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Hello everybody,

Today, in conjunction with Solo Journey Productions (an LA-based production company made up of Andrea (Andi) Thornton – an avid VSB reader and regular – and founder Earl Bolden), we’re embarking on a journey, and we’d love for everyone to join us on the ride. This is the official launch of the first phase of our VSB: The Series project.

What exactly is VSB: The Series? Well, with the three videos we’ve dropped so far — short clips that debuted on VSB with no introduction or explanation — we’ve givien you all a small glimpse into some of the work we’ve created. Each were vastly different with no real connection to the others, short of the lead characters of Brandon and Andre, two individuals loosely based on The Champ and I. (And by “loosely based” I mean…well, you’ll see what I mean). Damon and Andrea have spent dozens of hours scripting episode upon episode of a prospective show based upon the lives of two full-time bloggers/authors and the relationship pitfalls they undergo along the way. Basically, “relationship experts” who, for whatever reason, fail to exhibit that expertise in their own relationship lives.

Initially, the goal was to create a webseries, much like the entire internet seems to be doing right now. But, that just didn’t feel right. See, we’re not trying to stop at the ‘net. We’re looking bigger. We collectively decided to shoot for the moon and create a television pilot.

Yes. A pilot. We decided to shoot for the moon, because even if you miss, you’re still amongst the stars. And, for this analogy to work, let’s collectively disregard the fact that the moon is actually closer than any star.

Anyway, we’ve crafted a well-written and soon to be well-produced project in hopes of being one of the bastions of hope on television we all claim to want so badly. Since our inception, VSB has managed to accomplish so much and influence so much in this online game that I find myself surprised at times. I also find myself extremely appreciative of the individuals who have helped us achieve goals we didn’t even know that we had.

It’s this belief in us, in Damon and I, and what we bring to the table, that makes us believe doing this is not only possible, but inevitable. We’re writers. Writers write. Artists are. Singers sing.


And, we appreciate you for that confidence and inspiration.

Now comes the fun part. We are attempting to raise $20,000 to shoot, produce, and edit this pilot. That is our goal. Some of that money obviously will come from the pockets of Damon and I. Some will come from the pockets and support of family and friends. But, since neither of us have cousins with NBA contracts, we’re going to need your help. We have a significantly sized community at VSB. If we could get everybody to chip in at least $5, well, we’d run this town like ‘Ye, Ri, and Z. Or ‘Yeriz. That was doper in my head than it turned out.

If you have more to give, please by all means, donate as much as you are willing and able to donate. I’d personally come do a jig for everybody that donated. And, I’d at the very least call everybody personally to thank them.

Luckily we came up with a list of incentives that won’t require me to do that, though I may still do a dancing jig video if we achieve our goal. We’ve created an Indiegogo account with a video of Andrea and I explaining some of this in more depth.

Point is, we need your help. VSB is nothing without its community and, regardless of what we do, that won’t change. This pilot is an extension of our community. If the running back wins MVP, he has to thank his line and take his line out to dinner.

Help us take you out to dinner!

Thanks again for the support you’ve given and what you will give. You could have been anywhere in the world, but you’re here with us, and we appreciate you for that.

See you in Paris.

-VSB P (for the entire VSB squad and Solo Journey Productions)

Again, check out ourIndiegogo page for a video and more explanationof what we’re going to accomplish with the funds that are donated and where we intend to take the project!


Panama Jackson

Panama Jackson is pretty fly for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future.

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