouldn’t be worth it? No one???”

Whenever something like this happens, there’s a tendency to dismiss the act as tone deaf. This is perhaps the most optimistic way of assessing these situations, as it implies that the person’s heart was in the right place, but they’re just oblivious to the factors and histories making their decision a gauche one. It’s understandable why that would be the first reaction, as it’s easier to regard people as ignorant and in need of an education instead of intentionally reckless. It just reflects a less dire feeling about humanity.

This concept was addressed on the University of Maryland panel Panama and I were on a couple weeks ago. The infamous #PepsiLivesMatter commercial was brought up. And while the conversation started with us collectively regarding it as tone deaf, someone (I forgot who) asked if this happening was more due to ignorance or arrogance. And the more we talked about it, the more we started leaning arrogance. That the type of people behind Pepsi’s misfire know that what they’re doing is vulturizing the culture, but just don’t give a fuck.

This conversation came to mind yesterday, while reading a Facebook thread discussing this restaurant. In it, in was revealed that the owner’s girlfriend — a woman named Diana Strekalovskaya (who also might have some ownership stake) — reacted to the pushback by telling those upset to “do something good for the community you live in” instead of complaining. She also apparently shared a link to her own Facebook page Monday on the “liberal fantasy of cultural appropriation.” Of course, it can be unwise to attempt to approximate a person’s cultural sensitivities and conscience solely based on two days worth of social media activity. Maybe, between sharing subtly racist statuses, she’s in the lab attempting to cure sickle cell or something. But there’s nothing here to suggest that the owners should be given any benefit of the doubt. Hawking hipster hip-hop fried chicken in the gentrified hood isn’t a clueless misstep but an intentional and shameless cash grab.

Until, of course, they’ve made enough money off of the hood, and decide to go full Miley and bounce. Which is totally, definitely, absolutely going to happen. I just hope they leave the chickens behind.

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for GQ.com And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at damon@verysmartbrothas.com. Or don't. Whatever.

  • Courtney Wheeler

    There is such a thing as gentrification of culture cuisine and it needs to be addressed. I do roll my eyes when you charge someone 25 dollars for a fried chicken plate and I know darn well I can get the same plate for a fraction of the price at Hollywood Fried Chicken (aka the best late night chicken spot in downtown Jersey City, NJ)

    • miss t-lee

      Definitely. There’s a “southern soul food” spot here selling a overpriced plates here and folks are eating that up.

      • Sweetie Pies opened up here… and has since been mercilessly dragged on social media and real life for the exorbitant prices.

        When we can go to the spot and get a plate for less than 15

        • Is there food even good. Me and Moneypenny have wondered about that since the show came on.

          • I keep hearing no, but when you charging almost 30 for oxtails – i dont even want to patronize it

            • miss t-lee


              They trippin’ for real.

            • siante

              That hurts my soul- like why does the price of Oxtails keep going up at my fav spots though?

              • cuz gentrification, hipsters & yt people

              • Ms.Moon

                Martha Stewart was cooking oxtails on her show on PBS, I nearly collapsed I was so shook. That’s why you get steak actual steak cheaper per pound than oxtails.

                • siante

                  So THAT’S why oxtails are so pricey? White ppl have caught on smh

                  • Ms.Moon

                    That’s the same deal with chicken feet as well boneless chicken thighs cost less per pound than chicken feet.

                    • siante

                      See, I was never checking for Chicken feet like that lol. White people can have them :-)

                    • Ms.Moon

                      I’m West Indian we go in for some chicken feet, however at the current prices they’re at we get them for special occasions and you sometimes get good prices at the Chinese grocery stores.

                    • siante

                      See, I never was into oxtails until I had them at a West Indian restaurant! My background is African American (deep south), & the same with Chicken feet- I was never feeling the way my people will just plop a chicken foot on a bed of rice, but I’m sure if I had them at a West Indian spot I might just have a change of heart! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/21dca0fa0a1aaba810f49e6ae87ac306d90c1f352184ed3705f889a62a7ce0bf.gif

        • miss t-lee

          Where is here?
          I’ve heard things about the original in STL…lol
          And it wasn’t good things.

          • fedup

            Same about the one that opened up here a couple months ago. I don’t know about on social media, but most everyone I know who’s been is very disappointed.

            • miss t-lee


          • Here is Houston….

            • miss t-lee

              Oh wow. I didn’t know they’d expanded down there.
              With This Is It, Mikki’s, and countless others known spots that’s gonna be a hard road for them…lol
              Now you got me wanting to go check out yelp so I can laugh.

        • Lucille A Bluth

          Sweetie Pies in STL is not the best. I lived there, and I couldn’t get behind paying almost $20 for a plate of mediocre food.

      • Valerie

        That’s how I feel about Max’s Wine Dive.

        • miss t-lee

          We have one here. I’ve never been.

          • Valerie

            I’m not gonna lie the chicken was bomb and spicy. I only been once and that was before we went to the ballet.

            • miss t-lee

              Yeah, the one here in downtown, and it’s never gotten glowing reviews.
              I’m sure they’re only still open because of convention center traffic…lol

              • Valerie

                I’ll stick with my black owned places. My friends only like to go there because Beyonce said she likes their chicken.

                • miss t-lee

                  Hahah. Smart.

      • overandout

        Is it a problem if the folks are black? There are some totally overpriced soul food spots in the Bay Area but as far as I know, they are mostly black owned, even if their patronage is not.

        • miss t-lee

          I think it’s a problem all around.
          I know folks have to make a profit, but some of the margins are insane.

    • Alessandro De Medici


      I feel like I’m paying too much when I buy popeyes.

      • Courtney Wheeler

        I actually like Popeye’s..not all the time..but it comes through in those clutch moments.

      • siante

        Popeye’s prices have been sneaking up over the years

    • Hugh Akston

      That’s why my folks rarely go out maybe once a year

      They buy a couple things here and there but they just cook for life

    • Ah, Downtown Jersey City, where they city $3k/month apartments right NEXT to the projects because it’s close to a PATH stop. LOL

      • Courtney Wheeler

        Don’t get me started…I live in the Bergen Hill area. haha

        • cdj

          Wow, Jersey City must have really changed since I was living there in the late 90s/early 2000s. I remember Bergen Ave was kind of live, and not in a fun way.

          • Courtney Wheeler

            Oh girl. it’s so different now. Mind you, the block is still quasi hot…people can still get robbed, but it’s changing at a alarming rate

      • I’m starting to be convinced that’s ‘major city’ foolishness all around. I can take a short walk from “be afraid of getting shot or stabbed” North Minneapolis to $1,500,000+ real estate.

        • The one place that did it right was in East Orange, where they stuck a brand new police precinct right between the projects and the nice apartments. That was a chess move. Like ninja, don’t let us see you thinking about sticking them up. LOL

    • stmije

      Yeah, soul food originated because we had the scraps. It’s a testament to black people that we were able to make deliciousness out of yard bird, assorted pig parts, and cheap veggies.

  • miss t-lee

    Hip Hop Fried Chicken.

    • These clowns are rapidly trying to gentrify bbq here. Nothing as gauche as “Hip Hop Fried Chicken” though.

      • miss t-lee

        I’ve seen that too. I’m not giving anyone $30 for a plate of que…that’s what’s *not* gonna happen…lol

        • Exactly.

          • miss t-lee

            The gentrified soul food spot here is selling a high dollar biscuits and gravy plate too.

            • Like how? This is oxtails all over again.

              • miss t-lee

                1000% markup on flour and water…lol

                • “M”

                  This phrase is going to have some legs.

                  Like a centipede, and I don’t mean the Rebbie Jackson kind.

                  Imma tell Spike you said this.

                  (He’s going to be doing some presentations at the Obama Presidential Library, you know.)

                  • miss t-lee

                    HA :)
                    I appreciate this.

      • Sigma_Since 93

        As long as there’s some brotha with an oil drum, a grate, and some hickory, cherry, or coals, they Dwights will NEVA get my dough for some que

        • I’ve had gentrified BBQ before. The problem wasn’t that it didn’t taste good. It actually was legit. The problem was that they served it on fine china with White tablecloth and charged me $110 for what would cost me $25 tops in any real BBQ joint.

          • miss t-lee

            Absolutely not.
            BBQ ain’t meant for fine china and tablecloths.
            If it ain’t served on the butcher paper you can keep it.

          • pls

            2520 bbq ain’t even the same as gentrified bbq, cuz down here in the country 2520s will advertise a dirty azz pig pickin on the tube. It’s the hipsters ruining good chit.

            • Where do you think the 2520s learned to cook it from though?

              • pls

                The same place they got their attractive genes. The English are hit in the face!

            • Yahmo Bethere

              Shoulder meat!!!

      • tgtaggie

        That’s true. Lol. I think Rodney Scott just opened a BBQ joint in your neck of the woods

        • He did. It’s on King Street…upper King. I don’t see him getting fancy on us at all.

  • Sigma_Since 93

    Who wants aggressively unseasoned fried chicken anyway????

    • miss t-lee

      Ask the important questions!!!

    • Cortlandt Franklin


    • fedup
    • Nametaken

      I mean, KFC Original Recipe is pretty successful so…
      (And don’t tell me there’s 12 herbs and spices in it. 11 different kinds of salt, plus the grease, don’t count as “12 herbs and spices”.)

      • KFC Original Recipe isn’t bad…if it’s in a Black neighborhood. Since they sell the franchises the seasoning mix, they have the ability to be a bit more…liberal with the seasonings than suggested.

        • MsSula

          Todd, your responses tell me your up north taste buds need more deliciousness in their lives.

          KFC is hot garbage.

          • Considering the abominations I’ve seen down South to heroes and pizza, it’s only fair. LOL

            • MsSula

              What are heroes? Do you mean Gyros, the traditional Greek sandwiches? Sorry, but yeah, except for Jewish food and maybe Italian food (which I do not like anyway), New York is just pretentious hipster food land.

              • Why must you make Baby Jesus cry?
                This is a hero: http://images.wisegeek.com/salami-submarine-sandwich-isolated-on-white.jpg

                • MsSula

                  This is just a plain sandwich, there is no recipe needed, talk less of spices. If that’s y’all claim to fame then yup, have at it. LMAO

                  • Dougie

                    nah, there’s levels to this hero life. It’s legit better here.

                    it’s like pizza… you wonder how it can just be so much better elsewhere, then you come to NY and realize.

                • You Know I’m Sawcy

                  That’s a hoagie. Stop being New Yorkery.

                  • bucsws2014

                    That’s a grinder if you’re from New England. Or a wedge, if you’re from another part of New England. Or a sub, if you’re from another part of New England, or a hero if you’re from certain parts of Maine.

                    • You Know I’m Sawcy

                      Yep. Because New England is a very weird territory.

                    • Lived in CT for a bit… I had NO idea what a grinder was..lol

                    • You Know I’m Sawcy

                      It don’t even sound right lol.

                    • Subs… are Midwest speak…

                  • imspinningaround

                    Don’t sully the good name of the hoagie. That is a sub. THIS is a hoagie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRlMKexh-bQ

                    • What’s a “grinder”? Isn’t that the Philly version of a sub?

                    • imspinningaround

                      A grinder is a sub that’s warmed in an oven.

                    • Transbutter

                      What! This is new to me. I thought it was just called a toasted sub.

                  • Cheech


                • cdj

                  aka, a sub.

                • Tarik

                  That’s a zero! I see not enough meat on to much bread, and what looks like cold, unmelted cheese. Come down south and experience poboys (catfish, shrimp, or creole sausage). And make sure you get the footlongs.

                  • Theresa B.

                    Or go round with a muffaletta.

                  • Heroes work cold dog. You need to learn what quality cheese and cold cuts are.

                    • Tarik

                      No, thank you. I prefer hot sandwiches: poboys, gyros, shawarmas. And for breakfast, homemade ham and cheese croissants.

                    • satch7

                      great food in chicago guy, open your horizons

                  • Maine&Grace

                    You both could slide on to Chicago and get yourself a Double Gyro Cheesburger Xtra sloppy with mild sauce on the fries and a lemonade shakeup.

                    • Sweet Ga Brown

                      I don’t know what that is. I wish I did tho.

                    • That sounds like diabeetus. I’ll have two.

                • Tlholohelo Makatu

                  That’s a regular sub

                • Transbutter

                  OMG MY FAVORITE HERO!

                • Adam Klyce

                  that’s the reason baby Jesus drinks…

              • There’s a lot of different food once you get into those areas where hipsters fear to tread. That’s what makes New York interesting.

              • Mary Burrell

                Submarine sandwich or like those Dagwood Bumstead sandwiches.

              • Ms.Moon

                I rebuke you in the name of Jesus there is no other place outside New York for decent pizza, I will concede parts of New Jersey where there are still Italian neighborhoods and actual Italians. Also Indian and West Indian food I had the best tandoori chicken with yellow dhal and naan the other day and I get my roti from Singhs in Queens we carry or send roti to family outside of New York.

                • Ma’am.. NY PIZZA IS TRASH.

                  • Bruce Morrison

                    you probably had “NY” pizza on 42nd street.

                    • Actually… throughout Brooklyn and the Bronx…. Still nasty in whatever borough.

                    • Transbutter

                      Wait! No shade to anyone who is non-Italian but were those pizza shops owned by Sicilians or Italians? If not, I can see this.

                    • Even owned by Italians… It’s TRASH. lol

                  • Ms.Moon

                    There is no pizza outside NY that I’d ever eat. Blonde crusts and horribly misspelled “Italian” names if you can’t get the tenses right your pizza is literal trash and chain pizza is an affront to the gods.

                    • https://m.popkey.co/77e095/JmD1m.gif

                      When you know better… you do better.

                      Y’all can have that greasy, hard cardboard crust and it’s flat as hayle.. no thanks… Chicago Deep DIsh is what you need to get your life right or a nice pan pizza… Yaaaaaaaaas!

                    • Doclvly

                      Chicago pizza casserole not a pizza

                    • casseroles aren’t good though! :-p

                    • Ms.Moon

                      Any “pizza” that needs to be eaten with utensils I will have no truck with. Give me a good NY slice or grandma or Sicilian I am there.

                    • I’m down voting this because I’m petty.

                    • Transbutter

                      LOL I like you Ms. Moon. You’re funny.

                  • Cheech

                    Damn. You ready to walk into an English pub and shout “The Queen’s a man!”

                  • Transbutter

                    This is BLASPHEMUS!

                • MsSula

                  I agree that some specific “ethnic” food can be found in New York. Some of the best West African restaurants in the US (the Senegalese restaurant in Harlem goes HARD) are actually in New York, because New York.

                  I was thinking more along the lines of native New Yorker food… and yea… the specialty seems to be sandwiches. Loll.

                  • Bruce Morrison

                    senegalse spot on 116th is fire. also cafe rue dix in BK

                    • MsSula

                      Yup, yup! You know it!

                    • That’s one of my favorite summer spots. The burger at Rue Dix is bangin’.

              • Erzif

                You don’t like Italian food… ok

                • MsSula

                  Yup. I don’t like pasta… so that in itself removes 80% of Italian dishes. Funny enough, I enjoy other types of noodles (Udon, Rice, bean, etc…) but not pasta. But yes, not gaga over Italian food.

                  • NonyaB?

                    YES! Same here! Throway dat mess called pasta but I fûx with various Asian noodles. I like a few non-pasta traditional Italian dishes, though (meat and seafood).

              • MIchael Dee

                New York has authentic food from every corner of the earth made by natives of that land. You just need to stop going to pretentious hipster restaurants.

            • Transbutter


          • You’re bugging… lol

          • Stephen Voss

            KFC is hot garbage…now. It was decent while the colonel was alive before he sold his business.

        • it taste better outside of the us – i.e. the bahamas and jamaica where the chickens are real!

        • aar_nr
      • miss t-lee

        I’m sure he stole it from a Black woman who probably worked for his family way back.

        • pls

          I was getting ready to say. ANY white person that just knows how to cook soul food has a history of owning slaves in their past.

          • Art Thou Free

            Does my black wife count as slave ownership, or nah

            • proud to be unamerican

              You should delete your asinine comment.

              • Art Thou Free

                It is asinine, isn’t it? Almost as ridiculous as saying the only people who can cook soul food are descendants of slave owners. So, I’ll delete mine if that one gets deleted.

                • Art Thou Free

                  PS I’ll put my collard greens up against yours any day of the week. They’ll make you slap your mama.

                • FlensingFools

                  you should delete your life.

                  • Art Thou Free

                    No way! I am enjoying it too much. You should lighten up and stop taking yourself so seriously.

          • bucsws2014

            There’s a thing called Pinterest and it has recipes. I ain’t Eye-talian, but I make a mean eggplant parm.

            This would be like saying a black bartender can’t make a gin & tonic.

            • StraightG

              That’s exactly the point, you know the recipe came from italians because they weren’t robbed and enslaved, but since we were, you think our recipes just belong to pintrest or colonel sanders.

              • Joshua Steffen

                Ever heard of the Moors you history ignorant idiot?

              • Stephen Voss

                The reason why you dont see a black colonel sanders is because black people for years did not have access to capital to spread their recipes. Yeah its racism and yeah it sucks.

            • pls

              Grandma’s recipe for collard greens ain’t on pintrest babe

          • See Paula Deen.

            • Tinamhorn

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            • Nancyslange

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            • Oh my LOL!

          • Stephen Voss

            Modern fried chicken was actually a fusion cuisine. Scottish and Africans both deep fried chickens. Scottish originally did not use seasoning , Slaves originally did not eat fried chickens except for special occasions because the meat was the one thing they could be allowed to raise and sell. Many fried chicken recipes were a combination of african spices and scottish chickens and were sold to white people to make money for black women. Most famous chicken recipes came from border states (maryland, Kentucky, Viriginia) where you had larger numbers of free blacks.

        • Stephen Voss

          You mean some lady up with high end pressure fryers in the 1930s? Really? Uh no high volume pressure cookers had just been invented in the 30s. He adapted them to pressure frying. Anyone including poor folks could pan fry chicken back in the 30s. Original KFC was not just a recipe but a standardized cooking method that makes it quicker to mass produce plus the skill at franchising and consistent quality control(something modern kfc has let lapse a bit).

      • Sigma_Since 93

        Let’s keep it 100…it’s not like WE put KFC on the map. We may partake in a pinch but we weren’t checking for the Cornel when he first began.

      • Ms.Moon

        KFC in Trinidad is so good though. I do not mess with that here in the United States but back home there is a KFC in the airport so people can have their fix as soon as they get in and most people get on the plane with a box as well to get a fix on the way out.

        • TheUnsungStoryteller

          KFC in Beijing is the BUSINESS. It’s so different and delish.

          • Ms.Moon

            What is the problem here is the the water like good pizza? I need excellent fried chicken sometimes I should not have to go home to get it.

        • pop_top

          I was waiting to see if someone would bring up that KFC in Trinidad is EVERYTHING. It’s the American counterpart that’s trash.

      • Transbutter

        Yeah but their current recipe is bland and just Gawd awful.

      • Stephen Voss

        high volume pressure cookers had just been invented in the 30s. Sanders adapted them to pressure frying. Many people could pan fry chicken back in the 30s but it took half an hour to cook. Original KFC was not just a recipe but a standardized cooking method that makes it quicker to mass produce plus the skill at franchising and consistent quality control(something modern kfc has let lapse a bit).

    • HouseOfBonnets

      The same ones that attempt microwaved fried chicken

      *holds back nausea*

      • Sweet Potato Kai ?

        that sounds just awful

        • HouseOfBonnets

          It was friend

          • Sweet Potato Kai ?

            You need better friends HoB!!

      • Mary Burrell

        You used Ditty looking like Blacula

        • HouseOfBonnets

          Yes,Yes i did lol

      • Yahmo Bethere

        Microwave – fry.

        Does not compute.

    • And you just know it’s gonna be soggy…

    • D-Nice

      Lol. And, it usually looks alright – gleaming from the grease, airy and crispy, golden brown, but then no seasoning. WTF?

    • truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com


    • Miss QT Pie
    • suzie


    • Charles Wyatt Jr.

      Nicely written!

    • How is aggressively unseasoned even possible? Or is that an actively lazy question.

  • Alessandro De Medici

    Who’s eating their food though?

    I’ll be mad happy the day, when people are honest and say the reason they went into business was to make money, and they’ll help their community if they make enough money where they can help it without it affecting their bottom line. As if non-profits and voluntary orgs don’t exist.

    • theaythmonth

      Exactly. If the owner is white, are the cooks white also? Or black (or Hispanic)? Because black folks can tell the difference.

      • Sigma_Since 93

        White ownership with Brown and Black kitchen staff.

        • Here’s my thing. Why don’t the kitchen staff reach out to Black people with capital to back their own thing? Especially if they can leverage their ties to the White folk to bring in all kinds?

          • Tricia Laird

            The industry has such a high failure rate that it’s difficult for anyone to get capital and funding to open – and in the real world, the darker your skin, the less likely you are to get funding.

            That’s why most Chef/Owners are white and most of the talented cooks are black and brown.

            #chefswife #letsbehonest #weneedtochangeit

      • Alessandro De Medici

        I’m never surprised when people build silly businesses, with dumb themes. I always wonder though and have a lot more questions for the people who help them pay their bills by buying what they are selling.

      • miss t-lee

        You know the answer to this.
        The color will probably be in the chicken.

      • fedup

        We really can. Can’t tell you the number of “soul food” restaurants that have closed down in L.A. once Black people stopped runnin the kitchen.

  • You had to bring up Miley…

    • miss t-lee

      It was only right…

      • That girl along with TayTay have left a bad taste

        • miss t-lee

          They all do it. Miley ain’t the first, surely not the last.

        • Sigma_Since 93

          Let’s not forget Pink. She got that Grammy and then cited creative differences with LaFace.

          • wayment… i didnt know that – Sad Face

          • miss t-lee

            Yeah first album Pink was good. However, girl could sing anything.

          • Madam CJ_Skywalker

            Eh….imma reserved judgement on my girl Pink here. You seen her Behind the Music doc? I can understand why she left La Face. Even LA Reid admitted that their opinions clashed from day 1…

            • MsSula

              Pink is my girl. She is authentic.

          • thasamiam

            Both Pink and LA Reid agree that she wasn’t trying to be an R&B singer and it was Reid who pushed her in that direction. Plus the singer she’s had the most beef with was Christina Aguilera.

      • Is she doing what Drake would if he had somewhere else to go?

        • miss t-lee


        • pls


    • I thought he was going to say the CW network.

  • I want to fing Black Rob so I can say Whoa! You’re still alive? Anyhoo, that better be some fire chicken or that’s the first place going up after Trump wins the next election while losing the popular vote by 10 million.

    • Cortlandt Franklin


  • theaythmonth

    My question is…at what point will our culture stop being gentrified? I feel like we’ve met that quota for at least the next 50 years.

    Also…y’all know about reverse racism right? Does reverse gentrification exist?

    • pls

      when the new generation stops giving it a way. They really think letting their white friends call them the n-word is some sort of progress.

      • Michelle

        You have a point.
        I believe this is why Bantu knots are called ‘Mini buns’… Why Timbs were considered the ‘next, big thing’ last year, when paparazzi caught some white model and Khloe Kardashian wearing them… Why gold, name plates and gelled-down ‘baby hair’ was considered “Summer’s next fashion trend” by several fashion magazines…
        There are some Black, African (I know… I know, but for the sake of this statement, let’s go with it) and Latina fashion staples that are popping up in the “mainstream” circuits, which clearly had a black/brown hand helping them along the way.

  • Sigma_Since 93

    Chopped and Iron Chief got some of these Dwight folks delusional thinking they too can make tasty fried chicken

    • miss t-lee

      I’ve had good friend chicken made by all kinds of folks here.
      I don’t know if I’d even try it above the mason dixon though.
      That goes for all soul food.
      That’s just me…lol

      • Valerie

        You are not alone. We are spoiled and I agree with you.

        • miss t-lee

          Very spoiled.
          My home girl went to NYC and visited Sylvia’s she was p!ssed…lol
          She was like, I don’t know what that was, but it wasn’t soul food.

          • See, that’s where you f*cked up. Any soul food that is popular with tourist is trash. You need to go where White people don’t know where the h3ll it is to get decent soul food. Sylvia is basically a Northern Paschall’s at this point.

      • MsSula

        Truth. I am not a connoisseur of soul food, but I know tasty and well seasoned food. Above the mason-dixon does not play well with seasoning. Lol.

      • KeciB

        I refuse to eat soul food outside the south. My only exception is a black chef I know here in Chicago who’s a friend of my husband and hails from New Orleans. You can invite me out for sushi, italian, indian, thai, ethiopian, etc but not soul food. That’s a hard pass.

        • Zil Nabu

          You don’t like Pearl’s?

          • KeciB

            DC scarred me. I’ve refused to eat soul food dining out since I lived there and made the mistake of going to B. Smiths and Georgia Browns.

            • *Ron Simmons voice* DAMN!

              • KeciB

                Same goes for anything with the word Cajun or New Orleans style in the restaurant name. You can miss me with that.

            • Zil Nabu

              So you ain’t even been to Pearl’s yet. If you need a tour guide, I volunteer as tribute.

              • KeciB

                Nope, I haven’t. I’m afraid of disappointment. Although I’m looking at their site now and there’s chitlins on the menu, so it may be legit.

        • miss t-lee


  • Champ,

    I’m sure you’ve answered this question before but I forgot: What exactly is a “Yinzer”

    • miss t-lee

      I’ve read a bit about this, I think it’s Pittsburghese.

      • Hadassah

        Lmaoo @Pittsburghese!

        • miss t-lee
          • stmije

            My graduate department’s machine shop is run by a lifelong Pittsburgher. He sounds EXACTLY like this. It’s a hard accent to imitate, but it’s very unique.

            • miss t-lee

              I can imagine.
              I love accents of all kinds. I get a kick of all the different regional dialects.

              • stmije

                It’s like “‘Ey yinz, I got dat part ya needed through da CNC. I’m goin’ up to da stockroom if ya need anything.”

    • LMNOP

      Not sure if it’s related but people from Pittsburgh say “yinz” meaning you all.

    • Sigma_Since 93

      White folks Pittsburg slang. The moment someone tries to call me a Yinzer, I’m slappin folks like Bernie Mack did In Head of State

    • Damon Young

      this is a good breakdown: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yinzer

      • Gotcha.

        It’s used as self-identifier and pejorative by various groups. Kind of like Geechie is used some time.

  • Rog

    I just want to know what’s so “90’s” about Fried Chicken and Hip-Hop?

    • miss t-lee

      They’re gonna play Wu Tang over the loudspeakers.

    • It’s probably chicken with coke rap and g-funk blaring in the background.

      • pls

        There will be no g-funk. They don’t know about my boo nate dogg!

    • Michelle is my First Lady

      They are going to serve it in MC Hammer pants.

      • miss t-lee

        I just let out the ugliest laugh.

      • MissRosé

        Stop it!..Buhahahahahahahaha.

    • Nametaken

      It’s to attract hipsters. They can’t make it about current hip hop, since “everyone” knows “real” hip hop died in the ’90s…

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