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Three Thoughts About The Uppercut Heard Round The Internet

1. It was 5th grade and I was on a school bus, headed back from a class field trip. Because we had been acting up on the way there, we had assigned seats. I was sitting next to “Kim Johnson” — a fellow 5th grader who I maybe said five words to the entire time I was in school.

Anyway, I forgot exactly what caused me to do this — I think a friend sitting behind me called my name — but for some reason I felt compelled to turn around in my seat and look behind me. In doing this, I must have accidentally elbowed Kim or allowed my bookbag to brush against her face. My motives remain unknown. What is known, are the consequences.

When I sat down, Kim smacked me in the face harder than I’ve ever been hit by anyone before or since. The smack was so hard that there was an audible gasp from the rest of the bus. I even vaguely remember the teacher chaperone on the bus forgetting where she was and saying “Oh shit!”

Just as memorable as the smack, though, is what I did in response to it: absolutely nothing. I sat down, looked straight ahead, and acted as if she didn’t just smack the shit out of me in front of 30 people. Strangely enough, she did the same thing, and we just sat there in silence until we got back to school.

I didn’t respond because, well, as long as I could remember, my parents (my dad especially) were very adamant about the fact that boys didn’t hit girls, and that boys who hit girls were punk-ass little boys. I wasn’t scared. I just had no idea what the f*ck to do. I’m sure my household wasn’t the only household where this lesson took place, as I’m sure most guys reading this — well, most guys with dads around — were told something similar.

Thing is, at that age, because of the repeated reminders that boys don’t hit girls, I didn’t consider the possibility that some girls actually hit people first. (I really believed all that sugar and spice bullshit, lol) Since I never even considered that possibility, I never thought to ask my dad “Well, what do I do if a girl hits me?” and I’m also certain I’m not the only boy who never thought to ask that.

I’m bringing this all up because that uppercut heard ’round the internet reminded me of the fact that some men — myself included — have absolutely no idea what to do if in a situation where a woman is potentially jeopardizing your safety. I know how to handle a guy — well, I know the socially acceptable ways to handle a guy — but women are a completely different animal. Obviously, “uppercut dat hoe” probably isn’t the best answer, but aside from knowing that I wouldn’t have punched her, I honestly have no idea what I would have done if I was that bus driver. Stop the bus? Restrain her crazy ass somehow? (Btw, it amuses me when people say things like “just restrain her.”  like grabbing someone while they’re smacking, scratching, and spitting on you is the easiest option. Shit, I’m 6’2 and 225 pound and I can’t even restrain my cat. How the f*ck am I supposed to subdue some hoodrat high off the steroids found in project Similac without exerting some real physical force?) Call the police? Call my mom and my sister to come kick her ass? Turn around, walk away, and chance them cracking you in the back of the head with a bottle?

Obviously, stop the bus and call the police is the best option, but while I maintain that he was 100% in the wrong (more on this in a bit), if he’s at all like many of the men I know, I’m (somewhat) sympathetic towards him because most guys don’t sit around thinking about “What should I do if some crazy bitch starts fighting me?” That’s a question I’ve never asked myself, and one of the reasons why I date nothing but bougie Black chicks is that I don’t ever want to.

2. It’s interesting how much of a role gender plays in how we process what happened. For instance, there’d be no negative push back if this was a female bus driver dealing with an unruly male or an unruly female patron. In fact, if it was a female bus driver knocking out some thug who threatened her, she’d probably be on “Good Morning America” this week and she’d get a shout out from the president.

Even more interesting is how much of a role gender played in what happened. If this was some male thug causing the disturbance, I doubt it would have escalated that far because the driver (male or female) probably would have called the police much sooner.

Also — and this is where I lose respect for the driver — if you watch the video, you can hear him saying “You wanna act like a man. I’ll treat you like a man” to the woman he hit. Thing is, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he would not have hit another dude like that. None whatsoever. Basically, “I’ll treat you like a man” is him saying “I’m gonna use the “treat you like a man” excuse to hit you in a way that I want people to think I’d hit a man…even though I actually would never dare hitting some random thug dude like that.”

3. You ever play the “are they ok?” game? Not sure? Well, lemme explain it. The “are they ok?” game is played when you’re out in public and you see someone completely bust their ass in a way that makes you want to see if they’re ok. Thing is, the ok has nothing to do with their safety and everything to do with the fact that you want to make sure they’re not seriously hurt first before you start laughing because, well, you don’t want to feel bad about laughing at it. (The difference between “good” and “bad” people? Good people wait to see before laughing, and bad people just don’t give a damn.)

I’m bringing this up because I played a virtual form of the “are they ok?” game after viewing that punch. I googled the woman who was hit just to make sure she was ok, because, well, I wouldn’t have been able to fully appreciate the fact that it might have been the single best uppercut I’ve ever seen.

How impressive was that uppercut? I literally jumped out of my seat when I saw it. Literally. Like, I was sitting at a table, jumped out of my seat, banged my knee on the table, and ended up knocking my laptop and my feta and shrimp omelet on the floor. I need a new laptop now (I still ate the omelet, though). In 10 years, Tyler Perry will buy the rights to that YouTube footage, cast Drake in a dreadlocked wig as the bus driver and Willow Smith as the hoodrat who just really needs a light skinned man to massage her temples at night, set the entire movie in a church parking lot, and call it “Tyler Perry Presents: Drivin Me To Heaven.”

I realize that admiring the actual punch while being disgusted by its existence takes quite a bit of cognitive dissonance. In some way, I think that being a fan of sports — football in particular — makes it a bit easier to make those distinctions. If you ever yelped at a vicious tackle, felt bad when the guy didn’t immediately get up, and felt less bad when you saw that he was going to be ok, you’ve “practiced” being able to process the ambivalent feelings felt when viewing a video like this.

Is this a dangerous thought process? I don’t know. I do know that I’ve viewed that video perhaps a dozen times now, and I feel bad that I don’t feel worse about it.

—Damon Young (aka “The Champ”)

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Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for and EBONY Magazine. And a founding editor for 1839. And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at Or don't. Whatever.


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  • First its my birthday b!tches!!!
    Second. Dont do hit someone if u not ready for them to hit u back
    I have more to say but I’m doing 5 min shots and its almost time.

    • Yoles

      Happy Born Day to you AND mi mama!!!!!!!

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      Happy birthday girl!

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      Happy birthday.

    • Val

      Well all of the women over at Clutch seemed to think she got what she deserved, except me. I guess something must be wrong with me because I found the incident sad.

      Sad because the woman probably acted the way she did on the premise that a man wouldn’t hit her. Sad because obviously she forgot she was Black and different rules apply to Black women. Sad because everyone seemed to view this without context. Sad that so few felt any sympathy or empathy for her.

      But, as I said, something must be wrong with me.

      • Val

        Champ, would you delete this comment please. It’s in the wrong place. Thanks. :-)

        • LOL, I just had a comment get eaten. Today the server is not our friend…

          • Val

            Lol. I think you’re right. I saw someone’s comment post twice down thread.

      • Hamp

        This bus driver didn’t want to hit this women. He didn’t wake up saying, “I’m going to uppercut a b*tch today”.

        We first have to understand both stories of the protagonist and the antagonist.

        The fact is this man is from the same neighborhood as the women. He knows her momma, brother, daddy–he knows her whole family, and none of those muthaf*ckus aint sh*t. She comes on the bus every gotdamn day and causes trouble, putting herself and other people’s lives in danger–and she be stankin, too. She aint never liked the bus driver, ever since he beat the sh*t out of her brother back in ’89. Not able to get over this, she has made it a life long crusade to persecute this man, every opportunity she can, even if that means coming to his place of work. Basically, she has a reputation as being the worst person in Cleveland.

        Meanwhile, the bus driver, he’s been in and out of the system–mostly for assault n sh*t, but he’s trying to get his life right. Luckily, as a bus driver he has received a second chance and wants nothing more than to just do better. He actually was interested in being a bus driver because of the dignity and respect he receives in getting people to point a to b, safely–he takes his job VERY serious. Also, he likes his job because, the long hours on the road gives him a chance to self-reflect n sh*t.

        So when this women decides to come up on HIS job–HIS GOTDAMN place of employment and cuss him out, in front of his loyal patrons–He just snapped. (Really when was the last time someone right off the street came into your office and started cussing you out!).

        Now to the uppercut. Was it egregious or a proportionate action? I’ve watch the video several times, and have imagined myself on that bus as a rider, as the bus driver. The women is clearly putting the lives of the driver and the riders at stake when she pushes the driver while is driving, because that’s what bus drivers do, they f*ckin drive, and no one wants to be f*cked with when they are driving. In that instance my reaction would be, when I get chance to stop this bus, I’m gonna knock this person out. Now, I wouldn’t naturally default to an uppercut, that’s usually a setup up punch. I think a series of straight jobs would have been more appropriate for her, maybe even a hook– but then again, I haven’t had to fight my whole life to get respect, like this brotha.

        • Rewind

          Hmmm…interesting. That’s a big story right there.

          Clearly the uppercut is a representation of frustration. You don’t just uppercut someone, that is not the default punch you throw. That uppercut was being saved up.

        • WIP

          LOL, love the back stories. Gives this small snippet much more depth.

        • Adonis


          Is this all true?

        • Angela

          I literally HOLLERED throughout this whole post. Hilarious back story.

        • Incognito313

          Dude, you sound dumb as hell. The bus driver was not protecting himself. He was not protecting the people on the bus. Pulling over did that. He got up out of his seat with one purpose on his mind. To retaliate against this b*tch that just hit him. Nothing else. She was not hitting him when he got out the seat. She was not in any contact with dude at the time he got up. He was upset that she hit him, spit on him. You talk about it being his job, well, it’s her transportation to work. It’s not like she got on the bus, started yelling at him and he sat there nice and quiet. No, he was talking ish to her just like she was talking ish to him. He mentioned that her face looked cut up. He wasn’t some innocent bystander that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was involved, just as she was. She started being disrespectful but, he was also disrespectful to her. That man is a b*tch made n*gga who would’ve gotten his ass beat if I’m on that bus.

      • fran

        Nothing wrng with u, just the idiots who don’t feel that way, including champ. Most important note; Those rule don’t apply to black women, unles it is a white man.


          What are these alleged rules you are talking about and what effin difference does the guys race make?

      • SweetSass


      • What do you mean by sad because she forgot she was a black woman?

      • A Woman’s Eyes

        Ain’t a damn thing wrong with you, Val.

        Happy Birthday Sha-di-la-di-la-di-la!

      • Slaphappy&Nappy

        I was shocked by the video and saddened that the driver will probably lose his job because of this. You feel for the “woman” and I feel nothing but contempt for that low-life b*^%~<. Black men and women have it hard in this life and most are simply too stupid and ignorant to even know it. Do you really think the driver got up thinking he'd be spit on and hit by a woman? I can say by the woman's friend laughter and comment it wasn't the first time this woman caused problems. She attacked the bus driver physically because he said she was cut in her face with the insinuation that an altercation had been the cause, to which her friend and most on bus laughed. This struck a nerve with her as it was most likely true. I have to agree he probably wouldn't have hit a man like that. Most men would have realized that the outcome of a brawl may have ended in death for someone because that's how much anger the average urban black carries with them on a day to day basis just dealing in this society. I understand what that black man felt. With all the crap he has to deal with driving a bus, here comes of all things a black woman, not having her money ready, trying to get over and not pay the fare. Then she wants to talk crap, hit and SPIT on me! I'm tried of this! I'll just say what Chris Rock said. "Even an old man deserves to be pushed down the stairs sometimes" I only hope she doesn't get any monetary reward for being a lowlife and I hope she's fired from her job.

      • Lena

        Val it’s sad that u don’t think that man should defend hisself.

      • 1. She got what she was begging for, end of story. In this case, it was (for her) a literal win-win situation.
        Act crazy on the bus and no one does anything besides post a video on YouTube: she can point at herself and brag to her friends about how she’s a “thorough b*tch who don’t take shit from nobody.”
        Act crazy on the bus and have hands placed on her by the bus driver: show up on TV acting like Riley Freeman on the “My teacher called me a nigger!”, episode of The Boondocks and get paid.

        2. I love the fact that (300 comments in) no one on this thread seems to give a D*mn about the other people on the bus (never mind the other drivers and pedestrians on the road.) In Brooklyn, there’s been an epidemic of obnoxious teenagers antagonising, abusing and sometimes assaulting bus drivers while they’re in traffic.

        On one line (B6), traffic is so congested at certain points that a bus driver is far more likely to hit another car (post-hit) than not. Sometimes, the same teenagers who struck the driver in-transit had no problem with stabbing the driver as soon as he brought the bus to a stop. In certain areas, the teenagers stabbed the driver while his foot was still on the gas, causing the bus to weave in different directions and smash into other drivers (and injure the people on the bus, who don’t have the benefit of seatbelts.) This is without taking into consideration the fact that stopping a public bus due to a criminal complaint (in many areas) renders the passengers as witnesses. IOW, once the bus is stopped and the police are called, everyone gets to wait until the police arrive. Grandma has to be home at five to take her must-be-kept-refrigerated eye medication? You’re gonna have to go blind, Miss Mabel, because this girl has an attitude problem. A single mother needs to get to the daycare centre to pick up her kids? Too bad, you’re paying the $5a minute late red because this girl has an attitude problem. Your kid’s first words were “b*tch *ss n*gga”, and you’re trying to avoid foul language so that he’ll stop yelling, “B*tch *ss n*gga!”, in places like church and the supermarket? Sucks to be you, Tynisha Marie, because you get to sit in that bus and hear a girl with an attitude problem use those words until the police show up. Guy with a 3am-3pm job who wants to get home to get some sorely needed sleep? Today, you’re only getting 5 hours because this girl has an attitude problem and you have to wait in the g*dd*mned bus until the police show up and everyone is questioned because this girl has an attitude problem.

        But everyone here (so far) sees the uppercut and the chokehold and says, “Yeah, she hit him, but he took it too far”, as if humans are robots with a “One attack only”, subroutine programmed into their hands, as if it takes an inordinate amount of will for one person to hit another person more than once, as if box cutters weigh 150lbs and razors go at 95lbs themselves. For all he knew, she might have had a straight razor or a box cutter waiting for him. For all we know, that young woman had that as a weekly, if not daily routine (getting on the bus for free, then assaulting people until she gets her way.) For all anyone knows, Little Miss Foul Mouth had her boys waiting at a certain stop and she knew that the bus driver would have to shut the bus down if he was hit, allowing her boys to come in and rob everyone. But you guys see the uppercut and the choke and fall right hack into, “She was just acting out. She didnt do anything to warrant such a vicious assault.”, as if the lot of you are lifelong Cleveland residents who know the girl personally (or, if not personally, know enough about her to be able to say that her bark is far more vicious than her bite.)

        Or, just maybe, none of you have had the “luck” of using your favorite, oldest, most prized sweatshirt as a head wound bandage because some unruly punk decided to get a video of himself punking out a bus driver. If that’s the case, then may fortune continue to smile in your direction.

    • Val

      Oh snap! Sorry, Shay-d-lady. Lol. I didn’t mean for this comment to end-up on your thread. I wanted to wish you a happy birthday and forgot that I had clicked ‘reply’ and then wrote my comment for the post.

      Anyway, Happy birthday!!! :-)

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    • may your birthday be a very masculine birthday

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  • chameleonic

    LOL. you are so wrong for that but it WAS impressive. dude had proper form and stance. who still uppercuts?? that was crazy, the shot he chose from his arsenal of domestic violence.

    the obligatory blah blah blah, I find it funny when stuff like that happens bc her father, mother, grandparents, foster parents, legal guardians never taught her proper behavior. he looked like an old grumpy uncle showing his unruly neice whats what. she needs to write an essay on what she learned from the experience and give it to her probation officer. as a sidenote, I wonder how feminists feel about equality when it comes to beating a womans arse? is it okay for you threaten someone and be disrespectful bc you suspect to be holding your ‘but I’m a woman’ card?

    females in my age group are TACKY. hence BGC. they dont necessarily need act right because thats not a mans job but eventually one will say ‘enough of the OC bullsh*t’. and that was her time.

    • Adonis


      You & I know that feminists will tapdance around equality when it suits them.

      Equality means take this @sswhoopin’ hoe. (but all other violence is okay)

      • Val


        You obviously didn’t read the comments, 99% thought she deserved to get hit.

        • Adonis


          We are on the same page, I was referring to the article, not the comments. See my main comment below.

      • chameleonic

        “equality means take this arse whoopin hoe”

        I genuinely laughed, like legit laughed.

        [*looks at reflection*]

        I wouldnt say she deserved to get hit but if he were her uncle she warranted a spanking. if she were 5 and he was 30….

        thats alls im sayin. grown ass disclipine.

    • The F.acially U.nappealing C.hicago

      When have Feminists ever stuck to their Equality guns in every situation? They only care about “Equality” when it benefits them. It is not an overall, consistent thing for them. To Feminists:

      – Sexist behavior is a one way street. Women are incapable of being sexist, no matter what negative/biased comments they make about men.

      – Any man who disagrees with a woman is automatically a misogynistic, sexist, pig/dog/random animal.etc.

      – Double standards aren’t a problem when they are beneficial. If they aren’t, complain about them and act as if double standards are the most heinous invention since thong strap sandals.

      *Note: When I say Feminists, I’m not talking about ALL Feminists.

    • sincereluv4life

      “who still uppercuts?”

      lol, good question. I remember seeing uppercuts flying everywhere during bar fight scenes of the westerns I was FORCED to watch as a child w/ my grandparents. It is kinda strange he chose that to “reprimand” the girl, or whatever you wanna call what he did.

  • Also. I laughed my as.s off. That was a textbook uppercut.he squared up and turned the pivot foot and hit her a.s.s dead the f!ck on. When have u ever in life seen someone lead with an uppercut? But she gets credit for getting back up adter taking a hit like that. I watched it over and over till Gem made me feel guilty and look at it in a different context. And then I watched it 1 mo time. Smh. God know my heart. Meanwhile the real victim was that ponytail. RIP. LMAO!

    • RIP to the ponytail…LMAO!

      • Sweet GA Brown

        And the second victim was the puppy tail holder that disappeared.

    • sincereluv4life

      I’m in tears at the ponytail reference! LOLOLOL

    • WIP

      I did notice the missing ponytail in the end. if you going out in the streets getting loose with people, leave the hair pieces at home.

    • Lia


      That punch was PERFECT! And that poor ponytail never stood a chance…

    • legitimate_soul

      This comment!

  • Iceprincess2

    His old azz hit her with that old fashioned uppercut! Sh*t looked perfect like on mortal combat or something. SHYY-UKEN!! Lmmfao

    • The F.acially U.nappealing C.hicago

      Okay, two things:

      1) Iceprincess2. 2?! What the f*ck happened to the original one? What have you done with her?!

      2) I’m sorry, your lack of respect for Street Fighter upsets me. Shyyuken? Really? That’s how we were raised? To rape my geekdom like this? It’s…Shoryuken. Okay. This is your one and only warning.

      • Iceprincess2

        Lol! Mornin TUK. I had got a new phone & email, & I wasnt feeling all that creative, so this is what it is lmao. Damn, they actually have a real way to spell those MK sounds? Me no knew that. Each one teach one :-)

        • The F.acially U.nappealing C.hicago

          MK sounds?!?!? After I JUST told you it was a Street Fighter thing? Are you deliberately trying to ruin your chance at meeting Galactus The Ultimate Destroyher?

          • Though can I say it would have been funny if he would have hit homegirl with Sub-Zero fatality? Of course, it would have been brutal, and criminal, but also freakin’ cool! :)

      • Man…we are like soul brothers or something lol. I was about to correct her but you had already set it straight.

  • Steve Harvey Presents: “Act Like A Lady, Fight Like A Man”

    • Sweet GA Brown


    • Coming to the chitlin’ circuit nearest you. Or not.

    • WIP

      LOL, but she did neither.

      • sincereluv4life

        lol, true- more like “Act like a hood rat, get hit like a man”

  • That whole situation was absolutely ridiculous! Why he didn’t just pull that bitch over and have her pulled off by the cops…I don’t know. She was reckless with her mouth and her hands and while he shouldn’t have hit her, she should not have stood there and provoked him. Not everyone lives by the same code of conduct so in order to make sure that she doesn’t end up in this type of situation again, she’d better make sure she thinks before she speaks…and then doesn’t!

    • Sweet GA Brown

      I guess desperate times called for despreate measures. She got his adrenaline going and that was all it took.

  • Victoria Brown

    My father always told me “If you hit a man like a man then expect to get knocked the eff out… like you are man.” In other words, keep your hands to yourself so he doesn’t have to defend himself. EVERYONE has the right to defend themselves.

    From news reports it sounds like she not only hit him… but she spit on him. He’s a better man then I could ever be… if someone spit on me I wouldn’t have tossed her off the bus after the uppercut, I would’ve stomped her through the bus floor.

    I know there are other things he could have done. But I have to admit… violence is the first thing that comes to my mind in a situation like this.

    • Sweet GA Brown

      After all that and watching 3 angles on the video from various passengers on the bus, I assume that he has worked bus routes in tough neighborhoods over the course of his 22 years and I dont blame him for reacting like he did. She put her hands on him twice. Verbally assaulted her(although he did respond with verbal assault). She also spit on him. Everyone knows that if you spit on someone that the other person has every right to beat the breaks off of the person. I think, because she is a female, that she got off easy.

      • Rewind

        If she had got a Jackie Chan/Bruce Lee front kick to the chest too, I might have pissed my pants.

    • Nerd Girl

      Agreed – but I’m not a small woman. I never understood why men are taught not to hit women, but the reverse isn’t true. Are men supposed to possess some “secret gene” that allows them to be hit, spit on and generally disrespected without reacting? This makes no sense to me.

      Could he have handled the situation differently? Sure. But that’s Monday morning quarterbacking. In the heat of the moment I am hard pressed to believe most of us – gender aside – wouldn’t have laid hands on that chick.

      • Yonnie

        I never understood why men are taught not to hit women, but the reverse isn’t true. Are men supposed to possess some “secret gene” that allows them to be hit, spit on and generally disrespected without reacting? This makes no sense to me.

        I just thought that this bared repeating. I also think that if you do believe that men have a secret gene that allows them this type of super-human self control, you are also implicitly saying that women are inherently less capable of controlling themselves and therefore their irrational behavior should be excused), but men’s should not. That’s not very feministy.

      • WIP

        I think it’s more for the sake of the man. In many cases, it will not be a fair fight (like this one). She hit him, he got a little annoyed. He hit her, her neck damn near snapped loose. His hit can’t equal her hit- in most cases- and it will just be “excessive force.” Obviously when weapons are involved, all bets are off…

        • Rewind

          Ok…generally speaking, yes most men are stronger than most women. But strength comes with resolve, skill, & patience. If you piss someone off, all 3 of those things are negated, and your ass just gets hit, point blank. That’s why I don’t understand why some women don’t get that, even if people don’t intentionally hit with full strenghth, you can’t be convinced people will pull their punches for you either just because of your gender.

    • the spook by the door

      ” if someone spit on me I wouldn’t have tossed her off the bus after the uppercut, I would’ve stomped her through the bus floor.
      I know there are other things he could have done. But I have to admit… violence is the first thing that comes to my mind in a situation like this.”

      i’m sayin though…people do not appreciate the blinding rage that is inspired from getting spat in the face i’ve been there..

  • Val

    Well all of the women over at Clutch seemed to think she got what she deserved, except me. I guess something must be wrong with me because I found the incident sad.

    Sad because the woman probably acted the way she did on the premise that a man wouldn’t hit her. Sad because obviously she forgot she was Black and different rules apply to Black women. Sad because everyone seemed to view this without context. Sad that so few felt any sympathy or empathy for her.

    But, as I said, something must be wrong with me.

    • Anastasia!!!

      You know what Val? Thank you for writing this. Below, I talked about how much I think she provoked a response she couldn’t handle, however I didn’t think about this in any way. If she was a white woman, there would be a completely different response.

      I’m curious, what do you think should have happened instead?

      • Val

        I really don’t think that bus driver would have squared off and hit a young White woman. I think he would have tried to get away from her or restrain her, tackle or whatever but he wouldn’t have hit her, especially not like that.

        • Aly

          Agreed Val, I thought the exact same thing after viewing this video and reading comments on various sites. Although there was no victim in this situation, it’s clear that this whole thing would have played out differently (by the bus driver and in the media) if this were a young white woman. She would have received a whole lot more sympathy if he would have hit her, but let’s be real he never would have.

          • Val


            “She would have received a whole lot more sympathy if he would have hit her…”

            The thing that saddens me the most about this is the lack of feeling for this woman that so many people express. Even if one were to think she was wrong, which she was, why do so many people take such joy in her being hit like that. That’s what is confusing me about this.

            • Sweet GA Brown

              The feeling of pure excitement that one feels when watching the uppercut is and would be the same regardless of the situation and who did what. If it was 2 asian men at a carnival it still would have been a great uppercut. So I dont feel guilty. In fact I slept well this whole weekend.

              I only feel sad that I feel ashamed of their exchange in words because I am a part of the black community and I hate that I feel the WE in the guilt. I feel bad that she felt like she had a right to get back on the bus after being kicked off. I feel bad that I dont know what would have happened if he didnt have to stop to let someone off the bus. How far would she have gone while he had his foot on the gas?

              I dont feel bad that that he did what he felt he had to do. Im happy that he handled that like he did. I saw her interview and if she cant own up to exchanging words with him, touching him, or spitting on him then SHE does not deserve my sympathy. She is a liar that wants to play victim. She is whats worng with a lot of women today.

        • Adonis

          @Val I am still waiting for white women to challenge black men unprovoked on camera. And keep going the way she did. I am sure their are unruly WW out there, but I can’t see those girls steppin’ to BM like that.

          And also, if he was a white bus driver, I doubt Shidea would have stepped out of pocket also.

          • Val


            Race definitely plays a part in how this turned out or would have turned out had she or he been White.

            • I hate to say it but I agree with Adonis there in that regard. I just don’t see a white chick poppin’ off like that to a Black man. In any way. While I don’t think that rules are differnet for Black women (i.e. Black men think this is okay, though I suppose I’m wrong? Hell, I don’t know), if you change the race of any of the participants I think everything is different.

              • You all must live on another planet if you don’t see a White woman “stepping up to” a black man like that. you all must buy that White Supremacists bs pr campaign about those White female beasts being “gentle” and “flowery” and extra feminine.. THOSE BITCHES ARE BRUTAL AND RACIST and have been the cause of death for millions a black male. I suppose you all forget that dirty old white hag that was beating on the black mail man huh?

        • mena

          *creeping out of the shadows*

          Adonis and I actually spoke about this on another blog and I told him that race didn’t matter but thinking about what exactly got under my skin, I lied without knowing it. Adonis, my bad.

          With that said, what does get me is that this man would not have hit another woman of any other race like that. He however, looked at this black woman (btw, we have been thrown under the bus for having masculine tendencies) and he punched her like a dude. He didn’t even think of her as a woman. I also agree that had this been a man or a young guy, he wouldn’t have approached the situation like that either. He would have stopped himself.

          As i commented on another blog, the moment she walked away from the situation, and dude stopped the bus, put it in park, took off his seatbelt, and walked up to her and knocked her out, he was no longer a victim. Hitting someone first, unless you feel like your life is in danger, doesn’t mean that you are allowed to go in and hit that person without consequences of going to jail. Neither one was right and both deserve whatever the justice system is going to give to them.

          • Val


            • the spook by the door

              “With that said, what does get me is that this man would not have hit another woman of any other race like that”

              how do you know this? wheres your empirical evidence? wheres your videos of white women going in on black dudes on this level? to the point of physicality even?

              would a women of any other race save for latino even go in on a dude like this in public? how often?

          • “He however, looked at this black woman (btw, we have been thrown under the bus for having masculine tendencies) and he punched her like a dude. He didn’t even think of her as a woman.”

            Maybe he was so affected because she was a member of his same in-group and race. It hurts us all the more when it’s our own people disrespecting us. Not justifying it at all, just throwing that possibility out there for thought and reflection.

          • If you spitting on folk, I would think of you as a woman either.

            • TheWidowerSpeaks

              This. You simply can not go around threatening a person, their family, spit on them, hit them, etc and not expect some kind of response. This is one of the few times in life when I think using race is completely wrong. The bus driver was correct – she was acting like a “man” or at least very masculine. The woman was hostile and aggressive in every sense of those words.

              There is NO excuse for her behavior. NONE.

        • Rewind

          If she was White, then she wouldn’t have acted like that.

          I’m not even trying to be stereotypical when I say this, but a white woman, whether redneck or hood, would have not gotten out of pocket with a Black man the way that broad did because a) most White women would feel the same way the Black man would feel (I don’t know what he/she is capable of, let me not fawk with them), and b) if she got out of pocket, she would have been seen as CRAZY, not stupid.

          • Val

            I disagree, Rewind. I’m positive plenty of White women have gotten out-of-pocket with Black men (history tells me so) and those Black men knew better than to lay hands on a White woman.

            • Me too, Val.

              • the spook by the door

                did she spit on him?
                assault him?

                don’t make this a woe is the black women issue….

                there was a video from a few years back where a hood rat was going in on this little old asian lady on the bus….and that little old lady kicked her a$$

                there was the 2 gay girls that went in on that brotha working at a fast food restaurant, even hopped across the counter and attacked him…he then went grabbed a pipe and went to town on they a$$es

                stop using race as an excuse to give a pass to these ignorant dusty azz females out here breaking bad on people then crying foul when someone lays hands on em’

                • I’m not using race, most people here are. Some people even went so far as to say that if the girl was White she wouldn’t have been popping off at the mouth. Ignorance is ignorance. Black, white, whatever, she was disrespectful and so was he.

            • SweetSass

              I’ve witnessed a middle age crazy white woman getting all in a young black drivers face on the bus before, and she was borderline racist. He did nada. Didn’t say a word.

            • Rewind

              Nah. You’re not listening to me. Show me a White woman who will act just the way the Black girl in the video acted. Then we can discuss what will really happen.

              Yet you won’t find that because you’d be hard pressed to see a White girl get that stupid in front of Black man. Yes, there are plenty of White women who will be aggressive and disrespectful, but never to the level of your average black/latino hoodrat, unless they grew up with Black/Latino hoodrats.

          • TheWidowerSpeaks

            I agree Rewind. I have seen white woman be rude or disrespectful, but I have to be honest here and say I have never seen a white woman spit and hit a black man in public like that.

      • Val

        Oh yeah, and the reaction by others probably would have been different had he hit a young White woman. I think more people would have thought that he was wrong to hit a woman.

        • kid video

          had he hit a young White woman

          I dont think a white woman would would have ran off at the mouth like that…especially not to no old black man…she knows better.

          But what do I know…i live in Birmingham.

          • Val


            “I dont think a white woman would would have ran off at the mouth like that…especially not to no old black man…she knows better.”

            Really? I don’t even know how to respond to that.

            • kid video

              @ Val
              Really? I don’t even know how to respond to that.

              Aint no WW gonna try to tell off an old blk man…while she is surrounded by blk folks…she would fear gettin a beatdown.

              But the “sista” thought nothing would happen to her…she thought wrong.

              • Sweet GA Brown

                And thats the problem. She thought nothing would happen to her. This is probably because nothing has ever happened to her. She probably never had to suffer the repercussions of her actions.

                • Kema

                  Didnt the driver say her face was sliced up? I was thinking conflict was just a normal part of her life.

                  • Yonnie

                    Yes, she was shot in an armed robbery some years ago.

                    • Sweet GA Brown

                      Was she a victim or was she the one of the robbers?

      • WIP

        “If she was a white woman, there would be a completely different response.”

        I’ve seen this scenario with a black man and a white women. The response was not different…it may have been the exception though.

    • The F.acially U.nappealing C.hicago

      While me personally, wouldn’t have felt any different had it been a white woman who was hit, I do know that this story would’ve blown up faster than it already if it was. White America wouldn’t be too pleased at seeing their precious white women getting Fatality’d, ESPECIALLY if it was by a black man. Him, his children, his children’s children, and their children’s children would be serving life sentences right now. And then the children’s children of the children’s children would complete the sentence with a death penalty.

      • nillalatte

        C’mon stop. If a ratchet white woman aka white trashy arse woman acted like she did and a man hit her whether he was black, white, whatever, I would think that self respecting white folks wouldn’t have a problem with it. Most people I know would probably think she deserved it because her actions provoked the response.

        This is one of those cases where I seriously want to change the players and do a “What would you do?” show just to see the reactions. Seriously. I really want to do that.

        • The F.acially U.nappealing C.hicago

          I’d have to disagree, whether she was “trashy” or not, she’s still white. Which comes with it’s own set of privelages. Hell, even the show you mentioned “What Would You Do?” echoed a somewhat similar.

          In the episode where a teen (first a black one, then a white one) was trying to unchain their bike in the park but were having trouble because they lost the keys to the lock, the random park-goers in general (all white if I remember correctly) reacted differently to the ethnicity of the teens, despite both boys being dressed in EXACTLY the same clothing, which purposely made them look like “trouble makers”. The black teen was constantly approached by random people because they thought he looked “suspicious”. However, no one batted an eye lash at the white. One guy even offered to help the white teen BREAK the bike chains, despite having no proof the bike was even his.

          Trashy or not, she’s a white woman. You’d have to be delusional to think a black man putting hands on a white woman wouldn’t cause an uproar.

          • :( this makes me sad.

            and this is why i checked the lady on the bus last month who refused to sit next to the young black man minding his own business, listening to his headphones.

            people are ridiculous. makes me so angry.

            • Val


              I hear that happens to Black men a lot on public transportation. I always wish that people wouldn’t sit next to me on the bus/ train because I’m Black (I don’t want to sit next to them or anybody else) but my wishes never come true and they just sit right down. :-(

          • nillalatte

            “You’d have to be delusional to think a black man putting hands on a white woman wouldn’t cause an uproar.”

            You must not have seen the black cop that hit the white woman for allegedly shooting silly string at him.

            This is a black man cold cocking a white woman. True. He’s a cop. Does that give him the right to do what he did? No. But, do you see any of the white cops taking his arse down over hitting a white woman? No. Watch her behavior before he hits her. She’s acting foolish.

            Let’s look at incidents for what they are. Only afterwards do people start separating and making it about race.

            I might be delusional (a word that irks me btw), but every case need not be looked through the scope of racism. Behavior needs to be addressed more than race.

            • nillalatte

              Where’s this guy when we need him?

            • nillalatte

              Delusional, huh? Watch what happens here.

              Dude, it happens every day. Just because we don’t always see it on the news doesn’t mean that these incidents don’t exist.

              Folks need to stop assuming things ALWAYS happen because of race or that things would ALWAYS happen differently because of race. Y’all are too much of an enlightened group to take that path. But, when it does hit you in the face (no pun intended) then you act accordingly. I’m all for putting racist bigots in their place (no matter what race they might be because it ain’t just a black and white thing).

            • nillalatte
            • Medium Meech

              People would react differently. It’s human nature. If the driver was white and the girl was black it would be a different conversation. If both were white, it might be closest to this conversation. On the same coin it would be different if it were two men or two women. Sex and race still matter and it becomes more of an issue if sex or race differ between the two because then the gender or race becomes an assumed motive.

              • nillalatte

                You just trying to get me to e-jump yo’ bones, aren’t you? :D Excellent (sexy) response.

          • nillalatte

            @TUK, Let me share one more thing since you are so sure…

            When I was in nursing one of my patients was a white girl who had been kidnapped, held for days naked in a house somewhere in North Nashville by four black men. She was beaten head to toe with a car antenna. She had whelps and cuts all over her body. She was raped repeatedly. I don’t know how it was she managed to escape, but the cops come upon her running naked down the street in hysteria. This case never made the news. I don’t even know if the perps were caught. You would never know about this case if I hadn’t told you. So, when y’all come at me and try to tell me what would happen if whatever happened… well, mommas lived a little and seen a lot. Again, y’all are too enlightened to write things off with the broad stroke of racism.

            • The F.acially U.nappealing C.hicago

              Problem is, it is STILL more logically to assume things will have gone differently have the races been altered. You’ll need more than just a few videos to prove otherwise. Because this country has way more instances that support my assumption. Just look at our history.

              • nillalatte

                Your original argument: “You’d have to be delusional to think a black man putting hands on a white woman wouldn’t cause an uproar.”

                Assumptions are just that assumptions. You don’t know and cannot predict with a 100% accuracy behavior from any person at any time under any circumstance regardless of race. I just provided you with evidence (granted youtube) to show that these things do in fact happen and there was no national uproar, no protests in the streets, no lynch mobs, nada.

                “things will have gone differently have the races been altered.”
                You wanna go down this path, okay, let’s slide.

                Black man, black woman: We know the outcome on the video between these two individuals. Replace said black man with… ummm… Panama as an example. Would Panama have gotten up and cold cocked her arse? Replace him with Champ. What would Champ have done? See, just changing the players, who are still black mind you, changes the scenario.

                White man, black woman: White man would probably not have hit her, but we don’t know this for certain. We can only assume that a reasonable not want to get beat down by the bus passengers who are predominately black wouldn’t. BUT, would the black passengers have come to the defense of the sole white man and intervened? What would their motive have been in doing so? Not see a sista get beat down or to help change the perspective the white dude may have about black people in general? Riddle me that.

                White woman, black woman: It’s on! LOL That would have been a paid TKO event! LOL… Nah, it would depend on the white woman. I’ve had black females want to fight me and it wasn’t pretty… for them. If she a scary arse white female I doubt she’d be in this situation in the first place.

                White woman, black man: Most likely, if the white woman has any sense, she would have stopped the bus and called for police. Would the passengers have intervened? If so, would their motive be because she’s white or because she’s female?

                Your turn. Start assuming.

                Oh, but, don’t forget that America is a nation of many peoples, so we’ll need to also play out Asians, Latinos, Arabs, etc and see how that differs too, and that is exponential in variables.

                Bottom line… regardless of race, we cannot predict individual behavior nor do want to rely solely on thinking that race is indicative of how a person will behave. That, my friend, IS racist. And, as a nation that is what we are trying to grow away from, no?

                • The spook by the door


                • The F.acially U.nappealing C.hicago

                  “we cannot predict individual behavior nor do want to rely solely on thinking that race is indicative of how a person will behave.”

                  Except, we can and we do. Whether you want to admit it or not. And my claim still stands. Switch races around, and there is more of a chance that a national uproar would occur than not. Will an uproar occur at every single incident? No. And that’s not what I said. I said an incident like this would’ve caused an uproar, not that every single one does. Black man have villified for less.

                  • nillalatte

                    You’re arguing just to be arguing now. What makes this incident any different from any of those youtube videos of the white women getting battered by black men? C’mon homey. You have more smarts than this. You’re painting yourself as a victim because you’re a black man and that’s not a pretty picture. Rise above that my love.

                    • chameleonic

                      lol @ white women who are run through by black men having a say on their historic struggles or the overlying remnants of such. i dont think ive ever in my life been so poised to wanna cause someone physical harm. white people speaking on black people i think may be a hidden trigger of mine because im literally, calmly searching for reasons to snap. i dont think i could have a rational conversation and thats why i dont associate with females who identify themselves to me as a jumpoff protecting her status as such. i literally needed a few days to convince myself all it takes is ignoring you and the tension to snap without regard for your well being would go away. i can definitively say i dont like you. i dont respect you. and im offended by your manipulation and lack of class and understanding that you consistently display. i obviously cant come through the screen at your words towards black men but i can eloquently thumb my nose at you and walk away. yet again. because enlightenment exposes the ugliness of that comment. you have no right.

                    • Ocia

                      I had to de-lurk to check you on your condescending response. Are you serious with what you said? Your white privilege is showing.
                      And by the way, the whole situation would have gone down differently if it were a BM and WW. True story.

                    • nillalatte


                      1st. Ain’t nobody been ‘run through’ by black men. You apparently don’t know me to be making that assumption and you can politely step off.
                      2nd. Don’t know why you wanna go gettin all crazy with me, but I’m here to say… I ain’t the one. Trust.
                      3rd. What status? You think that incident with Sagey was real? Girl please. Somebody betta tell this chick about me. We play up in these estreets, but you gettin all butthurt over nothing. You need to recognize.
                      4th. Do I give a flying fcuk if you ‘like’ me? Let me check. Nope.
                      5th. I have every right to discuss any topic that I feel compelled to engage as long as the other party engages in a respectful and reciprocal manner, and TUK is one that will engage respectfully, even if we disagree.

                      I don’t think anyone, let me repeat, ANYONE should down on themselves by what has happened historically. That doesn’t mean there can’t be change or progress. Discussions are healthy. What you’ve done has not positively contributed to the discussion. Dismissed.

                    • chameleonic

                      im sorry. i cant. that was the most closet racism ive ever witnessed. you got it delurker. im a condescending black snob and i shouldve started a slow clap for her obscene remark. matter fact i should smile when white ppl say the n word because thats what black people do. they disregard slight racism and eat them up some white woman pie. how DARE i be bothered by the degredation of her moral standing and right mind. how dare i. carry on.

                  • nillalatte

                    @Ocia… not true at all. I’ve posted video’s of such incidents and told of an incident from personal experience. You are totally ASSUMING things would be different, but how? Uproar? In reality, it’s been shown that it isn’t ALWAYS the case. White privilege theory my arse. That’s an auto default for folks that have no better argument. I’m done.

        • Adonis


          I beg to differ, ratchet or not. @TUK is right

          White people (ie, mostly women) use imaginary black men to garner sympathy from the white community regularly. See: Susan Smith, Amanda Knox, Bonnie Sweeten etc. And it works. Even though it was a pigment of their imagination.

          So, imagine if a REAL “Black man vs. white woman” scenario popped off on camera, white men will be out for BLOOD.


          • Word. If any of you are literature geeks like me, I’d suggest you read “Magic City” by Jewell Parker Rhodes. It’s a fictionalized version of the very real race riots that happened in Greeenwood/Tulsa in the 1920s. Even though we are almost 100 years removed from those events, I still think the SAME THING would happen today.

            • Yonnie

              Just added to my reading list. Thanks.

          • nillalatte

            See the links posted above. There are more examples out on youtube if you care to search.

            • Adonis


              Good Research sweetheart. I concede.

          • “pigment of the imagination” love that wordplay!

            • Adonis


              That was so unintentional

        • I feel ya Nilla, but the key word is self-respecting. There are a lot of White folk who don’t respect themselves, and they own guns. Since they tend to be well-practiced in the use of said guns, I will likely die as a result. Trust me, I’ve been in this spot before where White women has shown their a$$ like that, and they know what time it is. I think Rush Limbaugh would die from being overwhelmed by the spontaneous orgasm resulting from hearing about this. I’m not going to be some right-wingers guinea pig.

          • That’s what I was thinking. Key word: self-respecting.

        • Yeah, you know I love you, but that sh*t would be headlines news in Afghanistan. If an old Black man hit a 25-year-old white woman like that, he wouldn’t just be suspended, he’d be sitting in jail likely in need of protective custody. I’m sorry…that’s just what history tells and teaches us.

          • nillalatte

            I luvs you too. See my posts above. I’ll let this go now.

          • nillalatte

            Sorry I lied. ;) I tried. Really I did. (goes to corner on her own.)

      • African Mami

        LMAO! You are right. Let’s just keep it 100%.

    • I didn’t think about it like that, but you’re right. If the girl was White, I don’t think the bus driver, regardless of the race of the driver, would have hit dude. I can speak to experience of a (roughly) similar scenario. I was in college, and I just got back in from a party. (Note: everyone else around in this scenario is White.) My roommate was laying back on the couch half-sleep from a busy night of schoolwork. His girlfriend, who lived across the hall came into our apartment and asked him if he wanted to go out. He said no, then she jumped on top of him and started to Layeth The Smacketh Down ™. My roommate was pinned, and she punched him a few dozen time while I was sitting there.

      Watching this, my first instinct was to protect my roommate. My second thought was that if I even just tackle ol’ girl, it’s a big Black guy versus a blonde haired blue eyed White chick. I’ll end up on the national news, and Rush Limbaugh is going to spend a half-hour talking about the affirmative action Big Black Buck who attached a pure symbol of Pure White Womanhood who, oh yeah, has a brother in jail.

      Yeah, so not the move.

      So I waited until it was clear she wasn’t going to get me next and slid off to my bedroom. Of course, homegirl had some, um, “anger issues.” And thankfully, they both recently got married…to different people. Here’s to hoping they don’t end up on the news on some domestic violence crap.

      But to your larger point, you’re exactly right. A White woman would not have been hit, unless there was an off-chance that the bus driver was a redneck dude who didn’t give a F.

      • Kema

        “But to your larger point, you’re exactly right. A White woman would not have been hit, unless there was an off-chance that the bus driver was a redneck dude who didn’t give a F.

        I think this is a better comparison. A black bus driver hitting a white woman brings other issues into the mix. Would we feel any different about the uppercut if it were an older white man and a ratchet white younger woman? Hmmm…

        • Val


          “Would we feel any different about the uppercut if it were an older white man and a ratchet white younger woman? Hmmm…”

          I think she would get a whole lot more sympathy.

    • African Mami

      @ Val,


      I do not care what her thought process was, if you are going to hit ANYBODY, expect to be hit on back, with FORCE! Your gender does not make you immune! Don’t blame it on patriarchy, blame it on foolishness!

      Why should I feel sympathy for her? On the premise of her gender, alleged victimhood [she tried to paint herself as one during the interview]. Uh uh.

      -Let’s examine the facts:
      1.) She was running her mouth and calling him all sorts of name but a child of God. Are you kidding me? You run your mouth like a crazy and expect to be treated normally, c’mon! Accord respect, at ALL times!

      2.) She HIT him, FIRST!

      3.) She used her gender as a crutch to justify her swing, and make herself in the interview look like a victim, she was not one. If anything she was the perpetrator

      4.) There was an alternative, for HER to use from the get go. Get the badge number of the bus driver/plate number of the bus, and file a gotdarn complaint! That’s what she could have done. But, nooooooooooooo she decided that VIOLENCE was how problems got resolved, and decided to SWING! Boom twaf twaf she hit, and Oh my god call the ambulance was the response for her stupidity!

      5.) I am a feminist, I do NOT condone violence, neither do I support foolishness, in the name of gender imbalance/inequality!

      6.) Lesson learned: Keep your hands to yourself!

      • Val

        Hiya, AM. *waves back*

        Well, I think I’m in the minority on this but I think he was all kinds of wrong. Yes she apparently started all this but, he is supposed to be a professional, he should know how to deescalate these sort of situations. And finally and most importantly, he hit her out of anger and not self-defense. She was actually walking away when he hit her. And then after he hit her he choked her. Nope, I cannot justify his actions at all. He needs to be locked up.

        • I think they were both wrong, Val.

          I also agree with African Mami.

        • African Mami

          @ Val

          He was supposed to be a professional-TRUE! That was unprofessional, but he was provoked and acted as per aggressor! If anything, truth be told, he was defending himeself, BUT he took it to the next level, by pummeling into her. She was supposed to act like a decent human being, of which she didn’t. She was highly out of pocket. I take the bus everyday, and encounter her kind! Rude, aggressive and so damn disrespectful! She just went the extra mile and started a physical altercation. Guess what, she met her match! This should be a lesson learned for her!

          “And finally and most importantly, he hit her out of anger and not self-defense.”
          Girl, let’s keep it 100. Forget the gender dynamics. This is not a feminist issue at play, it is a human rights issue…..LMAO! She was dead wrong, and they both should be locked up.

        • I was wondering…..

          She was not walking away when he got up. She was still going. There is another, longer video that shows her saying that she would spit on him. He told her “If you spit on me, I’ll beat your ass.” And the police report of the incident is on smoking gun. She didn’t hit him. She grabbed his neck and spit in his face as he was driving the bus. I do feel like he went overboard. He could’ve just thrown her off the bus. However, SHE SPIT IN HIS FACE. I am a woman and I think spitting on a person is the ultimate disrespect, so spitting IN THEIR FACE is beyond disrespect.

          She opened the door for that ass to get beat.

        • I’m with you Val.

    • Lia

      Just because some people may or may not have had sympathy for her if she was white does not take away from the notion that she got what she deserved. If it was a white woman who did this then she would’ve deserved the same thing. Your issue does not seem like it’s in him hitting this woman back, it’s an issue with the perceptions that some people hold in relation to women of color. It may hold some truth, but it has nothing to do with what actually happened.

  • oracle03

    I think the bus driver was wrong if for no other reason than the fact that he was at work. He continued to drive and engage her crazy ass. Imagine he was in an office and a disgruntled customer came in yelling/ cursing spitting etc… you call security, you dont uppercut them mortal kombat style. I just feel like there were other options. And even AFTER the uppercut, dude two hand choked ol girl out. Like how crazy do you have to be to two hand choke someone out… but the moral of the story is, Dont go around randomly messin with people because at the end of the day, you dont know whose crazy is bigger than you THINK your crazy is…

    • Sweet GA Brown

      …….I completely forgot about the chokehold he had on her. Yeah that was doing alot. He probalby had a flashback or something.

      • Word. That’s what came to my head. Like he forgot who he was dealing with and he was just reliving something

    • WIP

      “Imagine he was in an office and a disgruntled customer came in yelling/ cursing spitting etc… you call security, you dont uppercut them mortal kombat style.”


    • I agree with you, oracle03! He didn’t just hit her once! And he continued to engage her, and she continued to engage him. I think they are BOTH in the wrong and BOTH need to be jailed.

  • Secret Sauce

    I read on the internet that the young lady had been shot at and stabbed during the a botched robbery. This probably never would never have happened if LeBron had stayed in Cleveland, Mitt Romney did threaten to kill Big Bird and Tyler Perry didn’t go parading around in dresses.


    • WIP

      “This probably never would never have happened if LeBron had stayed in Cleveland…”


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