The VSB Files — Episode 8: The One Where We Answer Questions and Update You

Sometimes you just got to get back to the essence of making it do what it do. So join The Champ, Liz, and Panama Jackson as they discuss to you all of the wonderful things that have been going on around VSB.
Also, we take…these broken wings and learn to fly again while we answer questions from our  Facebook, Tumblr, and tha Twittah. Is the libido as important, as say, the lambada? Who knows, we don’t even talk about the lambada. But do you know what we do? We talk about other stuff.
So come, kick off your shoes and relax your feet, and party on down with the VSBs and Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz. Just kick it.

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  • This post was written by Liz
    I am the admin. Admin’ing this site.


    “HE?” *judges Liz’s admin skills*

  • j.ivy

    Sadatay, it’s my birthday! And Liz u are one pretty man! Had me fooled all this time.

    PS love the way u be admin’ing and stuff.

  • Liz

    LOL. Thanks for catching that. It was late last night when I was doing this (and a million other things :))

  • keisha brown

    i wish i could listen at work.
    (or there was a gchat-like transcript).

    ah well.. happy friday everyone!
    *throws glitters and pops champagne..

  • I just wanna say that I stay losing on the VSB events. None in my city and they always seem to happen just before or just after I visit other more populous VSB cities…but if this job interview goes well I will be moving to the DMV where it seems like most of the VSBs/VSSs seem to dwell.

  • Dimaati

    The home boy cold war tour…sweet, LMAO!!!

  • DetroitRockCity

    I also do not understand Tumblr. When you get the explanation, please post!!!

  • Betamale

    I’m gonna need you to make an exception for me. Either that or we gotta take a trip to Vegas.

  • miss t-lee

    Tour of the Baltic states huh? bwahahah
    I also, don’t get Tumblr either…lol

  • Tezzybaby

    Several random unrelated comments:

    I heard the saying that for women loosely there is no such thing as unattractive just lazy. I tend to agree, If you are an unattractive individual, you just gotta put in a little more work (i.e. hair done, nails done, everything did) to elevate yourself.

    Spot on. I’ve always thought the same thing about Jennifer Lewis.

    Around the 51 mark, is someone eating some Corn Pops cuz those are my joints!

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