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Azealia Banks Is Right On Iggy But Wrong On Just About Everything Else

Azealia Banks has managed to give her input on a varied number of subjects. And even when she manages to be right she finds a way to be wrong.

A Ranking Of The Most Awkward Things That Happen In Strip Clubs

Here's a ranking of the most awkward things that can happen to you in a strip club. Because why not?

I Tried To Get Mad About VH1’s Sorority Sisters. (And I Failed.)

Perhaps I would be angry if I wasn’t so bored

Love & Hip Hop New York Ep. 501 Recap: Bride and Prejudice

Shamira recaps the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop New York so you don't have to watch it

10 Thoughts I Had While Listening To D’Angelo and The Vanguard’s “Black Messiah”

D'Angelo released this third studio album, Black Messiah, at midnight. Here are some initial thoughts on the album.

On Really Wanting To Like J. Cole More Than I Actually Do

Panamas been adamant that he doesn't undestand the hype behind J. Cole. But he's a standup guy so he decided to give 2014 Forest Hills Drive a real listen. Here's the verdict.

VSB Roundtable: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion Recap

Last night, part 2 of LHH Hollywood's Reunion show aired, closing out the season. Well, no season is complete without some thoughts from the VSB squad.

10 Possible Reasons Why Diddy May Have Hit Drake With a 3-Piece

Drake and Puffy got into a fight in Miami after Drake said or did something disrespectful. We don't know what it was, but here are some possibilities.

On Rolling Stone, Sexual Assault, The Facts, And The Bigger Picture

Rolling Stone published a story about a rape at the University of Virginia. Now, everybody wants to know what really happened.

Why The Chris Brown, Drake, And Karaoke Love Triangle Is The Most Lightskinneded Thing We’ve Ever Seen This Week

Because, considering the source, there's a 92.4% chance Kaleidoscope and Drake never actually dated

I Came, I Saw, And I Conquered The Beyhive

When people told me to watch out for this notorious group of cyber-basics who might barnstorm my mentions, I LLOL’d - that’s laughed literally out loud

Dear America, Where’s My Hug?

I know America doesn't care. America keeps telling me it doesn't and I keep hoping it does. But I know the truth. I thought I was Malcolm X. It turns out that I am Hazel E.

Toni Morrison To Release New Novel, And I’m Preparing To Pretend To Understand It

There are not enough superlatives to describe the work of Toni Morrison, America's greatest livi...