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Facts About Blacks: The Concert I Just Attended Edition

Panama attended a concert last night. While there, he managed to make some observations that doubled as facts and he'd like to share them with you. Sharing is caring, after all.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Ep. 1: Here’s What Happens To Dreams Defferred

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood premiered on VH1on Monday night and it was everything one could wish for in LCD entertainment. And we're here for it. Won't you be our neighbor?

Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child. Or Nah?

Former Minnesota Viking Cris Carter had something to get off his chest about the Adrian Peterson situation. He felt some type of way. But he made some good points. What say you?

Paul George Got On Twitter This Morning. He Shouldn’t Have.

Paul George decided to share his thoughts on the Ray Rice situation. You know how this ends.

7 Other Things The NFL Is Probably Lying About

According to the AP, the NFL received a copy of the Ray Rice video in April, before handing down his penalty for mollywopping his wife, janay Palmer. Allegedly, the NFL has no knowledge of ever receiving the video. Sounds like the NFL is lying. What else could they be lying about?

Cinema Bun Podcast Episode 12 featuring Panama Jackson – Baby Boy

Panama joins Berook and Tonja as a guest on the Cinema Bun Podcast and they discuss one of the most polarizing, but wonderful Black movies of all time, Baby Boy.

#ThatSo90s: Jodeci – Stay

There is no convo about 90s R&B without Jodeci. They came, they saw, they conquered. The video for "Stay" is a perfect example. Panama discusses Jodeci's place in history and the video for their hit single "Stay".

Four Questions After Watching The Ray Rice Video

The video of Ray Rice knocking out his wife, Janay Palmer, has gone public and raised a lot more questions than it answers. Jozen takes a shot at asking some of those questions.

Proof That God Really Does Exist: Carlton Banks Is On Dancing With The Stars

Although I belong to a church, I wouldn't call myself a "church person." Still, I do believe in ...

10 Thoughts I Had While Watching VH1′s “ATL Rise” Rock Doc

VH1 debuted "ATL: The Untold Story of Atlanta's Rise in the Rap Game" last night. It took a brother back to those early days in Atlanta as it became the Motown of the South. And conjured up some other thoughts as well. Have a look see.

#IStandWithJoseline: Why Part 2 of the Love and Hip Hop Reunion Was a Trifling Mess

Part 2 of The Love & Hip-Hop: ATLANTA Reunion aired last night and Joseline and Stevie went full rager on the entire cast. Somehow, the cast of Ain't Shit Extraordinaires then discussed what's wrong with Joseline and Stevie and pretended they were above it all. Yeah. No.

5 Unauthorized Behind The Scenes Movies I’d Like To See

Lifetime debuted their Unauthorized story about Saved By The Bell based on the tales of "Screech". Well, there are other shows I'd love to see get the unauthorized treatment. Check them out!

10 Ridiculous Rap Names From The Era We All Love

Somebody told me Bobby Shmurda had a wack rap name. So I reminded them that the 90s era happened and it was full of non-sense too. How so? Take a look.

We Don’t Get It. But Somehow These Dudes Stay Gettin’ It. #D1CKTOOBOMB ALLSTARS?

Nobody seems to understand why certain men are so popular with the ladies. Well these guys are leading the pack of confusion. How Sway?! How?

Joe Budden, The Epitome Of Bitchassness

Joe Budden has apparently been keeping himself busy since Love & Hip Hop. Because we know h...