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These Are The Tales, The PJ Tales, Part I

photo (1)Can I tell you all a story? It’s not a story of redemption. In fact, it doesn’t even have a happy ending. At least not for me. Somebody else definitely took my happy ending and made babies with it. No, this is a story about blown chances. And missed opportunities. And mostly about a woman I never knew that somehow managed to be a central figure in my life for years.

She represented a young Panama’s inability to act. While I’ve grown up and into a confident (and bordering on arrogant) individual, this was a time when I could hold court for 1,000 people on stage with ease but couldn’t holler at the one woman* that I wanted to speak to.

I call this time…college.

So again, can I tell you a story? Good. Have a seat.

There are a few days that I have vivid memories of in my life. I won’t get into all of them because for this story, only one matters. It was the day I saw “her”. We should give her a name. Let’s call her Jackie. This is not her real name. In fact, just now in order to come up with a name, I looked at my iTunes list and the first name I saw was Jackie DeShannon of “What The World Needs Now Is Love” fame . Anyway, let me tell you how she entered into my life. Jackie was a cheerleader for Morehouse College. Shortly before our football season started my sophomore year, we had  pep rally for our football team. Just as a point of historical note, my sophomore year, our football team went 0-10. There must have been foresight because NOBODY went to the pep rally. Me and my boy did however, since our other friend was on the ill-fated football team.

While sitting in the stands I look down and I see Jackie. She was gorgeous. Like ABSOLUTELY, without fail, easily a dime. The kind nobody questions. Well, I’m trying to tell my boy how bad she is and he keeps asking me which one she is. My attempts to describe apparently fell on deaf ears – odd considering he easily agreed how hot she was – so I did the only thing I could think of to illustrate to him who I was talking about.

I pointed *dead* at her. And said, “her…that one RIGHT there is the one I’m talking about. The hot one!” Loudly. Or at least loud enough amidst the silent celebration taking place in our gym that a few cheerleaders turned to see who was talking. Mind you, there are maybe 10 of us in the stands so they all saw me pointing. And so did Jackie. And she smiled at me. A huge smile. One of those, “awwwwww…” smiles. One of those, “I see you up there, I’m flattered and that’s cute.”

I was embarassed, but all I could do was laugh. And smile back. We exchanged a smile. She knew I was alive. For those of you who have been cool your entire lives, a woman that you find attractive that knows your alive is pretty much where you can close the piano and go home. You’ve achieved all. Funny thing is, in every other facet but this woman, I was absolutely the cool kid.

Well, the pep rally ended and we left still laughing and talking about the fact that I’d actually pointed directly at her and she acknowledged it. We were kids. That was a big deal. Keep in mind, this is also 1998, before you could stalk anybody on social media. She went to Spelman but I had no idea when or if I’d see her again. Me and the homey went back to my dorm to sit outside on a rail and lo and behold, here she came walking down the walkway with two dudes in tow.

She looked directly at me, smiled again, then kept it moving. My boy was like, “yep, she definitely isn’t forgetting you. You’re in there.”

Oh, P. You were in there. Heh heh. Pun.

True enough, she didn’t forget me. How do I know this? Because for the next three years, we danced without ever touching.

Because the purpose of this little anecdote was to talk about missed opportunties, I won’t dwell on the regular see her from across Lower Manley (common gathering area on Spelman’s campus) sightings and mutual stare downs, though they happened frequently. So much so that even my boys were annoyed that I never tried to holler because it was clear that just from our visual interaction, she’d at least give me the chance to fail.

Which, really, is all any man needs in life…at the very least the opportunity to blow it. Maybe you win and you ride off into the sunset happily ever after. Maybe you lose, but you went down swinging and you live to fight another day.

Well because God has a sense of humor and CLEARLY was trying to see just how much of a womp I was two instances in far away places occurred that showed me that maybe, just maybe, I was supposed to meet this woman. And both times I blew it with such tremendous aplomb that I’m writing about it today because I was reminded of Jackie two days ago.

I’m not the same guy I used to be in terms of being shook. And to be clear, I wasn’t really shook of the ladies. I was shook at THAT lady. Jackie represented something to me. She wasn’t some hot chick – though she was – she was a woman I genuinely wanted to know.

Tune in later for Part II where you get to see how somebody’s God did their BEST to hook me up and I fumbled. Oh…did I fumble.


Panama Jackson

Panama Jackson is pretty fly (and gorgeous) for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. He refuses to eat cocaine chicken. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future. You can hit him on his hitter at

  • Msdebbs

    Story time with P :)

  • I’ve had several of “yo! the hot one” moments. Some where shameless others still drive me to hide in my clothes like a turtle because I feel 1st, 2nd, and 3rd hand embarrassment simultaneously just thinking about them. The worst part isn’t the initial embarrassment though. It’s the 2nd, 3rd, 4th . . . 37th chances she gives you afterwards and you still butt fumble those opportunities.

  • Jay

    I have to say… this story of your failure warms my heart. Why? Because I also have a Jackie who’s name is obviously not Jackie in my past. I didn’t act and did nothing, and at the same time everything wrong, on multiple multiple occasions to screw up a situation with a girl that I felt (and still feel, If I’m honest) so strongly for. Every guy that I knew that came into contact with her tried to get at her… every. single. one. But she wanted me and I just couldn’t grasp that, even with her doing EVERYTHING possible to show me. Unlike you, I wasn’t “the cool kid”. I was good-looking and popular with females but I’ve always been more quiet and introverted.

    Thinking back on it my inaction was so mind blowingly asinine that I sometimes can’t believe that it actually went down the way that it did…

    • RewindingtonMaximus

      Weird as this may seem, I been watching this anime may called My Romantic Comedy Life Is a SNAFU. A trope through the episodes is that the protaganist isn’t someone easily liked, but he wonders why this really cute girl showers him with attention and he just doesn’t get it until a secret from the past pops up.

      As men, we need that juicy bomb to just drop to finally put 2 and 2 together, because when SHE wants us but won’t say why, it will drive us to the ends of the Earth in frustration.

      • Oh, she would say why she wants you…but she doesn’t want you to think she’s a heaux. Ask me how I know…

        • In my opinion, heauxs are more trustworthy. At least I know their scoop.

          • And they have no shame about their inhibitions.

            *cues “Anywhere” by 112*

        • RewindingtonMaximus

          We all been there BUT….heauxs be on some “i don’t you to think I’m a heau but i want you to bang me like a heaux and afterwards if you treat me like a heaux, I’ll get mad but in the end, you know you like heauxs anyway” attitude. Hence regular girls….stop

        • Mrs.HarveySpector

          Very, very, very true! How do you know???

          • I’ve seen how people end up having a bad reputation when they were with someone they thought they could trust, so they got burned that one time and didn’t want to deal with that again.

      • Jay

        I haven’t seen an anime that impressed me in years. I’ll check it out. The thing is now I have absolutely no problem with women and their ways, I’ve since earned a PhD in reading the signs and reacting to them… Only thing is somewhere in my head I still think that THIS particular girl was “special”. I know that I may just be idealizing the situation but I’d pay GOOD money to go back and time just to see how that situation could have played out. Good or bad, I’d take it over be b*tching out and never knowing ANY DAY.

        I actually had another chance with her a few years later but… by that time I was in an LTR(that’s over now… of course) with my son’s mother. C’est la vie.

        • RewindingtonMaximus

          There always seems like this magical moment will alogn the stars and make everything possible but sometimes….i think your eyes just need a pretty picture to look at. I’d pay good money to go back in time and take a chance on the times i flopped, but really, i know the truth: she wasn’t gonna be what i thought she was.

      • Mrs.HarveySpector

        What exactly is anime? Adult Japanese cartoon?

        • RewindingtonMaximus

          Anime is just short for Japanese animation. It can be anything from kids atuff to adult atuff, just like regular animation you see from Disney or Cartoon Network. Anime just has a distinct style to it, and a lot of the shows reflect the culture that created it.

    • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why? Like I almost want to hate you. I had a similar experience and no matter how much I told and tried to convince this dude that I was into him it was like I was speaking some alien language. Why are men, or some like this???????????

      • You should have just gotten on your knees, pulled the D out and started sucking. There’s no mistaking that. Be DIRECT! Subtle hints don’t work. Obvious hints don’t work. Just f*ck the living daylights out of him.

        • Well damn, Todd- tell her what’s really on your mind, LMAO!!!

          *cues “Hed” by Noreaga*

          • I don’t like subtle women. Subtle reads manipulative, controlling, pillow princess female dog to me. I’m learning to appreciate the more subtle things, like being brushed on or having my arm grabbed in a sexy way.

            • Jay

              I don’t like subtle women

              99.9% of the time though that’s the nature of the beast.

              • T.Q. Fuego

                Too much subtlety is wack and ineffective. Too little is unattractive (like what Todd’s suggesting for instance). The ideal chick knows how to balance between the two extremes.

                • Why is that such a turnoff? Do you think homegirl is just throwing out the booty to everyone if he’s too aggressive? Are you trying to “be a man” and conquer? I don’t get it.

                  • T.Q. Fuego

                    Of course you don’t get it Todd lol. It’s not about conquering sh*t. What’s wrong with a chick pullin out my d*ck and suckin it in public? Seriously? I wouldn’t even have to answer this question for a two year old. Surely you can’t be serious…Besides last time a chick I just met put her hands in my pants (in a Waffle House) she turned out to be full of games. (Those types generally like attention). Nothing wrong with a chick approaching and showing interest though.

                    • I am deadly serious. “Showing interest” for women has way too many variables for my taste. Either say “Oh H3ll Yeah” or I’ll consider that a no.

                  • menajeanmaehightower

                    I’m not a dude but it screams of disrespect for my personal space and body. And if they try it on you, trust and believe it’s been tried on others. I don’t want a guy that has NOTHING in life to lose. People like this are to be avoided.

                • Jay

                  I used to think like that, until I realized that I was unsatisfied with women in my past and usually these girls expressed interest in me first or made it clear that I had a green light. By waiting for the perfect alignment of signs from a woman I was limiting my pool and thereby my chances of getting what I want.

                  Usually more attractive and feminine women are the more subtle because they can afford to be. Just like all women can avoid approaching because they can afford to. The manly burden of having to approach and make the first move is THE initial sh*t test. Women want a man who is at the very least strong enough to deal with rejection. This is why directness in itself is a turn on, because you’ve already proven that you can sack up and deal with a potentially awkward situation.

                  • The thing is after I make that first approach, I need immediate dividends. I’m a momentum investor when it comes to women, and if that first response is meh, I’ll move on with life. I have no problem turning it down at some point, but I need to have a good string of wins first.

                    • Jay

                      Now if we’re talking about responses after things are in motion then yeah… I feel you. Nobody’s got time to be chasing Mrs. Unobtainable.

                  • “Usually more attractive and feminine women are the more subtle because they can afford to be.”

                    Ehhhhhh…’s more like they HAVE to be. It’s not laziness. It’s the too-oft assumption that ANY move on their part is a green light to f*ck.Then they have to do the awkward “hey..HEYYY can I find out your last name first???” backtrack and get accused of being a “tease”.
                    What those women want is to be charmed, not pawed. They get that enough.

                    **note- I’m not speaking of “stuck up” pretty gals.

                  • T.Q. Fuego

                    “Usually more attractive and feminine women are the more subtle because they can afford to be….Women want a man who is at the very least strong enough to deal with rejection.”

                    Yup. That about sums it up. If men (and unattractive chicks) could get away with relying on subtlety we’d do the same thing.

            • So, in other words, you love for them to be, ahem, Hot Todding, no?

              • *kanyeshrug* Why not? *cues the Shaft in Africa sample* Show me what you got young lady! Show me what you got li’l mama!

                • Hands up and wave! And wave! And wave!

        • IcePrincess

          Omgggg Todd it is entirely to early in the am for this bullsh*t. Lol. Take a cold shower, would you please?

          • When is the appropriate time for this bullsh*t? And I took a hot shower a half hour ago post-workout. :)

        • Jay
          • What kind of p*ssy a$$ women do you guys run into? This is my philosophy when I meet an aggressive woman (which is sadly too rare):

            • Jay

              My homeboy moved from ATL to NY with his girl, 3 months later when I saw him again the very FIRST thing that he told me about “The City” was that the women were ULTRA aggressive.

              • I will say this about New York women. If you ever make a trip up, make a point to hang around Midtown around lunch hour. There’s this very particular walk that I like to call the “Manhattan strut”. It’s a very particular walk that working women do that I’ve never seen in any other part of the country. It’s this very feminine, but VERY aggressive strut. The best way I can describe it is almost like those gay ball struts, but in real life.

                And it makes me smile everytime. :)

        • LMNOP

          I feel like this is kind of crossing the line between “being direct” and chexual assault.

          • OK, just so I don’t get the VSSs arrested, ask if you can suck his D on the spot FIRST. If he consents, then go for it. Problem solved.

            • wow! Seeing your response now. Uhm read my comments- I said I spoke to him! It doesn’t get more direct than that ( ignoring the possible assault situation you are suggesting). I am pretty blunt person so it was not a case of miscommunication, he later said he could not wrap his mind around the idea or reality of him being good enough….which with time I realized was crap and nonsense so I left him and soon a simpler man showed up. Upon which this other fool felt about ready to believe me. I was done with all that mindfuck.

              In any case weren’t most of the men in an uproar over the whole Solange attacking Jay z and the double standards being applied when it comes to violence against men yet here you are suggesting what could amount to rape

              • I’m sorry for even implying $exual assault. Still, the broader point remains. You want to get a dude to the point where he has to either say yes or no to exactly what you’re offering. Don’t leave any room for ambiguity on your end. As I’ve heard recently, if the answer isn’t F*ck Yeah, then the answer is no. Then go from there.

                • we cool. I do agree that with men you really have to unambigous in your communication

                  • Absolutely, you need to be unambiguous. I have had female friends say stuff like “I smiled at him long than normal to let him know I was interested.” Very few guys would pick that up, and the ones that do are either not hetero or straight killers. With men, you have to state your needs in the same way you’re ordering fast food: clearly, directly and with as much enunciation as possible.

                • RewindingtonMaximus

                  I’m all for the direct approach instead of playing games. I just never saw it happen to men who look like me.

        • Instagram Model

          Dear Todd,

          Sex is NOT the solution to her situation. She wanted more than his anatomy, the heart. You need Jesus.

        • Abhorsen

          This is why Disqus should really have a voice option,lmao

      • tgtaggie

        Speaking from experience…lol. A lot of it has to do with fear of rejection. And being somewhat aloof to the “signs” didn’t help my cause at all.

        • Jay

          Honestly that’s exactly what it was… Fear of what would happen AFTER we got together. I was young and stupidly felt like she was the IT girl and I was just… me. I didn’t feel like I was enough. Ain’t it ironic how being aloof, even clueless, makes a bad chick that is used to being chased, chase you?

      • panamajackson

        I think that we are just…at least at a certain age…that afraid of rejection. We don’t look for green lights…we look for the shade of green that the ancestors dreamed of. The perfect green. We’re also just stupid when we feel like we have something to lose.

        • RewindingtonMaximus

          But that shade of green though….as ignorant as we can be, we all know that one girl off jump we think might change our lives. With that said, i don’t think rejection is the biggest fear anymore. I think its the fear that you won’t be enough, that you will be a stain on her record, and some of us just ain’t ready for that kind of responsibility.

    • panamajackson

      Oh, my story gets worst. Part II will be up in a little while. It gets WAAAAAAAY worse.

      • Jay

        Ha! I’ll be sure to reply in kind with the details of my epic lameness in those times.

    • T.Q. Fuego

      Smh, I know the feeling man. I got like 4 or 5 stories like this, but the one that stands out the most happened in Honduras. Smh. I had a decent excuse…sorta…but not really. Not speaking Spanish isn’t a good enough excuse. If we being real I was overwhelmed and froze up smh. The universe has a way of showing you that you ain’t ready for what you thought you wanted most…

      • Mrs.HarveySpector

        Woah. Sup you. Loooooong time!

        • T.Q. Fuego

          Sup lil sis. How u been treatin life?

      • Jay

        The universe has a way of showing you that you ain’t ready for what you thought you wanted most…

        You just won the comments section today. That’s EXACTLY how I view it and um… that sh*t stings.

  • nillalatte

    For some reason I want to queue Eninem’s Lose Yourself.

    You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
    You own it, you better never let it go
    You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
    This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo

    • RewindingtonMaximus

      Nah, you need to go harder.

      When your heart is stopping your soul from making a move, you don’t need poetic beauty, you need an ignorant kick to the behind.

  • kidvideo

    These kinda stories are best told when the storyteller is slightly drunk…the details are more vivid and ova the top.

    I also had a thing for a girl name Jackie in HS…real name too.
    Had a crush on another Jackie when i was 10, but she was too old for me… her apartment number was 227.

    • RewindingtonMaximus

      Or you randomly get someone sing Beyonce – Drunk In Love

      • kidvideo

        That song is probably gotten banned in alotta karoke bars ‘cross tha country.

        • Probably not- I mean, they still let people sing “Put It In Your Mouth” by Akinyele down here in Auburn…

          *looks at camera*

        • RewindingtonMaximus

          Or……it will be played at a lot of baby showers. Due to the fact that it is the reason the baby shower exists.

      • Surfbort…surfbort…

        • RewindingtonMaximus

          Too bad she can’t ride it like one, then nobody would be in her business

          • Ouch…and damn, LOL!

            • RewindingtonMaximus

              Tell me it ain’t so, and I’ll take it back

    • DB

      She was fine. Hated her voice, but she was fine.

  • RewindingtonMaximus

    That was refreshing P. Good story telling. Rick the Ruler is looking for his crown.

    I’ve worn those shoes before. So much that my toes stick out. I’m lucky that I did grow some cajones to get the Jackie that really mattered in the end. But I can’t help but think of what would have been different if THE JACKIE that haunted me for so many years was the only I grew those cajones for. I used to think time would tell but nope…time is keeping her mouth shut. So I’m left to my thoughts. But my heart knows something my mind doesn’t: where I stand is where I belong.

  • Girl, all of the words in this song is gonna be about You…
    -Raheem DeVaughn, “You”

    Good evening/morning Panama, everyone,
    A most fitting and timely topic, given yesterday’s conversation; I was a bit tied up but I did get to see a few other commenters, most notably Mr. Todd, and I want him to know that he’s more “On” than “Off” in his assessment of me.

    So, with that said, and in keeping with the theme you’ve set today, let’s continue.

    For three years, I have written voluminously upon Game, the Pickup Arts, the Science of Seduction and Human Mating in this forum, five overall as a blogger after my retirement from my “previous life”, trading in my union card for a keyboard. And for three years in my time in this space, I’ve encountered quite a bit of consternation on the part of a not insignificant portion of the VSB regulars. That is by no means surprising; indeed, I would have been shocked had that not occurred.

    What is perhaps a bit of a shock to me was, and remains: no one seemed to ask, directly, “How exactly did you come to find your way to Game, Obsidian?”. Since I just asked myself, I will now divulge the answer.

    This time of year is one that is of critical import for the nation’s young people, who will engage in a ritual known as the Senior Prom. I don’t know what the college/university equivalent is, for I have never attended; my adult life began shortly after graduation, roughly a month after the Prom. I was a soldier in what Camille Paglia calls the Invisible Army.

    Though I am familiar with many of the event’s trappings and the like, I’m afraid I cannot speak from experience about the Prom; you see, I never attended that either.


    Well, the simple and sweet answer is, that the ladies I had an interest in, didn’t share my enthusiasm. One by one, I asked out a predetermined list of ladies to attend the Prom, and one by one, I was rather strenuously declined. At around the baker’s dozen mark, I decided to put the brakes on, and consider my options.

    There were a number of, shall we say, “alternate” ladies who were desirous of having me take them to the Prom; but they were, let’s just say they weren’t my cup of tea.

    With a little more than two weeks to go before the Main Event, I decided to sit the Prom out. I spent that night thinking long and hard about what had transpired. It would be the first of many such long nights in quiet contemplation on a great many things, about how the real world works. Like so many things in my life, my education about one of Life’s most pressing concerns would come in the form of some rather jarring – and brutal – Hard Knocks.

    So be it.

    In the years that would follow, my “education” in/with the ladies would quickly disabuse me of any romantic “pretty lies” I had imbibed; the pithy platitudes and shopworn cliches – a few of which were uttered in response to what I’ve said about “Tyrone” yesterday – were swiftly put to bed. Not only didn’t they make sense in theory, they didn’t work in real time out on the bricks, either. And, unlike so many of you, who can meet the opposite s*x on the job or job-related functions and venues, mine didn’t afford such opportunities; being setup with “blind dates”, no matter how “nice” (read: homely) the gal in question or how earnest the putative matchmaker, were akin to being waterboarded. These experiences, and quite a few others – some of which I discussed in brief yesterday – “pushed” me to seekout answers.

    And then along came Game.

    Much of what Game entails and teaches, doesn’t just sound odd or weird; it very often, more often than not in fact, runs 180 degrees counter to what our society says how human mating “ought” to work. Indeed, it challenges many of our most cherished beliefs of how “love”, ought to work. After locking myself up in my bedroom for days to learn all of Game’s central tenets, studying its primary source materials and supping all I could from online sources, it was time to test what I had learned out in the field.

    And then the fun, really began.

    There are those among you who are hopeless romantics; in some ways, in many ways, I admire this about you.

    But the experiences that have shaped my life in general and my mating life in particular have given me a differing perspective on the enterprise; it is a luxury I simply cannot afford. It may come as a jarring shock to some, but the plain truth of it is that the mating game/dance, can be and often is brutish, mean, painful and short, to borrow a phrase. It is not democratic or subject to a vote. Nor is it fair, or “nice(tm)”. Some of the most painful moments in life can and often do come in the form of what has become known as Nuclear Rejections, regardless as to the rationale for them. But all of these things are necessary evils in my world; indeed, as I look back on the arc of my adult life, I am deeply grateful to have had them play an integral role in it.

    Does Game “work”? I think the question itself, at this late juncture, has been resolved – even some of its most ardent opponents, can no longer be heard railing against it. Too much evidence, empirical and anecdotal, has amassed in just the three brief years I’ve been a part of this community; the haters may continue to look on with chagrin, but they can no longer deny its efficacy.

    Even as it skewers their most sacred cows.

    But more than anything else – enhanced and increased mating success/opportunities – Game has given me a powerful tool kit and skill set with which to assess and understand the world around me, along the dimensions so central to all our lives – and to do so in ways that trite, pat, stock “answers” simply do not, and cannot.

    It continues to be one of my guiding lights, still.

    *presses “Play” on iPod, resumes “You”*

    Now adjourn your arses…

    The Obsidian

    • Sylqué

      Hey O,

      • Hello Ms. Sylque’ (is that pronounced “Silkay”?):
        I’m afraid I don’t know what “A/S/L” means; please explain? Thanks!


        • Chris Streetz Poet Bright


          • @Chris:
            Ah…I see. Thank you for clarifying that for me!

            Well then, I suppose we shouldn’t keep the lady waiting, yes?

            Ms. Sylque, I am a (Black) male, was born in Philly, where I currently reside although I’ve lived in other locales at varying points over the years, and I am 847 years old. :)

            I am 5’8″, 180lbs, wear a 44 Atheletic suit with a 30″ inseam. Shoe size: 8.5/40-42. “O” blood type (no, I am not making this up). Born under the Sign of the Archer, on the Day of the Moon and in the Hour of Mars. Brown eyes, black hair (though I prefer to keep it cut very short – barely visible). I wear shades because I have very light-sensitive eyes and because they look cool. My favorite colors are, of course, Black, as well as earth tones. Number; 2/11. Food; anything that doesn’t have the pig in it. Music, we discussed that earlier this week. Sport(s): baseball, basketball, (American) boxing, (Greco-Roman) wrestling – all of which I did in my school days.

            I don’t own a television and haven’t for more than five years, get most of my information from the Internet and news/talk radio. And I try to read a book a week, two if I can squeeze it in.

            I prefer walking to driving, though I know how to operate vehicles and that includes motorbikes. There’s nothing quite like having boots on the ground in any given locale. HUMINT and all that.

            And, I like the Great Outdoors; it’s been awhile, but I enjoy a good hunt and fishing trip when I can.

            I suppose that about sums it up, in case the lady had any followup questions after her “A/S/L” one…


            • h.h.h.

              uh…overkill a little?

              • @Triple H:
                When it comes to Women? Never, my friend…


            • Mrs.HarveySpector


              Bravo! You are extra as they come.

              • @Ms. Ratchet:
                “Extra”? I’m afraid I don’t follow. Please explain?


    • Thanks for the shout, and thanks for the mention of Camille Paglia. I’m not surprised that you’re a fan of hers. Being that she’s based in Philly, have you ever had a chance to catch one of her lectures that are open to the public? I know she has a very strong working class orientation due to her experiences growing up in Upstate NY. Plus, she’s probably the brightest woman alive, in my opinion.

      • @Mr. Todd:
        No, my friend – thank you for having a unique gift for insight. I suspect it has and will continue to serve you in many ways in your life.

        And yes, I have long been a stan of Prof. Paglia, and like you consider her among if not the brightest Woman I can think of. I was not aware that she gave free talks here in Philly; if you hear about any in the near future, please let me know, as I would like very much to thank her in person for all her good works over the years, and especially for being one of the few advocates of her stature for guys like me in the wider “conversation” obtaining on what I refer to as S*xual Politics issues in our time, before her life cycle concludes.


    • Rachmo

      I also got rejected by the guy I wanted to take to prom. I went to an all girls’ school so we had to ask the guys to dances. So I took a guy that he couldn’t stand to prom instead :-)

      • Good morning Ms. Rachmo:
        I want to thank you for both your comment above, and as well for your comments yesterday; they both stand as trong testimonies for the Game/Pikcup maxim to never listen to Women doling out dating advice. Please, it is not meant to slight any one Woman or group of Women in particular; but is a simple recognition of the profound differences of the s*xes insofar as mating is concerned. That, plus the fact that every Woman can rattle off any number of “difficulties”, real or perceived, she’s had, as well as always being able to cite someone in her circle who runs counter to whatever problem or challenge you present to them as a guy. Simply put, in the hindbrains of so many Women, Guys Rule The World, and therefore simply don’t have *that* much of a problem when it comes to mating – they don’t have to be concered with looks as much as Women do, can make up for it via money/status/humor, and so forth.

        And, in many, many ways, they would be right.

        I’ve learned over the years not to see such “responses” as yours to be annoying or threatening, but rather to see them for the good faith efforts they are, for Women attempting to commiserate with us, or in some other sappy way, attempt to convince us that All is not Lost. Please know that I see and appreciate the sentiment.



        • Rachmo

          I was just sharing bc I thought we were talking about bad prom experiences. It wasn’t a counterargument.

          • @Ms. Rachmo:
            Ah. And yesterday’s remarks?


            • Rachmo

              I hold those to be true. Folks get rejected all the time for various reasons. Both sexes have a rough go of it and you can either be a Negative Nancy/Ned or just not worry about it and press on.

              • @Ms. Rachmo:
                You are more than free to “hold” to whatever “truths” you like; as I said above, your comments reinforce solid Game principles and it would wise for Men not to put much stock in what Women have to say in these matters. For precisely the reasons I have enunciated above. So again, I thank you for helping me to illustrate the point for the benefit of the Talibs out there. :)

                I do however, have a question: do you think I am being a “Negative Ned”? If so, please explain why?


                • Rachmo

                  How do they reinforce game principles? It depends sometimes you are sometimes you’re not. When you talk about Game theory and so on and so forth that’s not Negative Ned stuff just how to pick up chicks. The Black women keep coming to me when they knocked up and broken and yada yada is a downer. I’m sure it’s “your truth” and what have you but it’s not a reality I’m familiar with.

                  • @Ms. Rachmo:
                    So glad that you asked:


                    Fear not, I will copy and paste the relevant portions of my piece for your consideration and for my clarification. In a moment…


                    • Rachmo

                      See we have reached an understanding! #nolinksin2014

                    • In today’s post, we examine the question: do Women, have an “unfair” dating advantage – or, do the sexes – Men and Women both – have “equal” amounts of dating “power”, as the Egalitarians would have us believe?

                      Let’s find out…

                    • Squid Ink Argument #1: Just because a Woman could walk into a bar and announce that she wishes to have sex with a Man or number of Men there, does not mean that it is something she wants or desires; nor does this mean that she has an “unfair” dating advantage.

                      Obsidian’s Response: Actually, if ever there was a way or method by which we could test the theory as to who has more “dating power”, the single’s bar/niteclub environment is it, as the entire enterprise trades on the inherent asymmetry between Men and Women along these lines. If Women did not enjoy an inherent dating advantage, there would be no need for “Ladies Night”, bottle service, “VIP” rooms, “speed dating” and the like (for those who scoff at such a thing, consider this – could there be a true “gender role reversal” along these and related lines? Would bars and niteclubs remain financially viable if they had instead “Gentleman’s Night”? Would the escort business thrive if instead of female escorts, there were males – with Women as the “Johns”? To ask these questions, are to answer them, of course – and hence again, proves my point). Moreover, if indeed Men and Women were evenly matched in terms of “dating power”, Women would be buying just as many drinks for Men as the other way around, and we all know this not to be the case. All of these devices/schemes and so on, exploit the fact that Men, taken together as a group, do NOT have equal “dating power” out on the open mating market, which bars and niteclubs are proxies for. That Women, even a plurality of them, do not relish the idea of going to one and announcing that she wishes to have sex with one or more Men in said bar/club, does not change this fact; all it means is that Women, in aggregate, are much choosier about who they have sex with – something that we’ll examine later in this post.

                    • Squid Ink Argument #2: Sexually frustrated/disenfranchised Men in the Manosphere, wish to impose a “Communist” take on the sexual marketplace (SMP) – essentially demanding that there be a (hot, of course) “Woman in Every Pot”, to paraphrase US President Herbert Hoover’s campaign slogan.

                      Obsidian’s Response: That the bright spark who uttered this “argument” would use terms like “Communist”, “disenfranchised” and refer to a presidential campaign slogan, suggests that she thinks that purported Manospherians would attempt a political solution to a mating problem – and if this indeed is the case, why not? After all, hasn’t Abortion (Roe v. Wade), the Pill, No-Fault Divorce, changes in Bastardy laws, the Violence Against Women Act, to name just a few, had profound impacts on the American sexual marketplace in our time? And, aren’t all of these interventions inherently political in nature? If so – and I think it fair to say that no reasonable person, regardless as to where they actually fall in terms of the current debate, would disagree – then why shouldn’t there be political interventions brought to bear on the inequities Men face in the modern day American SMP? For example, and I’ve discussed this before (in response to the bunk the very same lady blogger attempted to foist upon an unsuspecting public, I might add – thank you for being the gift that keeps right on giving!) – would making prostitution legal/destigmatized/socially sanctioned, have an effect on the SMP? Not only would my surmise be “yes”, but that we actually have evidence, historically, that this would be the case – which explains how and why there are indeed heavily invested political forces in our time, that fight tooth and nail to keep it from happening. And that’s just for starters – those same forces that attempt to control Male sexuality also fight tooth and nail against ending Paternity Fraud, to cite another clear-and-present example. Or Roe For Men, to cite another. Or attempts to make Game in general and Pickup Artists in particular, illegal. And so on. If indeed there are Men in our midst who are reproductively disenfranchised – as my erstwhile lady interlocutor proffers – then it is hard to see how or why said Men should NOT avail themselves of the very same levers of social, political and economic power to address their concerns, just as Women, indeed and more recently, Gays and Lesbians have done.

                      In any event, this canard of an “argument” does NOT address the central question, as to whether Women, taken together as a group, do or do not have more “dating power” than Men. Nice try, though…

                    • Rachmo

                      I don’t even know what either of ya’ll are saying so I’ll just say yes I think that both sexes have equal dating power.

                    • h.h.h.

                      *reads O’s and Rachmo’s exchange*


                    • Rachmo

                      Ha is it boring?

                    • Rachmo

                      Oh PS if you’re bored feel free to join in.

                    • h.h.h.

                      nah…it’s cool…just bring some ha-has into the mix…*keeps quiet*

                    • Squid Ink Argument #3: “It’s hard out there for Women, too!” – essentially, that not “all” Women have it so good in the dating/mating market; Women who are older, or aren’t deemed to be “conventionally attractive”, or who are disabled, etc., have it just as hard as do Men, when it comes to dating.

                      Obsidian’s Response: That there are unattractive Women on the open mating market and that they encounter difficulties, does not address the question as to whether Women, taken together as a group, do or do not have a dating advantage over Men taken together as a group. For example, for the above “argument” to work, our interlocutor would have to account for why and how, down through human history, twice as many Women have genetic heirs as Men, and that there were three times as many bachelors as spinsters. All of this is per widely known and accepted DNA testing, by the way – something that our interlocutors conveniently left out (or were they ignorant of?). A quick perusal of world history and even current events informs us that even the most homely of Women can be seen with baby strollers and carriages; a quick tour of the local maternity ward or indeed, a ‘hood near you, again, bears this out, and is right in line with human historical record along these lines. If indeed the sexes were anywhere near evenly matched in terms of mating power, how then are we to account for these easily observed facts?

                    • Rachmo

                      What is the evidence of three times as many bachelors?

                    • @Ms. Rachmo:
                      This is per forensic DNAA analylsis etc. For more, see Baumeister, Buss, et al.


                    • Squid Ink Argument #4: Men who advance the argument that Women have an “unfair dating advantage” are being dishonest – they aren’t talking about “all” Women (see above), but rather, they’re talking about the “hot” Women they cannot attract – and as such, evidence their unwarranted sense of entitlement.

                      Obsidian’s Response: I don’t know about anyone else, but I for one am very thankful that my interlocutor has brought up the question of “entitlement”, because it occurs to this writer, that the ONLY time such an issue is broached, is with regard to Men – NEVER, is it mentioned when it comes to Women. Do we really need to recount the many, many ways that Women tout how much they “deserve” thus and so in a potential mate? Need we trot out the infamous “lists” of “must haves” so many Woman harbor, regardless of her own SMP positioning? In no way do I bring up the aforementioned in an attempt to sidestep the claim being made – I can fully and readily concede my interlocutor’s point, and have indeed seen it firsthand. But that doesn’t nullify my point either – and does beg the question as to why “entitlement” is wrong when Men engage in it, but completely OK or benign whenever Women – again, regardless of how “worthy” she is – does it. Perhaps the very question we are examining, can shed light on this phenomenon, hmm? Think about it – if indeed Women are the more valuable reproductive sex, it would then make sense as to how and why they could “get away” with being more “entitled” to “deserving/deserving more” in or from a potential mate; and if indeed Men are the lesser-valued reproductive sex, it would then make sense for any individual Man to “make demands” to be seen as unseemly in some way; he should be grateful that he “got lucky”.

                      Think about it…

                    • Squid Ink Argument #5: “Take a look around! Plenty of average, “Beta” guys are in relationships, with average-looking Women! This just proves that these Angry Guys in the Manosphere are all wet.”

                      Obsidian’s Response: You gotta be kiddin’ me, right? Alright then, how about this: “See! Madam C.J. Walker, WEB DuBois, Booker T. Washington and Josephine Baker were successful! What are those Darkies banging on about?” Surely, you get my point – that because there were Negroes this time last century who were doing well, does NOT then mean that the bulk and mass of African Americans were doing well. Anecdote does not empirical data make. Just because any one of us can go out and see “large” numbers of couples composed of “Beta” males and “average” Women, does NOT invalidate, or even meaningfully address, the question being examined, which is: are the sexes equal in terms of dating power – or not?

                    • Rachmo

                      I’m not going to address the Beta/Alpha thing bc I don’t think that’s what you’re asking? But overall yes I do think the sexes are equal in terms of dating power.

                    • @Ms. Rachmo:
                      You would have to kindly explain WHY, the s*xes are evenly matched in terms of dating power. You have yet to do so other than assert it.

                      I’m listening…


                    • Rachmo

                      No prob Bob.
                      1) It takes two to tango. Someone has to initiate and someone has to accept the offer. Both sides have an equal shot of getting their feelings hurt.
                      2) Both women and men can be aware of and use their chexual power to their advantage. Women as well as men are susceptible to being led astray by a pretty face and great body.
                      3) This is my belief. Someone usually likes/loves one more than the other. Could be the man, could be the woman. I think someone is always a little more invested than the other. The person that loves/likes harder tends to be more compliant and have less power.

                    • @Ms. Rachmo:

                      “No prob Bob. ”

                      O: :)

                      1) It takes two to tango. Someone has to initiate and someone has to accept the offer. Both sides have an equal shot of getting their feelings hurt.

                      O: Nein. Women expect Men to approach more, and this is especially true in Black America, even more pronounced among the classes that venues like this caters to, in fact. One does not need to go far to see evidence of this in action: “Belles in Brooklyn” types not only prefer getting the “treatment” they DEMAND it. In that this is indeed the case, (Black) Men stand a much higher chance of getting blown out the frame, than (Black) Women do – and (Black) Women themselves know this, hence all the hemming and hawing when it comes to them making/doing cold approaches. If at all possible, they avoid it like the proverbial plague…

                      2) Both women and men can be aware of and use their chexual power to their advantage. Women as well as men are susceptible to being led astray by a pretty face and great body.

                      O: True on both counts; but what your argument above does not take into account, is WHO, on average, is the more choosy s*x, and WHY? I on the other hand have investigated this matter, and will be presenting that argument for your and the forum’s consideration shortly…

                      3) This is my belief. Someone usually likes/loves one more than the other. Could be the man, could be the woman. I think someone is always a little more invested than the other. The person that loves/likes harder tends to be more compliant and have less power.

                      O: Again, true, and I do not think it is possible to argue with anyone about their personal and often deeply held beliefs. However, what one can definitely point out, is the fact that the more caring party is usually the less desirable one. And this has been borne out in studies conducted on the matter. Couples that are drastically mismatched in terms of attractiveness suffers from this problem most especially (John and the late Elizabeth Edwards comes to mind; so do the Clintons; there are other examples).

                      The Scale, is Real – and we all know it…

                      “I have more but work calls O.”

                      O: Understood; I’ll wait…

                    • Rachmo

                      Meeting cancelled. so have you ever waited for someone to approach you?

                    • @Ms. Rachmo:
                      Not that I can recall; why do you aask?


                    • Rachmo

                      So first and foremost I will say that having to approach someone is the worst. I’m now a recruiter and am calling people out of the blue that may not want to speak to me and I REALLY need them for my livelihood. Nerve wracking ish.

                      But waiting is no fun either. It actually really sucks. You glance across the room and catch a man’s eye. He’s hot, you think you look hot, you smile at him and you think it’s all good. And then he walks over and says hello to…your friend…who is already taken…unlike yourself… You’ve got to be savvy and mask the disappointment and keep it cute bc he clearly is not interested in you.

                      Then there are the guys that talk to you to get to your prettier (or maybe not even prettier but whatever) friend. That also sucks.

                      Then he asks for your number and if we’re keeping it traditional you have to wait for him to ask you out. For me it’s always frustrating bc I can be a control freak and dealing with this all this waiting makes me feel very out of control. if I could, I’d steer it all myself but most of the guys that approach me, I can tell they’d prefer to do the steering.

                    • @Ms. Rachmo:

                      “So first and foremost I will say that having to approach someone is the worst. I’m now a recruiter and am calling people out of the blue that may not want to speak to me and I REALLY need them for my livelihood. Nerve wracking ish.”

                      O: LOL. I worked in many different phases of Sales for many years; and in them all, the “shops” were heavily Male-dominated. Oh sure, we’d get the Lady Greenhorns, but after they got some doors slammed in their faces, that sort of thing, they would go home for the day and not. Come. Back. I’ve even seen quite a few ladies breakdown and cry like babies.

                      And of course, as you’ve noted above, there’s the little matter of getting accounts/sales…which directly impacts the size of your paycheck…and whether you will continue to have a job…

                      “But waiting is no fun either. It actually really sucks. You glance across the room and catch a man’s eye. He’s hot, you think you look hot, you smile at him and you think it’s all good. And then he walks over and says hello to…your friend…who is already taken…unlike yourself… You’ve got to be savvy and mask the disap pointmen t and keep it cute bc he clearly is not interested in you.”

                      O: Again, such are the forces of Evolution at work; highly desirable people, Men or Women, are able to “set their price” and demand what they want, or failing that, are in a better position to bargain for it. The gent in question was clearly of the view that he could get that which he wanted, regardless of the fact that your female bestie was already taken; after all, Mate Poaching is a very real thing (cough, Scandal, cough)…

                      “Then there are the guys that talk to you to get to your prettier (or maybe not even prettier but whatever) friend. That also sucks.”

                      O: It does, no doubt about it. But who does this happen MORE to, Men or Women? Given the unique selection pressures and adaptive challenges both faced in the ancestral environment, it would be shocking to find out that they were 100% the same, “equal”, right down the line…

                      “Then he asks for your number and if we’re keeping it traditional you have to wait for him to ask you out. For me it’s always frustrating bc I can be a control freak and dealing with this all this waiting makes me feel very out of control. if I could, I’d steer it all myself but most of the guys that approach me, I can tell they’d prefer to do the steering.”

                      O: Please see above. In no way do I deny that Women face difficulties out on the open mating market; clearly, they do. The question is whether they are in equal quantity and quality, as that faced by Men. Given your first statement in this comment to which I’m responding, it would appear that you actually do agree with my position, which is that the s*xes are NOT evenly matched in terms of dating/mating power – Women have the decided advantage, in aggregate and taken together as a group…


                    • Squid Ink Argument #6: “All Women do NOT want so-called Alpha Males! – at the same time though, the fact that some guys are more desirable than others, “proves” that BOTH sexes can have an “unfair” dating advantage! So there!”

                      Obsidian’s Response: *Sigh* – please see above. Just because there is a small number of inherently desirable Men, does NOT mean that Men, taken as a group, do or do not have an inherent dating advantage over the majority of Women, or that this “fact” supposedly “proves that the sexes are “evenly matched” in terms of “dating power”. Such supposedly educated people – from Wharton, no less! – ought not embarrass their alma maters in such a fashion by saying such silly things with a straight face. One does not need to channel Aristotle to see the obvious logical flaws in this “argument”.

                    • Rachmo

                      Wait, There’s a small number of inherently desirable men? Are we talking big city or small town? Men are everywhere.

                    • @Ms. Rachmo:
                      Yes, that’s true, Men are indeed everywhere – but, as several ladies have made clear over the course of yesterday’s discussion, all Men are not made equal. Some are inherently more desirable than others, on the standards that Women have set. Even avowed lesbians like Ms. Val agree with this.

                      Hence, my point above…


                    • Rachmo

                      Yeah but then women grow up and make their own standards. I wanted tall, dark, urban and mysterious. I’m with a medium height, light skinned, goofy country boy. He meets my more realistic standards of kind, funny, smart, and respectful.

                    • @Ms. Rachmo:
                      While it is true that people, Men and Women alike, change over time, the fact remains that the determinants of Desire, on both sides, is quite distinct…and consistent. That you ‘grew up’ didn’t change the fact that your untrammled desires were in fact in evidence at one point in your life. That you got “more realistic” does not change this – please see yesterday’s discussion between Ms. Shamira, Ms. Val and other ladies in the forum, wrt actor Mr. Chis Meloni, et al. The profile, especially insofar as WOmen are concerned – and this would include lesbians – is quite distinct…


                    • Rachmo

                      O this kind of doesn’t make sense. In the end is my bf is getting laid on the regular. Isn’t that the main goal?

                    • @Ms. Rachmo:
                      That depends; much is contingent on the particularities of individuals involved. But even if what you report is indeed true, that still doesn’t change what the determinants of Female Desire, yours or any other Woman’s, have been documented to be. All it means is that you adjusted your mating effort in accordance with what you could reasonably attract and maintain; your beau, same. The Scale is Real, and for goood reason – because we are not all equally desirable. Some of us moreso than others. Not taking this fact into account can and will lead to lots of wasted time and resources in pursuing people who are not attainable.

                      Having said that, and I’ve been working on this for publication over at J4G, just because you are more “realistic” or otherwise “pair off” in assortative mating fashion, does not then mean, automatically, that one will be fulfilled with such an arrangement/pairing, or that indeed, they will “get laid on the regular”. All it will have meant is that the people involved have paired off as per their “scale rating” – nothing more.

                      As noted, I am working on a piece right now that addresses all of this, using the recently aired “Louie” “Fat Girl” episode as a jumping off point. It’ll be out the first week of June. I think you’ll find it interesting reading!


                    • Rachmo

                      But…back to my question. Isn’t getting laid on the regular/booed up the goal?

                    • @Ms. Rachmo:
                      I think we are asking two differing questions – I am asking about the determinants of Female Desire; you are asking about mating goals, in this case, of Males, who are documented to be markedly less choosy, than Females. I think it can be fairly said that, for the majority of Men, getting laid on the regular s indeed a win, whether that’s with the Metaphysical Goddess from Alpha Centuri, or whether its with the chick in Louie. I know that may sound a bit harsh, but such are the forves of Evolutionary nature.


                    • Rachmo

                      Well I already said above (or maybe I didn’t make clear) that the determinants change. I first desired tall dark handsome and exciting and I now desire predictable, smart and cool. So why even worry about them? It seems like you’re worrying about the desires of a mythical person you don’t even know.

                    • @Ms. Rachmo:
                      “Well I already said above (or maybe I didn’t make clear) that the determinants change. I first desired tall dark handsome and exciting and I now desire predictable, smart and cool. So why even worry about them? It seems like you’re worrying about the desires of a mythical person you don’t even know.”

                      O: LOL. If that is indeed the case, than my “worrying”, as a Man, is hardly unique. Since at the least the time of Freud and most likely earlier, Man has always desired to know “What do Women want?”. So long as this is the case, Men will continue to attempt to ferret out this information, and then either act on it, or get outta Dodge.

                      That Science has now begun to unravel this Gordian knot, is creating some interesting “ripples” in different quarters of the country. The sheer level of concern and angst in the White community is several decibels lower in the Black one, but the point is made: Men now knowing, with certainty, what (Black) Women Want, WILL make some deep and profound changes on/in Black America.

                      What will those changes be?

                      Going back to you though – again, just because your mating calculus changes, does not mean that your “hardwiring” does. And again, we see evidence abounding of that being the case all around us, all the time…indeed, what you report s terribly common, I’ve even addressed it here:


                      Excerpts available upon request…


                    • @Ms. Rachmo:
                      Below you will see portions of my linked article for J4G; some of them are currently in moderation, so please check back into this thread throughout the day to view them. I have more to add but II’ll hold here so as to give you the chance to respond.


          • I legit snorted, Rachmo.

            • Rachmo

              Haha I wasn’t even trying to be a smarta$$ I thought it was “I hated prom” time

      • RewindingtonMaximus

        I never went to my prom. I was mortified by my high school life. I opted for a trip to Florida instead. Disneyland seemed less depressing than going to that prom.

        • Rachmo

          Wow that was smart.

          • RewindingtonMaximus

            Maybe. I still ended up being jealous that i missed it once everybody talked about it. But i was a reject and that was a no-win situation for me if i tried to go. So i went to FL, had fun with the fam, met an internet crush, and got Blacker.

            • Blacker is always a win!

              • RewindingtonMaximus

                Werrd, my tan was mean.

    • Sandpaper


      • IcePrincess

        Boooooooooo. But all jokes aside, you were young, dumb, & full of cum. I ain’t mad atcha. Question is, did you feel bad/guilty about hurting your gf? If yes, then it was a good teachable moment. If no, well then you were just a stone cold jerk. My issue isn’t that you wanted some new p*ssy. It’s HOW u went about it that was deplorable. Prom night my ninja? Realllllllly? Ida killed u if I was your girl. Straight up

        • Sandpaper

          …you were young, dumb, & full of cum.
          2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

          …did you feel bad/guilty about hurting your gf?
          If I thought it would be hard to get her to forget it, I wouldn’t have done it. Yeah.

          …you wanted some new p*ssy.
          I obviously had many options. My date was a little harder nut to crack. I put on my tights, did a pirouette and received my pay.

          … Ida killed u if I was your girl.
          She knew to keep her hands to herself. The lamp on my nightstand didn’t fare as well as I did though.

          I’m glad I didn’t mention the incident with her cousin (unbeknownst to me) that happened a couple months later. LOL!

        • Sandpaper

          My reply is in moderation. How ’bout dat.

          • IcePrincess

            Wooooooow omg

      • IcePrincess

        Moderation. I hate this g-rated comment system ????

        • Sandpaper

          You were nice, right?

          Triggerman, ay?

          • IcePrincess

            Yea, chile. I jus can’t stand stupid azz disquss. Hopefully it will show soon

      • @Sandpaper:


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  • TheOtherJerome

    For guys, i think college is all about dropping that wide open pass in the end zone. But you do learn from it.

    I remember one time there was this woman i wanted from the moment i saw her at the beginning of one semester, yet i was too shy to say anything. One day after she apparently got tired of me not speaking, she rolled up on me tauntingly on the way to class and asked “what would you do if you ever got with this?” And she wasn’t talking about her platonic affection.

    I was so stunned by her directness, i choked and said “uhh… heh heh, uh, girl.. uh…” and that was it :-( She shook her head, laughed and walked away.

    Of course i never got a shot after that. But i did learn the hard way: He who hesitates is lost.

    • Abhorsen

      That’s right,never buss back always shoot first

    • Maybe I’m the weird one, but I didn’t whiff when it was that wide open. I just didn’t get that opening that often.

    • “One day after she apparently got tired of me not speaking, she rolled up on me tauntingly on the way to class and asked “what would you do if you ever got with this?” ”

      If I was asked that question, I would have responded:

      “Come over here and I’ll show you- it just so happens my apartment is right…*points across the street*…THERE!!!”.

    • tgtaggie

      I can say with complete and utter positivity that it has never been thrown at me like that. lol.

      • Andre

        Not never.

    • It’s always like that. But let it have been someone you weren’t head over heels for. Mouthpiece woulda been on 1000%.
      I dropped wide open passes in Middle School, High School, AND College all because i went for a hail mary when i was like 6 and the girl gave me the eeeewwww. Funny how it only takes a moment to create a lifelong scar. We MUST get over this fellas, too many games to be won.

    • It’s always like that. But let it have been someone you weren’t head over heels for. Mouthpiece woulda been on 1000%.
      I dropped wide open passes in Middle School, High School, AND College all because i went for a hail mary when i was like 6 and the girl gave me the eeeewwww. Funny how it only takes a moment to create a lifelong scar. We MUST get over this fellas, too many games to be won.

  • I’m a sucker for such stories!!!!!!!!!!! I will be writing my Global Oil paper while rewriting (in my head) the ending of this story!!!!!!!!!!!!aaarrrgggg

    • Freebird

      youre gorgeous! that is all. as i was.

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