The VSB Files–Episode 005: Montana Fishburne, Kanye West, & Intimidating Women

What’s up everybody!

We’ve decided to bless you with another episode of the VSB Files. Join Panama Jackson, The Champ and Liz as we talk a little bit about what’s on our minds. Some thangs we cover in this episode: Continue reading

The VSB Files — Episode 004: It’s The Return

Join the Very Smart Brothas (and Liz) as they return from the hiatus of a lifetime and dive headfirst into the nonsense that is the current Elin-Tiger Woods debacle and answer a bunch of the formspring questions that The Champ has let pile up. Are you ready? Tevin Campbell asked but nobody ever answered. It’s time to answer, people.

We’re back, b*tches

Back for the first time and here to stay. (You know, assuming everything goes smoothly, which it most certainly never does.)
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