The VSB Files — Episode 006: It’s The Return…Again

After what seems like an eternity and four days, we’ve returned with another episode of The VSB Files. Join The Champ, Liz, and Panama Jackson as we wax philosophical about all things worth philosophically waxing. Listen intently as we discuss Liz’s trip to Haiti – without Wyclef Jean – and the release of our first book, Your Degrees Won’t Keep You Warm At Night.

Also, we take readers questions from Twitter and Facebook and realize that Panama apparently has comprehension problems, Liz has the giggles, and The Champ really loves everybody. It’s not a game. Do you know why? Because it’s a podcast.


Download: (right click > save as)


Reminder: Peep the flyer below for details on the Master of the Mix Finale at Muse Lounge in Washington, DC, tomorrow night. Come hang with Panama Jackson the Three as he does things that 3’s do.

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  • My first podcast… LOL at the intro theme song. :)

    Now I will listen to the rest.

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  • Jhane Sez

    Ten thoughts after listening to my first vsb podcast.

    1. Listening to the opening of this the video in my head is in the style of “Going Back to Cali”… Please don’t ask me to explain further.

    2. I did indeed think that Panama was the ignant one… porn post aside… now I understand the dynamic.

    3. Liz safe passage, my prayers are with you.

    I feel bad that my timing wasn’t better by the time I got back the donation polls were closed… 13 hours who knew.

    4. Leave Liz alone… you know bougie black folks still go to church in the hood.

    5. I’m only 12:31 in on this and am starting to feel like I am eavesdropping on a private conversation… I’m diggin it

    6. A suggestion for the book promotion… you should put together a vsb action kit t-shirt, crime fighter badge, and cat mask to protect your secret identity…

    7. Getting giddy about your first book is only about 12.4% gay.

    8. People coming to verify that Panama is a 3 is funny as h*ll… it’s a bad look around these parts hide yo kids… this caused an inappropriate volume of laughter at 4 am

    9. Leave the house… relocate to outside of your house… dead now.

    10. If I ever get past the vsb probationary period and become eligible I would love to participate in a phone a friend vsb podcast… so can I take that off my bucket list.

    Easy ~JS

  • Leonie UK

    FCUK musiq from the UK…downloading NOW!!!

  • Enjoyed the podcast!

    – Aw, I wanted to hug Champie poo poo when he told the story about his giddyness for the book and walking in the rain to catch Mr. Postman. That is so cute!

    – I was cracking UP at his “me-me” for “meme.” AND “hors d’ouevres.” LOL

    – Panama, yes, run (and tell dat homeboy) with the “3”…meme (yay, I got to actually use the word!). In fact, I call for t-shirts. A t-shirt makes it official.

    – Liz’s giggle STAYS being infectious. It is the most adorrabo thing ever. And yeah, girl, I’m proud too. That is a scary thing to do, but I’m positive it’ll be an enriching experience! Can’t wait to read about your Haiti tales.

    – And YES, the phone-a-VSB-commenter is definitely something that needs to be done. Though, P, I will KILL you if you call me at work.

    *hugs all around*

  • Wu

    I know a ton of dudes who are in jail right now because they were dealing within a mile and a half of a school. Then again everything in my hometown is within a mile and a half of a school.

  • TezzyBaby

    This is my first time listening to a podcast from VSB and I have to say Champ’s voice is least like his writing voice to me for some reason…I was thoroughly entertained by the entire exchange and I listened to the entire thing (that’s a feat for someone who gets bored sleeping).

  • Alana

    @ Champ – “I can point you to a Mitch Albom book and you can be on your way” Love it!

    @ Panama – Thanks for clearing up that whole 3 thing. I figured someone called you a 3 and you ran with it, but folks listening to the podcast are now enlightened.

    @ Liz- YES! I’ve recently come to the conclusion that Chicago men are lamers! And, I think it’s because they just don’t have the southern hospitality that the southern men have.

    I love that Podcast ‘call em up’ idea. It gives others a chance to communicate their perspective or, just be goofy..whatever.

    Good Job guys, I really enjoyed it. Annnnd, it got me through the 1:00 hour at work.

  • legitimate_soul

    Liz, I wish you a safe trip and a beautiful experience as you help others. You are doing an amazing thing.

    Guys, congrats on the books. This is huge and I’m happy and excited for you!


  • MsEvaBaby!

    Love the Podcast. I came across this website about a month ago maybe two and have been addicted every since. I have spent countless nights staying up trying to catch up with the post over the years. I am a single, professional black woman in Denver, CO so this site is my getaway. Anyway I wanted to share an article of the longest living couple. They black folks! Enjoy!


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