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2011: The Year of The Very Smart Takeover

In the 690 posts and 225,000 comments since the first VSB entry (“emotional” cheating. the ultimate oxymoron), we — Panama, Liz, and I — have been asked dozens upon dozens of questions; queries ranging from the silly (“Does The Champ decorate his deez for Halloween?“), the waaaaay too serious (“When are the VSB’s going to tackle the rampant rapes by American soldiers in Afghanistan?”), and the f*cking stupid (“Even though I’ve never actually left a comment on VSB, didn’t bother to attach any writing samples, and didn’t even make the effort to get your names right in this email, can I guest post on VSB next week?“)

But, one question seems to pop up more than any other; a question we never really gave much serious thought to…until now.

“There seems to be a great community of like-minded and intelligent people here. But, I need to know where and how can I find the Very Smart Brothas and Sistas in my city?”

Enter “Very Smart Singles”, the Verysmartbrothas’ answer to that question. Taking a cue from the popularity of My Single Peeps, Very Smart Singles will pull from the thousands of VerySmart and single fans of VSB, showcasing those who choose to participate.

Here’s how it will work. A person (male or female) submits a picture and a short (150-200 word) and witty (well, as witty as you can be) bio to our email address. Included in the bio should be their general location (i.e.: DMV, Greater Atlanta area, etc) and the name they prefer to have on their profile. (For instance, if your name is Kimberly Johnson, you’d be “Kim J”, “K.J.”, or “Kimmers”)

We’ll then post the pic and the bio on the Very Smart Singles page (which is currently under construction). People interested in possibly meeting the Very Smart Single will email us, and we’ll then contact the Very Smart Single, giving them the contact info of whoever expressed interest. From that point, they’re on their own.

Although the page itself is still under construction, we’re currently accepting submissions so that when the page is ready to go, we can hit the ground running. If you’re interested, email a hi-definition picture, a short bio, and your location to contact@verysmartbrothas.com, under the heading “Very Smart Singles”. You’ll hear more about this in the next few weeks, but we hope to have the page up and running in January.

***About “Your Degrees Won’t Keep You Warm at Night”***

After reading some of the comments here and on Twitter about this book, there’s something I felt the need to clear up. Although this looks, smells, and is titled like a relationship book, it’s not really a relationship book. Well, let me put it this way: it’s as much of a “dating and relationship” book as The 40 Year Old Virgin is a “dating and relationship” movie.

The book involves many of the same types of jokes, pop culture references, and asides regularly featured on Very Smart Brothas. And, to be quite honest, we’re just as concerned with people being entertained by and enjoying the book as we are with the relationship aspect of it.

For instance, the book –which is 250 pages long, and well be sold for $14.99 — contains (at least) 50 footnotes. Here’s two of them:

[5] Admittedly, if she’s from Cincinnati, Ohio, this is probably true. Seriously, I’ve been to 40 different states, 4 different countries and 2 different continents, but women from Cincinnati are easily the most sexually forward. Just thinking about the things I saw at Club Ritz and Annie’s a few years ago makes the Bible I keep on my dresser catch fire. Basically, it’s the most underrated place on Earth to have a bachelor party. –T. C.

[7] For those unaware of who is he, Ezekiel “Freekey ZekeyJiles is the least talented member of the Dipset, the most ignant and least talented popular rap clique in New York City — a place which has been producing the least talented rappers in Hip-Hop for (at least) the last 10 years. He’s also business partners with second most untalented member of the Dipset, Jim Jones, a man who also happens to be my personal nemesis (even though he’s probably completely unaware of this fact) –T.C.

Not exactly what you’d find in your typical “relationship” book.

Anyway, between the book, the Very Smart Singles site, and the nationwide VSB day at satellite locations across the country (oops. I don’t think I was supposed to say anything about that yet), there’s going to be a lot going on here in the first part of 2011.  I’d ask you all to bear with us, but we wouldn’t be in the position to do the things we’re planning to do without your ongoing support, so you “bearing with us” is pretty much a given, and I probably would have insulted your collective intelligence if I even asked that question.

Instead, and on behalf of the VSB crew, I’m just going to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend. Be fruitful and multiply and sh*t.

—The Champ

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for GQ.com and EBONY Magazine. And a founding editor for 1839. And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at damon@verysmartbrothas.com. Or don't. Whatever.

  • LoveJones

    Happy Birthday to me!!!!

  • Ok, I’m being difficult but that’s what VSB’s do. What if I want to know who the VSB/Ss are in a given city? I’m not tryin to get up on someone more tryin to find new cliques to kick it with? When does that get up and running?

    Congrats on the book and I’ll be coppin a copy. #Willbecopped

  • Rog

    So will the pages have a turn-offs/turn-offs section? ex.

    Turn-offs- Bitter Men/Bitter-Women

    Turn-ons-Someone who will lend an hear so that I can explain why I’m a bitter Man/Woman?

    :D Oh yeah I went there

  • Rog


  • LoveJones

    I’m so proud of VSB y’all are doing some great things here I can not wait to add your book to my library :)

  • MsEvaBaby!

    Will be getting the book the first day. I just might do the very smart singles just to see if there are more people from Denver( yes there are black folks here) that read the blog. I just came upon VSB two months ago and it feels like home.

  • Love the Very Smart Singles idea, though I will inevitable lurk and snoop for months until I get the courage to send in my own submission.

    Ans VSB’s first commenter’s user name was linked with her MySpace profile. Amazing how much isht changes in just two years *wonders if we’ll be Tweeting in 2012*

  • They taking over! Hide ya kids, and hide ya wife!
    Jokes aside, I’m looking forward to the VerySmart Singles site. Y’all keep making these power moves and we will keep supporting.

  • YAASS!I’m too excited about Very Smart Singles! #genius looking forward to what VSB will do in 2011. In my mind there is already a VSB romantic comedy in the works and I’m already lmao!

  • Blackbuttafly

    Prays there will be vbs’s in Toronto….

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