Artists Who Probably Only Listen To Their Own Music

A lot of musicians are extremely passionate about their music. Some seem like they may be a little more than others; so much so they probably ONLY listen to their own music. Here's our list of possibles!

How To Be Really Good At Being A Down-Low Brotha

My Facebook feed caught a bout of amnesia this morning, as people were sharing and talking about Farrah Gray's "10 Signs On How To Tell If He’s On The Down Low" -- a list so 2004 that I felt like it was performance art.

Why I’m Totally Here For Kyla McMullen’s List Of 73 Sexy Science Sistas

Because NSBE conventions are like Freaknik before everyone knew Freaknik was Freaknik, but for Black people with Uber accounts.

Little Ways I Help The World Be A Better Place Every Day

Panama is out here trying to make the world a better place by doing good things and being a great person. What are you doing to make the world a better place? Huh? Huh?

People Who May Be Just As Crazy As The Characters They Play(ed)

Logan Browning is SO good at playing this truly insane woman that I'm afraid that she may be that insane in real life

Frozen Isn’t Worth It, But These Movies Are Totally Worth Breaking Up Over

A woman in Japan is requesting a divorce because her husband doesn't like Frozen. Panama thinks that's crazy. So he came up with a list of movies worth getting a divorce over.

10 Things Much Less Loyal Than Hoes

If we're defining loyalty as being dependable, reliable, and faithful, there are millions of things much less loyal than hoes.

10 Things You Need To Know If You Were Invited To A Wedding This Summer

Unless they're in that 1% of salmon-colored pants wearing motherf*ckers whose family owns the rights to the color orange, your soon-to-be married friends will need money.

10 Thoughts I Had While Watching Game 5 of The Eastern Conference Finals

I had plans to write this epic post about something amazing. It was going to change the game. The wa...

Panama Asks The Hard Questions: Is It Really Nothing To Cut a *CENSORED* Off?

Rapper-cum-lately unextraordinaire, K.Camp, has a song out making its rounds via radio and the c...

The Five People Most Upset By Kim And Kanye’s Wedding

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got married last weekend. Judging from their wedding pictures and...

4 Unreasonable Expectations During Spirited Disagreements

You don't want to get into an argument with me. Not a debate. I like debates. I'm respectful and I r...

How To Create The Best Shitty Relationship Advice Meme

Yesterday afternoon, VSB veteran Cheekie forwarded me the meme above. She obviously assumed I'd ...

The Definitive Guide To Racially Profiling The Police

While returning home after taking the Gay Reindeer to work yesterday morning, I glanced in my re...

Three Thoughts About Leslie Jones, SNL, And Black Comedy In Front Of White People

1. Think of all the times you laughed at a joke or story that you didn't think was actually fun...