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Tyler Perry Expecting Human Baby: Written, Directed, Produced By And Starring Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry (Christopher Polk/Getty Images)


Apparently, Tyler Perry announced at his 45th birthday party that he was expecting his first child. Naturally, I figured this meant a mini-Tyler Perry would debut in nothing less than film fashion.

And because one of the stars of Tyler Perry’s films are the titles themselves, I came up with five and a possible:

1. Tyler Perry’s Diary of A Colicky Black Baby

2. Madea’s “I Aint Takin’ Care Of No Gottdamn Mo’ Kids, Tyler!” Declaration of Independence

3. Why Did I Get Borned?

4. For Colored Babies Who Considered Directing, Producing, Writing, And Starring When Editing Wasn’t Enuf

5. The Family Who Baes Together

Possible –  Tyler Perry Presents: Meet The Browns… In This Diaper.


500 Monopoly dollars Tyler Perry also plays the baby in its own biopic, though.


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  • Madea Goes to the WIC Office

  • miss t-lee

    I’m so confused by his latest “production”.

  • She really had chex with him? Voluntarily? Why?

    • Val

      I SERIOUSLY doubt they had chex or have ever had chex with each other.

      • I couldn’t even bring myself to imagine him nude, much less have his paynis anywhere near me

  • Tyler Perry’s Just the Tip?

    Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Beard All By Myself

  • Sparger

    I bet the mom is a surrogate. Tyler Perry didn’t have sex with a woman.

  • Jay
  • Wild Cougar

    Is there some consensus on Tyler Perry being gay? I haven’t heard this. Is there some TMZ type evidence? Links, anybody? Do people hate him so much they can’t imagine a woman wanting to be with him? Is that what this is about? I’m confused. I have questions.

    • st george doesnt exist

      I have my opinion is that most people think he gay, he is attention grabbing egomaniac, personally I only like a few of the movies. just my thoughts. I respect his business hustle. im just not a fan

    • January Jones

      I don’t hate TP at all, however without having officially announced, he comes off as gay. I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop, you know, out of the closet. As it relates to his work I’m a fan. No his movies aren’t Oscar worthy, and mostly predictable and some I don’t want to see, but I like the fact that he tries to make decent movies, and reaches back for the forgotten, or willing to take a chance on unknowns. He’s doing for blacks what Hollywood wont do, but it is always blacks that criticize his work, how ironic. I’ll take the bigger picture and like him over being critical. So, believing he get down with women or not, is based off if the fact that he acts gay, nothing to do with his work. At least not for me.

  • st george doesnt exist

    i guest im not the only one who thought this was one of thos fake news satire things when it was announced. i was like the GTFO here with those jokes… this sh it real?

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