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Virginia Teen Is Allegedly Provocative, Gets The People Going. Gets Kicked Out of Prom.

dressThis story might be one of the most ridiculous I’ve heard in a while. For those who haven’t heard about it, a 17-year-old girl in Richmond, VA was attending her homeschooler prom and her allegedly too short (it wasn’t too short) dress and dancing caused the fathers in attendance to claim that she was causing other boys to have impure thoughts and had her kicked out of the prom.

(She wrote a blog post linked via the Gawker post about the whole thing which I’m pretty sure is all over the place at this point.)

Or in other words, these fathers were watching her dance – probably just like every other 17-year-old girl dances these days – and determined that she was doing too much and they got a little bit aroused and as opposed to checking their own sh*t, they had her removed.

Before I say the inflammatory stuff, let me step into my hot tub time machine to my own prom back in the 90s. Kids will be kids. They dance. We definitely were getting it in at my prom. And there were boobs a plenty. My own date had a very low cut dress on. I had ALL kinds of impure thoughts. I remember seeing some very short dresses as well. It’s prom. Girls find the dress of their prom dreams and for one night do what they will. Of course nobody is going ham and showing up basically nude – this girl didn’t either – so all’s well that ends well. And yes there were chaperones who probably let us dance a bit closer than is legally allowed by the school, or would if such law existed. Point is..the point of it all is…unless she was actually dressing like a ratchet, then I don’t see the problem. Hell, how’d she get in the door?

Next…we’re teetering VERY close to the edge on this one with the men claiming that she was causing them to have impure thoughts.

Let’s keep it 1 hundy. All boys are having impure thoughts. A girl showing up in a burka in high school probably has some pervy boy wondering whats up under that long sheet. Prom ain’t the undoing of high school boys. Eyes are the undoing of high school boys. So this wasn’t about the boys, this was about the fathers who are blaming this girl for their own issues. And yes, this is right there at that line of: my bad behavior is her fault. If she didn’t look like that, I wouldn’t behave like this.

And yes, Virginia, that is ludicrous. She was “provoking” them SO much that she got put out. Not them. Those grown men put a girl out of a prom because they couldn’t handle it. It’s entirely possible that his prom was the most Puritanical celebration ever and she came thru, hit a nae-nae, then tried to buss it open for a real n*gga. Maybe she put her hands on the ground and nobody saw her face for an hour. Doubtful, I don’t know. If she was being lews or intentionally disruptive, okay…you put folks out for not following rules.

But her very BEING was the problem? Sexism is real. Of course, this is just my perspective.

What do you all think? Should she have been put out for being “provocative” or were the fathers who put her out trippin?


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  • Abhorsen

    Let the girls wear what they want. This is infringing on personal rights and choices aha. When i was 16 i had impure thoughts of women in full length dresses. I wait for the day when women will walk around topless and feel comfortable without being told it’s wrong. And why were the fathers checking out a 16 year old,if her parents are cool with it. It should not matter

  • Animate

    When I read about this the other day I was pretty much frustrated in addition to all the double talk going with Michael Sam, kissing, and cake.

    This prom had rules about dresses. Her dress met those requirements, oh and lets not forget that she is tall so it’ll look shorter on her. They tried to pull the her dress was too short excuse. Her AND the folks she was with left over this nonsense.

    Sidenote: folks tried to insert race into it since her date was a black guy.

  • PhlyyPhree

    I read this story the other day and it absolutely appalled me. It was her PROM (granted, I might be a little sensitive about this issue since I never got to attend a prom) and she was forced to leave because GROWN ACE ADULT MEN couldn’t contain what they were feeling?
    First of all, what kind of administration would say “We KNOW that these men are having improper thoughts about one CHILD, but let’s get rid of the child and maybe the men will straighten up.” Um, pedophile much?
    I would never attempt to try and figure out what goes on in the minds of men, and I’m not going to pass judgement on them for thinking whatever they were thinking, but you mean to tell me that they seriously thought this girl was an imminent danger to their self control and had to remove her and NT themselves? And the school was OK with this?

    Overall, I agree that maybe it was a racial issue since her date was black however, this is post racial America, so it’s not like we can prove it. This is the one time I wish somebody’s parents would go lawsuit crazy because tthis whole story is absolutely ridiculous

  • towninc

    Why does this sound like a scene from “footloose”?

    • PivotTable

      Those crazy kids are shucking and jiving to Elvis!

  • Sandpaper

    Homeschooler Prom.

    Who homeschools? The Uber-religious. Any outrage from the parents over who was selected as the chaperones? Probably not. Just like we are asked to check our language around here, she should have known her audience. I don’t see a problem with what was done. The chaperones simply enforced the ideas and standards that they teach their children, who, I’m sure, were in attendance as well. Concern trolling(fascism) needs to die a slow, painful death.

  • pls

    this is the first time i’ve heard this particular story but i had a convo with the boo about something similar (kind of).

    i went a couple summers braless. bay said girls who don’t wear bras are loose. my opinion was that while that is not entirely impossible, the reason he thinks this way is because HE is aroused by free nipples. therefore he projects his desires on the braless chick, and concludes that SHE is the whore. because of HIS arousal.

    does that make sense?

    • Keisha

      I’m jealous…my last braless summer occured right before 7th grade. :-/

      • pls

        hahaa definitely haven’t done it since college.
        it’s not even up for discussion after nursing a baby smh

    • PivotTable

      Ugh. I want to go braless so bahhdddd. Bras are the devil.

  • Keisha

    I heard about this a few days ago. I too noticed her boyfriend was black and hoped that wasn’t the real issue, BUT…

    After reading the girl’s own comments, one person seems to be constant throughout the whole experience…Mrs. D.

    1. This woman gave the girl a hard time about entering the prom although her dress was within code. 2. She was never approached by the men in question or had contact with them. Rather the message was passed along by Mrs. D, the woman who targeted her initially upon entering the prom. The whole “some of the dads who were chaperoning had complained that my dancing was too provocative, and that I was going to cause the young men at the prom to think impure thoughts” story was probably entirely made up as a reason to throw her out.

    That’s what I think really happened anyway.

    Just my two cents…

    • pls

      you may be right. those dad’s woulda let her be great.

      • Keisha

        “those dad’s woulda let her be great”

    • nillalatte

      That was EXACTLY the issue. Some white folks have a way of being conniving b*tches that in reality is not slick at all. This situation is one of those times. Trust, I know how this plays out. The girl and her boyfriend may want to try to deny it/ignore it, but it’s right there in front of their faces, my face. They’re just not wanting to recognize the facts; and SHE knows.

      The choice: raise h ell or go on about your business and leave these a*sholes behind. Most of us make the latter choice. In my view, anything but a white date would have had her targeted due to the dynamics of the setting.

    • Guest


      Who told her that the dress was too short – A woman
      Who got security to kick her out – A woman
      Who told her that her dress might be causing boys to have impure thoughts – A woman
      Who told her that only she would be reimbursed, and her friends would not – A woman
      Who did she cuss out – The male security guards (who said they thought her dress was fine, but were just doing their job)
      Who does she ultimately blame and pull the trigger at – The patriarchy.

      Yep, of course.

  • Freebird

    the young woman was treated unfairly. she should have been able to attend her prom. that is a fact and the obvious crime here….and the only thing i can really speak too, because i was not there. if she were my daughter we’d be getting a refund and i would have a word with the mrs. d.

    outside of that, there are a lot of assumptions being made that need more people (or a recording) to hold weight.

  • IcePrincess

    Mane those dudes are lame af for dat. Reminds me of something that happend to me back in my “fine as Rihanna days” lol. I was sunbathing at a hotel pool somewhere out west. Minding my own. Had on a thong bikini. Anywayz, these 30-something broads were there wit their kids. They tried to hate on me, telling me I’m inappropriate, it’s children out here, yada yada yada. I wasn’t buying it for one second. Mind you, these children were babies/toddlers. We’re talkin bout, like, 2 yr olds. Truss, nobody is studying my bare azz who’s not even old enough to wipe their own. If those bishes kept it real wit themselves, they knew (and I definitely knew) that it was their own insecurity that caused them to have such a problem with my swimsuit. I told them as much & stayed put. Pffffffffft, got me messed up.

    • Galen

      I gotta say you have to leave this board. You’re comments have given me impure thoughts. :-)

  • nillalatte

    She wasn’t being provocative. She was put out because her boyfriend was black. Trust. I ain’t buying their BS for one freaking minute. #PostRacialMyAss

    This is an example of what some white people do to other white people who date inter-racially. Been there.

    • Freebird


      my a$$ too.

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