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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Ep. 8 Recap: The Return of #bae Moniece

Moniece goes apeshit on Amanda, Masika becomes even more annoying, and Berg does more Berg stuff plus more in episode 8 of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

Dear Chris Brown: People Will Get Over You And Rihanna If You Allow Them To Get Over You And Rihanna

Instead of following Michael Vick's script, you're following R. Kelly's. And no one follows R. Kelly. Unless, of course, they want chlamydia.

Sean Kory Will Take Your Breath Away…When You Hear About How Incredibly Dumb His Actual Crime Was

If the thirsty men of the internet can have Jhonni Blaze and Erica Mena, the women can lust over lightskint predicate felons too.

The Problem With Girls Like Lena Dunham

There are a lot of reasons to dislike Dunham, most of which are Dunham’s own fault. The rest, the part that I think really infuriates people, is how permissive Whiteness tends to be

The Five Best Parts Of Lean On Me That Didn’t Involve Crack

The crack scene was great. These scenes are even greater

The Black Movie Solidarity Struggle

Can we support Black movies and be critical of them at the same damn time? OR do we have to appreciate the fact that they exist above all else?

PJ and The Playlist Thursdays, Vol. 3

Another installment of Playlist Thursdays. What are you listening to these days?

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Ep. 7 Recap: Why Is Ray J Still Here?

In this episode of LHH Hollywood, Ray J Da Gawd does more stupid shit, Hazel does more stupid shit, Teairra has a heart where a heart don't want her, and Soulja Boy acts like a Soulja Man?

Fireball Whiskey Has Some Stuff In It That They Use To Make Anti-Freeze. So?

If you drink Fireball Whiskey, you've been drinking the stuff they use to make anti-freeze. Panic!! Right? Naw. You've probably drunk much worse.

Five Black Superheroes We Need To See

Hopefully coming to a theater near you

The Dear White People Roundtable

Dear White People, discussed

A Second-By-Second Recap Of Momma Dee’s “I Deserve”

Momma Dee (of Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta fame), aka Live-Action Scar, created a song, and made a video for this song. This song is called "I Deserve." You will now watch a video for this song and read a recap of the video, because it's been a long week and you deserve to be entertained by this

“Harlem Nights” and Other Negro Viewing Requirements

When I encounter someone old enough to understand the case against colored contacts who doesn’t know about Miss Celie’s Folkspants, I make a mental note of the exits. This is not a motherfucker I need to be in an elevator with.

Black-ish, The Best Black Sitcom…Ever?

All things considered, I've seen enough to say that Black-ish could end up being the best Black sitcom ever.