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VSB Guest Post: It’s Your Fault Ninja!

Today at VSB, we’re going to open the floor to a guest poster. You all know him very well as he’s usually dropping some serious knowledge and/or arguing back and forth with various individuals. I reached out to see if he wanted to do a full length post and he obliged. So ladies and gentlemen, raise your glasses for VSB regular, Black Medici.

*clap for him*


“You either ho your woman up, or you ho your woman down.“ -  Patrice Oneal

Women can only love men in two ways – they can love men as hoes, or they can love men as mothers.  Hoes love the sex; mothers love taking care of the man.  A man needs a woman to give him both kinds of love in order for him to love her fully and have the energy to fight the temptations that come with being a man. Sadly, the difficult part is no woman can be a ho and a mother at the same exact time, equally – some external force is needed to make that happen.

That external force is GAME. It is game that drives and directs all relationships.

Game is that thing that men develop, which helps them persuade a woman to do something, that she doesn’t initially feel like doing, If a woman doesn’t initially feel like going on a date, your game is what makes her feel that she should give you an opportunity to get a date. The more you exercise your game, the better you become at dealing with various forms of women’s resistance. In the long run the whole purpose of building your game with multiple women, is ultimately, to have a monogamous relationship because the game needed to keep one woman in a LTR far outweighs the amount of game needed to keep 5 women in the stable at once, since the LTR woman eventually will get used to your game, and you’ll have to constantly upgrade it, to keep her interested in you.

When a woman first falls in love with a guy, she tries very hard to be a ho and a mother at the same time. Usually though, you’ll find what side of the fence she’s naturally on very quickly. The motherly one will not be in a rush to have sex, the ho will. The ho will not be in a rush to cook for you, the motherly one will bring you some samples to eat, very early on.

The motherly woman is very kind, loving and caring. She wants to wash your clothes, she wants to massage your back when it’s aching, cook your food etc. And that’s a beautiful thing; it makes you feel good to have that kind of love in your life. However, there’s a flipside. – a motherly loving woman, just like your mother will always feel that YOU NEED HER. She feels that without her, you wouldn’t be able to stand on your own. Like all mothers, she will always view you as her baby. In other words, she loves you, but she doesn’t respect you.  Hard to see a woman viewing you like that, and still getting wet for you, don’t you think?

The hoish woman is the one who gets d*ckmatized. She loves f&^king. She is always down to bring or accept something new into the bedroom. Her love is based on her desire to be physically intimate and to submit to her man’s physical control and direction. However, the bad thing about all hoes, is that they’re hoes, and outside of sex, they really don’t want to do anything else for you. They don’t want to wash your clothes, they don’t want to massage your back, they don’t want to cook for you etc. They love f*cking but they have no desire to be “pleasant” or relieve you of the stress that comes with being a man who gets no credit for the work he provides to his family or society, each and every day.

Now here’s the question that ought to be asked if you’re not already asking it: why can’t a woman naturally be 50% ho and 50% mother? The answer to that question is very simple – She doesn’t know how to! Most women don’t start out like men do having to learn how to persuade women to give them something that they don’t initially want to. The vast majority of women only start working on the art of persuasion when they have a man that they feel they’re in love with.

Since most men don’t utilize scenarios where a woman has to figure out how to persuade a man to give her something (outside of using some variation of sex, which she ought to give him anyhow as part of keeping the relationship alive and passionate) women grow to not appreciate the things their men give them, and become more and more entitled. And when they meet men who don’t give them things that they think they “deserve” based on the things men gave them in the past for free, they begin to view the other men as stuck-up, over-confident, bitter etc when in reality, it’s the fault of the men of the past, who never helped the women learn how to persuade to get their way.

The downfall of a relationship always begins when a man gets comfortable. When a man gets comfortable, he no longer feels the need or the urge to persuade which makes a woman feel like she is being taken for granted. As he gets comfortable, the woman loses her desire to persuade, and resolves deeper and deeper to the love that she is accustomed to. Before long, the negatives of the love that she naturally possesses begin to seep into a relationship and cause problems. The mother begins to nag, demands that you do chores, complains that she does all the work and you take her for granted. The ho begins to complain that you’re out too much, and she’s not getting f*&ked like she used to. She wants to go out to eat all the time, and when you have to eat inside she finds it difficult to even prepare a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. When things fall apart, you’ll both yell and scream. You’ll blame each other, but at the end…

It’s always your fault fellas…  if you’re not using your game to direct your relationship; you’re allowing your woman’s innate nature to drag your relationship into purgatory.

Agree? Disagree? What do you think?



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Panama Jackson

Panama Jackson is pretty fly (and gorgeous) for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. He refuses to eat cocaine chicken. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future. You can hit him on his hitter at

  • AmaniKwenu

    Isn’t the whole point of relationships to find someone you care about and behave yourself?

    I guess my problem with your philosophy is its rooted in the belief that all women everywhere are entitled b@#6%$ and if not checked, they’ll drag ordinarily healthy relationships into the ground. Isn’t it possible for two people to get together because they’re physically attracted, compatible, and genuinely love each other AND treat each other with dignity and respect? Why does the man have to constantly use game on someone he’s supposed to love?

    That’s my issue with game. Its childish, immature manipulation at its finest. Even if you were to use it and get your wife to “behave”, her compliance wouldn’t be real. It’d be fake submission…an illusion. Living a lie is hardly anything to be proud of.

    • Dignan


    • You don’t need to ask questions, if you really don’t want an answer.

      “Isn’t it possible for two people to get together because they’re physically attracted, compatible, and genuinely love each other AND treat each other with dignity and respect? Why does the man have to constantly use game on someone he’s supposed to love?”

      Based on what I wrote about, what do you think based on the post (not on your biases), what I meant by the word “GAME.”

      • AmaniKwenu

        The stuff they preach in the “seduction community”. Instilling dread, negging, things a man does to keep his wife from straying blah blah blah

        I read some of your comments from below, and I got the impression that your idea of game is just a man doing things to keep a woman interested. What type of things are you talking about? If you don’t mind my asking

        • It’s relatively simple.

          The default of human beings, is if you spend to much time with each other, doing the same exact thing, you get complacent, you get bored and you get tired of each other. So if you want to keep a relationship going, you have to avoid those things. That’s what I’m talking about when I talk about game. It has nothing to do with frivolous things, like the stuff that comes out of seduction community.

          • AmaniKwenu


            • Taking a chick out to eat, at a place she hasn’t been to in awhile. Introducing new things into the bedroom. Buying her stuff. Knowing when to argue, when not to argue. Knowing her ins and outs, knowing what she needs when she needs it, knowing when she’s getting bored and complacent. Knowing how to get her out of her complacency, i.e. knowing how to prevent your girl from gaining weight once she gets into a relationship. Knowing how to stay the man she initially fell in love with, the man she used to look up to with awe and near reverence – the man she wanted everyone to know was hers and hers alone.

              • AmaniKwenu

                Honestly, apart from the quote below, that just sounds like being a good husband doing interesting things.
                “Knowing when to argue, when not to argue. Knowing her ins and outs, knowing what she needs when she needs it, knowing when she’s getting bored and complacent. Knowing how to get her out of her complacency”

                Question: Do you think this would be necessary if women were more mature?

                • It doesn’t really have to deal with maturity, it has to do with entitlement. I talked about this earlier, most women get things from men, with little effort. I mean what effort does a woman have to put in, to get a date from a man who’s into her? None. So because they get things easily, they expect them, and believe they’re entitled to them. It’s not until a man comes around and she’s in love that a woman learns how to put in effort to get what she wants, and that’s dependent on her being with a strong man who doesn’t sell himself cheap.

                  • AmaniKwenu

                    “It doesn’t really have to deal with maturity, it has to do with entitlement.”

                    Doesn’t an entitled mentality stem from immaturity? If women were more mature and less entitled, would your definition of game be an absolute essential part of the relationship or icing on the cake?

                    • Ok let’s avoid semantics…

                      We’ll use maturity, but it’s not maturity like growing up. It’s maturity in terms of developing a male perspective of life. If women matured in that regard, it would be a lot easier, and a lot less game would be required. A lot of the old school women back in the day, were far more mature in understanding men, than the women out here today, and thus you have to work harder as a man to have successful relationship with a woman today, than you did 50-100 years ago.

          • AmaniKwenu

            My parents have been married for 30 years. And what I’ve learned from speaking to them and watching them interact is that a long-lasting marriage is not rooted in your feelings, but in your actions. You know your husband has strong sexual needs, so you satisfy them or die trying. You know your wife has strong emotional needs, so you get the job done. Whether you feel like it or not.
            One of the issues I see with people is that everything is based on feelings. If you feel bored, then you can’t be bothered to act nicely towards your spouse. Cheating, being mean, disloyal–its all justified because of your emotions. If people keep using their feelings as excuses to do detrimental things to their relationships. Somedays, you don’t want to go to work, you go because if you don’t work, then you won’t eat. Same thing in your marriage. All relationships take work. Parent-child, brother-sister, friend-friend, husband-wife. If people would take their duties as husband and wife seriously, instead of doing or not doing something because of their feelings, then their marriages would be a lot better off. As people, we’re supposed to be better than our base instincts.

            • WIP

              I like all this.

              • Breezy


            • Tea

              I concur! My parents were married a lonnnng time too…my dad has now passed but this THIS is what I too have been taught by my parents and observed.

            • whostolethesoul1

              Excellent; your point about “feelings vs actions” is why relationships that work, work well. It’s not about listening to all the nonsense from your friends, it’s about working toward something together. It is difficult most days to bring anyones needs (spouse, children) above in alignment w/yours, let alone to be mature enough to put them before yours. If your needs are superficial, so goes your relationship-people do expect what you told them you would provide…

            • nillalatte

              Nicely put Amani! I concur.

            • Mstfc25

              Wow, well put

    • LadyLark

      Thank you for putting this raging psychopath on your couch. I think the medic needs meds. But on the upswing he kinda did make me laugh betweem scowls.

  • …I feel like your post has either turned me into a peen-less dude or an alien. I’m going to have to throw the ultimate shade at your post and disqualify your opinion.

    Instead of saying all women are either, understand that women are not one or the other. Some of us may not be the nurturing type and don’t instantly put out. Are you saying they don’t exist? If this is true, I’m going to cyber-backhand you and ask you politely after to stop turning me into a dude/alien/telling the world I don’t exist.

    Eff yo couch.

    • Kandi

      You’re right but for people (MEN) to understand that a woman has many layers and intricacies would require him to view her as a HUMAN being complete with hopes, dreams, and desires; instead of object.

      • I’m noticing that we as women are becoming increasing delusional hoping that men would see us for more than just our sexual roster and our skills in the kitchen. Apparently, that’s too much to ask.

        • Thai

          And here i was thinkin every kiss began with Kay…

        • Kandi

          Lemme tell you aint nothing new of this earth. THIS IS THE GAME. Since we as women cannot possibly fill the role of both the madonna and whore. We, at best, should strive to be the madonna: chaste and virtuous. The mother/madonna is set for life so that we can maintain the resources and stability of marriage as we age and are no longer highly desired. The caveat is we must look the other way as our husbands take “hoes” as mistresses. The consolation prize is even if the marriage doesn’t work the mother receives alimony/child support and the sympathy that long suffering wives usually get. Meanwhile the hoe while faithfully completing her duties as a youth is then left after she has aged out, alone and a pariah with enough mental issues, illegitimate children and STDs to last a lifetime.

          • Royale W. Cheese

            Just a question: what if the “ho” is financially independent and requires no child support? What if she actually has the upper hand resources-wise because she has no children to feed? I ask because I don’t subscribe to the whole “Mrs. is automatically virtuous” paradigm.

        • Rewind

          That’s because a lot of women are not helpful with instilling that logic from an early age. View any young boy and the interactions he has with adults. They will tell him to have fun, don’t let the girls tie him down, have as many girlfriends as he likes. Once he is a teenager, the message is maximized, on top of young women with beautiful parts enticing their fantasies, and some actually allowing boys to touch without buying a ticket. I know every woman wants to be a good mom or aunt or godmother, but sometimes those same women are helping the young boys of their lives see women as sex objects. You can’t just simply tell a young man “she’s a human, treat her like one” only once and expect him to remember that, when porn is just a mouse click away, and these young chicks are hot in the pants for any kind of attention. And obviously men are no help either with the subject, but I’m telling you from personal experience how women actually help enforce that sexist mindframe.

      • And men will acknowledge women are more than objects the second you acknowledge any feeling a man has. Oh wait, we don’t have feelings, unless you specifically mandate them. ;-)

        • Lola’s Mambo

          We acknowledge that you have feelings… that you don’t want to share because you don’t “do vulnerability.” ::thinks back to Bougie Black Girl video and chuckles::

          • Maybe I need to get around a better class of women, but I’ve been around plenty who see a man being vulnerable like a bull at a bullfight sees a red cape. They just are ready to POUNCE and work that feeling until the man is a puddle.

            • Lola’s Mambo

              Laughing or humiliating a man who has opened up to you is a cardinal sin. Woman law.

              • Ms. Bridget

                I know this co-sign is uuuber late but +1000

    • Well, here’s the thing, in a woman’s mind, she is a bunch of things. She might be a princess, she might be a diva, she might be Oprah, she might be Queen Elizabeth…none of that really matters to me, or men in general. All that matters to me is what you offer…and when it all comes down to it, a woman either offers motherly love or hoish (freaky) love. Anything else, is based on what a man offers her.

      • How about this novel concept: a girl that offers her true blue personality? Anything more is a treat. So a girl has to accept a guy flaws and all, but has to be perfect in his opinion?

        Again, I call BS. You overgeneralized a whole gender to make a point that half of us are not agreeing with. As mentioned before, I have an issue with you saying ALL. Because I don’t fit into your snug little categories. I guess that explains why I’m single. Nevermind that I could have possibly made that decision on my own. Nope. I instead am trying to plot whether to bake cupcakes or bust out the whip and cuffs for the man who may not even be worth my time.

        You lose.

        • Lose what?

          What are we competing for? Your agreement, I don’t care about that. Lest, you forget, the post was aimed at men.

          As for your personality, and what a girl offers at first, last time I checked I’m offering a women too right, and if I want something, I’m going to offer something…or perhaps, that point wasn’t established in the original post. Why would you say that anything a girl offers to a man outside of her personality is a “treat”… aka a favor?

          • Because that’s what it is. A treat. I’m pretty sure not every girl is good in bed or good at being Suzie Homemaker, but they have some character, whether its their humor, their looks (…don’t pretend like some people aren’t shallow), or maybe the fact that she can hold her own in Call of Duty. Maybe that’s why dude wants to be with her. Maybe dude is the one that prefers to cook (“seent” it). Maybe dude has ED or something else that he’s embarrassed about in the bedroom.

            Either way your article is ridiculous in stating that women are only one way or another. People are not just black and white. You don’t have to agree with what I have to say not to give such a stereotypical opinion on a blog that is much more evolved than that. I’d expect better reading from you.

            • Outside of ho and momma, let’s see if you can come up with any other categories, that as a man I can put women in.

              • Debutante?

                • Ultimately she ends up being a ho or a momma anyways. Might as well just say girl.

              • -The homegirl/chill person. Like dating your best friend. In most cases, it is dating your best friend. In which you liked her BEFORE y’all did the nasty. And she’s not stuck in a gender role of being Aunt Jemima…heck, y’all may eat out all the time.

                – The equal partner. The girl who puts her half into a relationship WITHOUT it being just sex or her taking care of her man. This is the woman with a career, who will leave your arse if you attempt to categorize her in either of those.

                There’s two. Do I need to give more examples? Again, you’re losing this argument, so you might as well admit that you were wrong for falsely categorizing women through stereotypes and move it along buster.

                • Well here’s the thing, you’re stuck in the introductory part of a relationship. I’m talking 20 years down the road, so all those two kinds of women you mentioned are ultimately going to fall within the motherly or hoish kinda of woman.

                  And you see, what I’m beginning to notice is contrary to popular belief, it seems that most of the arguments I’ve heard from women, based on my post are based on short term thinking. And I will be honest, it seems men get the long term aspects of what I’m talking about.

                  • Rewind

                    We do. I know she means well, but thinking future term actually does put women in small categories.

                    • You get it. Mister BM, you can have a Chris Hansen seat.

  • AfroPetite

    And here I am assuming I’m Jada Fire and Michele Obama rolled into one only to learn that I cannot possibly be both……

    • That Ugly Kid


      For knowing who Jada Fire is.

      And if you want to be Jada Fire and Michelle Obama all in one petite package you go do that! Chase your dream!

      • AfroPetite

        I may remove a yard from that restraining order I have out on you.

        I know I can, bewuttaiwannabe!

        • That Ugly Kid

          A yard? If I compliment your smile will you get rid of the whole thing? I’m tired of hiding under your bed. The Boogeyman keeps touching my No-No spot…

          • AfroPetite

            Hmmmm I’ll give you a trial period and see how you act. If you get out ofbline the Bogeyman can have his way with you.

            • That Ugly Kid

              Yessss! Alright so I can come out from behind your bathroom door now? Good. Oh and just a heads up, last week when I was in your closet, I accidently spilled some of my Mocha Frappe’ on one fo your pants.

        • Yay Nasir Jones references!!! To add to this Nas also put out a song called the “The Makings of the Perfect *itch”

          • AfroPetite

            And a cookie of your choice for picking up on the reference sir.

    • This reminds me of when m̶y̶ ̶c̶o̶m̶i̶c̶ ̶b̶o̶o̶k̶ ̶n̶e̶r̶d̶ ̶f̶r̶i̶e̶n̶d̶s̶ people I know who read comic books would try to combine different Marvel and DC characters to make the ideal man/woman.

      • That Ugly Kid

        Dunno why. Everyone knows Marvel is the best. The people DC got is Batman and The Flash.

        • Jay

          DC was king waaaay waaaaay back in the day with Superman but without Batman DC would be a relic only brought up in ‘remember back when’ convos.

    • Can I just say I wish Jada Fire had Michelle Obama’s height and educational profile? I’m just saying. Moving along…

      • miss t-lee

        Yeah…good luck with that. *snickers*

    • Rewind

      *takes note, makes a Christmas list and waits patiently by the tree*

      I know it’s early but damnit that I got patience.

  • Melissa


    • Joyful

      My thoughts exactly.

    • sunshyne84


  • Jay

    And so it begins…

    • Yea, I’m just gonna take my arse to the corner where Brezzy reserves a seat for Perverted Alchemist each post and just chill today.

      • Sweet GA Brown


      • I haven’t been sent to the corner in almost two weeks. Hey, I’m doing good!

        *sees Breezy coming*

        Oh, sh*t!

        *takes off running*

        • Breezy

          *runs into thread looks around frantically for PA like a mother who just lost her child in Walmart*

          I am watching you like big brother PA….got my eyes on you, demondog and TUK.

          • demondog06


            i didn’t even do nuffin yet….

          • That Ugly Kid

            Of course you got your eyes on me, Breezy. I’m always getting blamed for stuff I ain’t eem do yet….

    • nillalatte

      Just turn on that game Jay. I see you waited too long with Mami and now she’s not even playing here anymore. :(

      • Jay

        Don’t pin Mami’s absence on me. I’ve barely been around lately myself…

  • I think I have a problem with every word you’ve written, and that’s unusual for me. Really? That’s all we get? Two categories? Ho. Mother. Madonna. Whore. Well, damn. No wonder I’m still single. This post feels funny and I think it’s because it trivializes me and my capacity for love. I hate being put into boxes and I’d like to think there is more to me than the two personas you’ve outlined here. I don’t have a fact based retort. I’m not going to go through and pick this apart. Those commenters get on my nerves anyway. I’d just like to say, “I disagree,” and I hope that my ability to love a man is more complex than maternal inclinations and lustful actions.

    • sunshyne84

      ditto and *sigh*

  • KT

    Is this real? Because I haven’t read such blatant IGNANCY in a looooooong time. It’s fascinating to hear the perspective of someone who has only experienced flat, dimensionless relationships in which women have on/off switches that are so readily manipulated. Where they do that at?

  • Women can only be…. *totally tuned out when reading the rest of this post*

    • nillalatte

      LMAO… right?!

    • Beautifullyhuman

      I didn’t plan on commenting, but this sh*t is GOLDEN!! lmao.

      Thanks for taking the scowl off my face. I appreciate you after this post.

      • Breezy

        LMBO @ IAYP: that gif just kilt me….and I totally agree!

    • mena

      LOL :-) AWESOME!!!

    • WIP


    • mellow.

      *puts pin in traditional lurkers status* i swear i cried… FN perfect response.

    • miss t-lee

      I actually started hearing the voice of Charlie Brown’s teacher.

  • nillalatte

    Claps for Black Medici… nice try bruh, but you know you and I don’t see things from the same perspective hardly eva. But, I did enjoy your contribution. :)

    Ehem… lady in the streets and a freak in the bed… who said that? (looks around the room) Anyhoo… you’re right, GAME, my friend, is being able to relate to someone in a way that influences or persuades them to do something they may or may not want to do. And, game works both ways. It ain’t only men that can develop game, don’t cha know.

    And, I think some women can be both the mother and the hoe at.the.same.damn.time. Personally, when I was reading your definition of the mother I was like “yup, gotta show the man some love.” And, then when I read the hoe attributes I’m thinking “What da hail is he talking about?” But, then again, the art of persuasion has never really been an issue that I can recall. I just ask and if he wants to continue to get the freak in da bed, he complies. lol ;)

    I don’t think it’s all the mans fault unless he’s not giving his lady enough attention and she feels neglected. Is he engaging in what she needs to keep the relationship going… affection, conversation, etc.?

    • “But, then again, the art of persuasion has never really been an issue that I can recall. I just ask and if he wants to continue to get the freak in da bed, he complies. lol”

      That’s kinda point isn’t it. Persuasion is a skill, that takes practice to develop. You can’t just be Ray Allen overnight, shooting threes with ease. If you’ve never really had to use it, like most women who are relatively beautiful, when and how would you develop game and the ability to persuade.

      • nillalatte

        I learned GAME from BLACK MEN! Ha!

        The art of persuasion, however, taken out of dating context is something that I have used all my life. I use logical facts to persuade to get other things I desire.

        • Ummm yeh, I’m sure you did, all black women have learned game from men, but I’m not talking about the game that gets you get into a girl’s panties. I’m talking about the game that allows you to maintain a relationship, and ultimately maintain during the ups and downs of a marriage.

          I know you didn’t learn that kind of game from black men.

          • nillalatte

            See BM, you just LOVE to fight. I’m a lover baby, not a fighter (well, most of the time). I’m not on your page of ‘game’ IN a relationship as much as I am fulfilling needs IN a relationship. Game begins a relationship and effort maintains it by meeting the needs of your partner. Sure, there are times when you play/have game that keeps things spiced, but you don’t play game nearly as much as you do when you’re dating v. in a relationship (or marriage). You just don’t. For me, it’s all about harmony if I’m in a relationship. My man ain’t gotta try to play me to get no couchie. Just doesn’t.

            • Lol, I’m not talking about “playing” game. You see the problem you and I have, has everything to do with what you think Game is, and what I am telling you game is. Game isn’t a joking matter, game is hardcore. This isn’t smooth talk, or other frivolous things, that young people like to refer to as game. Game is knowing how to tap into your girls nature. When your man hooks you up with that romantic evening, that you didn’t even ask for…that’s Game. When your man knows your song, your mood, your energy, your body…that’s all game. And you have to have game, to be able to even notice those small things. And a lot of grown ass men, who are in relationships don’t have that, and you can tell by the dissatisfied looks on these women’s faces when you see them out with their men.

              • nillalatte

                LOL… so wait a minute, you mean when I made broccoli salad and took it to my guy to indulge his oral fixations in something smooth and creamy, that was game?! lmao… holy shyt I’m good! :D

                Okay, now you’re clarifying yourself in another direction with the word “game.” It’s not just persuasion as you were leading everyone to believe in the post, but being attentive to the small things that make relationships last. I get that. It’s the little things that matter and, yes, keep a relationship spiced and in ‘play.’

                And, you’re telling me men don’t like this? I think they do like their lady noticing the little things and giving to them, doing for them, or saying things at appropriate times to let them know they are aware.

                • Nah, you hooking up with the broccoli was all you, but all the s&it the man did before that, was Game. And yes, observing the small things is part of the persuasive aspect of game. In order to persuade someone to do something, you have to appeal to their self-interest. In order to know what someone’s self-interest are, you have to know the little things about them, some things that they don’t even know about themselves. The thing with women, is their game is dependent on the game that a man offers them, if a man doesn’t offer them game, they ain’t gonna do nothing. If that wasn’t the case, a lot of my homeless boys, would be getting p&&sy and wouldn’t ask me for money when I’m walking down the street.

                  • nillalatte

                    You’re talking in circles now bruh. That man didn’t do a damn thing before I made and took him the salad to eat. We could go round and round with this all night. I ain’t worried about a man offering me shyt and my game ain’t dependent on a man;s game. I gots my own and I ain’t half bad at it. If I’m interested in a man I know how to play him because he’s interested in something I have, and it ain’t Cheerios. If he’s not interested, which is your point I believe, then my game = zero. LOL Okay, if that’s how you like to play it. But, I’m telling ya now… mama has rarely ever not scored. ;) Night BM.

                    • Yeh, but you scoring, like every other woman scores. A woman being able to get a man to bed her ain’t nothing, it’s as impressive as a random guy being able to beat a random girl in a boxing man. A woman being able to be maintain a relationship for years, without her man cheating, now that’s impressive…that would be a woman having game.

                    • nillalatte

                      Ehem… I did that for 14yrs bruh. Next.

    • “Ehem… lady in the streets and a freak in the bed… who said that?”

      Ludacris did *snickers*

    • Royale W. Cheese

      “lady in the streets and a freak in the bed…”

      …IMO, is just as silly as “CEO-thug.” Just a thought that crossed my mind.

      • Ms. Bridget

        Lol! Or church thuggin. Stop the madness!

  • Val

    Maybe guest posts aren’t such a great idea.

    • Iceprincess

      Bwahahaaaaa so deadpan.

      • Breezy


    • AfroPetite

      Lmao I am dying

    • #shotsfired

    • I think PanaMontana dropped a Slurpee on daddy’s laptop. Hey, ya gotta make it work

      • Thai

        “I think PanaMontana dropped a Slurpee on daddy’s laptop”

        Time of death: 30 seconds ago. Cause: Laughter from the above quote

    • Ahhh so much entitlement in such a statement…what a great project you would be. Me being your Petruchio and you being my Kate…oh the possibilities.

    • That Ugly Kid

      B-But, I was next in line to do a guest post. Why take this away from me? You don’t wanna read my thoughts? Val….Val….why?

      • Val

        Actually, TUK, I’d like to read a guest post by you. But, you may want to wait a beat or two for the stink, ahem, smoke to clear from this post. :-)

        • Passive Aggression…I’m falling in love.

          • Iceprincess

            Dont bother. She doesnt bat for your team anyway lmao

            • There’s no mountain I can’t climb baby, shoot, Bonnie was a seamstress making clothes, before she got some direction from Clyde and started shooting cops and robbing banks.

              • Iceprincess

                Ask bonnie how did that work out for her rotflmfao

                • Hmmmm

                  She wasn’t bored though…..

                • Nia


            • That Ugly Kid

              She don’t now. But give ME 10 minutes with Val. When I’m done…well, she still won’t switch teams, or even give me the chance to “persuade” her, but…she’ll have a better appreciation for guys who can do a mean electric slide.

              • JessicaL


    • Not Your Friend


      I couldn’t even get past the first few sentences.

      • Not Your Friend


      • Lol, which was expected.

    • thelonius


    • I wanted to do one but yall worse than the Apollo theater…*rips up first draft*

      • WIP

        LOL, You already knew that though.

        • miss t-lee

          Really. This is well documented…lol

    • If it makes you feel better Val, I thought about doing a guest post about my strange but true love life. Just look at me as the Charlie Murphy of VSB, LMAO!!!

    • even i have to admit this was funny.

    • Rewind

      Can I call you Dream Killer?

    • Pseudonym

      “Maybe guest posts aren’t such a great idea.”


      That.was.HI.LA.RI.OUS!!!!! hahahaha

    • Royale W. Cheese

      Well d@mn. lol.

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