The VSB Files — Episode 004: It’s The Return

Join the Very Smart Brothas (and Liz) as they return from the hiatus of a lifetime and dive headfirst into the nonsense that is the current Elin-Tiger Woods debacle and answer a bunch of the formspring questions that The Champ has let pile up. Are you ready? Tevin Campbell asked but nobody ever answered. It’s time to answer, people.

We’re back, b*tches

Back for the first time and here to stay. (You know, assuming everything goes smoothly, which it most certainly never does.)
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  • http://www.shesoflyy.blogspot.com Muze

    ummm okay. BWAHAHAHAHAHA at this intro. please stoppit. now.

    no seriously.

    okay lemme go listen to the rest.

    • http://verysmartbrothas.com Panama Jackson

      @Muze, don’t be hating on our intro! lol.

      • http://www.thebeautifulstruggler.com Sister Toldja

        The song hath killed my soul.

  • http://lizburr.com Liz

    Did we get new podcast-exit music? Me likes…

  • http://proverbialmindcandy.blogspot.com TheOpinionated1

    LMAO Who d heck is singing???

    That fast music/beat change on the intro at abt 1:05 Kilt me!!!!

    This is pretty funny…I didn’t listen to the whole thing though.

    • http://verysmartbrothas.com Panama Jackson

      @The Opinionated1, um, that would be me singing. lol. my voice is angelic.

      • http://proverbialmindcandy.blogspot.com TheOpinionated1

        Hehe… *no comment* o_o

  • MzKang

    Skittle infused vodka is delicious!!! And wow, he said I will sign def jam…dead. Haha. That whole convo was hilarious. So excited for the return! Can’t wait for the next one.

    • http://verysmartbrothas.com Panama Jackson

      @MzKang, glad you enjoyed it.

  • http://www.cedricw.com Horus Sky

    #dead @ Taste the Rainbow! You cat are thrown off, but loved the podcast bruh.

  • Ms. Butta’sWorth

    LOL @ at the Cinque reference “give us, us free”….

    Mmmmm at the overnight brew of skittles n’ vodka…sounds tasty. Don’t know if that would trump my girl’s jolly rancher cocktail (w/ vodka) though…I’ll have to ask her to whip me up a demo.

    ……aaaaaannnnndddd speaking of demos….that intro. Dude. Fah’real? LMAO while smh. I now have a cramp in my right side thanks to you. Why, Panamian Debil?…..why?

    Now channelin’ Macy Gray…. “how many times (s)he gon’ say movin’ coooool verysmartbrothas?” (a la Idlewild)

    But I truly heart this place.

    • http://lizburr.com Liz

      OOOh. Now some jollyranchers in vodka? Thats something I can get down with.

      • Ms. Butta’sWorth

        Yup. Be sure to hit it up with that watermelon flavor too.

  • Deeds

    After work I think I’m gonna try skittles and vodka, sounds kinda good.

  • miss t-lee

    Liz, those lychee martini’s go hard. :)

    • http://lizburr.com Liz

      Yes they do! I love them always!

      • miss t-lee

        *thumbs up* Liz

        Oh and Champie, you kill me on the Formspring, I try not to read the answers when I’m out in public.

      • Ms. Butta’sWorth

        I just had to come back to say: googled it.

        And now I want a lychee martini. And the cake too.

  • http://www.theconferencecall.net SouthernCharm

    Great podcast!

    Liz did sound like she had the tipsy-giggles. The best part about this podcast is that it sounded like you guys would have had the same discussion(s) had it not been a podcast. It was like listening in on a good convo. The question and answer segment for Champ’s Formspring was great too. Keep up the good work!

  • http://www.pinchmycheekie.blogspot.com Cheekie

    Just finished listening. A few things:

    1. Being that I was called Skittles in grammar school and high school (originated from folks not being able to pronounce my last name), I’mma HAVE to try Skittles and Vodka. Thanks, P.

    2. Since it is proven fact that Champie poo poo is the guy to marry and Panda is the sidepiece, it is virtually impossible for me to love you, P. Baddabing.

    3. Still lovin’ ya’ll intro. The outro was nice, too. Good listenin’.

    4. Liz’s laugh is infectious. Half of the time I was cracking up LOUDER because she was laughing. You seem like a cool chick, Lizard. Even your hood persona is cool.

    5. Ya’ll should definitely do live podcasts sometime so folks can call in. Maybe in the evening?

    Good look, ya’ll, overall. Lookin’ forward to the next one!

    • Ms. Butta’sWorth

      5. Ya’ll should definitely do live podcasts sometime so folks can call in. Maybe in the evening?

      That’s one helluvan idea!

    • http://lizburr.com Liz

      it’s really hard not to laugh when i am around these two! i try to hold it in but it doesn’t work!!