Pop Culture

A List Of People I Apparently Look Like

Apparently I look like all lightskinned people.

I’m Only Rooting For Confirmed Shitty Human Floyd Mayweather Because He’s Black. Is This Racist?

Pacquiao seems like a very nice guy and Mayweather is a caricature of every caricature sports movie villain. But, Mayweather happens to be Black. And since I also happen to be Black, I'd rather see him win.

Madonna Sucks The Everlasting Living Human Spirit Soul Out Of Drake

I can't help but wonder what a kiss from Madonna must taste like. Gluten-free Rolaids? A Martian accent?

I’m A Music Snob…And I’m Somehow Obsessed With Ciara’s “I Bet”

I never saw it coming. It's like walking into a spider web and standing no chance of ever getting rid of all the silky threads. But then kinda liking it.

Love & Hip Hop NY Season 5 Reunion Recap (Part 1): Who Asked You, Erica?

Round 1 of the LHHNY Reunion took place and, well, things happened.

Is Furious 7 A “Black” Movie? (Hint: Yes)

Furious 7 has a cast so Black that I wouldn't be surprised if Clifton Powell was in a deleted scene, as Tyrese's aint shit Uncle Man-Man or something

Love & Hip Hop NY Ep. 515 Recap: How Did We Get Here?

I feel like my brain is at the tail end of a ratchet Spartan race