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There’s A Video Called “Hoteps Hoteppin” And You Should Watch It Right Now

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Why? Well because the first 90 seconds is a great (and hilarious) answer for anyone who asks “What exactly is a hotep? I don’t get it.

And because it was created by Radha Blank, who goes by RadhaMUSprime, writes for Empire, and actually has things like “she’s a GhostFace-meets-Moms-Mabley mash up” and “You can expect forthcoming videos for her songs “African Cabbie” and “WMWBWB” (White Man With A Black Woman’s Butt)” in her bio.

And because she’s a friend and shit.

And because of the pitch-perfect parody of that late 80’s/early 90’s style of rap, from the voiceovers to the #bigguytwitter guys Cabbage Patching.

And because I said so. (And you’ll thank me for it.)

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at Or don't. Whatever.

  • Epsilonicus

    Love it!! The flow was dope!

    #HotepsBeHoteppin #ThirdEyeBlind #Woke #EyeSee #Innerstand #ChakrasRealigned

  • Ari

    This was great couldn’t have come at a better time.

  • Lol, in retrospect, isn’t fair to say Neo-Soul was mostly Hotep-Groove?

    • Dee

      You maybe on to something, goes back and listens to Erykah Badu…

    • I kind of associate a lot of it with the Earth tone wave that is Neo-soul with hotepism from time to time.*

      *Well except for that Bilal video “Soul Sista” cause that was awesome.

      • Hoteps = What happens when ex-black power activists mate with white women hipsters?

        • Val

          Something that has always caught my attention is that a lot of ex-Black Power folks do end-up with a White SO. I really hope one day someone will write some sort of piece analyzing why this happens so often.

          • I don’t know for certain, but I think historically it roots back to the divide that emerged out of the black power movement, where many of the male leaders didn’t want to provide positions of leadership for black women. A lot of the co-founders of womanism, were women who branched off from the black power movement to prioritize the issues of black women and their experience over that of the “black community”…which was deconstructed as propaganda by men in the movement to achieve freedom, while still maintaining the patriarchal order.

            As the black power movement declined due to several factors including FBI attacks, infighting, corruption etc, there was always a group of black men who were part of the movement that felt that the reason why it all broke apart was due to many black women choosing to align themselves with the feminist movement at the time, at the expense of the black community.

            It’s ironic, but because we idealize that era so much, we consistently miss the fact, that many of our modern problems, issues and conflicts, internally, originate from that era as well.

            • Val

              Interesting. The end of the Black Power movement did coincide with the beginnings of the Feminist movement so that does make sense. but, there seems to be another level to it beyond that, don’t you think?

              I mean, this was happening with people who were in the civil rights movement, to a lesser extent, as well. And, at least one Black woman who was somewhat apart of the movement, Angela Davis, also went that route.

              • I’m just talking in terms of the perception of it. I don’t think that’s exactly what happened. I think there was a fundamental ideological difference between the two movements as well, which had more to do with the times than anything else.

                The Civil Rights Movement was mostly an integration-oriented movement, so just like it was an effort to integrate minorities into society, it was also an effort to integrate various ideas: Marxism, Socialism, Feminism etc. Angela Davis for instance, proudly declared that she had been influenced and mentored by a white guy named Herbert Marcuse, and even open speeches for him. (This was far less likely to occur in the black power movement.)

                The Black Power Movement interceded with an increasing desire for action and revolution, and such requires a reduction in the tolerance for distractions and debate. Thus there was a desire to cut out integration, and greater focus on specified self-interests (that was MLK’s major criticism of the black power movement). It’s fair to assume, I think, that as this was becoming the norm, that it would have influenced black women who increasingly felt left out of positions of power. I remember reading once about Stokely Carmichael after being asked, what position he’d like to see a black woman in the movement, responding: “The only position for women in the movement is prone.”

                So yeah…hubris.

                • “The only position for women in the movement is prone.”


                • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

                  Prone. God Almighty.

                • jolly

                  WOW. I’ve recently observed memes about my Pro-black not meaning Anti-white. Where does this fit into the conversation? While I agree in the irony I’m curious about this discourse. What if that white SO is also Pro-black for instance? Or is that an oxymoron not allowed to exist?

              • There’s also the fact that radical feminists took a lot of cues from the Black Power movement.

            • Lamar Latrell

              bell hooks has a lot to say on this subject.

              • Val

                Really? Can you point me to her work on this?

              • Lamar Latrell

                full disclosure, I just googled “bell hooks feminism and racism”, since I’m at work and don’t have my library at my disposal, but the first book I found (which is one I actually haven’t read) was

                • Lamar Latrell

                  but, if you haven’t read bell hooks, I highly recommend her. She can be severe, and I don’t agree with everything she says, but she has thoughts, they are good, and articulated well, and I always appreciate her point of view on something.

          • Mary Burrell

            You noticed that too I was thinking they are kind of hypocrites always spewing about black power and then not have a black significant other. I was always confused by that.

            • Val

              Exactly, Mary. Hypocrisy is the key word.

          • My theory is that the same type of person who likes the eroticism of the hotep mindset probably fetishizes exotic stuff in bed. While that doesn’t necessarily mean White chicks, that definitely means they aren’t dating a regular Black woman.

            • It seems western movements that involve “spirituality” are lowkey rationalizations for engaging $3xually or sensually taboo behavior (which always gets obscured as liberating) of some sort…or end up becoming such, like yoga pants.

              I’m gonna work with some of my boys back home in Nigeria, and we’re gonna start selling “Ancestral-masks” to Hoteps.


              – Put on this mask and awaken the wisdom of your ancestors
              – Put on this mask and achieve the “length” that the gods truly wanted you to have
              – Put on this mask and use your mind to help her reach her “zenith”

              If it works for the Indians, why not lol jk.

              • I just chuckled so HARD. Sell this mask and an Ifá name and it would be a wrap… like Umar becoming Ifatunde.

              • Can I be the NYC Tri-State Distribution Manager? I’m imagining the tricked out Cadillac Escalade these masks would pay for. ROTFLMAO

                I don’t get why people need all sorts of spiritual justifications for doing some freak ish. Just do it. People swear that being wild without it leads to eating babies and chopping off heads or something dumb like that. It’s OK to be a perv. You aren’t a bad person!

                • I’ll hold Brooklyn down for you!

                  Also, kink is cool, but perv makes me think of Chester the Molester.

                  • mchester


              • Furious Styles

                They’re selling them in the flea markets out here, but not with that angle… You could make a killing.

                What they call Tantra is basically an American phenomenon, invented as a way of talking about s3x without using the word “s3x”. Because of all the immoral connotations of s3x, they make it into something divine and polite instead of physical and passionate. I think this is because a lot of “gurus” know that many women need an emotional connection to haves3x, and spirituality is the quickest, deepest way there. And those women often end up replacing one type of predator with another.

              • Mochasister

                Ancestral masks made on China!

          • LaMissLy

            Your point, @disqus_QGKOTi1oX5:disqus about hotepism being a form of escapism might relate to this. Perhaps then, when the lack of self-awareness+escapism+a fascination for things at the border of reality or whatever’s considered “acceptable” all come together (@disqus_jaQFOkPNbv:disqus ) you get people who have put fellow Black people in boxes, which stops their ability to relate to each other long term…just a thought

          • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

            Just like that Paul Mooney bit in Hollywood Shuffle.

          • Tambra

            Well the black women are failing with the black boys, so I guess the other race shall do the job.

            • Val

              I hate when they start with that nonsense.

              • Tambra

                Well they have to come up with something. It is like the men in crisis thesis.

      • Bilal is slander-proof!

    • Brandon Allen


    • Yes, next question.

    • Demond Handy

      Hotep is just an extension of Conscious movements in 80-90s

  • Other_guy13

    Dafaq did I just watch…that intro made me feel some type of way…

  • HouseOfBonnets

    *Turns on Hotep Pokedex for the inevitable influx of criticism that will pour in from the I am my brothers keeper brigade Visitors will include Private Black Fist, Captain Kente Cloth and Sergeant Black words on a white page* Speak on it my brother!

    • DBoySlim

      I love Dormtainment.

      • Other_guy13


  • Stanley

    This was everything I needed in my life but didn’t know existed.

  • Detroit Skater

    saw this yesterday, loved it and was hoping VSB would get a hold of it….

  • Brass Tacks

    “That’s the original ear lobe, because the Europeans want you to have your ears way up front. How the fcuk you gonna hear sh*t behind you?”

    #Factsonly #wheresdalie

  • Other_guy13

    “How dafuq you gone hear ish behind you”… going to bed

  • JaiJaye Phaad

    This was hilarious. The white girl asking where the shea butter was & his switching to his sweet lil timidT non-intimidating not too black voice almost killed me before the song even started.

    • thasamiam

      That was my favorite part of the video as well, and it seemed like a subtle nod to “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka”

    • Ari

      The video almost seemed real until she walked in.

      • miss t-lee

        I thought that was the realest part…lol

        • Ari

          This video made me realize how real it is. Lol

          • miss t-lee

            I know a few, they keep a white chick on deck.

            • Mochasister

              Too many for it to be a coincidence.

              • miss t-lee


          • Heathertbernard3

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        • Mochasister

          I’m saying!

      • Mochasister

        What are you talking about?! That was real! Lol! Usually whenever I hear a Black man spouting off about Black pride he’s with a non Black/white woman. The prouder the Black man the lighter/whiter his woman.

        • Ari

          I understand, and I agree. I was referring more to the actual feel of the video. If a didn’t know this was a diss video I could have easily mistaken it for a real hotep youtube video. But once she walked in at that point anyone would’ve been able to ascertain that the video was a spoof.

          • Mochasister

            I get you now.

    • And occasionally they’ll raid my neck of the $exual woods while trying to convert me. I’m like ninja…. You trying to Black African queen me while trying to hump jumpoffs? Like nah man.

      • Val

        See, another Todd’s exploits story for your future post.

        • The worse is when I’ve seen BDSM and the hotep mindset blended together. Like wait…you trying to say that in Egypt they did stuff like this? Really ninja? REALLY???!!!

          But hit me up this summer about a series. My work schedule is bananas right now.

          • kingpinenut

            whips chains and negros is a no go

            • Considering I’ve done that with women darker than me, this is my response to that:

              • kingpinenut

                you gots to do you

            • Kas

              I see what you did there. Well played.

    • NonyaB

      LOL. And you know they’re the type to have the hypocritical balls to try shaming BW who date interracially, despite having vanilla cupcake at home themselves!

    • Beauty In Truth

      These ninjas aint loyal! Lol

    • Ustadh

      The white girl asking where the shea butter was & his switching to his sweet lil timidT non-intimidating not too black voice …

      Check this video from 2:52

      • Mochasister

        Completely off topic but damn Malcolm still got it!

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