Pop Culture

World’s Biggest Artist Kanye West Is Gonna Make This Paul McCartney Guy A Star.

Kanye West dropped a new song with some guy who used to sing in a group about bugs. Folks lost their shit.

Remembering Stuart Scott

A tribute to ESPN anchor, Stuart Scott, who passed away from cancer on Sunday at age 49.

Two-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots and Kills His Mother. I Have Questions.

A toddler accidentally shot and killed his mother in Wal-mart in Idaho with her gun. This is tragically sad. I also have some questions.

Meet The Police Chief Who Gets It. Let’s Hope There Are More.

This year has been one hell of a roller coaster ride when it comes to law enforcement and the public...

Logic, Kendrick Lamar, and the Frustration of Derivative Artistry

Logic's album Under Pressure is great. But it sounds a bit too familiar. This is a problem.

Love & Hip Hop New York Ep. 502 Recap: “I Withheld Some Information But I NEVER Lied!”

Just in case you forgot who started this Love & Hip Hop shit, the 2nd episode of season 5 comes out swinging with the non-sense.

Azealia Banks Is Right On Iggy But Wrong On Just About Everything Else

Azealia Banks has managed to give her input on a varied number of subjects. And even when she manages to be right she finds a way to be wrong.

A Ranking Of The Most Awkward Things That Happen In Strip Clubs

Here's a ranking of the most awkward things that can happen to you in a strip club. Because why not?

I Tried To Get Mad About VH1’s Sorority Sisters. (And I Failed.)

Perhaps I would be angry if I wasn’t so bored

Love & Hip Hop New York Ep. 501 Recap: Bride and Prejudice

Shamira recaps the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop New York so you don't have to watch it

10 Thoughts I Had While Listening To D’Angelo and The Vanguard’s “Black Messiah”

D'Angelo released this third studio album, Black Messiah, at midnight. Here are some initial thoughts on the album.

On Really Wanting To Like J. Cole More Than I Actually Do

Panamas been adamant that he doesn't undestand the hype behind J. Cole. But he's a standup guy so he decided to give 2014 Forest Hills Drive a real listen. Here's the verdict.