Very Smart Single Of The Week: “R.G.”

Name: R.G.
Location: Los Angeles

Hello People of VSB!!

I would say I’m excited to have this opportunity, but that makes me sound like a desperate broad. I’ll rephrase and say that I’m excited VSB decided to pursue this endeavor.

To start, I proudly boast that I hail from St. Louis (no, I’m not related to Nelly), but I reside in LA. It’s been about 4 years since my relocation, so it’s appropriate to say that I live here now. I dislike talking about my job (it’s boring), so I’ll skip that part. Just know that I make a living in the TV industry. So, let’s talk about something more than just my work because I’m definitely much more than that. I like long walks on the beach and romantic dinners. Kidding. (Editor’s note: She’s lying)

I do love the beach, but in my free time I’d rather be more active and do something besides lay around. My favorite movies are ones that don’t require me to think…like “Blades of Glory.” Simply because when I’m relaxing, that’s all I want to do: sit back and laugh without a care in the world. When I’m not watching movies, I’m at a trendy social event, sipping tea on the promenade, or watching football (YES, I’m a Rams/Bears fan). No seriously, I can tell you which local sports bars serve breakfast for the 10am games; that’s my thing.

That’s about all for now since I’m sure I’m at the word count limit. Hit me up!

***If interested in getting to know R.G. a little better, hit us up at contact@verysmartbrothas.com with “Very Smart Singles: R.G.” as the subject***
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Damon Young

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