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The Wash, Rinse, and Repeat of Being Black In America Today



My daily morning routine (unfortunately) currently feels a lot like Groundhog Day. I wake up and peruse Facebook and without fail, nearly every day I’m met with another story of some Black person meeting their demise at the hands of law enforcement. I’m then generally moved to saying some sort of muffled profanity as to not wake up the rest of my house, typically asleep, enjoying the last few moments of peace before being hit with another round of tragic news.

It’s getting old. Very old. Actually, it’s been old for a very long time because it’s the same thing, every time. The police encounter a Black person doing any number of legal things, usually on the way to address something else, and then a series of unfortunate events transpires and only one person or group of persons is left to tell the tale of the preceding minutes. Before camera phones and social movements became hell bent on uncovering the truth, nearly every single one of these newly deceased individuals met their demise because they refused to comply, resisted arrest, and were all doing something that caused the powers that be to feel an immediate threat to their safety or the safety of law enforcement.

Nearly always, the story the police provided became the lasting narrative of an individual gone rogue who forced the well-trained and prepared for their job police officers to do the unthinkable and take another person’s life.

We all know that to be false nowadays. I don’t know how anybody, white, Black, or other, doesn’t question every single police report ever written at this point. I’m beyond the point of “there are good police and bad police”. No, there are police and police have been lying and tarnishing the names of individuals for as long as they could. Now there are body cameras, but for some reason they continue to malfunction or disengage at an alarming rate. Those body cameras have a mind of their own, it seems. I do not trust police officers. Any of them. I don’t care if they’re in my family or if they’re in the family of somebody I love and care about. I know, and we have an overwhelming amount of support here, that when it comes to descriptions of circumstances, they almost always favor the police officer. Only now have the tremendous amounts of videos begun to shake those narratives. And even then, the police departments attempt to justify away what we see.

Terence Crutcher was an unarmed man who was shot by police for what seems like no reason. He needed help. He got dead.

Let the police tell it, he was reaching into his vehicle which put Officer Betty Shelby into “fear” mode and gave her both the state-mandated authority and likely, innate fear of a Black man that caused her to end Mr. Crutcher’s life. Based on video, however, it doesn’t seem like he reached into his vehicle at all. It looks like he couldn’t. Because it looks like the window was rolled up.

Why did he walk away, they ask? Why didn’t he just comply, they ask? Why didn’t he just get down on the ground, they ask?

I hate “they”. I also hate you if you are “they”. This is a man who has undoubtedly watched the news and seen everything the rest of us have seen. He knew how it could end up. They allegedly found PCP on the scene. Maybe he was out of his mind. But none of the actions we saw looked like he needed to die. Unfortunately for him, it ended up exactly how it could have. The video is disturbing. There is a frame of a video that shows three police officers pointing guns at Mr. Crutcher who is laying dead on the ground with what looks like a line of blood running down the driver’s side door of the car. It is another day where another Black person’s life came to an alternate ending was almost certainly a possibility.

If you comply, you won’t end up dead. Yeah. Right. Black bodies have been killed in every single possible way you can end up dead at the hands of police. Complying. Not complying. Running. Standing. Running away from. Walking towards. In a car. Near a tree. In a street. In the woods. On a highway. At night. During the day. Is every single person who has been killed a saint? Not at all. Did any of them put themselves in position for some level of force to be used against them? Sure. But did they all deserve their day in court? Absolutely.

We see the images and videos of Black bodies being murdered. We then see images and videos of people in other communities, largely white people, interacting with police with guns pointed and for some reason that same fear isn’t there. A Black man without a gun is more scary to a white police officer than a white man with a gun trained on him. If that doesn’t speak directly to centuries of white oppression, I don’t know what does. White supremacy created a psychological monster that it has been using the police to destroy. Now we have videos and its harder to sell that same line. Before police always seemed to catch the benefit of the doubt, now I don’t see how they ever get it. I don’t see how they don’t understand the frustration felt from so many people who committed atrocities being able to see their day in court. Armed and dangerous men are apprehended alive. Yet, if we just comply, we’ll see that equal treatment across the board.

In Charlotte, Keith Lamont Scott was killed after an interaction in which police said he had a gun. Apparently he got out of the car with a gun. Mr. Scott wasn’t even the reason the police were in the area and he ended up dead. It’s the same old song, with a different beat. His family and others say he didn’t have a gun. I don’t know what happened, but I instinctively refuse to take the police at their word. I can’t. Too many times people who resemble me and my family have been on the losing end of a wrongful conviction or police-as-judge-jury-and-executioner end of police interactions.

Hell, police BLEW up the Dallas sniper. Where was that due process? They used a freaking robot bomb to blow a man up, and then told us that they’d exhausted all forms of talking him into surrender. How do we know this? Nobody but the people there ever will. The fact that they have the authority to blow a man up is problematic; the fact that I’m supposed to believe anything a police officer of any stripe says is laughable.

It’s also the reason why despite nobody in the Black community feeling happy about a man shooting police officers who were just doing their job, almost none of us felt any real sympathy for the police as a whole. They lost members of their community; they lost fathers, sons, brothers, etc.

Yet somehow, nobody in the white power structure seems to really view the losses of life of the Black community the same way. They’re people who just didn’t comply. Let the police tell it, Black people are out here committing suicide-by-cop as a rule. It’s bad enough that we can’t seem to stop killing ourselves, I mean, Black-on-Black crime!

I’m dumbfounded by the fact that so many people in non-minority communities don’t recognize any of this as an epidemic. Colin Kaepernick takes a knee to protest the very thing we all wake up to every morning on the news and white people lose their shit. They see these deaths as Black people acting badly and getting themselves shot by cops. And so many are intentionally so obtuse as to assume that movements intended to end police brutality are an affront to civility and peace everywhere. Black people want to view interactions with the police the same way white people do and somehow that’s a radical notion. We want the same access to life as a crazy white man pointing a gun at a cop at a ranch in Nevada.

But we’re the crazy ones with too high expectations. If we act right, then everything will be alright. But we want to act a fool and expect police to expend the reaches of their patience. We are unreasonable.

I’m tired.

I’m tired of having to explain Black Lives Matter, not because I don’t think it’s an unworthy thing to explain, but because to NOT get it is intentional. To not recognize that the often questionable and too frequent state-mandated violence on communities of color is a problem is intentional. To make excuses for police is intentional. To be a cop and stand with people you know make mistakes is intentional. Not caring about the freedoms of your own citizenry is intentional.

To quote Rico from Paid In Full, “N*ggas get shot everyday, b”.

And to quote T-Mo Goodie from Soul Food’s “Cell Therapy” … “this sh*t has got to stop.”

I hate Groundhog Day.

Panama Jackson

Panama Jackson is pretty fly (and gorgeous) for a light guy. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. He refuses to eat cocaine chicken. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors. Most importantly, he believes the children are our future. You can hit him on his hitter at

  • Kas
    • Cleojonz

      Lately we’ve been getting to the next murder before we even finish with stage 4.

      • Kas


      • Cheech

        And apparently during #5.

        • Kas

          In corporate America we call it multitasking.

        • Yep, while calling for peace.. they shoot protestors in the head…

      • GrownAzzMan

        Schedule is hella compressed these days.

    • grownandsexy2

      And the only thing that changes are the names of the deceased.

    • Janelle Doe

      would things change if the settlement was paid out of police union coffers?

      • Kas

        My opinion to get them to agree to that the underlying issue would have to already be fixed.

    • Mochasister

      Wash, rinse, and repeat cycle.

  • RagesAgainstMachines

    What isn’t being said and continually being ignored in the case of Terance Crutcher is WHY they even had their guns drawn in the first place! Like why did so many cops show up AND a helicopter for a stalled vehicle in the road? WHY did they pull their guns in the first place? White supremacy makes that very valid question be ignored because: big black man. But that’s the part (of this one) that’s really bothering me. What happened before to make them even draw their guns in a manner for him to need to “comply” in the first place?

    • cheddachasa

      The lady cop just received training to spot people high on drugs so she thought he was high on PCP and called for backup. Of course that version of the story didn’t come out until they claimed they found that drug in his car.

      • Kas

        I’ve seen people high on PCP. They didn’t look any different than people high on other drugs, but ok.

        • cheddachasa

          She must have got some damn good training!

          • LogicalLeopard

            I like how they threw in that she was a drug recognition expert. *LOL* There are ways to tell what drug a person might be on, with their pupils, mannerisms, etc. But who knows if she employed any of those techniques, and honestly, it was a better chance that he had some kind of mental health illness or physical ailment, like shock, a concussion, anything. This is why you keep guns in holsters.

      • Val

        Yeah, that was really convenient for them “finding” drugs in the car.

        • Janelle Doe

          it was, and yet i am sure that you will find equally or higher non PoC pulled over and (still) living to tell their tale.
          I mean enough with the stereotypical red herring already, right?

        • Mochasister

          Not trying to be funny, but it reminds me of Dave Chappelle talking about how cops sprinkle crack cocaine on Black people.

      • RagesAgainstMachines

        That still doesn’t explain why they ALL had their guns drawn in the first place. From all accounts, they were reporting to a stalled vehicle, NOT a man behaing erratically. Nothing in his demeanor during what was seen in the video shows any indication he was behaving erratically. So how did SHE come to that conclusion, yet everyone had their guns out? Did she yell “HEY, I THINK HE’S HIGH ON PCP” and so everybody else drew their guns? The logic just doesn’t follow. Also, he was tazed almost simultaneously. What about his demeanor made the cops taze AND shoot him at the same time, despite no noticeable change in his demeanor?

        • Kae

          At this point I’m not even motivated to articulate all the ways the cops stories don’t line up.

          More times than not their side won’t make sense. The video or audio evidence or witness testimony is nearly always telling a different chain of events proving undeniably that they phuqued up.

          They don’t bother to make the lies believable because they’re convinced when the dust settles it won’t make a lick of difference. They’re gonna go on living their life, relatively unscathed.

        • mommelee

          From what I read, when she first encountered him (not captured on video), he was not answering her questions, mumbling, and not complying with her orders to keep hands out of his pocket. Due to his odd behavior, she called for back up and kept her gun drawn on him. The cops shot and tazed only at the point when he reached the driver side window, turned toward it and lowered his hands.

      • PDL – Cape Girl Shero

        Nah, I don’t believe she thought he was high on PCP. I don’t care what a person is doing or does or if they’re high even, if their hands are in the air, you have no reason to shoot.

        She can’t justify shooting that dude.

        • tinycurls

          The hands of his corpse are still raised…

          • PDL – Cape Girl Shero

            Dern shame!

        • RagesAgainstMachines

          That’s what I mean. Like before that, what happened for them to have to pull their guns and require him to put his hands in the air. I keep looking and cannot find one mention of WHY he needed to “comply” in the first place. What made him “suspicious” enough to make them pull out guns in the first place?

          Rhetorical question, but this part is irking the h e l l out of me.

          • PDL – Cape Girl Shero

            LIES! Honestly, I believe cops been doing this….for years. Killing folk senselessly and without cause. Social media has been the means to expose it, put it on the front page. Dirty cops playing God been keeping secrets. Now that they’re exposed and the world know, the easy fallback is “I was afraid for my life.”

            • RagesAgainstMachines

              Yeah, I live in St. Louis and also this week, a video was leaked of a cop killing a black man with his own personal weapon and then planting a gun on him. Took them 5 years to finally prosecute the cop for murder and release the video, but I truly believe if that video didn’t exist, he would still be hired and working.

              • PDL – Cape Girl Shero

                That is despicable!

              • I saw that article. Absolutely disgusting.

              • Guest

                Wow! Disgusting…

              • I saw that.. that sonabytch had a military grade weapon in the city.

                • RagesAgainstMachines

                  Sidenote: I follow you on Facebook. You’re HILARIOUS and on point at the same time, lol.

              • BrownBearBear

                What about homeboy who was one of most vocal activists in the Ferguson protests was found shot in his car, then the car was torched with him in it. I doubt it was someone from the hood. His brother reported they were pulled over sometime before and one of the SLPD cops said he was going to kill him… Why has this been under-reported?


                • Janelle Doe

                  Bomani and that other guy from Don Lemon’s panel needs to pick this thread up…

                • RagesAgainstMachines

                  Yeah, there was a video on Facebook the day after it happened that I kept linking in a few groups. The video was of a witness (face off camera) who said he saw the car pull up (said he only noticed because he could tell the driver couldn’t drive a stick shift) and a black male got out and walked away. Then he said a white guy came up from another direction, he looked away for a minute, and then the Jeep was on fire. That video disappeared from Facebook and I haven’t seen it since. Now there’s just a picture of D.Seals where the video used to be. But the next day or day after, somebody ELSE was shot in that same complex… and that’s not a violent area at all. Have no idea if it was the supposed witness, but there wasn’t much fanfare about it locally…. like they reported it, and never expanded on it.

                  Plus he had posted video of the police harassing him on his page back in like July. And they said during the vigil, the crime scene was a mess, ashes everywhere and shell casings… like they didn’t really even collect any evidence.

                  I hate to be conspiracy Mary, but this one stinks to high heaven, especially since a similar thing happened with a Mike Brown witness back in 2014. But he was considered to be somewhat “problematic” because of his stances on women and LGBT, and he criticized BLM and some of the other major faces of the movement so I don’t think there’s going to be much “investigation”.

                  I also just read some mess on Facebook about his funeral and his girlfriend not being allowed to come or something… and something about a gofundme his sister started? I don’t know, this whole thing is CRAZY!

                  • BrownBearBear

                    On the same note there was a FB live video from the daughter of Keith Lamont Scott right after the shooting occurred at the shooting. She had some choice words to say for all them mf’s and tried to identify the cop who shot him. I got to see it. I posted it to my FB. Deleted immediately. I posted it to Shaun Kings’ thread Then it was available a few hours later. I should have taken video of it from my phone.

                    We gotta stop using FB to report these things.

                    • RagesAgainstMachines

                      Wow! And remember Korryn Gaines and the cops getting Facebook to shut down her account. I agree, we need a better way.

                    • BrownBearBear

                      FB deleted her entire account. Apparently Law Enforcement can just give FB a call and they will scrub your account. I’m searching these internet streets to see if I can find it. She wasn’t even a suspect or involved. She just spoke her mind.

                    • RagesAgainstMachines

                      Right! I saw one brief creepy one of a cop standing kind of in the doorway (?) pointing a gun her way but the rest is gone, as far as video of the the cop. I hope someone saved stuff as she posted it or something.

            • Janelle Doe

              and my question about that last line… isnt scary situations a BFOR in being a cop. So should that admission not be a reason to seek alternative employment?

          • LMNOP

            I saw something yesterday about a young girl, I think maybe 12, if even, being violently arrested after she got hurt on her bike and declined medical attention.

            Some situations cops encounter they really are just supposed to be helping and literally no one has done anything wrong. And for them to be acting in “Good Samaritan” capacity and fucking KILL someone?!?! You’re not even trying to deescelate a situation, why are there guns involved at al??

            • pls

              Excellent point. Speaks to their training that they don’t have a clue what to do when they aren’t trying to arrest or “defend themselves.”

          • Shawntay Nomesayin

            Rage against violent darkles.

        • L8Comer

          Someone high on PCP isn’t obeying orders like that either. It’s not like weed or alcohol. You’re out of your mind

          • PDL – Cape Girl Shero

            Igg zackly! She should run that by someone born yesterday

          • Mochasister

            I hate to sound naive, but I didn’t even know people still did PCP. In my opinion it would have sounded more believable if they had said bath salts were found. Or maybe crack.

            • L8Comer

              PCP is making a major comeback and idk why. i worked in PG county Maryland for a spell and everyone on probation that i came across tested positive for pcp. it was crazy

              • Mochasister

                Oh, I didn’t know that. Lately I’ve been hearing about the toll heroin has been leaving on suburban communities.

                • L8Comer

                  Apparently that is too lol, Blue just schooled me

              • Blueberry01

                Weed is so early 2000s….duh, L8. PCP and heroin is what’s trending.

        • K-cub Howler Jones

          She can justify it by arguing that he was a NlGGER, so she was in fear for her life because it is well known NlGGERS are unpredictably violent beasts- he had to be put down. One of my cotton-pickers just raped and killed two of its own nlglets tonight so I know what I’m talking about.

      • Vanity in Peril

        They are such liars.

      • NonyaB

        There’s apparently also past history in that area of cops planting evidence on suspects to corroborate their preferred version of events. Plus:
        How does a person high on anything slowly, calmly, walk away while following procedure (hands up)?
        How was she able to determine that a person walking calmly away with hands up is high on PCP?

        How was her fxcking husband able to spot a “bad dude” (his comment) from a chopper 10,000 feet above??
        Their story is bullsh*t and watch it change wildly as scrutiny continues.

      • It smells like a cover up. I’m terrified they are going to say the officer acted in good judgement.

        She has a history of domestic abuse and excessive force.

      • Question

        Being high on PCP doesn’t warrant approaching the car with guns drawn.

        Its amazing how they can manage to catch terror suspects who have already committed deadly acts of violence alive, people who they know unequivocally to have weapons, but somehow struggle when it comes to Black folks.

        Dude who places pipe and pressure bombs around NYC – alive. Black kids with toy guns – not alive.
        One of the dudes involved in the Boston Marathon bombing – alive. Black man with a stalled vehicle – not alive.

        • Mary

          Being high on PCP doesn’t but being Black does, apparently.

      • 7EightyOne

        “Sprinkle some crack on him” – Dave Chapelle

    • Cleojonz

      I keep saying this same thing. There was NO call out for him, he was not a suspect for anything, so how did it even get the point of so many police on the scene in the first place? This is routine to call this many cops for a disabled car? WTF?

      • Maestro G

        Remember the last scene in Ice Cube’s “It Was A Good Day” video? There it is.

      • Question

        Worth noting that one of the men in the helicopter is her husband.

      • K-cub Howler Jones

        Well that would be because he was a nygnog. Like all nygnogs, he refuses to comply, goes for a weapon, resists arrest, gets violent in a split second, runs away, lies, and smells like an active landfill.

    • Asiyah

      Nobody wants to admit they fear Black people. They believe that makes them seem racist. But no, their “let’s wait for all the facts” shtick isn’t racist. OF COURSE NOT. smh

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      • yikty

        black ppl are not feared; they are hated…hence this active genocide. it is unnatural to seek out hostile encounters with and instigate confrontations with things/ppl that you fear – instead you avoid them/those things. i’m sick of the fear excuse being used by these murderous cops and blks who want a self-esteem boost. no one fears blks – we are hated and seen as powerless cowards, which is why whites feel comfortable exterminating us.

    • Iwanthamma

      Freddie Gray all over again. Remember the officers that originally chased him down did so because of how he “looked” at them. A look is NOT probable cause! He should never have been pursued, but now he’s dead…because of the look on his face. This man is dead because he tried to reach into the CLOSED window of his stalled car.

    • lennbob

      Amen! Instead of five cops (plus however many were out of the shot) and the helicopter overhead, there should have been a tow truck and its driver. Nobody else.

      • Question

        And maybe a state trooper or police officer just to verify that everyone was in good health. Officers routinely will stop and check with stalled vehicles.

    • BrownBearBear

      I had the same conversation earlier. When I mentioned to my friends that the helicopter pilot is 2520 my friends of all colors we’re like like Waaaaa???? Like, was there a high speed chase that he just happened to find himself in the middle in? Why is there a copter out? I have a feeling that they’ve done this before and are playing their own safari Jurassic Park game. I’m sure it hasn’t been the first time. Also, he’s on the force no? You know how expensive copter fuel is? This is on the Tulsa PD dime? That’s something to get the 2520’s riled up. Them tax dollars.

    • LogicalLeopard

      Well, I think actually that’s one of the reasons why the officer got charged in the first place. SHE had her gun out, and the other officer had a taser. If a person is acting erratic, and you don’t know if he has a drug issue or mental health issue, I can see having a taser ready. But a gun? Nah. And a helicopter? Absolutely ridiculous. But these are the indignities that people suffer every day. Lets remember that even though a lot of people aren’t getting shot or abused, they’re still having to wonder why 5 police cars showed up after their car stalled on the road.

    • 7EightyOne

      Being a large black man is enough to cause “reasonable fear” in far too many white people.

    • geniuschef

      My father is a Chicago police officer who worked gang tactical for 20 years. He’s retiring at the end of this month. Number of times he’s pulled his gun in his career…Zero.

    • Shawntay Nomesayin

      Shut up, NlGGERS. I like it when cops do their jobs and delete non-compliant, jacked-up-on-PCP, reaching-for-a-weapon niqqer scumbags.


    • K-cub Howler Jones

      Dis some muddafukkin booshit, mang. Pass me dat PCP-laced blunt, homie.

  • PDL – Cape Girl Shero

    It’s not going to get any better, I’m afraid. Yt folks won’t be happy until/unless we are in an all out outright civil war. What they fail to realize is that it’s not going to be like the first one. NOT.AT.ALL. IMO, the riots are a snippet of how it’s going to go down.

    • OG Mermaid

      I read the other day where someone stated white people should be lucky that we’re seeking inclusion and not revenge. I think we might be on the brink of a civil war though.

      • PDL – Cape Girl Shero

        “someone stated white people should be lucky that we’re seeking inclusion and not revenge”

        Absolutely to this statement. On the brink of civil way? Yes, It feels that way

      • -h.h.h.-

        not sure about that; too many people are fine with the order, and will not go for the potential chaos that will ensue.

        • OG Mermaid

          Oh, trust, I know a few ppl that’s not afraid to “die about it”. Give me liberty or give me death is their motto.

          • Ive seen EXACTLY this in the past two weeks.

        • PDL – Cape Girl Shero

          Well, when I look at what’s unfolding before my very eyes, protesters getting shot, I would beg to differ. Maybe the intent to protest didn’t include dying for the cause but you gotta know the possibilities in that kind of environment. And that in turn (in my mind) means you’re okay if chaos ensues. Folks that are not okay with even the possibility of a protest going left stay home.

          • Kas

            So true

        • cakes_and_pies

          The new defense Dwights are using now is that more White people are killed by LEOs than Black people (statistical imbalances in population be d***d). Like that’s OK. They are too complicit for an actual civil war.

          • Kas

            Considering white people are over 60% of the population, their absolute numbers should be higher. I hate stupid rationalization, at least be slick with it.

            • Maestro G

              Come on, Kas. You actually expect that they will get that we understand the difference between absolute and relative percentages? Do we count? In their minds, NOPE.

              Sarcasm definitely intended.

            • Mochasister

              And why aren’t they upset about those numbers? I would think it would bother people. Especially if those people were killed in similar circumstances to these unarmed Black people.

          • Asiyah

            Yup. Got into a heated debate with some guy about that. “More Whites are killed by police than Blacks.” Well duh homie, there are more White people in this country. And with that fact, maybe you should concede that law enforcement is a MAJOR problem in this country.

            • Mary

              Don’t waste no more of your precious breath arguing with the hard-hearted, you hear?

              • Mochasister

                Disengage Black people. I repeat. Disengage.

      • Nik White

        Indeed! They all should pray to God and little baby Jesus that we don’t go there.

    • -h.h.h.-

      nah, it’s kinda like the drug game:

      20 years ago, crackheads got arrested, now white folks that are on that trippy get a ‘life saving injection’ by police/EMTs…

      things wont change until the majority of cops are minorities, and they come after white folks in the same manner and frequency that they do POCs

      • Negro Libre

        I don’t think that would make much of a difference, in the long run.

        The problem isn’t so much about the race of the cops or their training, but rather the conflict of interests of having a nationwide network of police unions competing for power with isolated communities of people who don’t have money. if police union power was checked, POC could have an entire police force of white people and they’d be able to incentivize and punish police officers who do disservices to the community.

        • Cleojonz

          It absolutely does have to do with their training and police culture in general. It’s not all racist cops committing these acts of violence, but something in their training is telling them that black bodies are 100X more dangerous than the rest of the population and should be policed accordingly.

          I do agree that police unions have been allowed to have too much say in the outcomes when the situations arise.

          • Negro Libre

            Trainings are highly overrated…and are more done for cya reasons. Furthermore, when you have the sanction of the court to shoot based off whim, training are irrelevant. You don’t have to have a “rational” reason to shoot.

            Police Unions negotiate the contracts between the Police Departments and the Municipal governments. They also are responsible for the lobbying of legislation on the federal, state and local levels of government. Furthermore, they make it their life mission to continue to mythologize the idea that policemen ought to be given the benefit of the doubt, which is primarily why they do so much to sideline body cam technology, because it challenges the myth.

            • Val

              I agree about training. How exactly do you train someone that Black people are just as human as anyone else? It’s a simple concept.

      • Brooklyn_Bruin

        3 black cops and 3 white cops gave Freddie Gray a “rough ride”.

        There’s a whole lot going on with police in addition to the race and class issues.

        Like the kids say, “intersectionality”

      • Kas
  • OG Mermaid

    I’ve just started telling people to grow the fuck up in their psychological unbalanced minds; You know the stories, you’ve seen the numbers, and you’ve seen the hurt/pain, you’re just afraid of change and also afraid of admitting that you may be participating in this struggle, and that you may be apart of the problem. Nobody likes admitting their flaws or seeing the negative in themselves, because that would mean that you would have to change, and complacency and comfort helps everybody sleep better at night. Everybody loves to be comfortable, being uncomfortable is equated with negative; I say lean into that discomfort, wear that discomfort like you wear clothes, take some accountability, grow up in your mind, and change your behavior.

    • PDL – Cape Girl Shero

      “Everybody loves to be comfortable, being uncomfortable is equated with negative”

      You said a mouthful here….

  • It’s not even worth it for us to even keep rehashing these tragedies because the outcome is always the same.

    I hate it for everyone in Tulsa as well as Charlotte. I’m annoyed by the way kneegrows in Charlotte have gone about tearing up uptown ? also. It’s all so exhausting and I’ve spent the better part of this week blocking images, videos, and staying away from national news in general.

    Have y’all been watching Queen Sugar? Y’all ready for Charlie to release her inner NOLA and drag #aHeauxNamedGoldie??

    • Val

      Check the video, AP. A large number of the folks tearing up Charlotte were White.

      • I saw just as many brown men and women doing the same. Epicenter is trashed and no one is going to make the distinction between what the white folk did vs black when they see all that damage.

        I’ve never been a fan of these haphazard protests that aren’t well thought out/planned. You’re angry and adrenaline is on 100 so you rush downtown to make your presence felt/voice heard. But, for what? Someone ended up dying in Charlotte and now the police are saying another civilian shot that individual. I’ve told all my Charlotte friends to stay their black a z z e s in the house.

        I do NOT have a solution for how we should be reacting by the way, I just know that this knee jerk reaction of “protesting” seems rather short sighted to me. Getting out in the streets is supposed to accomplish what exactly? This is a real question also, what do the protests do?

        • Val

          I’m going to make the distinction. And as far as how to protest; most of the folks there protested peacefully. Beyond that, at this point, all bets are off as far as protests being respectable. Eff that. Killing us is not respectable so why should the protest be.

          • Epsilonicus

            You can’t constantly mistreat people but then regulate of they react

          • I’m not saying protests should be respectable but as it stands, all protests have ended in business being destroyed. If I had a business in Uptown and woke up to glasses being broken, my merchandise ruined, wtf am I supposed to think? I’m a black business owner who now has to pay for all the clean up and lose days or weeks of business and I’m supposed to support that? No.

            • Val

              I hear you, AP, but here’s the thing. First, most of those businesses looked like large corporate owned stores. Second, if these killings continue, then businesses have to understand that this sort of riot will be part of the cost of doing business.

              Everybody wants to worry about businesses being destroyed and focus on that but are they worried about lives being destroyed?

              Also, this will put pressure on the business community to speak out against police violence.

              • I will agree to disagree about that being the cost of doing business. No one gets into any business with the mindset that they will have to contend with protesters destroying said business in the event of a police shooting a black citizen.

                Again, hard no from me.

                I’m all for black people being heard but I’m not for what comes with these “protests” (and I hesitate to call them that)

    • Cleojonz

      “I’m annoyed by the way kneegrows in Charlotte have gone about tearing up uptown ? also.”

      I was watching MSNBC last night and saw live on air a reporter get punched in the head. HTF is that helping the cause at ALL? Protests are important and necessary but don;t get swept up in things that help the media form a different narrative that takes attention away from the actual cause you’re supposed to be acting on.

      I LOVE Queen Sugar. Next week is about to be really real. And we saw last night another example of why people need to leave Darth Beckys alone. Poor Micha. I’m also reading the book but it’s like reading two different stories all together.

      • I don’t support protesting as it is right now. Too many people are just out here angry and yelling and screaming with no direction. Disaster.

        I want #aHeauxNamedGoldie to be popped in the mouth. She was talking real reckless to be the side heaux. Micah shouldn’t have been messing with that girl point blank. White women are evil. I need Ralph Angel to get over himself and ask for help. This man wasted $15K on some funky sugar cane because he refuses to let go of that ego. He’s going to be the reason that farm gets sold.

        • Cleojonz

          I don’t get why it’s so hard to organize, wit down and actually write a vision down and try to work towards that.

          I don’t know it’s starting to look like #aHeauxNamedGoldie might have actually been harmed. Davis looks pretty ain’t ish to me.

          You should read the book. I like RA on the show, but his book character is completely unredeemable. Definition of ain’t ish.

          • I think leadership is lacking on that front. You’ve just got a bunch of individuals who share this same anger and passion but no one to channel that into something powerful and effective.

            I don’t think it’s worth it for me to join those protests and risk getting hurt. I’ve been pepper sprayed before and I’ll pass on ever voluntarily walking into a situation like that again. More power to the people on the front lines putting their bodies in harms way. That part of the movement ain’t for me.

            I don’t want to read the book and ruin the show for myself :-(

    • B-Dot Willz

      Charlie definitely has some gangsata tendencies so that is gonna be a good watch. I watched all 4 episodes last night and I am hooked.

  • La_Dee_Da

    I can’t help but feel that these series of unfortunate events will usher in an era of a more militant police state. I am seeing military personnel speak out about engaging in war and having to follow certain protocol before using deadly force.

    What more can be said than what has already been said? This fear of blackness is not new. Even in literature, darkness and blackness has always represented evil. This fear and hatred runs sooooooo deep.

    • Brooklyn_Bruin

      “We’re doing bad, so we’re going to DOUBLE DOWN.” – Cops.

  • -h.h.h.-

    since it seems the most logical solution, outside of more training, is widespread and mass emigration,

    does anyone have tips and tricks for those wishing to move to different countries? Brazil? DR? Costa Rica? Jamaica? Australia? NZ? Chad? Nigeria?

    also, if you have any emigration tips/tricks for us invisible black males, that would be a help. thanks!

    • Hugh Akston

      Pick a place try to learn the language find someone in your circle that may know someone in said country or place

      Have a plan for getting a job or start your own business (have at least 6 months to a year of savings) be familiar with immigration laws of said country you have an American passport the door is pretty much open to the world

    • Brooklyn_Bruin

      You need to basically bring economic value to the place you’re going. I.E. actual money to start a business and employ locals, or a technical skill that is needed by industry.

    • Val

      If you are an American without a criminal record you can pretty much immigrate to anywhere as long as you have some marketable skills and a bit of money saved.

    • Epsilonicus

      Brazil aint the place. They treat Black folks like crap. I hear Costa Rica might be nice.

      • black-a-rican

        It wasn’t that bad when I was there, and that’s without people realizing I wasn’t Brazilian. It also could’ve been because it was the Olympics.

        • Epsilonicus

          Yeah, they were on their best behavior during the Olympics. Got to put on that good face

      • Mary

        Mexico is dangerous.

    • Diego Duarte

      Yeah… from what I hear they’ve got plenty of racism in Brazil as well. If I were you I would head north. I hear Canada is very friendly.

      Also, you don’t want to go to Africa. Colonization isn’t over yet. The West is highly dependent on modern forms of slavery (and just straight up chattel slavery) to get their diamonds, coffee and cacao beans. Though they will pretend this is an African problem and not western influence coercing poorer problems into adopting policies that are exclusively beneficial to richer nations.

      • Canada is a c**k tease. Let’s you smoke a little weed. Gives you healthcare. Gets you hot and bothered with a charismatic PM. Then, when you all comfortable and naked….BAM! Racism….right in the nuts.

        • Diego Duarte

          True, but at least you have social democracy and that racism isn’t as KKK-Trump type of bad as it’s gotten over here.

          Racism is everywhere, heck! I’ve even got two close family members who are racist, and an extended family member who could make Hitler blush. But I would rather go somewhere where that ish is manageable than look for a non-existent ideal country.

          If there’s no white people there, I guarantee you, they are economy crippled over centuries of colonization (be it through military or economic intervention). It’s like that all over Latin America.

      • BrownBearBear

        Nah, Canadia ain’t the place and I grew up close to there. You think we did the Native Americans bad? All of their First Nations are basically living in Flint with no drinkable water.

    • Black folks are hated on every continent. My approach is to organize and buy land. This world has a racism problem and we need our own.

      • BrownBearBear

        Exactly. Me and Mr. Brown Bear have about two years and plan to buy land. We’re spending the next couple of years traveling around looking for a good spot. Knowing the language is key. Your Americanness will get you a bit farther. We were in the DR 2 years ago. Not our jam. They’re deporting black folks who have had DR citizenship for generations back to Haiti. Mexico too.

      • Mary

        Unfortunately, that’s true.

    • Shaun King posted 25 steps people could begin mobilizing on to ensure police reform. It’s going to be a long fight, though, since police departments have very little federal oversight.

    • Asiyah

      Don’t move to DR lol the police department all over the country is corrupt. No way. Costa Rica is ideal.

      • CR is good, but starting to get affected by cartel carnage. Also too many greedy wypipo trying to buy up land and driving up prices so that Ticos can’t afford to live. Gentrification: International Edition

        • Mochasister


    • Nik White

      A couple that used to attend my church did just this – they moved to South America and is looking for land.

  • Jenniqual Johnson

    As I said before, MJ TOLD us they don’t care about us.

    • Amazonian Midget

      By far my favorite MJ song. It has been on repeat in my house and car for months now.

  • cheddachasa

    Cops lie even when they have no reason to. My friend got caught red-handed smoking a blunt. The cops told him to drop it and he did. When he saw the police report it said that he tried to throw the blunt away so they had to search for it. It was probably their easiest collar of the day and they made it seem that they actually had to do some work. I was stunned.

  • catgee12

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