The VSB Files – Episode 001: And So It Begins…

beginningCheck out our inaugural VSB podcast as The Champ and Panama Jackson wax philosophical on just who the hell Liz is and what she does, Beyonce and what she is to mankind and potentially beyond, the greatness of T-Boz, and how some women JUST can’t get this break up sh*t right.

Welcome to the next level.

Maybe nobody’s going to see Otis, but The Champ and Panama Jackson?

We the voices.

Right Click/Save As: And So It Begins…

Alternate download link here.

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  • Liz

    YAYYYY!!!! Our first podcast finally made it to the world!!!!

    And yes, I will be in full effect next round, cuz clearly I can’t leave you two to your own devices. Sheesh!

    P.S. Champ, I am pretty much a late bloomer for most things.

  • Caramel eclair

    wooooooow! @theme song…..and a that’s whats up to podcasting…yuuuup

    • Panama Jackson

      @Caramel eclair, the theme song was james earl jones idea.

  • Selah

    LMFAO!! this was the greatness…. a plate of deez? iLove Y’all and sh*t.

    It’s weird hearing y’all speak tho. Yikes. I guess I had my own ideas of how you sounded in my head lol

    • Panama Jackson

      @Selah, it is weird. that’s the first time i ever heard myself talk too!!!


      • Selah

        @Panama Jackson,


        really tho… In my head I thought your voice was all high, and Champ would be the dude with the deep voice. — but you have the deep voice and Champ… well… has an accent of some type.

        Boggles the mind! LOL

  • Monk

    Cool shyt. I enjoyed.

    • Panama Jackson

      @Monk, thank you kindly.

  • BigBuck

    Man I am proud of you boys! Next stop satelite radio!

    • Panama Jackson

      @BigBuck, and then the world!

  • pgh muse

    This was very entertaining. Score!! Champ – that accent is THICK. Don’t let ANYBODY tell u otherwise :)

    • miss t-lee

      @pgh muse,
      Especially the pronunciation of Beyonce.
      Love it mayne!!! :)

      Good stuff guys.

      • Liz

        @miss t-lee, haa it is pretty think. I never really noticed it until I heard it on the podcast lol.

      • D-weezy

        @miss t-lee,


        • overit

          @D-weezy, Be-Yawn-Say

          exactly! LOL.

    • Miss Patterson

      @pgh muse, I second that statement, pgh muse. that accent is the real-est. DON’T LOSE IT CHAMP. Hold on to it for linguistics sake.

  • RedPlum

    Lol @ “, b*tches”

    I feel like I “know” you guys now after hearing your voices.
    This was great! Keep up the good work :-)

    • Panama Jackson

      @RedPlum, shall do.

  • Smiley Face

    LMAO!!!! A plate of deez?!!! iDied!
    It’s good to hear y’all though! YAAY!!

    • Yeah…SO?!

      @Smiley Face, nuts! – classic… LOL- give theez dudes a record deal!

  • Smiley Face

    PJ Stop Cussing! LOL

    • Panama Jackson

      @Smiley Face, lol. i try and i try.

      but i cuss so good i cant help it.