VSB: Now Slightly Less Janky

Thanks for always being logged on to VSB.

*taps mic*

Hey guys. Liz here.

Just wanted to give you the heads up that there is no new post today because the site has been on the fritz the past week, as I am sure many of you have noticed.

I wanted to take a minute to apologize for the downtime and the jankyness factor going on here at VSB lately. It’s been a rough week, rougher than usual, but I believe we have fixed most of the problems for now, and we have upgraded our server so the site runs faster.

Yes, that means less 404s, 503s and OPPs.

Sorry if you had problems accessing the site this week. Also, really really sorry for some of you throwback Internet Explorer users who were getting forwarded to a pr0n site when coming to VSB. (Some of you may have actually enjoyed that, I’m not really sure.)

I also wanted to take the time to remind you that you can always subscribe to our RSS feed via your RSS feed reader, or email. That way, you can read our published content in your RSS feed reader or in your email inbox even if the site is down or slow. Click here to subscribe via email or RSS.

If you ever have any technical problems with VSB please email us at contact@verysmartbrothas.com and we can help troubleshoot. And by “us” and “we” I mean “me.” Panama and the Champ can’t help you on tech problems. SMH.

Have a good weekend! Make sure you read P’s very important post from yesterday, since the site was down most of the day.

Thanks for your patience and support!

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Damon Young

California Girl turned New Yorker. MIT + USC Media/Comm nerd. Black & Navajo. I'm a laugher not a fighter. Follow me @calinative.

  • Geegers

    FIRST! :D

    • http://lizburr.com Liz

      LMAO. SMH.

      • Geegers

        I have waited for months to be first! Months! I’m kinda new btw, glitter pls? :)

        • http://lizburr.com Liz

          *VSB GLITTER*

          PS You lucky this post came after 4:04 am.

  • kingpinenut

    my distraughtedness last night knew no bounds……last day of vacation and no VSB.

    props to the Three Threes most especially Ms. Liztastical

  • Todd

    I guess all I need to know is that Liz is not a ho, and to get with her, I better be Chief Lots-of-Dough! :)

    • http://lizburr.com Liz


  • Book2

    God bless you Liz…I was having withdrawals…shakes and everything.

    • Keisha

      Me too!!!

  • http://uphereoncloud9.wordpress.com Wu Young, AOM

    I always thought the jankyness was part of VSB’s endearing charm.

    • miss t-lee

      I agree. The occasional 404’s were so dayum cute.

      • http://lizburr.com Liz

        lol. i hated it.

        its starting to feel lightning speed fast right now. weird.

  • http://www.wildcougarconfessions.com Wild Cougar

    The site attacks were happening to a bunch of people. I even got the malware. Had to pay $90 to get it taken care of. But between VSB and WIM, looks like I got off light. Caught it before any damage was done, was just Google Blacklisted for a few days. But for real, people. Get the hell off Explorer.

    • http://panamaenrique.wordpress.com Malik

      Seriously it’s 2011. Why are people using internet explorer unless they’re forced to by work?

      • The Possum Hill Kid


        Because when they’ve tried to switch to other browsers, their Microsoft based machines seem to “crash” all the time.

    • tgtaggie

      Firefox FTW!! I don’t think I used IE in 5+ years.

    • http://lizburr.com Liz

      Hoping we are in the clear but still watching our back.

    • http://yourchildsmother.blogspot.com/ KMN

      What about GoogleChrome? And yay Liz!


      • naturalista88

        Google Chrome is AWESOME!!

      • Reka_Baby

        Google Chrome represent!

  • Fivegirl

    Thanks for the e-mail! That’s good customer service so to speak, I had just about given up on VSB for the week :-(

    • http://lizburr.com Liz


  • http://fourpageletter.wordpress.com keisha brown

    *throws a welcome back party.

  • http://www.pinchmycheekie.wordpress.com Cheekie

    *looks up from doing the Biggums shake in the corner*

    Oh! Ya’ll back! *hugs all ya’ll*

    Glad you conquered all the tech problems, Liz!

    • http://lizburr.com Liz

      We will see how long it lasts. I stayed up till 2 am with a dear friend sorting this thing out. SMH.

      • http://www.pinchmycheekie.wordpress.com Cheekie

        Wow! That is turrible… Yeah, lemme add a thanks to you for bringing my VSC (very smart crack) back! ;)

  • naturalista88

    I must say that I was rather upset about the site being down cause I was forced to actually do my school work *ugh*. But antyways, glad 2 know it’s back up.