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Trump’s Proving That Those Who Called Clinton “The Lesser Of Two Evils” Didn’t Know What Evil Looked Like

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So, I’ll be honest. After the shock of the election began to subside and the waves of the post-shock tsunami began to recede, there was a tiny, infinitesimal, Lilliputian part of me that began to look for silver linings. And, even, the subset of hope responsible for giving someone the benefit of the doubt. “Maybe Darth Cheeto won’t be the worst thing to happen to America since the Lost series finale” this smaller-than-the-plate-reserved-for-Sage-Steele-at-the-cookout part of me surmised. I didn’t even dry heave when Dave Chappelle ended his SNL monologue with a plea for us to give him a chance. (I was tempted to, but I didn’t.)

But then, within a day of that inkling of a thought, Cheeto went ahead and named the country’s most prominent White supremacist as his senior adviser. And the appointments he’s made since then have followed the same script. Jeff Sessions — a man so racist the Republicans in the freakin 80s were like “Yeah…this dude can’t be a federal judge — was just named the motherfucking Attorney General. You know things are bad when Rudy Giuliani, a man who’s basically a Lugz chukka with sentience, is only the 5th or 6th worst person in Cheeto’s circle.

When thinking about this, I can’t help but remember way, way, way, way back when when there were actual debates about Hillary Clinton being the lessor of two evils in this election. “It doesn’t really matter who wins” these people said “because neither are going to make our country any better.

This actually isn’t completely untrue. Perhaps Clinton wouldn’t have made things better. But this type of thinking ignored the very real possibility of one candidate making things much, much, much worse. There’s a difference between occasionally problematic status quo and actual evil. Not evil in name only. Or “evil” as a hyperbolic and hysterical way of articulating something that rubs you the wrong way. But real evil. The Cheeto is presently installing an administration that will try their hardest to make things as evil as possible for Black people and brown people and women and Muslims and Mexicans and members of the LGBTQ community and every other marginalized group of people. This is actually happening.

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at Or don't. Whatever.

  • koalaskoalas89

    It’s interesting. I see a lot of pieces expounding on how terrible Clinton is and would have been. I understand their angle but I didn’t see the trajectory we currently are on within a Clinton administration. And I get it: I’ve been sleep under Obama’s failings and dangerous policies, Clinton’s inevitable failings and dangerous policies but I didn’t need a wake up from the worst of the worst to be like “Things have been terrible all along”.
    I don’t know man. We couldn’t fall asleep at the wheel with her as President but at least we could pull over and find some place to rest for the night. Now its like we must be uber-hyper-vigilant to the point where we only ingest a mix of Four Loko and 5 hour energy drinks laced infused with cocaine.

    • Me

      But that’s the thing. We should never be comfortable falling asleep on any administration. None of them are going to care more about us than we do. And as one of the smallest voting blocks in the nation, we’re always the pawns, so we have to be vigilant at all times.

      • mr. steal your costco samples

        we ain’t small.

        • Me

          We’re small enough that our votes can be made up by several other voting blocks if we decided to sit out. That makes us pawns.

          • mr. steal your costco samples

            i…that is true of every non-majority voting block, so all of them…

            oh, wait, you weren’t arguing anything really. carry on, then

            • Me

              My point is, they don’t need our vote because any other voting block can be pumped up to make up for our presence. Swing the women’s vote, and you don’t need to focus on the black vote, swing the rural vote, don’t need the black vote, swing the Hispanic vote, don’t need the black vote. Democrats aren’t even making an effort to reach out to black folks for the next midterms. They’re concentrating on poor whites. That’s how much they don’t need our vote.

  • Betty’s Babygirl

    Once the Alt-Right = Third Reich realizes the president-elect cannot do even a tenth of what he promised he would they are going to turn on him like the rabid animals they are.

    • nillalatte

      Maybe we should start spelling/referring to them as the “Alt-Reich.” I’m just saying.

      • Cheech


      • Ari

        I like it.

      • Betty’s Babygirl

        Sounds like a plan to me.

    • No. He will offer his targets- blacks, Muslims, Hispanics- to his supporters to sate them.

    • Melissa

      Yup! I’m Jewish and people are like, “Aren’t you so upset about that video of people doing the salute and everything?” Technically yes I am, but these people are so stupid they missed the fact that Ivanka converted, there’s (thank God) a 0% chance Muslims are going to be registering anywhere, and the closest Carrier Air Conditioners are getting to moving back to the US from Mexico is the HVAC aisle at Scottsdale Home Depot. I wish The Tangerine Turd the best of luck in placating them.

      • Betty’s Babygirl


  • Val

    Maybe Sage Steele wants to be Trump’s Press Secretary? Smh. I hope all of this ends up with her getting fired from ESPN.

    • Not likely. It’s what her corporate masters want to hear.

    • Cheech

      Dammit, not Sage ….

      • mr. steal your costco samples

        what is life when Doris Burke is a real one, but Sage as garbage as the spice that bears her name?

        • Cheech

          Well, now wait a minute. The spice is still savory.

      • Val

        If there are positives to be gained from all of this it’s people tend to show their true colors in times of crisis.

        • DDubois

          I concur but in what is Sage Steele? Her side won. Unless you mean inner crisis.

    • LisaLisa NoCultJam

      I have heard some stuff about her lately but cannot figure out how she became Stacey Dash 2.0

    • Negro Libre

      ESPN won’t fire her for that.

      It’s the Biden-Clarence Thomas problem. If she gets fired, it will have to based on something else.

      • Val

        Well, I hope she’s been late to work a bunch of times so they can use that as the reason to fire her. You know they always keep track of what ‘we’ do wrong so they can get rid of us when they want to. Lol

  • YeaSoh

    Here’s how I see it:

    It’s about to be very critical for us to start strategizing and working together for real. The only way we’re gonna have a say so is by going after corporate america. We’re gonna have to force corporations to have our back by pulling our money from their bottom lines. We need a list of organizations that will go to back for our needs and then we should only spend there. No more spending that doesn’t directly tie to a positive effort for black people. You show us you respect us we’ll show you we’re worth it. 2014 we spent $1.1 trillion. We can make something happens. F expecting this country to do what’s right by us

    • Val

      Mmmm, good idea, but the guy who founded Chick-Fil-A has given a lot of money to Trump but most Black folks seem to be unwilling to give up eating Chick-Fil-A, so…this might not work out too well.

      • YeaSoh

        lol why’d you have to bring chicken into it Val. I’m trying to have a serious conversation lol

        But for real, Chik-fil A ain’t the only place that sells chicken. At some point we’re gonna have to decide what’s more important, this moment/chicken or the future/other fucking options.

      • Rastaman

        Truth be told most of us don’t have the stomach for resistance. A majority of black people in the 50’s. 60’s and 70’s were not down for civil rights and the same will be true for next year. Most people at the end of the day are scared, too afraid to resist and Trump and his ilk know that. So even something simple as boycotting Chik-Fil-A a corporation that funds their oppression is a bridge too far. I boycotted them on the principle of the owner’s anti-gay advocacy because I can understand that bigots have no line and after they come for the gays may just decide its ok to come for me.

        • Val

          Yep, it’s always a slippery slope supporting a bigot just because his bigotry isn’t aimed at you at the time.

          • Cheech

            I think someone wrote a poem about that. The ending was not good.

            • It’s some German monk’s diary, I think. Something about staying silent until they came for me.

              • Cheech


              • Betty’s Babygirl

                I posted the Daily News Cover 6 months ago on the thread for – “Melania Trump Says Her Husband Isn’t Hitler. Which Totally Makes Me Think He’s Actually Hitler”
                The Daily News version was a satirical spin on an original quotation from a lecture given by Protestant Pastor Martin Niemöller post WWII:

                “When they came for me, there was no one left to speak up”

                First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
                Because I was not a Socialist.
                Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
                Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
                Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
                Because I was not a Jew.

                Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

                I have and will continue to speak up for every marginalized, oppressed human. I’m not going down without a fight.

        • I watched PBS special on Black America after MLK. It was funny how mank Black leaders denounced the ‘Black Power’ movement. Don’t be tricked into thinking every brotha or sister is your real brotha or sister.

          • Val

            Plenty of Black folks were not only against the Black Power movement but against the Civil Rights movement as well.

            • Folks are quick to hop on the right side of history.

              • Val

                Right. But especially White folks. I thought about that when Muhammad Ali died.

                • Mochasister

                  They were sickening. My mother told me about how the white people talked about him like a dog. When he died, you would have thought they were his best friends.

                  • mr. steal your costco samples

                    they STAYED talking about him like “niqqa you deserved Parkinson’s”

                    • Mochasister

                      Isn’t it funny how they can have more sympathy for a damn gorilla than a fellow human being?

                  • TheCollinB

                    thet did to him what they did to all of our leaders

            • Mr. Mooggyy

              That kept slave syndrome!

        • Mary

          We’re soft now. Two and a half generations of integration have allowed is to get as soft as white folks because we thought we could be as laid back and frivolous as they can
          be. We’re entertaining ourselves to death too.
          We don’t , never have and may never have that luxury.
          Boycotting corporations may mean accepting inconveniences, eating simpler and downsizing gadgets. Are we willing to make those sacrifices? I’m It also means sticking together as a people, and frankly, we’re generally not good at that. Can we agree when our guiding star is no longer predominantly Christian or even Muslim? Somebody prove me wrong, please.

      • Mochasister

        Damn it! Not Chick-Fil-A!

        • Cheech

          Chicken of Hate.

      • UrbanNortheast

        I haven’t eaten Chick Fil A since I found out about all that, and I tell people why. I’m happy to vote with my feet and my wallet – I just need a list of places to boycott. There’s gotta be a Trump boycott list on the interwebs somewhere …

      • Betty’s Babygirl

        I am proud to say I have NEVER had Chick-Fil-A and do not intend to ever do so. One of my daughters who went to college in the south fell in love with it. She’s grown and can make her own choices. She knew it disappointed me and it was disrespectful to her sister, and her cousin who are both gay. Suffice it to say she went cold turkey. Rules try to avoid disappointing moms and your siblings over everything else. Resilients are capable of anything. The problem is CHOOSING TO DO THE RIGHT THING.

      • Red October

        I have been boycotting them since their owner backs anti LGBTQ laws and the stupid All Lives Matter rhetoric. Here in Memphis tho their lines stay long with black folks. *sad face*

        • Sharon Jane

          Chicken: 2 skinless boneless chicken breasts, 1 TSP salt, 1/2 TSP pepper, 1/2 TSP paprika
          Breading: 1 C flour, 1 TSP salt, 1 TBSP malted milk powder, 1 TBSP + 1 TSP powdered sugar, 1/4 TSP baking soda, 1/4 TSP mustard powder, 1/2 TSP pepper, 1/2 TSP paprika
          Dredge: 1 large egg, 1/2 to 1 C milk

          Pound chicken to 1/8″ thick. Cut into 4 portions. Mix salt, pepper, and paprika, season chicken. Rest for at least 4 hours or overnight.

          Whisk breading together. Whisk egg and milk together.

          Heat about 2″ of peanut or other high smoke oil to 375° in a heavy skillet. Dip chicken, bread chicken, fry chicken, eat chicken. Tastes just like Chick File A.

  • A.G.

    His cabinet is shaping up to be all old white men. I’m not too surprised, but…it’s sad.

  • Cheech

    All of this.

  • Ari

    Even with all of his evil, I honestly didn’t believe he’d be able to get away with creating a Muslim registry or building a wall. Looks like he’s making sure he is insulated and armed enough (staff-wise) to follow through on his promises.

    • Val

      I’m still holding out a little hope that once he’s finished with his Cabinet and takes office he and his people are going to be so extreme that Congress will block most of what he wants to do. Fingers crossed.

      • Ari

        I really hope so to. Congress was all I had to hold on to.

      • You mean the Republican controlled congress and the soon to be Right leaning Supreme court. Get that thought out of your head now. Start smoking weed. It’s legal out there.

        • Val

          You’re likely right but I’m hoping that Trump’s craziness and the craziness of his cohorts will force the Republicans to pull away from him again like they did before the election.

          • But it got them ALL elected. Even the anti-Trumps walked that ish right back to Washington.

            • Val

              True but when people like Stephan Bannon, Jeff Sessions and all the other crazies start putting their ideology into practice they might have the sense to pull away.

              • You have more faith than me right now.

                • Val

                  Hope, not faith.

          • Deeds

            I highly doubt that. It seems like they all want a piece of the Trump pie and are trying to cozy up to him.

            • Val

              That’s true. Seeing them making the pilgrimage to Trump Tower to kiss his azz has been nauseating.

      • Me

        I read that Democrats are finally starting to strategize on how to put a wedge between Trump and Republicans by holding him to the campaign promises he made that actually lean left, like cutting tax loopholes and penalizing companies moving overseas, etc. It’s a start, but they also need to strategize getting voters to the polls in 2018 in large numbers for any real hope.

        • 2018 elections are going to tell us something. In the 60’s there was a great American check out of politics because so may people ween’t represented. It could happen again and the cycle will repeat or we can actually learn something and try not to be under the thumbs of mediocre White men.

        • Val

          They need to do something. Hopefully they won’t be as spineless as they’ve been for the last 8 years.

          • Me

            That’s what I’m waiting to see. In my gut, I suspect Democrats are not strategists, or worse: don’t know what they’re doing.

  • Karine1976

    So far this administration is the personnification of “And then it got worst”.

  • Lego

    Every day since last Wednesday I move a little closer to the idea that, “Maybe California should secede?”

    Maybe the nation won’t recover and White Supremacy will continue to prevail until the Union is truly broken. Am I watching Rome fall from the Pantheon?

  • People- entertain your most terrifying nightmares here. Not doing so means you are continuing to underestimate Donald.

    We are in for dark days and we won’t survive it if we don’t acknowledge this. This is unprecedented. Donald has the power to install a police state and hold it firm for a generation.

    • Cheech

      This is no shyt.

    • Lego

      All this talk about “Hold on for 4 years.” And I’m with you MM this man is going to influence the next 20-40 years of American policy and quality of life for the planet (just global warming alone not to mention potential wars).

      • All my friends think I’m being alarmist. I am not.

        • Lego

          Raise the alarm, these are alarming circumstances!

        • Mochasister

          In your opinion what should we do?

          • Working on a blog post about how to resist. Still, it’s grim.

            • Mochasister

              I would like to read it. For the first time in my life I am seriously considering getting trained on how to use a gun. I don’t like how reckless some of his people got last week.

              • BrownKitty289

                “I am seriously considering getting trained on how to use a gun. I don’t like how reckless some of his people got last week.”
                I am too! My guy doesn’t agree w/ it, but Im like this…I live 5 miles away from Mt. Greenwood which is notoriously racist in the Chicagoland area (i.e.Joshua Beal). If something pops off then those racist fools already got their GUNS so Im going to strap up too! #realtalk

                • Mochasister

                  I hear you. I will be moving out on my own next year. I am single. I don’t have a guy to call when things go bump in the night. Seeing how a lot of these fools are cowards and like to challenge women and/or children, I figure I should have a little something for them.

      • Deeds

        Yup, his Supreme Court nominees at the very least.

      • Janelle Doe

        Agreed. For starters second term. And nothing to prevent him changing Constitution with his supportive party to rule indefinitely.
        Already we have house speaker acting like this is exactly what he wanted.
        *Curious how (if) middle road Republicans can sit independently or side with Dems when it counts. But hard to hold out any hope of that.

        • sissyphus_is_tired

          Everybody must vote in 2018! They can’t change the Constitution without 2/3 of Congress and what? 37? states?

      • Elizabeth Miller

        “just global warming alone not to mention potential wars”

        I’m sorry but did you think Hillary would not have gone to war? She is known for supporting wars and ties to the defense industry. Hillary had more pluses than Trump like fighting climate change, women’s rights, LGBT rights, etc but she also had a lot of issues.

        • Lego

          1) You hella late with this.

          2) A critique of Trump is not a de facto endorsement of Clinton.

          3) Bye.

    • TheCollinB

      We’ll survive because we always have. I don’t know that we’ll be fable to thrive and that’s the generational problem. POC have been able to thrive even under the thumb of oppression, but at those points we did it because we had to, because we had no rights or freedom. It may take having rights/liberties taken away to get us fighting again.
      We were essentially like Golden State in the finals. We were up 3-1 with Pres Obama. Alt right has won another game with Trump winning making it 3-2. Are we gonna let them pull this upset off or do what we been doing the past 8 years?

    • TeeChantel

      All of this right here.

    • NonyaB?

      If he gets to install up to THREE supreme court justices along with the current hideous nominations for other posts, things will be fxcked up for the next couple of generations. It’s one thing to be a minority group with little power but can you imagine minorities finally becoming majority within a decade (per ongoing demographic changes), yet being powerless because of wrenches put in place now?

      • South Africa would be the best historical parallel. A white minority in full control of the government.

        It would a police state that takes generations to dismantle.

        • kingpinenut

          white folks smgdh

        • iphone300

          I remember a while back I was reading one of those articles about how whites are going to be a minority by 2030 or whatever, and all the people where in the comments, talking about how great this was going to be, and how racism was going to be over and blah blah blah, and I was like if yall think white people, gonna let this go down v with out a fight u are dead wrong. And it looks like Trump was their contingency plan…

          • “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”

            – George Orwell

        • sissyphus_is_tired

          I don’t think so. You’ll see states secede before that happens. I think the prospect of California secession — without violence — in the next 20 years if the electoral college and congressional gerrymandering aren’t addressed is very real.

    • Betty’s Babygirl

      Let the games begin, Perhaps for once the wypipo will duke it out while we handle our business.

      • That was awesome!

        • Betty’s Babygirl

          Right?!!!! Angry Alt Reich wypipo vs. angry wypipo. It’s going to be epic. We shouldn’t be afraid/terrified/scared of what is going to happen. Resilients have been strategizing. We are vulnerable. But when have we not been? We need to do what we need to do for us. In between time grab the popcorn and watch these two mac trucks collide.

    • sissyphus_is_tired

      That is the scariest part of all.

    • Elizabeth Miller

      We’ve already had a police state. Hillary took thousands during the election from private prison lobbies that profit from black bodies. While Trump and his supporters are ‘overt’ racists we would have still had ‘systematic/hidden racism under Hillary Clinton.

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