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To My Dearest Bennett College Belles

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Over the past week, some simmering tensions have reached a fever pitch, ignited by an article written by an alumna of Bennett College, Aziza Jackson, calling for the end of the brother-sister relationship between Morehouse College and Bennett College because Morehouse sucks. While Ms. Jackson takes out most of her frustrations on her fellow “brothers” from Morehouse, she does manage to slide in some shade at the “low-hanging fruit” across the street. Of course, that would be Spelman College, the school that most people associate with Morehouse (and most of us Morehouse Men associate ourselves with). What followed were other articles from Bennett Belles feigning ignorance at how any woman from Spelman could take such words as disrespect (I’m sure that entire article was written with a wink) and articles from Spelman women responding to the “clap back” articles from Bennett. And in the middle of it all, I think Brick killed a guy.

And apparently – though I didn’t see any of it myself – Twitter became a firestorm of back and forth between past and current students of Morehouse, Bennett, and Spelman. I’m sure that was a real brouhaha.

Let’s just start with the obvious: what you’re not gon’ do is call Spelman low-hanging fruit, then hide your hands and pretend it was ONLY meant to mean “next door”. Everybody knows what low-hanging fruit means. It’s even pejorative when people are literally picking fruit. Look, I have love for my Bennett sisters, but let’s be real, there was NO way that shade was going to be left alone. What started out as legitimate frustration (we’ll get to this in a moment) ended up looking like bitterness because of some alleged second-tier status on the Morehouse ladder, which is a problem in and of itself. It ends up looking like a group of women upset that the “constitutional” leverage they’re granted by admission to Bennett for the adoration of Morehouse Men got usurped solely because there are a group of women across the street that we see everyday.

Instead of beef with Morehouse, it looks like beef with Spelman. And beef, shit, Spelman women overcook that meat. Do you remember what they did to Nelly? Also, the beef angle looks funny because I’m sure quite a few Spelman Women are definitely looking at their Morehouse counterparts with the exact same disdain, specifically BECAUSE they got to spend every day with us.

There is indeed a thin line between love and hate. And it is called Westview Drive.

But let’s get back to the frustration that some (obviously not all) Bennett Belles have with their brothers from Morehouse College. The main issue – and it is a fair one – is that, for the most part, the brother-sister relationship is more of an idea than an actuality. There is very little done to foster a true sense of brotherhood and sisterhood between the two schools. This to me is a legit concern. Hell, I didn’t even know Bennett College existed, let alone that they were our official sister school, when I got to Morehouse. Though full dislcosure, I’d never heard of the majority of schools that were on our football schedule, either. Apparently my Black college knowledge was less than stellar. Point is, I found out that we had a sister school way up in North Carolina, but I had my own Spelman Sister from Philadaelphia who I could hang with after class on the steps of Gloster every afternoon. And we were fast friends. It’s not that I didn’t care about Bennett College. Quite the contrary, I thought it was cool that if I were to ever run into a woman from Bennett, I could point out that she was my sister.

But for four years, I had my Spelman sisters. I even took tons of classes at Spelman. I love Spelman and I love the many women I came to know and love from there and the relationships I was able to build that still exist today. ALL of my closest friends either went to Morehouse or Spelman. On the Bennett hand side, I can count on one hand the number of women I know from Bennett. Now, the two who immediately come to mind are great women, but I only know two.

If Bennett women were coming down for homecoming while I was in college, I either had no clue or wasn’t cool enough to approach any. But most likely, I just had no idea. During homecoming we’re all walking around tailgating and really enjoying the moment. Nobody is taking the time to ensure they’re fostering constitutionally bound relationships. Morehouse College AND Bennett College could have done more to create a sense of community between our two schools. There could have been some kind of event specifically created to make sure we all got a chance to meet. That falls on the backs of both schools. This is something I could get behind.

But it didn’t happen or hasn’t. And I wasn’t active in the student government so I have no idea if leadership from the two schools do any real connecting or not when it comes to homecoming. So while I get the frustration, its not just on the fault of Morehouse. Both schools could do a better job. And the truth is, I’d imagine that, unfortunately, the only group truly upset about this is Bennett because, well, we do have have our sisters across the street. And lucky for us, those sisters are Spelman Women, some of the smartest, brightest, most beautiful, accomplished, and impressive women on the planet. I don’t know why Spelman College isn’t our “constitutionally bound” sister school in the first place, but it matters not. Proximity breeds affection on both sides.

If I went to Bennett and was told about my brother school and somebody implied that the red-carpet was going to be rolled out and all I saw was a red fruit rollup somebody dropped on the ground when I got there, I might be pissed to. But I also might realize its homecoming and I might as well take advantage of being in Atlanta during the turnup. There are so many people out during homecoming that if you’re there to meet people, you’re going to meet people, and invariably, some of those people will be Morehouse students. I can understand feeling like, “hey, I’m here in Atlanta at Morehouse and I went to Bennett and nobody cares” but realize that unless somebody specifically states that I have to care about you, I probably won’t anyway unless we meet organically and it becomes something.

I don’t agree with Ms. Jackson (sorry), that we should end the brother/sister relationship. It can still mean something; both schools just have to be more active in that process. But the truth is, that will never trump the brother/sister relationship that exists with Spelman, anyway. It just won’t. It can’t. Sure, some bitter Morehouse dude who gets played by 2,000 too many Spelman women will tell you that he prefers a Bennett woman over a Spelman woman, but I mean, we don’t like him at Morehouse either. The fact is, Spelman is right there. But that’s only the half. Meeting those women makes it easy to understand why so many Morehouse Men are drawn into those gates (and have risked rubber bullets as we tried to scurry through the gates before midnight).

It’s not personal. I will always have love for Bennett College, the institution and the many fine women who graced her halls. But I love Spelman, for Spelman was nearly as vital to my college experience as Morehouse. If there is one true drawback to Bennett it’s that. Bennett can’t be influential in my life the way Spelman was and continues to be via the relationships I’ve built and my daughter who is already convinced that she’s going to Spelman.

To the ladies of Bennett, if you ever feel like us Morehouse Men don’t care, always remember…each one, teach one…

…and Tupac cares, even if nobody else cares.

Thank you and good night.


Panama Jackson

Panama Jackson is pretty fly (and gorgeous) for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. He refuses to eat cocaine chicken. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future. You can hit him on his hitter at

  • Brookwater

    Old head Spelman alumna here… I actually found the article somewhat amusing, then was sadden by all of the back and forth on Twitter. All of it struck me as girls fighting over dudes that could really could not care less.

    What makes the Homecoming argument especially funny to me is back in the day Spelmanites were up in arms because Bennett Belles were allowed to get in the Homecoming games for free and we had to pay. One year (I think it was around ’86) we actually boycotted the game to “chill on the hill” next to BT Harvey Stadium. We did Spelman chants an basically made a spectical of ourselves. Fun times.

    • AlwaysCC

      that protest sounds like it was so awesome for so many reasons lol

      • Brookwater

        OH, it was!

  • heyheyno

    I did not know about this relationship. You learn something new everyday.

    • jimmyjam2132

      Right…I’m just sitting here, sipping my Hampton University tea (QTV in the house!)

      • heyheyno

        Oh ok Hampton my sister goes there lol. I’m sipping my NCCU tea because we don’t have a brother/sister relationship with anyone lol.

  • heyheyno

    Wait did my comment get erased?

  • menajeanmaehightower

    Never heard of the school and honestly thought Morehouse and Spelmen were the brother/sister school. Why would the sister school be in an entirely different state?

  • I swear when I read the article, when you posted it on your page, my initial reaction was “well this sounds like some petty bitter mess”. I still feel pretty much the same. However, my approach is different because, I’ve never been a group type, and I went to college with the intent to learn. I made a few friends along the way, but anyone that didn’t care to be my friend (or lover, which sounds like an issue here to be honest) wasn’t anyone I really invested much mental energy into. But again…PWIs raised me so…I don’t really have a frame of reference do I?

  • Roz Cat

    Dang, I grew up knee-deep in Morehouse lore, just a few hour’s ride from Atlanta. My pastor, doctor and numerous male relatives and neighbors went to Morehouse. 1/4th of the boys in my Jack and Jill chapter went there. I’ve been to the Morehouse games, concerts and social events dozens of times in my lifetime. I have never ever ever heard about the supposed connection between Morehouse and Bennett.

  • Kokoapearls

    Very sad to see this being brought back up after two weeks. Bennett belles have moved on, but I can see how a SIMPLE OPINION piece can upset the masses. You writing this only opened up a can of worms for all three schools. Bennett belles have established a couple connections for those who want to be connected. Bennett Belles are not salty, we are just disappointed. I guess ALL of Morehouse can’t be blamed for the disrespect that some Belles feel. I just pray this foolishness can be left in 2015. Blacks at HBCU’s and PWI’s need more publicity than a foolish rivalry. I don’t understand why the three schools can’t be great together, but I guess that is too difficult for some. Maybe we can create ‘Sbellhouse’ one day. LMAO Be blessed my brother.

  • BlueSteele

    When ppl question PWIs’ ability to offer an enriching experience for black students but you have HBCUs dragging each other…

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