Pop Culture

Which Album Cover Is Worse? Big Bear Vs. Big Mike

The worst hip-hop album cover of all time is generally considered to belong to Big Bear. However, we think we may have another contender! And playa playa, its serious.

PJ and The Playlist Thursdays, Vol 1

With all of the music heads romping through the VSB lands, Panama decided to start a song swapmeet. He'll show you his if you show him yours.

An Ode To The First Black Twitter: Vibe Magazine’s 20 Questions

With each new Vibe issue, I flipped straight to the 20 Questions like generations of horny Negroes have done JET for the Beauty of the Week

A Ranking Of The 10 Whitest Guys Rashida Jones Has Been Romantically Paired With On Screen

In this context, "White guy" is defined as "guy who is White."

2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards Recap

The 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards came on tonight. We watched so you didn't have to, even though we know you probably did. Hey, we can't all love ourselves the way we should now can we?

A Ranking Of The 25 Best Black Television Shows Of All-Time

I (obviously) created the list, so the list is (obviously) right. Still, feel free to disagree.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Ep. 5 Recap: “Truth Be Told”

Episode 5 of LHH Hollywood was pretty much the same ole same ole. But we got a Ray J sighting and that makes the world a little bit better.

5 Interesting and Useful Facts I Learned From Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop is one of the most educational tools running amuck in these streets. And to prove it, Panama explains a few things he learned from listening to hip-hop!

“Morning, Church. I’ve Been Fucking Everyone. Oh, And I Have AIDS.” = Worst. Sermon. Ever.

Reason #26363 you can never trust a Black man named Juan.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Ep. 4 Recap: These *CENSORED* Ain’t Loyal…Or Listening

In episode 4 of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, drinks fly, feelings get hurt, and mommas get beside themselves when the rainbow isn't enuff. I can't believe, today was a good day.

Teairra Mari Should Be A Superstar

Panama thinks that despite what we see on LHH Hollywood, Teairra Mari should be a superstar. He really means it. Seriously.

I See What Dave Chappelle Saw

Many people thought Dave Chappelle was crazy to walk away from a huge contract for his show, Chappelle's Show. At first, I did too. Now I get it.

Ebola, Hoes, and Mixtapes: The Blackest Thing We’ve Ever Seen This Week, Redux

You thought du-rags and Seagram's gin was Black. Meet Southside Vic as he discusses business with CNN.

Black-ish Is Cute And Cuddly, Not Controversial

It's called Black-ish, but it could very easily be called Everyone Hates My Wife And Kids After Dad Got A Promotion. What has been marketed and reviewed as subversive and politically incorrect looks and feels like a 26-minute-long "urban" IKEA spot