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Then One Where We Recap National VSB Day Happy Hours

I’m so tired. My voice is gone. Folks came. We saw. We conquered.

Shoutouts to everybody who came out to the DC National VSB Happy Hour. Let’s do a quick recap since quite frankly, I’d really like to be sleeping but I do this for my culture.

I was a little worried at first. Despite having more RSVPs than a mothertrucker, between the hours of 5-6pm, there might have been 10 people. Which isn’t so bad, I mean, most people in DC get off at 5pm. It was cool and all, but I can’t lie, I was slightly worried.

All of those fears were allayed by 630pm when it looked like Black DC came out in full force to Tap & Parlour at Bohemian Caverns for some quality libations, food, and fun. With that said, here are a few things that come to mind about tonight’s happy hour:

1) I love how when you bring a bunch of ninjas together in DC, a Howard vs Morehouse/Spelman convo and debate breaks out. I shall always have the last word though. Take that Howardites!!!!!

2) I signed somebody’s hand. I did not however, sign any boobs, much to the chagrin of one particular VSS. I’m sure she’ll make mention of it.

3) I love that dudes actually came out. Hell, I’m not even sure some of these dudes ever heard of VSB. They just rolled by and saw a locale full of women and realized that wherever they were going wasn’t going to look like what they had seeent.

4) I have no idea if most folks actually met anybody new or not (well aside from me, who met damn near everybody), but everybody looked like they were enjoying theirselves. This made me happy. And a happy Panama Jackson loves squirrels.

5) Somebody ACTUALLY lost on bet on whether or not my real name was Panama Jackson. I was more amazed that the bet was made in the first place. And yes, they lost because as we all know, my real name is not Panama Jackson.

6) I can’t say how much entertainment I get out of folks curiousity about whether or not I’m a 3. Therefore, I put on a tshirt that had a 3 on it.

7) I actually gave relationship advice…well here’s another hit Barry Bonds.

8) For those who were curious, yes, that was my daughter.

9) I have to say this, mostly because it’s hilarious to me. There was a significant enough amount of guys at the event who could have hollered at any number of women…except they didn’t really…branch out. All those women…and I had to entertain them all. Though there were a few cats who definitely did their part.

10) Shoutouts to my folks (you know who you are because I specifically told you all how much I really appreciate you all coming to all of our events). I can’t tell you all how humbling it was to have SO many folks come out to an event put on by VSB.

Anyway, thats enough and I’m tired. I’d rather hear from other people in every other city how the event went. Let us know. Let everybody know. DC was off the hook and hopefully some of the folks in DC will chime in and share their thoughts.

Basically, if you went, let us know…

And mostly, thanks to everybody who came out to any event in any city. And Liz, thanks for putting it all together.


***Attn Pittsburgh-Area VSBs and VSS’s. On Saturday, Feb. 12th, The August Wilson Center is hosting a screening of Love Jones and a Q & A session with Theodore Witcher, the writer and director of the film. The pre-screening reception starts at 6:30, and tickets are $15. Hope to see you there!!!***

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Damon Young

Panama Jackson is pretty fly for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future.

  • fatgrlatheart

    #confession – i never thought it was your real name, until I saw the book cover and said “wait, this mofo’s name is really panama jackson???” What can i say? I was having a slow moment.

    • Glitz

      @fatgrlatheart – Ditto! I thought it was an alias too. Then again, I couldn’t picture Champ as a Damon. Oh well! It was nice to see all the Young Black Professionals out tonight on U street!

      • SmartFoxGirl

        It is an alias. Panama’s real name is Cleophus Williams Jerome the III. lol

        • Panama Jackson

          actually, its jocephus williiams jerome the III

    • Panama Jackson

      we all have slow moments. its for the kids.

      see what i did there? me neither.

  • Skrap

    Atlanta was real chill. The talent (ladies gathered) was unmatched. Beautiful women, a great atmosphere, good drinks, Oreo cheesecake and the band that played at the spot was more than on point. All in all, new friends were made and the theory that smart is sexy was definitely proven. Good work, folk!


    • tgtaggie

      See….that’s why I hate living in my part of SC. The talent isn’t so great. Also I bet it was like this scene from rush hour 2 (minus the Asian chicks). lol.

      • DG

        LMAO @ the Rush Hour scene…yeah, the A is pretty crucial. What’s even worse is that you can see that kinda talent anywhere, anytime…at a bookstore, at a gas station, driving on I20, etc.

        Btw, what part of SC are you reppin?

        • tgtaggie

          Reppin’ the Florence area. lol. I think what messed me up is that I went to undergrad with a virtually 12:1 female to male ratio. Basically I went from seeing talent (10+ times a day) to virtually none at all. lol. Funny story…this past Oct. I went back for A&T’s homecoming and I was standing in Wallyworld (getting some toothpaste) at 10pm (on a Thursday) and I must have saw 5-6 hot black chicks in 5 min window. I said to myself: “Man, I miss this place!” lol.

          • DG

            Yeah, folk…it is hard to go from a place where talent is concentrated (i.e., A&T…actually that whole area, ‘cuz Bennett got some too…but cities like DC, ATL, Miami) to a place like Florence, where some good eye candy is hard to come by. As a state, SC does have some serious talent….it just ain’t concentrated, ain’t concentrated at all.

            *Hangs head in disappointment

      • Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

        @tgtaggie @DG

        Are we the on VSBs that live in SC? Next year if we can get anything organized we’ll split a 12 pack in the parking lot of a Stuckey’s that’s closest to Chucktown, O-B, and Florence. I’m open to alternative locales.

        • tgtaggie

          That’s a great idea……But we better meet in a major metro b/c splitting a 12 pack on I-95 in the middle of Clarendon County isn’t a great idea.

          • Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

            No that you mention it that is a very bad idea. It almost sounds like a start to an episode of In the Heat of the Night involing a dirty cop killing three bad dudes in a truck.

            • Wu Young, Agent of M.E.

              I meant “now that you mention it.”

            • KMN

              I just had a serious vision of Bubba, Virgil, and Anna Marie Johnson when you said that (yall know that Bubba and her was getting it on. She depended on him more than she did Virgil).
              Owl on the prowl.


        • Soundwave803

          Augusta could also work. The Garden City is in a somewhat centralized location.

    • MsVivienne

      I absolutely loved Atlanta! It was great and everyone was so friendly. Shout out to the birthday twin hosts!

      • Wise Diva

        so glad you enjoyed it, thank you for making it fun!

    • ThisisTip

      I enjoyed the Atlanta event as well. Really proud that so many VSBs made it out.

      • AkShone

        I agree, it was cool meeting everybody that came out to VSB ATL

        An this goes out to everybody that couldn’t remeber the words to My Funny Valentine.

        …I didn’t either, but sharing is caring and sh*t.

        • Skrap

          It’s funny, I couldn’t remember the words at the spot but as soon as I got home and Youtube’d it I was singing my ass off…it’s like all you need is the first line and the rest is a piece of cake…oh well…too late now so it don’t matter! lol

    • Kayejaye

      Glad that all went well in the atl. I couldn’t make it because I have a young baby and a husband so I just don’t get out like I used to. Anyone else up for a vsb subgroup meet up? Like a married vsb couples with kids playdate/meet up? Lol………but seriously! Lemmeno……..

    • Wise Diva

      Yes I agree, the ladies were uber fabulous with great personalities to match. The VSBs were all kinds of sexy, I enjoyed the view LOL Thanks again for coming out !

  • L Boogie

    DC was great! The locale was awesome, the food was amazing, the drinks were on point…and for happy hour prices? Awesome…so nice to see so many people out (even though all the dudes were huddled in one spot lol), and its always nice to support such a great group of writers/people. I got my book signed by the world’s greatest 3, so im happy…:-)

    You still shoulda signed her boobs, doe.

    • Tara

      This is my first time posting on VSB, but felt compelled to share that I had a wonderful time at the Happy Hour in DC as well! I agree with all you wrote, L Boogie–it was great seeing so many people out to support VSB and mixing and mingling. I didn’t have a book, but did get my hand signed (I took a picture of it and have it hanging up in my office, lol). I will definitely be at future events.

      • Panama Jackson

        and a nice hand it was. LOL

        • Tara

          Awww shucks!! If a black woman could blush, I would, ;-)

    • k-steez

      Yup! Had a great time at the D.C. joint. Me and another VSS (she got her hand signed, lol!) came down from Baltimore. Great crowd- almost 100?- good food, yummy drinks. Like PJ said, there wasn’t a lot of mingling going on, but everyone had a good time. I know I was eating, drinking, and being merry : ) AND the music was on point- it’s rare that I go to a place with primarily Black folk and they’re playing music I actually listen too. Don’t know if the caverns is always like that, or if Panama had his iPod plugged up….

      And, for all Panama’s talk about libations and encouraging shots, you would’ve thought the bar wld be fully staffed. It wasn’t. And it was a pain getting an order in- but after I got the first one in, they were flowing for the rest of the night.

      I’ll definitely be at the next one!

      • Panama Jackson

        naw, it wasn’t my iPod, that was the owner’s joint running. and that music that was playing was very indicative of the types of shows there and the music that’s always playing. trust me.

    • SaneN85

      I knew it would be Shonnerz that asked! Also, I’m shocked and appalled that PJ wouldn’t sign ‘em.

      • Panama Jackson

        only in america can being respectful be a problem. lol. heathens.

  • Anastasia!!!

    I’m so sad that I wasn’t able to attend the LA VSB day – As a ninjette with two jobs, tonight I had to work and make a little paper :-/

    I hope everyone had a great time!! Someone give a re-cap of Lala land!!!!

    Soon we’ll have some VSBabies happening!!!


    And lol at “Giiiiirrrl… Is he 3?” Haha!

  • Ashleigh

    NYC happy hour was great! Even for the short time I was there it was so worthwhile. I made my friend go to the one in DC as she is new to the area and was lookin to meet some nice folks. She wasnt even a fan of the blog but met a potential boo and had a good time except for all the shots you made at her hometown of Detroit, lol. Good times had by all. Let’s do it again!

    • S Emm

      Yeah, NYC was cool. The drinks were on point and those little cupcakes were bomb! But there was like a total of like 12 guys there, lol. But I think I met you yesterday, my fellow Columbia alum?

      • Ashleigh

        Yeah! Remind me of who you are from the event. I was surprised even that many guys were there. I forgot to try the cupcakes because I was on the run to another event. Good times tough.

        • S Emm

          I’m the sports management major at Columbia. I’m in the master’s program. U recently graduated right?

      • peter parker

        Yes! i told Slim it would be 12 or under!!


      • Sim

        Yeah, I was surprised there were only a handful of men there…hopefully word will spread if there are future events.

        Re: the mini cupcakes, I thought the one w/the orange flavor was delicious!!

    • Panama Jackson

      I did say at least one thing nice about Detroit, it just eludes me right now. lol

  • Sea Jay Bee

    The Chicago gathering went really well. It was a great way to cap off a busy day in a freezing city. I took Panama’s advice and avoided holding up the wall (thanks Cheekie for running a pick and stopping me on my attempt on leaving!) and got to meet a cool group of Chicagoans. The music was on point (thanks Vince Adams) and we got to see Kobe put in work and Ray Allen set the 3-point record.

    I wasn’t even salty when I saw a parking ticket on my car after I left!

    • Cheekie

      OMG, Chicago STAYS showing us love by handing out errant parking tickets. #thismakessense (no it don’t)

      I’m so glad you decided to stay because that’s when things REALLY got interesting and fun. Thanks for kicking it with us man, and hope to you at any future events we have. (Get on Twitter. Yes. Kthxbye.)

      • Liz

        <3 you Cheekie for holdin us down in Chi Town!!!!!

    • Lola’s Mambo


      • Lola’s Mambo

        I’m sad I missed it. ::walks away kicking ball of snice::

        • Cheekie

          It was warm in there, doe. I’mma let you take that as you will. ;)

  • That girl

    The NYC joint was nice and classy. It was awesome meeting the local VSBs and VSSs and the lone saxophone player (rando!)… unfortunately I didn’t get to connect with the bow-tied cutie I made prolonged (but not creepy) eye contact with, but there’s always next VSB Day! #missedconnections

    • Scipio Africanus

      The sax player was distracting me because he was playing mad Beatles songs, and I was like “Is that ‘Hey Jude’, or ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’?” I’m trying to be charming, witty, mysterious and dashing, and this guy has me going through my mental Classic Rock catalogue.

      • Buxxy

        I really wanted him to do a mash up of Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems and Meet You at the Cross Roads mixed with a little Big Pimpin’. How? I’m not sure… but I wanted it.

      • Panama Jackson

        i know that pain all to well. be shushin’ the chick you trynna holler at b/c you can’t figure out why this ninja is playing notes that could be from two different songs.

        been there, lost that.

    • Archer

      @ That Girl….trust that Bow Tie and I will be @ the next VSB NYC function…and completely prepared for the overwhelming number of VSS and sh*t!!!


    • Sim

      Michael? Slim, light-skinned bro?

    • Sim

      Michael? Slim, light-skinned bro w/the brown hat??

  • Buxxy

    NYC was fun. I had fun hosting with Evelyn and I hope everyone enjoyed the location. I was not shocked by the amount of women… It has become normal that ratio at events. However I was slightly saddened by the men. All of the men were good looking and generally nice but chose to stick in bunches and not branch out. Matter fact, there were some women that did the same. ::shrug:: I don’t know, it just seemed pointless to come if you weren’t going to be active. Luckily I pulled my hostess card and made a few rounds. All in all I hope everyone had a great time, enjoyed the drinks (even the bartender said we were a cool group), ate some cupcakes (were’nt the french vanilla with Grand Marnier icing just amazing????!!!! Let me know if you need her contact info) and met some good folks. I seriously enjoyed meeting everyone and talking about topics pertaining to my future kids that must be NFL stars to going back to school. Honestly I hope we can do this once every few months. Maybe quarterly. Thanks for the opportunity and I think you have an amazing following, with some amazing people. Seriously.

    P.S. – I will email the raffle winners tomorrow. I’m pooped.

    • Yoles

      Dear Buxxy

      I will say that you were & Evelyn wonderful hosts and you especially got me warmed up to actually speak to someone other than myself…. the turnout was bigger than i expected. My only disappointment was scanning and scanning the room for a familiar face and not seeing one (except Slim Jackson-i saw him)… all in all i met some cool peoples and now that i have gotten my feet wet, i will be even more proactive in socializing at the next event.

      • BKSweetheart

        Hey Yoles – I was at NYC event. I think I saw you! I was standing by the stairs w my bf. I’m so terrible at these kind of events!!

        • Yoles

          Hey BKSweetheart

          I actually scanned the room for you since you said that you were going… but alas seeing that your face is not that clear in your avatar i couldn’t make you out with all the other females there… If you did see me i had a black flower in my hair… i purposely didn’t bring “back up” to try to make myself leave my comfort zone… i met three ladies… even though they all approached me and told me i had a friendly face… oh well there is always next time… it would have been nice to meet you, as i often agree whole heartedly with what you post!!! NEXT TIME!!!

    • Liz


      THANKS SO MUCH BUXXY! You are the best! I really wish I could have been there!

      • Buxxy

        Thanks for allowing Evelyn and I to do it! :)

        • MictheMessenger

          What’s good, Bux!!!???


          • Buxxy

            HIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!! :) #leftsidelove

    • Calmpleks

      NYC was cool for the .000004 seconds I was there before responsibility called. I had an amazing cupcake and got called out by you for having “Jersey locs” whatever those are. Keep it going Buxx so I can actually hang next time.

      • Buxxy

        I actually love “Jersey locs” lol. Damnit, I love locs in general… So it was a compliment not really getting called out (even though I figured you were from Jersey and I was right). Not very often you see a well groomed man with well groomed locs. You think they would together but they don’t :(. Yea I wish you could have stayed, our men folk struggling in numbers lol.

    • T.

      HAMPTON IN THE HOUSE!!!! lol. DC was poppin…I was able to bring 2 friends and my boo to the event that and they had a really nice time. Thanks guys!

    • Phidelity15

      I really enjoyed chit chatting with you and a few other people.The spot was really nice and the bartender was great…a little flirting action and I got a nice strong drink that gave me the liquid courage I needed to be a social butterfly. So cheers to you and Evelyn for being great hosts and for the cupcake lady for inspiring me to get more ink (I will definitely follow up on that!)

      • Buxxy

        Yes honey! Ink is a lifestyle. If you end up coming to the shop, let me know in advance and I will meet you up there. :) My artist is amazing and we will ensure that you don’t leave looking like a 80’s subway train…. unless that’s what you want lol.

    • Ashleigh

      It was so nice to meet you and Evelyn! Yall did a great job of making everything flow. I definitely expected people to be more outgoing and I was surprised that there were even THAT many guys who showed up. The 3 I met were actually pretty outgoing so it was cool but definitely expected more from my VSBs…oh well! I’d definitely be down for a quarterly meetup. Kinda jealous of the DC gathering. Seems they got it in.

    • Scipio Africanus

      I think folks were a little overwhelmed because I’m guessing most of us had never met one another before. Plus, it seemed like most of the dudes thet showed up got there late, like after 6:30. By that time, folks were deep in conversation., and it’s not super easy to break up two people’s convcersation, especially a guy and a girl, to just start talking, although that probably *is* what cats should have done, for their own sakes.

      • Slimuel L. Jackson

        True indeed.

      • Buxxy

        If it is the one particular group of girls that I think you are talking about… they wasn’t part of our group. We just allowed them to sit there because earlier in the night we were nervous that no one was coming lol. So that sort of explains why they were literally talking to each other. We could have done a better job integrating them, however, I don’t do attitudes and that’s exactly what that table had. However, I completely understand what you are saying. No worries :) Hopefully next time it will feel more like familiar faces and old friends.

        • Cheekie

          “I don’t do attitudes and that’s exactly what that table had”

          I feel ya HERE. There were no attitudes as for as VSB folks at my event, but when I was making the rounds seeing who came for what (because that place is usually poppin’ on Thursday, regardless), there was one table who was miffed I even asked if they were from VSB. I smiled/thanked them and kept it moving to the couple of guys who I definitely won over with my VSB sales pitch. LOL

        • Sim

          Those ladies were to the left of us…my friend and I wondered why they were so standoffish, but we realized 1. they didn’t have name tags, and 2. they were too engulfed in their own conversation.

          All in all, we had a great time meeting new people, so thanks to you & Evelyn!!!

    • BKSweetheart

      Hey Buxxy

      Yes you guys were fantastic hosts.. Unfortunately I am a little shy at these sort of things so I didn’t really speak to anyone. I was there w my bf so we just sort of blended in. I thought the event was nice – my only complaint would be that the place was a little cramped and loud – which is cool if you’re just hanging out w your friends but in my opinion not really conducive to meeting new people. No biggie though.

      And yes, the cupcakes were amazing!!

      • Buxxy

        Dang it! I am sorry I didn’t find you and your BF and drag you both over into the center! LOL. Next time though… Next time. As far as the venue, we looked at numerous spots… but everyone wanted us to guarantee that the bar would make 1K or higher…. I think we made close to that but not exactly and I didn’t want to get stuck with the difference. Stitch gave us the space for free. Can’t beat that!

    • Panama Jackson

      thanks for being a host. i’m glad it turned out well.

      and you know what, it is interesting what happens with the men and women. i had a convo with a bunch of chicks about that. i was like, i’m guessing most dudes dont feel comfortable (despite all the trash we talk about how we get it in) approaching a table full of women and attempting to jump into a convo. most women would probably be all for it considering the type of event it was. its just one of those, do i or don’t i. by the time you make a decision its time to go. men do need to step up there. i’m the type who will jump right INTO your convo and pretend i started it, which i did all night anyway. so yeah, fellas do need to step that up. there are like two schools of men, those are completely comfortable with a cold approach and those who aren’t.

      • Ashleigh

        There were 2 guys in particular from the NYC event that I think should teach a seminar on this approaching a table of women thing: Reggie and Michael (my new homeboi from Texas). They were real cool and seemed real confident starting conversations. Made for a great time.

        • Sim

          Hey Ashleigh,

          Didn’t get a chance to meet Reggie, but my friend and I enjoyed our conversation with Michael–very funny, friendly and down-to-earth!!

    • peter parker

      my bad…duty…err….called.


  • SmartFoxGirl

    I’m sitting in the dark right now with crazy hair and a stomach ache…thanks VSB.

    I had a great time. 9 people showed up. And guess what? We were ALL from the islands. 7 of us were Jamaican, 1 Haitiian and Hippylota lol :) We all seemed to clique and shared some good stories. I saw the surprise on their faces to see I was normal and friendly. lol We talked about everything from VSB comment section, military infidelity, strippers, pr0stitution, and the type of game men run. It was great. The only thing I would change was the location. I had to choose a stiff, uppity lounge crawling with old rich white men. <—was that racist? Oh, well. It was nice. One thing this taught me is that you cannot think you know someone based off of their comments on a blog. I sat at a table with a navy officer, a sergeant, lawyer, college students, ad exec, etc and EVERYONE was generally nice. Blogging is fun, cool or whatever but it's just one side to who we are. Btw, I gotta be more careful what I type cause we got alot of lurkers and people be reading my unfiltered sh*t…I'm CLASSY dammit. Ok. Bye.

    OH…and Panama, i see you didn't sign any boobs. Wimp.

    OH and Champ's signing looked real official and sh*t. Congrats to you Champ, you looked dapper in your jacket…anybody get a pic of Lady Champ? Ok. Bye for real.

    • SmartFoxGirl

      Oh and thanks to everyone who came!!! It was fun.

      • Geneva Girl

        What city did you host? Just curious.

        • SmartFoxGirl

          Miami/South Florida

      • Liz

        “I saw the surprise on their faces to see I was normal and friendly. lol”

        LOL! Thanks so much for hosting in Miami! I thought it might be kind of small but I am glad you had fun!

        • SmartFoxGirl

          It was small but made for excellent convo! Good times.

    • Chelz the Troublemaker

      *Ahem* I’m from the Bahamas, not Jamaica but I’ve dated snuff Jamaicans & Haitians to be an honorary resident of all 3 islands so I ain’t even mad. But I had an AWESOME time mingling with all y’all smart muhfuggas last nite. Bad service, scared white ppl, neck rolling sistas, and the ‘is that a RAIN DROP I feel’ switch tables fiasco & all! Whew…I’ll recap when I’m at work & can type. This iPhone ain’t gon be the death of me! I appreciate SmartFoxGirl for hosting the event & being so awesome!!!


      • SmartFoxGirl

        Oh lawd gosh mi sorry! It was the drank, the drank I tell you! lol Bahamas representin buddy. :) Your convo had me rollin. It was nice meeting you.
        Can I vent real quick?
        The waitress. That bish. Let me set up the scene…Yolo’s is an upscale restaurant/bar that’s crawling with millionaires and business men…no really so you see my mistake. They wouldn’t seat me until EVERYONE got there so I waited for 4 people then got a table OUTSIDE…and our waitressed acted like she was afraid to serve us…no really. We had to go and get her atleast 3 times as she “forgot” about us. Then she got the check wrong and sent a man to come and deal with us as if she was afraid. It was sad especially since we were all made career people. I felt like reminding her she was wearing an apron. Race played a part I’m sure but we had a good time anyway. We laughed our @sses off with everyone glancing over at us.

        AND the men were trying to holla as we exited. Smh, typical. lol

        • MsMelissa!

          I am MAD MAD MAD that I missed it! But next time I will definately make it. I feel you on the stalker/unfiltered comment stuff..

          I would really like to see some pics if anyone has any.

          • SmartFoxGirl

            That’s okay. Hopefully there are more in the future. I didn’t take many pics. I was so wrapped up in the convo that I forgot. You can click my username and check my twitter.

        • Chelz the Troublemaker

          Lol…no harm no foul! That drink DID look tasty! Too bad I was on medication (and had to work today), otherwise I too would have had to knock a few back!

          Now on to this waitress…first off she looked like she was dead and just refused to lay down. She had no life in her eyes WHATSOEVER! She refused to look at us and gave us BEYOND sub par service…and then the check fiasco. I was #done. When she sent the other dude over to collect the rest of the money, I was like O_o Yeah she know wassup! She don’t wanna face our wrath, yet again!

          But this was the kicker. ‘Oh, u mean the $15? yeah I still have that.’ Bish! Why u ain’t say that the 1st time and take it off the bill to begin with! I didn’t even order food and I was pissed! Smh…but the convo and the jokes MORE than made up for that ratchetness!

          Oh, and that Lone Black Guy drinking the Miller or Bud Lite or whatever was hilarious.

          • SmartFoxGirl

            Yeah I have no clue why she held on to the money and left it on the bill. That was SUSPECT to say the least. She looked shook. lol I honestly feel like calling the manager today about her but I forgot her name.

            Oh and black dude. I always feel sorry for the lone black guy who has to laugh extra hard to fit in. We should have threw up a gang sign or something to call him over…you know that’s how black folk are. lol

            • Chelz the Troublemaker

              lmao @ gang sign. He was a Dis-associative Ninja (yes I just diagnosed him without a license with a condition I completely fabricated. So… #WhatchaGonDoBoutIt) so he might have been clueless had we tried to include him in our Smart Ninja-ness and whatnot.

              Either that, or the white ppl would have peeped us, decided we were trying to incite a gang riot and call the authorities on us. That would have been a VSB #epicfail and need a post all on it own. And one place I do NOT want to be locked up in is the Broward County Jail. #NoThanks

              • SmartFoxGirl

                LMAO true indeed.

                • Kimmy

                  Our group was small but cool. Very interesting convo! And yes, SFG, you are surpisingly nice and normal, j/k.

              • Kimmy

                I would have defended you, LOL!

                • SmartFoxGirl

                  lol yes attorney Kimmy would have kept you outta jail.

                • Chelz the Troublemaker

                  RIGHT! Lol…then u would be telling stories about how I was one of the crazy ppl who called u 7 times a day for an update on my case!

      • msjjohnson1

        Which island are you from? I’m from the Bahamas (Nassasu) as well I didn’t know Bahamians roll up in here…i must admit though i’m normally a lurker as I really don’t have the time to comment most times. But I LOVEE VSB.

    • Panama Jackson

      no, i didnt sign any boobs. lol. so sad to disappoint.

      whats funny is that The Champ had the Dapper Dan suit and stuff going on, real suave…

      me? tshirt, jeans, backward hat and stomping in my big black boots. lol i find that hilarious for some reason.

      • Cheekie

        And from the pic I seent, the backward hat was doing the gangsta lean…

        • SmartFoxGirl

          What pic? I aint seen no pic. Sharing is caring, please and thank you.

          • Cheekie

            I saw it on the phone on twitter on my way home… it’s on @livelovelibra’s timeline (and plixi account). The pic perfectly encapsulates the essence of PJ. lol

    • Panama Jackson

      and thank you for hosting lady ma’am.

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