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VSB has been big fans of Key & Peele since their show first premiered on Comedy Central in 2012, and for good reason. We both appreciate the same type of racial and cultural satire, we both like soul food, and we’re both composed of one bald light-skinneded cat and one a little browner and stockier.

So naturally, when Damon & Panama and Key & Peele happened to be in the same room, hilarity ensued. Watch as we take them through a couple matchups from our Blackest Name in America Tournament. 

Their new season premieres tonight at 10:30. Tune in for more hilarity.

(…and be on the lookout for more clips from VSB and Key & Peele)

  • Tx10inch

    Congrats Fellas. Doing big things as always. Are they fans of the site?

    • panamajackson

      I’m pretty sure they had no idea who we were before we got there. However, people who work with them in PR capacity are. And that’s how we ended up there.

      • Wild Cougar

        Awesome sauce

  • Ms. Bridget

    I HOLLERED at 4:21!!! Totally unexpected.

    • CrayolaGirl

      Right! The freeze frame so the image could soak in made the moment even funnier.

    • LadyIbaka

      Ms. Bridget in tha buildin!! woop, woop!! :))

      • Ms. Bridget

        Hey Mami!!! I been lurking, up-voting comments here and there.

  • DocFoxy

    That fool said he had a visceral reaction to that name. I’m dead.

  • AmosBanks

    Both their fros look like the one black dude who appears for a split second in every hair replacement commercial. Elaine would be all over a guy who can shave it all off and grow it back like that.

  • PaddyfotePrincess


    “Please tell me there are no other Condoleezzas that we know of…in the history of our time.”

    I’m done. Send yellow flowers, please and thank you.

  • StillSuga

    Toooo funny.

  • Andrea

    That is So COOOOLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • celinad6

    This is genius!

  • Val

    I’m proud of y’all and sh*t. And, nice t-shirts.

    • Sigma_Since 93

      The better question is did you give Key and Peele t-shirts….product placement

      • panamajackson

        We did not. And that is a fail on our part.

        • RewindingtonMaximus

          Never forget this lesson, young padawan

        • nillalatte

          Not a fail. Another opportunity. ;)

    • panamajackson

      Thanks. Key complimented both Damon and I on our shirts.

      • Jasmine Carmelle

        We’ve got JGordon Gartrell over here, ladies and gentlemen.

  • miss t-lee

    ” the Mt Rushmore of horrible white people.” ????????

    • There are so many candidates for that monument. All of the mountains in the world would be covered.

      • miss t-lee


        • Maybe it can be broken down by country or something… and for some places *side-eyes Germany, The USA(Nixon and Carrot Top), and Russia* we would still have a long line.

          • miss t-lee

            pretty much…lol

          • The dude from Seinfeld… Barbawa Walters etc.

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