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Thoughts On The Light-Skinned Beef Heard Round The World, And More…

It was all good just a week ago

1. The Increasingly Bizarre Chris Brown (IBCB for short) is becoming a caricature of himself

You know how in every crime/heist movie, there’s always that one skittish and perpetually sweaty guy who no one really wants to talk to, no one ever wants to partner with, no one trusts with a gun? The guy with strange clothes and “unique” hygiene that’s only involved with the crew because…well, no one really knows why he’s involved with the crew, and the only reason his character was even written was to provide an in-house foil to annoy (and potentially sabotage) the rest of the characters?

Well, I’m not going to say that IBCB is becoming that guy, but IBCB is becoming that guy. His continued descent from “boy next door” to“that sweaty, skeevy, rapey guy with the platinum Caesar and the sleeveless jean jacket doing push-ups in a bar bathroom” has been amazing to witness. You can even argue that Britney Spears is the only other celebrity ever to go from “widespread heartthrob” to “person who creeps the hell out of everyone with an IQ over 86” as quickly as he has.

***“BOY FIGHT! Thoughts on the (Alleged) Drake v. Chris Brown Beef”— my latest at (and an article I obviously did not title) — lists four of my initial thoughts about what could be the most entertaining beef in hip-hop history. While I definitely want you to go over there and read the rest of the list, here are a couple more quick things I want to add

1. As much as I chide toughDrake for being, to quote Big Ghost, “the human electric slide,” I actually don’t dislike him or his music at all. I know his latest album was full of songs that may not even actually be songs, but I’ve stopped expecting him to live up to the expectations he set with “So Far Gone” and “Comeback Season” and just accepted him for who he is — a diabolical (Yes. Diabolical. “Marvin’s Room” was some diabolical-ass shit) stripper-saving “Merchant of Cuddles,” and a talented guy who makes decent albums that you wouldn’t be caught dead actually listening to.

2. Apparently, a three-way series of passive aggressive Rihanna-related tweets between toughDrake, IBCB, and…Meek Mill preceded all of this. Somewhere, Suge Knight is spinning in his grave. (and eating waffles)

3. Rihanna still scares the shit out of me. And by “scares the hell out of me” I mean “somehow simultaneously arouses and scares the hell out of me.” I’ve never been more attracted to a woman who I didn’t think was really all that attractive. Her p*ssy is a paradox, and I somehow feel haunted by it just by typing her name. Basically, she’s the coital “Candyman.”

If this doesn’t make any sense, good. It doesn’t to me either.

***Before you leave today, I want you to go and check out Anything But Style. It’s a fashion blog run by a good friend of mine, and she decided to celebrate her blog’s one year anniversary by launching her own online vintage clothing store today. Although she’s a (gasp) Delta, I’m very proud of her for setting a goal and doing what she needed to do to accomplish it.

***Lastly, check out A.P., this week’s Very Smart Single, and hit us up at if interested in getting to know her better.

That’s it for me today. People of, what’s new on your ends of the world and shit?

—Damon Young (aka “The Champ”)

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for and EBONY Magazine. And a founding editor for 1839. And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at Or don't. Whatever.

  • 2011k

    Both Rihanna and E. Badu need to bottle up and sell whatever it is in those vaginal walls that makes n*ggas go crazy, or at least write a (someehat weird/creepy) self-help book; they’d make a killing. That is all.

    • I pray that that ish never happens. Things get crazy enough just because of the weather…..Throw girls in a mix and that will cause mass turmoil

      • 2011k

        Lol, they hold the weapons of mass destruction between their thighs. Me thinks Bush was definitely humping up the wrong leg.

        • Bush was humping Condolezza?!

          • Dignan

            Well, he *did* say that Thomas Jefferson was the president that he would most like to emulate.

            • Everytime a black girl got good hair she think its that indian…nah ma thats that #Jefferson

              • Justmetheguy

                lmao! Tristan ftw

    • I’m trying to figure out why these chicks got legions of dudes losing it. On the flip side, Rohan Marley and Jill Scott’s ex need to let dudes know the secrets to d*ckmatization

      • whostolethesoul1

        +1, add scott storch (pre-last 10 years)

      • Thai


      • GirlSixx

        “Rohan Marley and Jill Scott’s ex need to let dudes know the secrets to d*ckmatization”


        but nah, I’ll pass I don’t even want to know or experience anything whatever rohan or jill scott’s ex is working with.
        I’m good.

    • The last thing I want is a self help book from Erykah Badu’s nutty ass, LMAO!

    • MJoy

      I’m pretty sure Rihanna has a skittle factory going on down there and fellas just want to taste the rainbow

  • I rolled out of bed laughing after I read it on my twitter lol! Based on the details, this was the definition of a ninja moment. Heck Drake stole a page out of Gangstalicious lifestyle lol. But what kills me the most about it is the response that i have heard quite a few dudes I know say and the repeated it from Meek and drake: How can anyone lay claim to Rihanna’s ish since she has apparently been with everyone? I had a simpler way of saying that but I don’t want to offend people

    • “How can anyone lay claim to Rihanna’s ish since she has apparently been with everyone? I had a simpler way of saying that but I don’t want to offend people”

      And by “offend people”, do you mean the obsessed (and quite deranged) stans of Drake, Chris Brown and Rihanna? It’s not like it’s going to hurt them- after all, their primary fanbase is pretty much little kids, LMAO!!!

      • I was about to use the term “community p*ssy” that I heard ppl describe her as.I’m not worried about any of their fans. I just wasn’t sure if that was an ok term to use here

        • Community P*ssy? She gets around like that?!
          That’s a new one for me- it sounds like something I would call Karrine Steffans, LMAO!

        • What is wrong with getting around?! Men do it every single day, nobody is on their case. Abeg, why is she being crucified-if indeed that’s the case, which I HIGHLY doubt!

          • Kema

            You know how it is… If she was seen with a dude she must have let him hit. Why else would he be photographed with her?

            • MJoy

              sometimes… I just hate men.

        • Eric McD

          It can’t be community cuz she only smangs light skinned bruhs.

          • kid video

            It can’t be community cuz she only smangs light skinned bruhs.

            Didnt she allegedly hit off Maybach Meek…
            Stringer Bell and Rickey from Boyz N tha Hood shouldnt be that only dudes in the industry blowin out backs.

    • Gigi Young

      TBH…I don’t get the whole “Rihanna sleeps around” meme. So far, we’ve seen her with Chris Brown, Matt Kemp, Drake (??), and Dudley model boy. Her name was linked with Ashton Kutcher and Ryan Phillipe in the tabloids, and conspiracy theorists liked to claim she was Jay-Z’s other woman, but other than that–who else? If anything, we’ve just seen Drake crying and whining over her for the past two or three years after she apparently smashed and moved on.

      • Val


        Yeah, I don’t get how Rihanna is doing that much either. But if a woman celeb walks down the street with someone the blogs all say she’s sleeping with that person. So I guess that’s why there is that perception.

        • whostolethesoul1

          exactly, and why wasn’t jayz added to the list? if she had better people (and she’s obv not dating the “marryin’ types) or more cash, we wouldn’t have a clue. most people have no idea how many people are being smashed @any given time…

      • Thai

        One word: Carribbean. That Is. All. I imagine she is like a Siren in those greek mythology thingies. Sings and dancces to lure them and leaves them soulless. She probably has a lil vial necklace where lies all there souls *giggling*

        • Meisarebel

          I laughed. It has to be the accent. And that she was actually raised there. Not not filled with plastic. And doesn’t hang around Lil Wayne…

          Damn you Nicki…

          Anyway, I’d hit, but for as fine as Rihanna is, her fame makes her hotter than she really is. Go Crop Over, or Carnival, or Passa Passa. Now THOSE WOMEN fine. Well, lemme not talk for Jamaica…

          • Justmetheguy

            I hear ya big dawg. I wasn’t a Ri Ri fan (looks wise) either at first. But like all skinny but proportionate women, you’d have to see her in the nude to really see what all the fuss is about. She got way more @ss than I would’ve ever imagined

            • “But like all skinny but proportionate women, you’d have to see her in the nude to really see what all the fuss is about.”

              As a skinny but proportionate woman, I can testify to the validity of this statement lol

        • Yay for Caribbean women! How did we end up being known for craziness with a va-jj capable of unleashing moisture of a category 5 hurricane that drives kneegrows to do ignat sh*t? Is it due to a high concentration of malta, black beans, and goya products in our blood? In need answers.

          • Kema

            IDK… *dutty wines instead of answering*

            • MJoy


              • Meisarebel

                JMTG gonna have a blast with this one. A Trini too?! Lawwddd…

                • MJoy

                  have mercy!!!!!

                  • Meisarebel

                    Is exactly what he’ll be saying.

                    • Justmetheguy


          • eh, NO!

            AFRICA is where’s it at!! We will lingala/makossa/ and love you jeje for life!

          • Anyone near the equator is cray. Holla to all my Caribbean people!

      • She’s a heaux cause she’s pretty and the men who want her are pissed cause she doesn’t want them. If they had dumped her and never looked back, what would she be? Poor sad girl who got used. But because they’re crying over her, she’s a heaux. Basic rejected male coping techniques

        • If they had dumped her, they’d still call her a heux, only a stupid heux lol

        • demondog06

          “She’s a heaux cause she’s pretty and the men who want her are pissed cause she doesn’t want them.”

          I’m sure that’s part of it.
          but also her music is azz and she only remains relevant by basically being photod pretty much naked all of the time and fukin industry nigga’s or at least having the media savvy to be rumored as fuggin whoever’s currently hot. i can’t knock her hustle. that’s the climate we’re in now. be famous for famous sake!
          flash a tit tay for mediatakeout, and that’ll buy you another 10-15 minutes of fame.

          personally she’s not really cute to me.

          trashy? yes..
          would i fuq? of course give me a kevlar lined condom and some o dat sauce and we can get it in…
          hell with a little sauce, i’d hump a tree……

          • Puh. Leez. You’d be down on both knees with the biggest rock you could get at the pawn shop begging her to marry you if she gave you the time of day. Quit fronting.

  • HOT MOTHERFRIGGGIN DAMN, ALY-my arch nemsis, YOU ARE FLAMING H.O.T!!!!!!!!!!!

    OLOLOLOLOLOLOLOMAYOOOOOO *holding head while simultaneously screaming*(that’s how we do it in the modaland)

    Flawless skin-check
    Gorgeous eyes-check
    Beautiful twa-check
    Freckles-MARRY ME!

    Wish you all the very best girl!!!!!!!

    • Royale W. Cheese

      +1 She’s looking absolutely adorable. Some are blessed with great close-up headshots.

      • And some make blue my favorite color too.

    • +2. So cute. :)

    • Dignan

      She makes me wish I was single. Not just her photo, but her written profile matches up almost exactly with the ladies I tend to fall for.

      Ah well, I’m 2000 miles away from her anyway.

    • Yoles

      she is too cute and the freckles slay me… i wanted to let her know i saw let the right one in too and the american let me in!!!! u go girl!!!

      • Kema

        I second the freckles comment!

    • Aly

      You guys are very sweet, thank you :)

      • Let the Right One In

    • Aly looking all cute. I’d holla, but she stays in Little Rock, Arkansas*.

      *For those who don’t understand that reference, may I present to you:

      • Wow…the memories. I wonder what happened to those dudes. You know some of them are dead, some are in jail and some are in some real regular lives. LOL

      • Breezy


        • I’m saying though, Breezy. A person could be sexy as hell could still get the side eye because of where they’re from.

          I mean, Tuskegee is eight miles from Auburn…and well…you know…

    • MJoy

      Aly is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Breezy

        + 4 and whatnot.

        Cute pic Aly and good luck!!!

  • Iceprincess

    #teambreezy! F*ck drake & the wheelchair he rode in on. He irks me so bad hes a lame & a b*tch. He wouldnt last 5 minutes in a room alone with chris brown’s crazy azz. Chris would do him like he did rhianna! *Too soon?* Na, i dont think so….

    • Team none! All of these dudes, need to occupy several seats, most preferably pews like those to be found at that Catholic church my grandma attended in the village!!! They literally eat your yansh alive!

    • I’ll never understand why people stan so hard for a mediocre singer and songwriter who pretty much regulates himself to a glorified back up dancer when performing because he has an inability to dance and sing simultaneously.

      • naturalista88


      • Because people still remember that first song him showing us things that’ll have you screaming “He can’t be 16!!!”

        • Iceprincess

          BOL! Youse a damn fool..

        • That’s still creepy.

      • It’s simple: They care more about his looks than they do his “talent” (See also: The rabid fans of Tank, J. Cole and Trey Songz).

        • Justmetheguy

          +1 On Trey Songz, don’t know or care much about Tank (is he still alive), but I like J.Cole. He’s not a lyrical genius or nothin but he can rap and makes good songs.

          • Tank is still alive and he just put out a new album called “This Is How I Feel”. He’s mostly a singles artist with no great or classic albums, and having his fans obseesing over his looks don’t help his case either.

            As far as J. Cole, I’d like him much better if someone else produced his songs, he has a little bit of talent as a rapper, but as a producer he really needs to stop- like right now!

            • Justmetheguy

              I looked up pics of Tank, and besides the fact that he’s definitely a muscular dude, I’ve given up on trying to figure out what women consider physically attractive.

              As for Cole, maybe you’re right. (You are the music and pop culture encyclopedia and sh*t) I wasn’t blown away by the production (didn’t know he did it himself) but I did like his album a lot and many of the beats were perfect for his style of flow, so i don’t know. I can only see him getting better, which would put him ten steps ahead of most of the new rappers I’m aware of

              • Around the Way Girl

                You don’t see how Tank is attractive??? That’s like a woman saying she doesn’t see how men think Beyonce is attractive. Most gorgeous individual in the world? Nah. Attractive? Duh! :)

                I have yet to be impressed by J. Cole; he’s kinda like Talib Kweli or Wale to me, in that he obviously can rap, but he’s just not very interesting. These rappers don’t have delivery anymore. Ludacris and Kanye West are the only current ones I can think of that rap in anything other than a monotone.

                You know who I want to make it so I can hear more from him? That kid Astro from the X factor. I stumbled across this video of him on YouTube a while ago ( …funny enough, Rihanna happens to be in this one) and proceeded to look up every single video I could find of him rapping. He was like 12, writing all his own raps, beatboxing and sh!t…killin it.

            • MJoy

              Yall are some sucker MCs…. love J. Cole!!!

            • demondog06

              “As far as J. Cole, I’d like him much better if someone else produced his songs, he has a little bit of talent as a rapper, but as a producer he really needs to stop- like right now!”

              ^ this ^
              he needs a better producer…

              • He needs someone to complement his style, because him doing his own tracks clearly ain’t cutting it.

        • Meisarebel

          I mean, the kid CAN dance. I for sure can’t pull that shit off. And I’m not even a fan.

          Though Beautiful People was my ish though.

          • He can dance his butt off, but when it comes to singing he sounds like Ginuwine on helium, LMAO!

            • Around the Way Girl

              Lmao Ginuwine on helium!!! So accurate. How does he still sound like he did the day he came out?

        • Chris Brown is ugly. What looks?

      • Justmetheguy

        @ Malik- Ok that’s cool, but now tell us how you REALLY feel lmao

      • Beautifullyhuman

        Thanks, cuz Chris is a marginal talent at best. The guy can dance, and I give him credit for writing some of his material, but I never understood the hype. His voice is straight garbage and he’s a Mike Jack ripoff. Complete ripoff.

        He definitely does not reflect “real” music, IMO.

    • Sweet GA Brown

      I see…..a……Pusha T Feat. Chris Brown Exodus 23:1 Remix coming very soon.

      All I could say when all this went down is that Pusha T called it.

  • Why are these ninjas so thirsty over Public Property Pu$$y? *runs out to trademark PPP* Seriously, y’all are young, rich and famous and can’t bag another chick?

    Meanwhile, the Queen of Barbados is probably banging some other dude and/or chick.

    I’m waiting for Part II, when Drake gets ostracized CB-style for beating Nicki Minaj…when he finds out she’s been banging RihRih, too. You know it will happen.

    • Nah, I got the smart money on Nicki Minaj. Basically any woman can whip Drake’s ass in a fight. It doesn’t take much to make him cry, LOL!

    • Word. Why can’t they just say “OK, you smashed her? Cool. How was it for you?” or on the occasion that you and your boy tend not to smash the same chicks “How did you two come across? Really, I didn’t know she hung out at (location you didn’t know dude was at). We need to kick it there sometime.” That should be it. Lame a$$ ninjas!

      • Humble_One


        Thats exactly what non-corny dudes do. You laugh that you smashed the same chic, trade and compare stories on how you smanged her, or you school dude on what to do to smang the chic. There is no beefing over community p***y. I don’t get these new n****s.

        • Justmetheguy

          +1 – These ninjas are a rare hybrid breed of diva dude and simp that wanna be tough so badly that they’re unintentionally caricatures of themselves. That scrawny siren got em losin the lil wits they had left lol

          • Royale W. Cheese

            “These ninjas are a rare hybrid breed of diva dude and simp”


            • GirlSixx



        • Around the Way Girl

          Maybe they were in love with her? It’s still lame and corny as hell, I’m just saying I think she’s a little more than “community p*ssy.”

          Drake and Chris Brown are both b!tch@ss ninjas…I have felt this way for a long time. Maybe Rihanna just has a preference for b!tch@ss ninjas lol.

          • Justmetheguy

            ” Maybe Rihanna just has a preference for b!tch@ss ninjas lol.”

            haha, touche and sh*t. Good point. So that means this whole situation ironically reflects worse on Meek Mill than the other goofballs lol

          • Well, community pu$$y is at your own risk. If you know that she’s on some Crew Love ish (No Weeknd) then you don’t have a right to complain. Now if she hid this ish, and your peeps didn’t give you the scoop that’s something else. That means you’re about some worthless ninjas. But otherwise, Slick Rick had it right. Treat like a prostitute. Don’t give her all your love before you know the scoop!

          • “Maybe Rihanna just has a preference for b!tch@ss ninjas lol.”

            Basically. Same for Erikah Badu. Their vags aren’t powerful. It’s just that they choose men who are vags.

            • Breezy

              So ya’ll calling Andre 3000 weak??!?!?

              • Justmetheguy

                Silly mortals takin shots at 3000. The best to ever do it without even trying. Badu is the sh*t too. A much cooler and more sophisticated siren than Rihanna, but they both could get it

              • He could be the strongest guy in the rap game and with his boys, and still be a vag with women.

            • Asiyah nailed it, hardcore. It’s funny because it’s true.

    • Meisarebel

      Hold up.

      The title of Queen of Barbados was, and forever shall be, bestowed upon Alison Hinds. Rihanna is not worthy.

      • Meisarebel

        Todd disappoints me for not making this correction sooner.

        • I was so distracted by the b1tcha$$ed-ness that I forgot to deal with my roots. That foolishness is universal, and has to be stopped.

      • Yes. Always and forever.
        *Walks away singing “rooooooolll, roll it gyal”*

        • Meisarebel

          Especially after she made that murderous “comeback” last year with Explode?! My gawwd!!! That song was nasty!!!

  • Today I am mango!!!!!!!

    Please unslave me, I’m too juicy for this shid!

    • MJoy

      my favorite fruit!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I really want to make a joke about two dudes fighting over a girl, but after what happened in Auburn over the weekend I think I’ll skip that one…yeah…

    • Iceprincess

      What happend??

        • Iceprincess

          Smdh what is wrong with ppl theese dayz? Wheres the respect for human life? Dude sprayed up the whole damn party! Senless, jus terrible.

          • You wanna know what’s the worst part of it? One of the guys who was involved in the fight could have easily walked away from it to prevent what happened. The one dude who started the fight was deeply hurt that one of his friends had been killed in the fight. What he failed to realize was that if he didn’t instigate the whole thing, his friend would have still been alive, SMH.

            • Justmetheguy

              He probably did realize though. Only problem is jerks like PA keep remindin him smh lol, jk. That’s an awful story though. I heard about it a few days ago and was speechless. That’s the main reason I told yall yesterday I don’t play the “horna” role no more (I’m so stealin that word from the Trinis lol)

              • Meisarebel

                Ha! Your welcome.

                I definitely played the horna-man role one time. Didn’t end well. I mean, I was fine, just lost the girl’s friendship, and well, she ended up single. Oops.

                • demondog06


                  okay what does this mean?

                  • Meisarebel

                    The man on the side. The one she’s cheating WITH.

              • It was a shocking and quite sad story in the community, man. But Auburn has a long history of crimes that happened in this area that made people go “WTF?!”. Case in point: A woman I worked with once shocked everyone at the job when we found she was a big time meth dealer, LOL! We found out about her arrest in the local paper of all places!

                • Justmetheguy

                  Ha! She was ridin around and gettin on da low huh? Yeah, most people would be surprised at how many ppl deal drugs and even moreso by what some of them look like. Stereotypes work in SOOOOO many people’s favor. I’m just sayin

                  • Breezy

                    @ JMTG and Mis: what in the world is a “horna-man”?

                    • MJoy


                      In case you listen to this and are still saying, “what???” a Horna Man is a man that is basically a wife-stealer. He messes with women who are taken. In this song, somebody took his wife. “Somebody horn de horna man” and now… he’s crying. lol.

    • Reka_Baby (ROLL TIDE)

      It’s Roll Tide till I die, but you hate to see situations like this happen to anybody. Truly a sad story.

  • Light skin dudes always taking L’s.

    • kid video

      Light skin dudes always taking L’s.

      But they stay givin’ Rih Rih tha D…

      KID VID 2012

      • Justmetheguy

        Well played kid video…well played

      • And she stay giving them the shivers so bad they show their b!tchasses in public.

        • demondog06

          well played dubbya C…

  • Val

    A guy who can’t sing and a guy who can’t rap fighting over a woman who can’t sing. That pretty much sums up the music scene these days.

    • Exactly! At least when George Harrison and Eric Clapton fought over a woman, they had the talent to be taken seriously!

      • Val

        And if you want more proof that Drake and CBrown mean nothing, the mainstream media is barely reporting on this.

        • girrrrrl, you ain’t know that there is a ghetto mainstream?! Shoo the CNN of them all, has been on this case like hello-that’s all that matters!

          • Val

            That’s true, AM, but those sites like YBF, etc. don’t help the profile of two artists that are supposed to be mainstream pop artists. If Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake got into a brawl in a bar over Rihanna it would be front page news. My point is that Drake and CBrown aren’t all that they think they are.

        • Namia

          Its on Yahoo, that mainstream enough..that is why i do not go for average’s..i want Alpha’s fighting for me lol

    • I disagree with you on Chris Brown not being able to sing. If he actually felt like having a singing career instead of a pop star pretty boy career, he could have it. Otherwise, I agree with you. LOL

      • Iceprincess

        Agreed. Either way, i dont think u can take anything away from CB, talent wise. Hes a true tripple threat. I would say we havent seen anyone like that since usher, but usher cant act! Did anyone see “in the mix?” Rotflmao. No? Oh ok. One person did? Oh, ok :-)

        • MJoy

          I liked him in that I’m holding up my school gonna shoot yall movie.

          • Kema


      • WIP

        I disagree there as well. The only reason we still know who him is because he sings his a$$ off and has been on every hook for the past 5 years. He dances like a maniac too. He does seem to be doing everything to prove to us he’s an a$$hole though.

      • Justmetheguy

        +1 I didn’t realize he could actually sing because he comes off as so corny to me, but yeah he actually does have talent. Moreso than any of the newer artists I’ve heard, but he just uses it terribly. And yeah this whole story was more hilarious than any satire I could’ve written. Life imitatin potential art and sh*t lol

      • He can sing well enough, but we know him because he can dance and people like ham-fisted MJ comparisons. Serious question: Has Chris Brown ever performed at any award’s show and sang for the majority of his performance?

        • Meisarebel

          He’s not a singer though. Was never marketed as one. Was always “performer”. Have you ever seen ANY Chris Brown video where he didn’t dance?

          • Usher is an entertainer too and he still manages to do both.

            • Justmetheguy

              Good points by both of you. I’d take Usher’s music anyday over CB tho

        • WIP

          Yes. I’ve seen it with my own eyes at least once. And I recall thinking “this boy is a beast.”

    • LOL Oh Val, I love you looool

    • Val

      Okay, well let me “ax” you all this; if CBrown can sing then why does he use a vocoder? Seriously. I mean maybe you’re right. I’m not a fan of his so I only hear what’s played on the radio by him and it’s all with his voice altered.

      • Nah Val, Chris uses Auto-Tune. DJ Quik, Teddy Riley and Roger Troutman use a vocoder.

        • Val


          Auto-tune and Vocoder are two different things? Okay, thanks.

          • Auto-Tune is a pitch correction software designed to make off-key singers sound pitch perfect in the recording studio (See: Any pop star since 1998).

            A vocoder is computerized device than can be used with a particular musical instrument- like with a guitar (See: Mick Mars of Motley Crue, Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi and Peter Frampton) or a keyboard (See: Stevie Wonder and all the artists I mentioned earlier).

  • That Ugly Kid

    Eh, I stopped caring the minute I heard about it. Because I knew the minute everyone heard about it people would respond in the two most nauseatingly annoying I-think-I’m-being-clever-for-saying-this ways.

    1. Would be to mock Drake for getting into a scuffle and calling him a wanna be “tough”/”gangsta” guy. Because, of course, only gangstas have permission to fight. So Drake fighting HAS to mean he’s trying to be something he’s not. As Einstein proved, the type of music you make directly coorelates to your ability to fight. Hip hop fans, being the astute geniuses we are, know this. Which is why It’s unrealistic to suggest that getting into a physical altercation, let alone winning one, is uncharacteristic of someone like Drake.

    2. Would be to mock Chris Brown for the photos of his chin he released. I’m sure countless people have and will see the pictures and cleverly (sarcasm) retort with something like, “Oh you think that’s bad, you should’ve seen Rihanna’s facer. Oh wait…”

    So yea…

    • Eric McD


    • Rogman

      SPOT ON

    • WayUPThere

      “2. Would be to mock Chris Brown for the photos of his chin he released. I’m sure countless people have and will see the pictures and cleverly (sarcasm) retort with something like, “Oh you think that’s bad, you should’ve seen Rihanna’s facer. Oh wait…” ”

      You may consider it annoying but it doesn’t make it any less valid. I’m not trying to hold this guy to past mistakes, because that’s unfair. But with the way that he beat the living hell out of Rihanna, it’s funny (and incredibly befitting) to see him get a chunk taken out of his chin in a fight that was supposedly over her.

      • MJoy

        Befitting indeed.

    • Justmetheguy

      @ TUK- U make some good points, but lighten up man. You’re takin this whole thing way too serious/personal (well maybe you’re not but it comes off that way). Drake would’ve gotten clowned WAY harder if he DIDN’T defend himself, so you should be happy that he held his own whether it was a “sucker punch” or not. Plus this is how I feel about what’s gonna happen when the Heat lose again. Ppl are gonna make ringless Lebron jokes and that sh*t is annoying. They’re gonna act like this year will be about Lebron losing rather than K.D. and company winning. Just like last year they made it about him losing when it was really about Dirk, Terry, and Kidd winning. So honestly this is the same sh*t you said you enjoy. It just so happens that it’s happening to somebody you like this time as opposed to everybody’s other favorite whipping boy

      • That Ugly Kid

        The difference between Lebron and Drake though, is that Lebron’s ringlessness directly coorelates to his ability to perform a physical activity, in this case, basketball.

        What irks the sh*t outta me, especially since this has been happening to me since high school, is when people judge your ability to do a task based on something COMPLETELY irrelevent. Like Drake’s apparent inability to fight because his music is “soft”. I mostly listen to Kanye (I’m a Ye stan) and Drake. But I’ve also never lost a fight in my life. Ever. Which probably has something to do with me being a black belt in Shotokan Karate since I was 13. So unless you fight in the UFC and your name is Anderson Silva or Jon Jones, if you fight me you will lose 10 times outta 10. But just by looking at my 5’8″ 150lb frame, big glasses, and love of Ye, Drake, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, etc, you’d NEVER know that about me. That’s my point about Drake. You don’t know what he’s capable of.

        • Justmetheguy

          ” The difference between Lebron and Drake though, is that Lebron’s ringlessness directly coorelates to his ability to perform a physical activity, in this case, basketball.”

          True, but the unfair criticisms stem from all the hype the media gives him. He definitely helped perpetuate it though, I’ll concede that. You can tell he’s as interested (if not more) in establishing his brand and making money outside of his NBA contract than actually winning championships (and it keeps bitin him in the @ss). But Charles Barkley, John Stockton, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing, Dan Marino etc; are also RINGLESS and no one clowns them. They’re hall of famers… People clown Lebron cause he gets more hype than other people feel he deserves. Same reason they clown Drake. It’s all perception. But yeah, just cause we believe he’s soft doesn’t mean he can’t fight. I hope he did beat Chris Brown up in retaliation for Rihanna.

          As far as what Drake is capable of, you’re right. I don’t know nor do I care.

    • Welp, my boo has it right, of course. Cuz he has a big sexy brain. *scoots next to TUK and gives middle finger to the other dudes*

      • MJoy

        girl you got a good one… well, today. Who knows what he’ll say tomorrow.

        • I’m sticking with him. He’s smart and funny. So he can be wrong sometimes. Is ok.

        • That Ugly Kid

          Oh word? Thought we were cool. But it’s all good. Because joke’s on you. I won’t say anything tomorrow because there won’t be a post tomorrow so HA! Nana-na-nana! *sticks tongue out*

          • Breezy

            Glad to see you are feeling better TUK.

            *gives TUK a ice-cream cone with sprinkles*

            • Kema

              *Takes TUK’s ice cream cone while he’s too busy looking at WC’s boobies*

              • That Ugly Kid

                WHA-?!?!?! Motherf*cker!!! It’s cool. You can have that sh*t. Ima Chipotle stan anyway!

          • MJoy

            lol. I love you.

      • GirlSixx


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