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#ThxBirthControl, Because Making Love Is Awesome. Making Babies?…Maybe Later




Who doesn’t like it? Disaffected TV housewife stereotypes with diminishing libidos? The castrati?

Everyone else though? Everyone else is pretty into it. Way into it. Maybe “a little too into” considering Kim Kardashian’s entire career trajectory. But would we and our raging hormones, really have it any other way? This is why birth control is a life saver.

Today is the second annual “Thanks, Birth Control Day,” #ThxBirthControl, supported by Bedsider.org. It’s all about (obviously) how thankful we are for the little pills that are the difference between uninhibited doing it and becoming someone’s “Baby Daddy.”

NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT…but maybe some folks would like to finish college before they start changing diapers.

And we’re not alone! Ninety percent of adults believe that for those doing it with no intention on raising a kid, birth control is the responsible way to go. And a whopping 99 percent of all sexually active women have used birth control at some point. (And we thank you for it too! Thanks, ladies who use birth control. And thanks to ladies in general. And thanks, birth control. We’re just thankful. Thank you!)

Why are we supporting this campaign? Well, along with loving baby-free sex, eight out of 10 adults think more people would use birth control if they knew about the benefits and methods of birth control available. And more than half of sexually active college-age women say they’d be more likely to use birth control if people would just talk about it and its benefits more.

So we’re talking!

Birth control shouldn’t be taboo! (Not when 99 percent of y’all have used it.) Also, having the ability to plan, prevent and determine when you’re ready to have a child benefits everyone! Women, men, children and society as a whole gain from adults having more educational and economic opportunities by being able to decide when they’re ready to get pregnant. So today, let’s tweet #ThxBirthControl and tell the world how great doing without “surprise baby” can be.


But birth control takes the surprise out of surprise baby and makes it “baby you were ready for and planned for.”

And that’s what’s up.

(Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. All opinions and stories are my own.)

Danielle Belton

Danielle Belton is a journalist, TV writer and satirist. You can read more of her writings at daniellebelton.com.

  • Shoot the club up….shoot the club up…..

  • miss t-lee

    Can’t really thank birth control when I know too many folks who were on BC and are now parents.
    I’m gonna thank the man upstairs for not letting me be in that 1%.

    • Rachmo

      First and foremost, I want to give all honor to the Most High…

    • Lolalove

      Ain’t that the truth! I love my goddaughter, but I could think back to her mother saying,
      “But I got the shot!! The lady said it’ll last 14 weeks!!”

      • miss t-lee

        I know at least 5 ladies that got hemmed up while on the Depo shot.
        No suh.

  • Pinks

    I tried it for a short time in college and after my first child (because the NP who was filling in for my OBGYN made me feel like a harlot for not being on it and SHOCK, GASP, HORROR being unmarried). Both times I had negative side effects and just didn’t feel right taking it, so both times it only lasted about a month before we abandoned it for the pull-out method. I’m now married to my son’s father and have another on the way thanks to wedding night shenanigans. I have a period tracker app that lets me know when I’m fertile and when he shouldn’t be splash waterfalling allupinchea, which worked for four years until, again – wedding night shenanigans. Hopefully this one’s a girl so we can be done and get back to working the pull and pray lol

    • miss t-lee

      The tracker app is golden.

      • Pinks

        24K gold, yo. I get a little chuckle every now and then when checking it just to see I’m 70 days past due or whatever lol

        • miss t-lee


  • #ThxBirthControl cause you work, when used the correct way!

  • Meridian

    S*x is something we all participate in and I like to do it as safely as possible. I don’t put myself in a position to have a child I’m not ready to rear just because I wanted to do something physically satisfying. I’m not going to accidentally create a life with someone who I only considered to be a passerby in the story of my life. I’m gonna have to thank c*ndoms (with honorable mention to their lack of having side effects) and selective mating, but birth control is awesome for the raw dog life.

  • MrsT

    For the purposes of not changing diapers, birth control pills are great but all that glitters ain’t gold. I started taking the pill in college (more than a decade ago), I recently had to stop for health reasons. And now that my body has been chemically-based hormone free for a few months, I see birth control as double edged sword. I am grateful for all of the pregnancy prevention, but oh my goodness the side effects! Things I didn’t even realize were being caused by taking the pill, like a 3 year long chronic sinus infection. I can breathe now. Like never being able to keep my eyes open beyond 10:00 pm on a Friday night from constant fatigue. I can stay awake like a grown up now. Like having little to no sex drive–yes that’s right birth control kills your libido #irony (depletes natural testosterone production). I actually want to do grown up things when I’m awake now! And I lost 5 lbs to boot! The #husbae and I are down with condoms and the period tracker until my doc can provide some other options–or better yet I can convince him to get the ol’ snip snip. Imma let this post cook, but for me not taking birth control has been amazingly life changing and I am NEVER going back.

    • I got the snip-snip. Tell him its not bad at all, plus he gets to enjoy your renewed libido without having to strap on a rubber.

      • miss t-lee

        The dudes I know who’ve gotten snipped haven’t regretted it for a sec.

      • RewindingtonMaximus

        I’ve been thinking about it, glad you told me, I think I will go on ahead with it.

        • It’s mental. Dudes dont want to think they stuff wont work or something. Your woman getting off the pill is awesome in all kinds of ways, plus not having to use a rubber or the old school pull out method makes it sooooooo worth it.

          • RewindingtonMaximus

            I’m glad you said that. I’ve been thinking for a while now that my wife’s weight gain is due in part to the pill. I think its time she comes off of it. I’d gladly go through with this method to help her with that.

      • I’m against it, if only because I would consider having kids again at one point if I got married. Still, if you know you’re done with your procreative sex, I’m in favor. :)

    • Pinks

      I hadn’t even considered my decreased libido as a result of the BC, because it happened right around the time I had just given birth to our first. That was 4 years ago, but I wonder if it could’ve done some long-lasting damage. A light really just went off in this head of mine.

      • MrsT

        Its scientifically documented, the synthetic progesterone binds the enzymes that create free roaming testosterone in a woman’s body. Testosterone drives s3x drive, can’t have one without the other. I spent years thinking there was something really wrong with me and it was effecting our relationship. I read about it on another blog and started digging, it made all the sense in the world. But no body ever talks about it, maybe they figure that’s an added level of protection :-/.

    • miss t-lee

      Side effects were the reason I said goodbye to the hormonal stuff years ago.

      • yep. I tried BC for about 6 months and said nawl.

  • I saw a female condom in the real world for the first time. Should of took it.

    • miss t-lee

      I still haven’t met a lady IRL who uses them.

      • not a single one. Their look alone sucks all the joy out of chex

        • miss t-lee

          Agreed. Failure all around.

          • im so sure a man made it….no god-fearing wise woman would create a garbage bag looking condom for us

            • miss t-lee


            • RewindingtonMaximus

              I think maybe it was supposed to be a prototype of a parachute or bug catching net first

      • I have. Good times. Good, GOOD times. If they’d make them cheaper and easier to insert, I’d be handing them out like fliers. :)

        • miss t-lee

          Hmmm. Thanks for that feedback.

    • I saw one in college when they gave out a bag of jimmy hats (shout out to Gator) and other things and it looked way to scientific to be fun.

    • RewindingtonMaximus

      Or used it as a parachute

      • Room to move around is a good thing

        • RewindingtonMaximus

          True, but there’s a difference between a tight space and the Jacob Javits Center

          • I appreciate the Javits Center, particularly the clear exterior. #seewhatididthere

  • condoms and IUD’s and depo shots (THE DEVIL! BEWARE) and tiny pills and patches and rings…..we thank you. Now I’m just waiting for the FDA to finally approve the male birth control pill theyve been talking about for years…..

    • would men really hop on board with those?

      • Before I got papers put on me I used to joke that I would free base it back in the day but I have questions about what it does to testosterone and other hormone levels.

        • Interesting. Men probably don’t even care about the hormonal and mental changes women go through when we subject ourselves to birth control. I suppose it’s one of those things that men don’t care about until it directly affects them.

          • If I have to care for, live, date, be around, or whatever with a gal then yeah it’s on my radar. As far as the changes for dudes I have no idea what the testosterone/hormonal changes would do to my muscular system, energy, drive, or future prostate issues. So 35 year old me is wary of it but 25 year old me would have been been all about it.

          • Folasade

            This is exactly why I don’t take bc. Had a CRAZY reaction to nuvaring 2 years ago and it made crazy sick. The side effects were too much for me and the funny thing was I took it off and one for like 5 years. After that episode just stuck to the “rhythm method” for like a year and it kept me fetus free. lol.

          • I knew a girl in MIDDLE school who took a form of BC because her cycle caused her a substantial amount of pain. A relative won’t take it because of the weight gain, and it affected her when she was really ready to conceive.
            A few of us are here for yall, because when it affects someone you know, you kinda care a bit.

      • if EYE were a ninja i sure would….imagine:
        Girl: Bae, I’m preggo, and its yours
        Boy: Nawl, I take my pill ERRDAY, even the white placebo pills at the end of the month

        • Lolalove

          Except it’s not a pill, it’s a needle shot (one) to their penis! Alll the men I know immediately said “helllllllllll naw” once I told them that. *le sigh*

          People could be all up in my lady balls but they don’t want to take one shot which lasts 10 yrs.

          • Um, I’m taking one for the team. I dunno about you. :)

      • RewindingtonMaximus

        I’m considering a vasectomy, so I’d gladly take a pill before getting snipped. So would other dudes, if we knew it wouldn’t screw our hormones out of wack.

        • kidvideo

          What’s wrong wit just sticking with condoms?

          I can see if you were married wit a couple kids already.

          • RewindingtonMaximus

            I don’t want kids at all. Period. So in reality, this just saves me a bunch of annoying steps for the future.

        • Do you have any kids already?

          • RewindingtonMaximus

            No. And I don’t feel like I’m going to change my mind on that issue. I figure I’ll leave a couple of samples in the bank if I ever change my mind beforehand, but I’m fine with getting snipped.

            • Any reason why you don’t want children? Care to share?

              • RewindingtonMaximus

                I grew up too fast as a kid, had a couple of bad experiences as a teenager that forced me to be a man real early. In that respect, I’ve taken care of my family in my own way the whole time. This past year or so has been the first time I’ve been doing things just for me, or me and the misses. So I can’t see me giving up that newfound freedom for kids. So many things I want to do and experience that my health and my experiences stopped me from in the past. Plus, all the women with kids that I dated left a bad taste in my mouth too, and I realized that life aint for me.

                • kidvideo

                  I feel ya bruh.

      • Abso-f*cking-lutely! While it wouldn’t protect STDs, that would be one less worry on my soul.

    • Keisha

      RIGHT! :-/ You know what though? I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t/couldn’t trust them to take it correctly… :-/

      • miss t-lee

        I wouldn’t either.

      • It’s winter time. Why the shade?

        • Keisha

          I’m just saying…some men are out here looking for women to make mothers. I don’t have any kids by choice, not accident. Trusting a man that much involves a lot of risk and leaves too much room for error. #truth

  • Motorcity Mami

    Today is my #thankgodfortuballigation day because years of being on long-term birth control has wreaked havoc on my body. It’s such a lose-lose situation for us ladies who are sensitive to the side effects, but it’s like either be fat, moody, and have a low immune system, or be fat, moody and broke with a kid….27 with 2 little ones.. I’m good on raising anymore kids…tubes being tied in January #thankyoulord

    • Pinks

      My mom said after my brother she got hers tied, snipped, burnt lol

  • RewindingtonMaximus

    Thank you b-control pills for being as poppable as Molly, as available as heroin, and as popular as weed. You’ve done wonders for many lives, especially when combined with those above drugs

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