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Trump Administration To Tackle Affirmative Action And Keep White Women Out Of College

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While eating a bowl of fruit last week, the now 20-month-old Feminist Octopus was so upset by a blueberry that dropped on the floor that she refused to eat the rest of the fruit. Which made her more upset an hour later, because she was hungry. Which we solved by giving her that same refused and blueberry-deficient bowl of fruit from an hour earlier. Which she ate, of course. Because baby.

I thought of her this morning when learning that Darth Cheeto plans to have the Justice Department look into and possibly end affirmative action in college admissions; the latest attempt to reverse a policy that many very stupid (White) people believe props Black people up by planting our Timberlands on hard-working White people’s necks. It, like literally everything else Donald Trump has done and said in the last 18 months, is an unambiguous dog whistle to his base, who seem to believe that niggers are running free in the city — eating chicken in late model Cadillacs and using free government cell phones to order crack and White women from Seamless — while good White folks foot the bill. To them, cutting affirmative action would mean that (plantation) daddy is home, and the darkies have a curfew. And they’re so happy to end these non-existent free rides for Blacks that they’re willing to throw White women under the bus too.

From “Affirmative Action Has Helped White Women More Than Anyone

While people of color, individually and as groups, have been helped by affirmative action in the subsequent years, data and studies suggest women — white women in particular — have benefited disproportionately. According to one study, in 1995, 6 million women, the majority of whom were white, had jobs they wouldn’t have otherwise held but for affirmative action.

Another study shows that women made greater gains in employment at companies that do business with the federal government, which are therefore subject to federal affirmative-action requirements, than in other companies — with female employment rising 15.2% at federal contractors but only 2.2% elsewhere. And the women working for federal-contractor companies also held higher positions and were paid better.

Even in the private sector, the advancements of white women eclipse those of people of color. After IBM established its own affirmative-action program, the numbers of women in management positions more than tripled in less than 10 years. Data from subsequent years show that the number of executives of color at IBM also grew, but not nearly at the same rate.

None of this should be a surprise to anyone who knows anything about this particular grade of Whiteness. It allowed a man whose policies will hurt them more than they’ll help them become President just because those same policies might hurt Black and Brown people too. The entire contemporary conservative agenda is driven by this unstoppable and unstoppably White compulsion to cut off their noses to spite their faces. And now, if affirmative action is ended, the Abigail Fishers of the world — hoping, wishing, and praying that the universe considers and treats their half-empty bottle of backwashed Aquafina-ass asses like a case of LaCroix — will have even less opportunity to show the world to Eat, Pray, and be Average as fuck.

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at Or don't. Whatever.

  • “The now 20-month-old Feminist Octopus does not enjoy getting sleepy or going to bed. Sometimes, getting tired upsets her so much that she starts crying. Which makes her even more tired. Which makes her even more upset. Which makes her even more tired. Which eventually puts her to sleep.”

    This is the absolute WORST! Okay, lemme finish reading.

    • Damon Young

      i actually changed the story to one that fits a bit more. the sleep one happens at least twice a week now though. aside from that, she’s like the happiest baby ever.

      • Mine can be happy all day. Then 10 O’clock hits and the beast comes out.

        • Kas

          My soon to be 7 year old has got a serious hangry issue going. Ready to fight every damn body.

        • cedriclathan

          You gotta walk ’em. Drain the energy. My daughter got whiny, after about 3 blocks, she ready to hit the bed.

          • But then I have to get up…

          • Michelle

            That’s what I do with my niece, since she was able to walk. Just last month, we walked a few laps around a neighborhood park and then we walked back to my place. She simply said “I’m going to bed” once we stepped foot inside.

            • cedriclathan


        • BonnieLovesNola

          My 23-month old procrastinates bedtime by upwards of an hour (or more) by repeatedly asking/crying, “Another one book Mommy?!”

          My mom calls me “sucker mom.” ??????

          • I can sympathize. Kiddo does a better job at making me sleepy.

      • La Bandita

        You, cogito and Kas are killing with talking about babies – I love so much. You need to write an article on babies/toddlers or family planning. Are you working on the next one and would you feel different if you had a son etc., And post baby pics and one puppy –

  • How many times do you take poison away from the madman until you let him drink up?

    • Diego Duarte

      As many as needed cogito, because we don’t elide insanity with vicious racism and misogyny. We help the madman, we drown the rabid dogs.

      • You have a big heart, my friend, but I have tired arms.

        • Diego Duarte

          Don’t worry. I was advised not to punch N a z i s to avoid more strokes, but the doctor never said anything about drowning them. I can take on your share.

  • Diego Duarte

    “I thought of her this morning when learning that Darth Cheeto plans to have the Justice Department look into and possibly end affirmative action in college admissions;”

    Wait. He can do that??? I thought Affirmative Action was adopted and held up through the Civil Rights Act.

    • Tam

      Sessions is doing the Lord’s will. / s

    • He is directing the Justice department. This will end up in the Supreme court in a few years.

    • Off topic but interesting.

      I’m listening to On Point, a NPR show and they are discussing Venezuela. A caller who holds duel American and Venezuelan citizenship said he thought the U.S. should intervene militarily and the host and myself laughed out loud at the same time.

      • Diego Duarte

        At this point I think a Venezuelan revolution should happen. I think other South American countries could and should help, but the US? The US should steer clear and fuck off given it’s history of past military interventions in Latin America.

        • Yeah, the US SHOULD NOT go anywhere near that. Our past in South America was the host’s next point after his laughing.

    • D-Nice

      As of now, I believe various “diversity initiatives” in college admissions are still legal – race can be a factor to consider, but not the only factor – , as compared to a strict quota admissions system (we want X number of blacks, X number of whites, X number of Asians, etc. regardless of test scores, grades, other admission criteria). If the Justice Department presses forward, they’ll have to get their hands on a bunch of admissions data from various colleges and universities. It’s a desperate measure to appease his base. But, I wouldn’t dismiss it; could have some real consequences.

    • Janelle Doe

      Isn’t the Civil Rights Act on Bannon’s hitlist as well?

    • Affirmative action can be used in admissions but it’s not required. And if if turns into quotas then it’s not something that will be found legal.

    • Yahmo Bethere

      CRA (and other statutes) have implementing regulations interpreted at the Executive Branch level and Judiciary if need be.

      Exec Branch will issue policy letters and findings via its regulations.

    • Cheech

      Nah. CRA didn’t go that far. To the extent it’s affirmatively part of federal law, it’s through a patchwork of executive orders that can be undone. Otherwise it’s a patchwork of efforts by state institutions, that the rethugs have been busily litigating to end since the Reagan administration. And they’ve had a bunch of success, led by Chief Justice John Roberts (and before him, his predecessor and mentor, Chief Justice William Rehnquist). The Supreme Court has ruled against racial set asides in contracting, school desegregation, school admissions, professional promotions, etc.

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    • GrownAzzMan

      That part



    • splashy79

      The religious white women that are totally brainwashed by the white men into thinking the white men know best. It’s appalling!

  • cysinblack
    • GenevaGirl

      This animated short is adorable. Made me cry.

  • J. A.

    And this bullshit comes days after Equal Pay for Black Women Day and in a time when a Bachelor’s Degree is required to get to 13.50 an hour.

  • “who seem to believe that n***ers are running free in the city — eating chicken in late model Cadillacs”

    *Wipes greasy fingers on the butter soft seat of my XTS*

    They mad cause they ain’t us.

    • blueevey

      Living the dream huh.

  • Junegirl627

    Had a conversation about this with a YT woman at my job. I told her that this is dog whistle for his racist base. Remember school scholarships have been moving away from merit base and more towards need based for years now. So race doesn’t change who gets the scholarship the admitted poor gets the scholarship regardless of race & creed.

    Add to that most colleges don’t want to face discrimination law suits so they have moved need- blind and double blind ( no knowledge of Economic background) admissions this whole thing is a non starter. But have fun YT racists enjoy your cookie.

    • Cheech

      I disagree that it’s a dog whistle. It’s a megaphone. Actually not even a megaphone — they’re gonna actually do it. More like a jackhammer.

  • PriceIsRightHorns

    “using free government cell phones to order crack and White women from Seamless — while good White folks foot the bill.”

    This took me out on this fine hump day.

  • Abigail Fisher and Sarah Huckabee Sanders both look like the people in the office who will snitch on you.

    • Nailed it.

    • Notorious FWC

      Textbook Darth Susans.

    • Uncle Remus

      You know Sanders has her eye on you. You can never tell which one, but…

      • lol

      • miss em

        savage and true

    • BrothasKeeper

      HeII yeah!

    • Gibbous

      Did you see the #WhiteFemaleAggression twitter piece on how Sarah Huckabee Sanders treats April Ryan? Excellent example:

      “This clip of the WH Press Sec speaking condescendingly to April Ryan is TEXTBOOK #WhiteFemaleAggression – let’s go”

      • Transbutter

        Passive aggressive is what they do so horribly.


        I saw that too.

    • Transbutter


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