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Ben Carson Released A Hip-Hop Ad. It Is Some Shit.

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Hey African Americans, Ben Carson is targeting you. He has a radio ad out now that’s intended to reach urban demographics. Uh oh.

You know what this means.


And of course it’s as bad as you think it would be because it’s EXACTLY what you think it is.

In case you weren’t sure just how out of touch Ben Carson is with the Black community, you are DEFINITELY going to be sure now. From the article: 

Carson himself doesn’t rap in the 60-second radio spot, which will play for two weeks in Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, Birmingham, Alabama, Jackson, Mississippi, Memphis, Tennessee, and Little Rock, Arkansas. A rapper named Aspiring Mogul raps, “Vote and support Ben Carson for our next president and be awesome,” over clips of Carson remarks about freedom and personal responsibility.

Those cities? Those are some Black ass cities. I see what you’re trying to do Ben Carson. But let’s be honest here for a second, okay, Uncle Ben? This ad isn’t going to make anybody vote for you. In fact, it sounds like exactly what would happen if a white person was trying to make a rap ad. Maybe it’s a class thing. Maybe Ben is so out of touch with the very community he’s seeking that he doesn’t even know that he looks worse than Jeb Bush doing this. Sure, Jeb would do this and it would be racist. But at least he could feign ignorance.

By the way, making a hiphop ad doesn’t make him out of touch with the Black community. THINKING that you’re going to get the voters most likely to vote for you, ie UBER conservative Black people, with a hiphop ad does. He has NO clue how to reach the very people who are most likely to vote for him. And I guarantee those people will not be swayed – if they’ll ever even hear – a rap ad. Ben better take his ass to somebody’s church and fight that fight with The Clark Sisters and Israel Houghton.

But nope. Ben called up somebody and said, “hey, I’m trying to get Black votes in the south…oh and Detroit, there’s lots of Black people there right? Can you make me a rappity ad? Black people like rap right? In my day we listened to Bach and Brahms…and Shalamar.  But now they’re all into the rap. So let’s do us a rap ad? That’s not a bad idea is it, guys?”

Since I imagine that most of Ben Carson’s staff is white people, I’m thinking they were like, “Um, I don’t know? But we know it can’t be racist if YOU do it Ben!”

Also, can somebody get Aspiring Mogul on the line so we can ask him who he really is? I’ll be mad as hell if it’s Smitty. But hell, a check is a check, right?

“Vote and support Ben Carson for our next president and be awesome!”

If I can do a bit of theorizing here, I’m guessing “Aspiring Mogul” got hit off the phone and was like, “oh hell naw!” Then he thought about it and was like, “this nigga won’t know if I gave him anything decent or not. I’ll just give him some throwaway track my cousin Mookie made on Fruity Loops and say a few words that rhyme. What rhymes with Carson? Oh, right. Awesome. Sweet. This shit is almost too easy. BEN I’M ALL IN!”

That’s what I’d do. Then Ben threw in the word “freedom” which I think all Black folks are attuned to. If I’m walking down the street and somebody yells out “freedom” from 100 yards away, I can’t lie, I’m gonna turn around and say, “where’s the freedom!!?!?!?!”

It’s a shit ad. But it’s also the exact type of shit ad you’d expect Ben Carson to drop if he was trying to reach Black voters in some of the Blackest cities in America. Notice that ad isn’t coming to DC, NY, or Chicago.

Then again, if Ben Carson releases a drill ad, maybe he can get it in Spike’s movie.

Thanks, Obama.

Panama Jackson

Panama Jackson is pretty fly (and gorgeous) for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. He refuses to eat cocaine chicken. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future. You can hit him on his hitter at

  • Sigma_Since 93

    How ironic that Uncle Ben’s doing the same shuckin’ and jivin’ he accuses Democrats of doing to Black folk.

    • Yeah.. Pretty much.

    • QuirlyGirly

      He complaining because he didn’t get to do it first

    • Darwin

      Amazing how liberals react when a man like Ben is caught wondering off the Democrat plantation.

      • CheGueverraWitBlingOn

        I think you meant wandering.

        Troll Score: 2,5 (Got a 5 from the Russian judge though, A for effort)

        • Shawn T Lockett

          Awesome! I loved your comment.

        • Darwin

          I’m glad you were able to decipher that, your education really paid off, minus the stupid Che name

  • I demand a moratorium on all hip-hop political ads until the hip-hop generation ages into the age brackets for running for president. I don’t care if you’re a Democratic candidate who lives at Sedgwick and Cedar in the Bronx. Just no. Obama had the sense not to do something that dumb. Here’s to hoping this is the last time I see some mess like this for another 10 to 15 years.

    • Sigma_Since 93

      I’d like to amend you moratorium to include the marketing of products and services to black folk and the use of rap songs that were popular 15-20 years ago to market to white folk (Looks at Gieco and Jackson Hewitt)

      • QuirlyGirly

        *mumbles- but I kinda liked the Gieco commercial

  • LyricMeThis

    I am literally offended by this ad. However nothing will ever make me vote for Ben Carson, so I am clearly not the target audience.

  • RU Scarlet

    Well there you have it. Kidz Bop has simultaneously expanded into both the political and spoken word genres.

    Completely unrelated-I need ear bleach or an MIB neuralyzer.

    • QuirlyGirly

      And the puppy says it all!

    • Cleojonz

      This face is entirely too appropriate in too many instances lol.

    • I heard the ad on the radio this morning on the “urban” station. And this was my sentiments, exactly. I wanted to call and ask – Yall are really airing this foolishness.

  • KayMac

    *siiiigh* No Ben….no…

  • miss t-lee

    I sent this to the homie in the office and he said, “I would expect this from Jeb or Hillary.”
    Then we had a hearty laugh because this sh*t is pure d. trash.

  • Shalamar LOLOLOLOL…anway…this had is dreadful and painfully off the mark. I think Ben needs to just wrap up his campaign. There has been far too much nonsense for me to take him seriously as a person…let alone a presidential candidate.

    • miss t-lee

      He can’t rap it up, he’s actually leading the polls.

      • That isn’t acceptable…and I’m not fully convinced the polls aren’t being tampered with.

      • Aly


      • uNk

        I feel like this is a result of white ppl trolling us….Since we had an effective Black president they are going to make sure we get another one that will ruin us.

        • miss t-lee

          I’d like to think they’re trolling, but I’ve seen more than a few Ben Carson campaign stickers on cars around here. Eek!

          • Sarita Alexander

            might be time to move.

            • miss t-lee

              Never that.
              We know the Repubs here are crazy…not exactly news in a red state…lol

          • Amber

            His majority demo in the polls is older white women. I’m not sure where to go from there cause it says so much and so little at the same time.

            • miss t-lee

              Says it all.

            • This baffles me so much yet not enough.

  • MsKitty

    I think what really made me LMAO was the monologue of all of Uncle Ben’s “greatest hits” against the beats a la The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. No doubt Gil Scott-Heron was looking down like “really? REALLY?”

  • Swank Tony

    That’s pretty awful. I see you Ben, targeting this spot where all the brothas and sistas live. I assume this is destined for black radio stations, where ad campaigns are the worst pushing payday loans, money via ambulance chasers, weave joints and soul food restaurants with tacky hip-hop beats. Guess you can add this to the list too…

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