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This Elementary School Teacher With A Different Dap For Each Student Is The Blackest Thing I’ve Ever Seen Today

NBC screenshot


Four thoughts about Barry White Jr. — a fifth grade literary teacher at Charlotte’s Ashley Park Elementary School who has a different dap for every student in each of his three classes.

1. I have not been to the Blacksonian yet. So someone who has been there should tell me if there’s a wing there specifically dedicated to people who can conceive of, cultivate, and memorize numerous daps.

Why? Well, most people can only retain and recall on demand three-to-five different daps. And once you reach that five dap threshold, you just start repeating them. It’s science. But there are dap mavens out there; truly gifted-handed men and women with the ability to think of countless ways to greet people and remember each of these greetings, and they deserve recognition.

Whitman College basketball coach Stephen Garnett would be there. As would Jazz from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. And someone would need to make room for Barry White Jr.

2. The next time someone asks how old I am, I’ll tell them I’m “Literally Just Got Winded From Just Watching This Young Teacher Dude Perform All These Elaborate and Energetic-Ass Daps” years old.

3. And yeah, if I were one of the other teachers at Ashley Park Elementary, and the kids were like “Mr. Young, why come you don’t have any different daps for us?“, I’d have no shame in replying “Because I like milkshakes and pancakes too much little nigga. Mr. White brings dap. Mr. Young brings donuts. Now open your textbook, grab a bear claw, and get this biology work!

4. The dap with the only student in the clip who looks to be White was the least elaborate one. And nope, I have no further commentary about that. Nada words. Zilch insights.

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Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at Or don't. Whatever.

  • mr. steal your costco samples

    please show the one vine with LeBron dapping everyone on the team and then doing the Chamber of Commerce handshake with Delly.

  • Let’s get to the important questions about this man.

    1. Is he single?
    2. Does he have a child(ren)?
    3. Does he have any STDs

    Also, can one of y’all VSB nerds hook up VSB with a VSB App? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!!

    • Sigma_Since 93

      I heard he hates HU and the Panthers…….

      • MsSula

        They seem to be based in Charlotte… I doubt he hates the panthers. Lol

        • Oh he is in Charlotte?! I can actually pull up!!!!

          • MsSula

            Yup, sure is. Just check out the elementary school and find a friend or family member whose kids go there. There!!

            • I don’t even need all that. I can “volunteer” at the school.

              • MsSula

                Get your #TeacherBae on. Lol.

          • miss t-lee

            I mean…I just found his linked in, so I’m sure you can definitely pull up.

            • I no longer care. He’s a Kappa.

              • miss t-lee

                I saw that too, but didn’t want to mention that.

                • You know good and well that’s worth mentioning!!

                  • miss t-lee

                    Not really. Thou carest not.
                    I don’t date pretty boys so they’re never on my radar anyway…lol

                  • Sigma_Since 93

                    I’m surprised Damon didn’t mention it actually. He never passes up a chance to throw some Kappa shade.

                  • Nik White

                    Well Damon hightlighted him so…

              • MsSula

                Maybe… just maybe he is an exception? Lollll

                • What Kappa do you know that’s ever an exception? Those men will ruin your credit, steal your favorite pumps and shimmy out of your life.

                  • Regina

                    That statement is some of the best Kappa shade I have read in a very long time. You my dear are the MVP!

              • And just like that all hope died. #kappashade

              • Nik White

                Wait Ruby it was prolly because his daddy is one but those shoulders scream Omega to me.

                • MsSula

                  Right? He did not give off that specific Kappa scent.

        • Sigma_Since 93

          Just cause you live in a location does not mean you rock with the local team

          Exhibit A; All the Cowgirls fans in DC
          Exhibit B: All the Washington fans in NC

      • You ugly and I hope you bump your ugly little pinky toe on a well crafted and sturdy desk.

        • Sigma_Since 93

          Ok Silky Johnson!! lol

      • tgtaggie

        I think he graduated from Claflin. He’s always been a cool dude. I’m just glad to see a brotha get some shine for being a great teacher

        • TheUnsungStoryteller

          Yes. We need more brothas out there teaching our black students!

    • Val

      Lol @ Does he have any STDs?

      Hiya, AP.

      • Again, important questions that need answers Val.

    • DCFem

      And the brotha is clean too!

    • Hiding My ?hide yours 2

      Yap. Necessary questions especially #3.

    • NomadaNare

      Real talk dont PJ and Champ get at least hundreds of thousands of unique visitors a month

      This actually wouldnt be a bad idea for “elite” black dating

      I think its a question of how willing would PJ and Champ be to partner with someone on accessing that user base

      Have you guys never been approached on this

      • Val

        There already was a sort of VSB/ VSS dating thing. They profiled a few people. Remember that?

        • There sure was.

        • PhlyyPhree

          I remember it. Did it ever go anywhere? ANyone make a VSBaby off of it? I thought that was good in theory, but I hated the whole….”special snowflake” choosiness of it all. I think, if possible, an app would be better instead of throwing 1 or 2 people to the wolves every week.

      • *Watches this thread attentively*

      • Elite Black Dating. Great name for the App, a little long winded. We can do better.

        • LMNOP

          Maybe just Elite? Black Excellence?

          • TheUnsungStoryteller

            I like Black Excellence.

            Or what about just Very Smart Black People? Or Very Smart Folks/Fam/Excellency/People/Kinfolk/etc.

            • SororSalsa

              VSD? Very Smart Dating

              • TheUnsungStoryteller

                Love it!

          • MsSula

            Elite is cool.

          • Needs more “oomph”

        • Val

          “Black and Bougie Dating”?

          • Nah, we’d attract all kinds of 501 credit score having heathens with that name.

            • Val

              Now, see, that’s really bougie. You;re proving my point. Lol

            • TheUnsungStoryteller

              No, Black and “Boujee” would draw that crowd. lol

            • Nik White


            • SororSalsa

              Well, maybe we should require a credit check before anyone gets accepted. < 695 need not apply.

        • JBusy

          I saw the acronym and because I watch demoralizing television thought back to:

          • Ille Jay

            That was that Show!

        • Me

          It should just be called Brunch. Because that’s what the black elite do. Plus anything longer than one word is going to be shortened to an acronym anyway, in which case it would be VS[x], and the [x] of it all wouldn’t matter.

      • Sigma_Since 93

        Back in the day, VSB used to profile a single member or two. That person got chose and Champ and PJ retired on top.

        • Sweet Ga Brown

          Heyyyy. I remember that. The comments tho….

      • TheUnsungStoryteller

        That reminds me of the app that Molly was using in the show, “Insecure”.

    • Courtney Wheeler

      He is a cutie pie….

    • Enatiomer

      *logs in from a vsb comment hiatus of a smooth 476 days to upvote this*

    • TheUnsungStoryteller

      QTNA RN.

    • Monica Harris


    • Another Man’s Rhubarb

      co-sign to the tenth degree.

  • carolinablue

    I saw this and my heart was filled with joy :) Need many more like him in our educational system.

  • Sigma_Since 93

    #4 Why does this remind me of a classic Honolulu Slim moment

    I miss my POTUS……

    • Brother Mouzone

      Did anyone see the spoof of that moment on Key and Peele..HILARIOUS.

  • miss t-lee

    Mr White–American Treasure
    So cool. The kids will remember this kind of thing forever.

  • Val

    The subtitles though?! WTF? Does NBC Charlotte use subtitles when White folks are speaking to?

    Anyway, kudos to Mr White!

    • miss t-lee

      They probably used the subtitles for closed captioning?

      • Val

        I don;t know, T. It’s hard for me to give White folks the benefit of the doubt these days.

        • miss t-lee

          Just saying.
          Plus I’ve noticed that they do this a lot in Southern locales, I guess for y’all sake…lol

          • Val

            Lol Okay.

          • Kas loves Jamaican Breakfast

            For “their” sake – signed, not all vsb commenters.

            • miss t-lee

              You know what I meant…lol

    • He does have a thick accent.

      • Val

        Really? His accent seemed pretty light to me. I had no problems understanding him.

      • Kas loves Jamaican Breakfast

        Sarcasm? Or is it just my country showing that I don’t think he has an accent?

        • miss t-lee

          Mine is…because I didn’t even hear it…lol

          • Also this man isn’t from the south. I know southern accents and that ain’t it. He gotta be from Boston or New Jersey sounding like that.

            • miss t-lee

              I didn’t hear either, but okay…lol

            • Damon Young

              He’s from NYC.

              • See I told y’all! Y’all don’t ever listen to me ?

              • miss t-lee

                Well that settles it.

              • Brother Mouzone

                Sounds like a friend of mine whose parents are from South Cack a Lack, but was raised from 7 year’s old in New York, which can create an odd mix linguistically.

        • No. He has a thick accent

        • Brother Mouzone

          Your country showing…lol

    • Aly

      It’s not due to his accent. It’s a way to engage viewers when posting videos on social media.

      • Val

        Okay, thanks. Interesting.

    • I’ve seen subtitles on the news here before when it was a group of little black kids talking. Messed up.

    • Brother Mouzone

      I was so focused on the dap skills I didn’t even notice subtitles. I would have preferred a different sound track though.

  • MsSula

    That was so fun to watch. But yeah, remembering all these daps?? Serious work. Kudos, Mr. White.

    • Listen, he was the one in AP Chem you copied because he memorized the entire lesson. Verbatim. No cheat sheet or notes allowed? No problem!

    • I think he’s in a fraternity because some of those daps had stepping in them and he looked extra sharp with some of those moves.

  • Phil GoBeGreat

    This is amazingly dope and awesome.
    This guy is more deserving of the Secretary of Education post than Betsy DeRichWhiteDonationsGotMeHere

    • tgtaggie

      I actually know him personally and he’s always been cool like that

    • Nik White

      No lies told here .

  • she

    Can we get a daily “blackest thing that happened today” for Black History Month? You know just for the culture?

    • I support this message.

      • Nicolejsuazo

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  • Derrel A.

    Now THIS is how you get the students to invest in you.

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