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The Week In Review

Between countless annual events (i.e.: awards shows, season premieres, etc), weekly regularities (i.e. episodes of “RHOA” or “Basketball Wives”), and more “spontaneous” occurrences (i.e.: Whitney Houston’s funeral, Oprah’s interview with the Houston family, etc), we’ve reached a point in our culture where, for many of us, the collective consumption of a subject matters more than the subject itself. Basically, we careinfinitely more about what’s said on our Twitter timelines about Jim and Chrissy’s relationship on “Love and Hip-Hop” than we do about Jim and Chrissy’s relationship.

This quote is from “Collective Consumerism: It Takes a Village to Watch a TV Show (?)” — an article I wrote at And while I do still think that the latent premise remains true, I think it’s pretty ironic that I’d write an article talking about how what we consume pales in comparison to our consumption of it in the same week I wrote two posts here talking about the importance of the avalanche of virtual attention the Trayvon Martin case has received. Anyway, if you haven’t checked it out already, please do. (And, if so compelled, leave a comment.)

Panama, aka “The Girl’s BFF,” aka “The Three Goggles” has an interesting post up at Guyspeak this week titled “Man Law Violations That Women Want Us To Engage In”. While he didn’t mention what I consider to be the most annoying Man Law Violation That Women Ask Us To Do — “share food from our plate before we even had a chance to eat it” — the list includes “Wearing Sandals” which, I swear to Baby Jesus, every single woman I’ve ever seriously dated has tried to convince me to do.

If that doesn’t quench your Panama thirst, you can also check out “Ask A Black Man” – Meet Panama Jackson on Madame Noire. And, while you’re over there, make sure to check out the transcript from my weekly live chat on Madame Noire’s Facebook page.

Lastly, the pic up top is from Wednesday’s #millionhoodiemarch in support of Trayvon Martin. We did this already on our Facebook fan page, but if you have any hoodie pics to share, please leave them in the comments below. Because we’re not all that original, we’re going to copy what Urban Cusp has already done try and create a gallery of our own. I know creating a gallery isn’t going to save any lives or right any injustices, but if we’re all going to start doing something, we gotta start somewhere, right?

—Damon Young (aka “The Champ”)

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for and EBONY Magazine. And a founding editor for 1839. And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at Or don't. Whatever.

  • #JusticeForTrayvon

  • fivegirl

    I read Panama’s post on GuySpeak and lol’ed. But FYI, any woman asking her man to wear sandals is INTENTIONALLY asking him to emasculate himself to prove that he would rather please her than preserve his masculinity/masculine image. SERIOUSLY. I would NEVER ask a man to wear sandals, if he chose to, I wouldn’t have a problem, but I like my men manly (obvious hetero gender norm issues aside) and wouldn’t ask him to do that. I promise any chick who does that is not an idiot, even if she’s not thinking it explicitly in her head, her subconscious is trying to get that man to lower his pride for her.

    And share your food! I like options, if you’re not gonna share, we might as well have gotten the same thing :-/

    P.S: I also have a thing about feet so the sandals will never be an issue for me.

  • That Ugly Kid
  • “Do you know who the most dangerous man in America is, Lamar? A Nigga with a library card.”
    -Brother Muzone, The Wire

    Good morning champ, everyone,
    As ive pointed out to, i believe it was panama last week, it is my view that social media, such as it is, is on balance, a seriously nonproductive timesuck. It retards thoughtful discourse, discourages depth and acts as a deterrent to intellectual rigor. This is something to which black folk seem especially vulnerable to, and has been written about to some degree by various pundits and observers. Nor is it in the least surprising-studies have and continue to show that african americans watch far and away more television than any other racial group. Given the current state of malaise in the black community, i think it is fair to say that such media outlets have been, on balance, more negative than positive for us.

    It is for these reasons that i personally eschew such things; i dont own a tv, nor do i spend much time on the various social media outlets. On the other hand i do spend a considerable amount of my time reading books, blogs worth reading, and various articles on the internet by respected thinkers. It is a practice that has served me well, and something more of us would do well to emulate.

    Per your announcement i spent a bit of time yesterday evening checking out panamas feature at madame noir. The upcoming series focusing on black men sounds interesting-lets see if any of them are red pills or not…

    Wrt the trayvon martin issue and attendant hoodie campaign…please pardon me for being deeply ambivalent about the whole ball of wax. It is not that i dont think the case isnt important-it is-its just that im having a very difficult time reconciling the outpouring of outrage over that on the one hand, while we continue to be relatively mum about the daily bloodletting that occurs in hoods across america. Perhaps thats because most of us get up outta the hood as soon as we are able-black flight has been around almost as long as its white counterpart.

    Nor can i participate in any such campaign, for i eschew hoodies-an item of clothing that has become associated with, at the very least, suspicious activity on the part of black males. I have always sought to dress in a way that clearly demarcated myself from the more typical “thug nigga” look, and this practice has served me well.

    So, thats it for me this week. Gotta get cracking on that remix on you and ms maxwells rape articles this weekend; ill be sure to send you along an advance copy when its done. Perhaps you could forward it to ms maxwell herself? I would like very much to see her response.

    Suggested further reading:
    coming apart: the state of white america 1960-2010, by charles murray

    the angels of our better nature, by steven pinker


  • Rattlerpride

    Re: sandals – depends on location, I guess. (Manly) men wear sandals and flip-flops in Florida.

    My question has been answered. I used to wonder why my husband would get so mad after I took ONE or two fries out of his supersize fries that he had forced BK to refill three times so he could make sure he was getting his money’s worth.

  • WIP

    I don’t have a hoodie in the vicinity. This is the best I got.

  • thelonius

    Powerful photos by Dwayne Rodgers, twiiter @diggswayne, documenting the million hoodie march

  • umm who are these women requesting men wear sandals?
    cause yeah that shyt aint never sexy or the business. I just dont like it. especially a thong joint.
    men shouldnt wear anything that has the word “thong” involved.
    i dont have anything else to add.

  • Chi folks! I betta SEE my VSB Nation all up and THROUGH the #millionhoodiemarch this evening! Hit me up on Twitter @pinchmycheekie if you want/need more details! :)

    The Million Hoodie March, Chicago Edition —>

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