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VSB In Jet Magazine and Calling All Extras in LA!

Look at God.

This is how Black my family is. On Tuesday, I get a phone call from my mother saying, why didn’t you tell me you were in Jet?

Well mama, I didn’t know were in Jet. In fact, how did you find out? I know you don’t still get Jet.

Well, your cousin (in central Alabama) still gets Jet and saw you in there and called your Aunt Auntynamehere (cousin’s mama) who called me. I’m going to the store buy a bunch.

That’s how news travels in Black families. And I love it. Anyway, Damon and I are in this week’s (November 12, 2012) issue of Jet Magazine with Barack Obama on the cover. We’re on page 10. Thank you all for your support seeing as the reason we’re in this edition is because of our webseries. The homey from NWSO is responsible for this and we appreciate it. It can’t be too often that a blog states that they are going to create something that they get pub for it. It doesn’t even exist yet, but they were are in Jet because of it.

Mmmhmmm…look at God. So thanks to you all for making that happen.

And speaking of the series, here are a few things:


If you or somebody you know is interested in being an extra in our pilot and live in LA, well here’s your chance to be an infamous leg, foot, or mane of hair!!! Here are the vitals:

  • All filming locations are in North Hollywood, CA (zip code 91601)
  • Shoot dates are Tuesday, November 13 (overnight into Wednesday morning), and Thursday and Friday, November 15 & 16
  • Dress code is casual for all days
  • If interested, contact Earl directly - earl@solojourneyproductions.com
  • Also, we’re looking for Production Assistants as well. If interested contact Earl there too.

2. It’s time for the PERK-alator

We’re getting ready to go ham with the perks that are owed to people. We have a lot of video conferences to schedule and audio books to get to people, etc. We still owe some people shoutouts, etc. I know, its a multifingered operation here, but it’s coming. Real talk, I’m looking most forward to doing these video conferences. Ladies, I won’t just wear a robe! Stop it! But they’re coming. And we’re so excited, and we just can’t hide it. For it it wasn’t for y’all, wouldn’t be no we. <—-pretty sure that’s an R.Kelly line.


I said…secuuuuuuuuuurity!

Anyway, it’s Friday, some of us ain’t go not jobs, and we ain’t got nothing else to do.

Thanks for sleepwalking.



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Panama Jackson

Panama Jackson is pretty fly (and gorgeous) for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. He refuses to eat cocaine chicken. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future. You can hit him on his hitter at panamadjackson@gmail.com.

  • nillalatte

    TUK :P

    • Tes

      Y’know, I thought the same thing Nilla… lol

      • nillalatte

        LOL… well he started it! And, I actually read the post yesterday BEFORE asking Panama that question.

        I was gonna be a real smart arse and tell TUK — white privileged. But, I didn’t want to start no shyt. ;)

        • Breezy

          YES!!! I said the same thing TUK and even MAMI needs to be heading to LA for casting!!!

        • did I miss something??

          • Aly

            I’m confused too.

          • nillalatte

            No. I was tired & Cheekie is talking about something different than where my mind was. II’ll try to do better and not post when delirious.

    • nillalatte

      Actually Panama, some of us do have J-O-B-S now which is why I ain’t been playing much. Thanks to VSB I stayed partly sane and entertained for the past 7mos. But, staying up is about1 to whoop my butt. It’s gets around 3p and my head starts nodding.

      Fam grapevine. Ain’t it awesome?! My family worked the same way. Back in the day, I had a ‘secret’ that I told my sister who was not supposed to tell it. She told it to her then husband who told it to my grandmother who told it to my mom to which my mom called me to get it from me! I haven’t ever told anyone in my fam a secret since! My family is the real mouths of the South!

      It’s Friday! *does the Dougie* Good luck with the project!

      • nillalatte

        OMG… I just read my post… damn, I’m as whooped as the President crying on television!

      • Rewind

        I can’t even remember the last time I talked to a cousin. You better than me.

      • you ain’t got no job.

  • naturalista88

    Yay!! Can’t wait til the series; blessings & much more success to you guys.

  • just passin by

    didnt know ppl actually *buy* jet. i usually read it at the library if i’m bored. but yeah look at god. ain’t he great? the journey begins with the first step….and away we go. movin on up to the east side n what not. congrats. tgif and g’nite.

    • real talk, i didnt know people did either. but my family…well, some of us still get our news from Jet.

      • Jay

        Central Alabama… that is all.

  • just passin by

    did the website not get the daylight savings memo?

    • we’ve had that issue for years with this site. lol. we just let it go. as you should.

  • Tes

    Congrats you guys! I’d love to be the designated confetti/glitter bearer, but alas, TX is more than a hop-skip-and-a-taxi from CA. Moral support though! And all the virtual glitter and confetti my lil hands can fling!

    *goes and gets confetti bucket*

    Wait, we grown and sexy now…Rose petals? Maybe Hennessy caps from a Crown Royal bag? *mulls it over*

    • chameleonic

      feathers. attached to maybe a battery sized stick. like those s and m whips but a mini version and with feathers. that way we can pick em up and tickle each other.

      • Tes

        …That sounds kinky. O_O I love it.

        • chameleonic


        • Rewind

          And yet you blushed when I said you had a man slave in your closet.

          Quit lying Tes!

          • Tes

            I don’t have a man slave. In fact, he’s Tarzan and I’m Jane so that would make me the…

            *grins and walks away whistling*

    • i still love me a good Crown Royal bag.

      • Tes

        Any present I give to you virtually or otherwise from henceforth shall be presented in such. *bangs rubber gavel*

  • nillalatte

    One more question: Why is Champ mean mugging in Jet?! BOL…

    • Sweet GA Brown

      I know right? That man dont like to smile.

      • Iceprincess2

        Turn that frown upside down! Lol. But really, when he doesn’t smile, it makes him look older than he really is.

        • Breezy

          CHAMP IS A THUG with a murse o_O

          • nillalatte

            A thug with a murse? Lmfao! For some reason that mental image is just odd…. very odd. LMAO

      • Aly

        I like it. He kinda has the brooding, moody writer thing going on…even though we know he’s so not like that.

    • Champ’s not much of a smiler. It scares the Eskimos when he does it.

    • Rewind

      Because it’s Jet.

      • Sweet GA Brown


  • nillalatte

    Mami — I watched the video you posted yesterday… almost all the way through. But, I couldn’t. That child needed someone to stop her. What ever happened to those people we call friends?!

    • Juiciest Mango

      that child made me cry!! God bless her….

  • chameleonic

    lol @ “ladies, i wont just wear a robe! stop it!” you are so silly, smh…– why not?

    i REALLY cant wait for the day you guys win an emmy. im gonna have a tv watch party and errthang but until then video conferencing sounds cool! ive never done that before. ive always wanted one of those old school landline phones where you can see the person youre talking to but you know what would be cool? if blogs were done in video. itd be like one massive video chatroom and id totally wear a sheet toga and elaborately eat black cherries. but now im TOTALLY going to town on visuals.

    [*deletes lengthy paragraph of vsb male visuals*]

    yeeeeah, let me not go there but a robed panama is def. gonna replace the mental avi i have of you, cheesing like an adorable little kid in a feather hat. i was like…..’o.m.g. thats SO cute.’

    • Iceprincess2

      Girl please, don’t nobody wanna see panama’s bird cage in no robe! ;-)

      • um.. you are a hater.

        i’m gonna oil myself all up and take a pic for the ladies of VSB.

        • #stopwyclefin2012

          • Sweet GA Brown


            • sincereluv4life

              he he, good one!

        • SweetSass

          I’m waiting for the Skype strip tease fund raiser. LOL.

        • Rockelle

          First of all, congrats on the article in Jet. Ya’ll deserve it. Secondly, make sure you oil your legs, too. #nowyclef

    • Rewind

      That is sooooo detailed.

      • Aly

        Yes. It is.

      • chameleonic

        its a clever ploy to tempt all the men into video chatting in shirtless construction worker costumes…..

        [*gently takes everyones hand*]

        • Rewind

          You are truly an evil genius worthy of a James Bond flick.

  • P.

    Man, I used to read Jet faithfully. My granddaddy had a subscription that I later found out he kept renewing solely because he knew I’d read them when we came to visit.

    Now I’m completely out of the loop for Black news except when my sister tells me something. Actually, I’m completely out of the loop for any news whatsoever. Whatever. I’m in grad school; ain’t nobody got time for that.

    • Breezy

      Sorry to break it to you but your Grand-daddy was getting JET ONLY for the beauty of the week…..he en love you that much…LOL….I kid I kid :)

    • thats what VSB is for.

  • chameleonic

    OH YEAH! the post was about jet. congrats and isht.

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