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The Problem With #TeamLawrence, Explained

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Who is Lawrence?

Lawrence Walker is a character from Insecure, an HBO show which derives from Issa Rae’s The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl web series. In season one, the unemployed and then underemployed Lawrence (Jay Ellis) was Issa’s live-in boyfriend — a relationship that lasted for (I think) four years.

After growing frustrated with their inert co-habitation and Lawrence’s apparent lack of drive — and apparent lack of sex drive — Issa rekindled a relationship with Daniel (Y’lan Noel), an old flame from high school. And after several weeks of allowing the sexual tension between them to build, sex was eventually had, and backs were impressively broken.

So Issa cheated on Lawrence?

She did.

Shit. So what happened next?

Well, this is where it begins to get even murkier and messier. Issa’s frustrations with Lawrence were apparent and understandable. And while Lawrence didn’t force her to cheat — no one has that power over another person — he didn’t exactly present the most compelling counterargument. He didn’t walk her through that door. But he did give her Waze directions to it.

But, Issa stepping out happened to happen right when Lawrence finally seemed to be getting his shit together; allowing their relationship — which had long plateaued — to be on the upswing. He got a gig at Best Buy. He started shaving and showering and shit. His dick even started working again!

(Also, somehow Lawrence got into extremely good shape. Like American Ninja Warrior-level shape. Or just started wearing better clothes to show what type of shape he’d actually been in the entire time. Which is a little peculiar because that type of shape requires countless hours at the gym — which he wasn’t spending — and a membership to said gym — which he couldn’t afford. But maybe Lawrence just spent all day every day doing push-ups or something. Who knows?)

Naturally, Issa appreciated this change, and wished to erase Daniel from her coital microfiche and submerge herself into this new and improved Lawrence.

Issa seems rather trash for that though, right?

No comment.

Ooooookay. So, moving on, did Lawrence ever find out about Daniel?

Of course he did!

Shit! What happened?

Both Lawrence and Daniel showed up to one of Issa’s work events. Lawrence’s spidey-senses went off after seeing Daniel and Issa interact with each other, and he confronted her about it later that night. She told him the truth, and he was naturally and understandably devastated by that. As was she. It was pretty damn intense. Furniture moved, and all doves present cried.

So far you’ve described a very typical and unspectacular relationship and break-up. A coupling fractured by Issa’s (admittedly predictable) infidelity, which was in large part encouraged by Lawrence committing the mortal sin of impermissible brokeness. 

The mortal sin of brokeness? Are you saying it’s a sin to be broke?

No. Just that, if in a relationship, you can’t be broke AND not breaking backs. Of course, anti-brokeness and frequent back-breaking is ideal. But if you’re forced to choose a broke, you can’t choose both. 

I see.

Anyway, I’m bringing this up because I don’t see why Lawrence even has a team. Nothing he’s done so far make him — or Issa for that matter — team-worthy.

Well, Lawrence’s team-worthiness is one hundred thousand trillion percent due to Tasha.

Tasha? Who’s Tasha?

Tasha (Dominique Perry) is a cute and sexy bank teller who’d been very obviously flirting with Lawrence from the beginning of the season.

Wait, I thought you said Lawrence was broke and ashy as fuck for the first half of the season. How does he have cute and sexy women still flirting with him — particularly a cute and sexy woman who works at the bank and can see Lawrence’s bereaved balance each time he swipes his sad-ass ATM card?

Because he’s tall and has a nice beard. And tall niggas with beards have tall-and-bearded-nigga privilege.

This is true. So, what happened with Tasha?

After Lawrence and Issa broke up, we witnessed both of them crashing through the stages of relationship mourning. Issa wanted to get back together. Lawrence seemed to want to too. And some clever writing and editing in the season finale made us believe that might happen. But while Issa was waiting for Lawrence back at their apartment — after they’d agreed to meet there — Lawrence had actually already dipped out and was toe, foot, ankle, shin, knee, and thigh deep inside of Tasha, with a series of furious backshots that blasted atomic shock waves through the internet. Season two is basically the nuclear winter.

I’m still not quite understanding why this has given Lawrence a whole entire team. None of this seems whole entire team worthy.

Well, there’s a couple things going on here. First, there’s the fact that he responded to a quite humiliating break-up with the backshots of fury. For many men — shit, for many people — this is the dream reaction to that type of embarrassment. Get tripped up, but fall right into the arms of someone who’s both attractive and has been waiting for your ass with open, um, arms.

But ultimately, Team Lawrence is about schadenfreude. It’s not just that he’s doing “better.” It’s that this doing better is directly hurting the woman who hurt him. Lawrence, essentially, is a proxy for all the men who believe (rightly or wrongly) that they’ve been played by women. And a proxy for the type of man who enjoys seeing women experience some sort of comeuppance. Team Lawrence exists to shame Issa.

And nothing exemplifies this contentious dynamic more than the infamous Best Buy shirt left at their old apartment, which exists as a virtual Rorschach test for your proximity to and feelings about general relationship-related fuckshit. If you’re #TeamShitHappensBecauseRelationshipsAreHardAndCanBeMessy — which is the team I’m on — he just left the shirt behind because he didn’t need or want it anymore. But if you’re #TeamLawrence or #TeamIssa or #TeamFuckLawrence or #TeamFuckIssa, that shirt was an intentional sign; a message Lawrence delivered just to fuck with her.

And now, in season two, everything Lawrence does is seen through that Best Buy polo lens. Instead of the weird and awkward and raw post-break up quickie just being exactly what post-break up sex often is, both #TeamLawrence and #TeamIssa members seem to see it as some sort of message; a final fuck you to Issa. (Which, of course, #TeamLawrence loved and #TeamIssa hated.)

You seem to be pretty down on #TeamLawrence but actually sympathetic to Lawrence himself. 

Well, I think much of this sympathy is due to Issa Rae and Larry Wilmore and whoever else was involved with the writing of these characters. As a guy who actually went through a similar stretch of unemployment and underemployment several years ago, I know how that type of financial purgatory can lead to an existential malaise and self-doubt, where you know what’s expected of you as a MAN PERSON and you’re very aware you’re falling short of that. And while I joked earlier about the mortal sin of total brokeness, it’s hard as fuck for some guys to feel like and be “the man” in the bedroom when you’re not the man anywhere else. That sense of emasculation can be self-induced, but that doesn’t make it any less real. So I get why Lawrence was depressed, and I also get why Issa was increasingly frustrated with it. And I get why she cheated. And I get why he entertained Tasha. And I get why they broke up. And I get why he was so devastated by it.

The canonization of Lawrence by #TeamLawrence, however, exists primary as a result of seeing Lawrence “get over on” Issa. Which means, for #TeamLawrence, “getting over on” someone just means leaving one mess and creating another. Because we know, and #TeamLawrence knows, that while Tasha seems to be cool with their Wendy’s Value Meal and Weekend Backshots deal right now, she actually seems to like him and likely wants more. Which we all know he aint going to give her, because he’s still not over Issa. Basically, while Lawrence’s (and Issa’s) dysfunction and messiness right now is understandable, #TeamLawrence aint rooting for Lawrence. They’re rooting for his dysfunction and that mess.

Wow, that was deep man. Who knew a show about regular-ass niggas experiencing regular-ass shit could be so complex?

Issa knew, man. Issa knew.

Damon Young

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB. He is also a columnist for And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (HarperCollins). Damon is busy. He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes. Reach him at Or don't. Whatever.

  • miss t-lee

    “bereaved balance”

    Please know I cackled for real at this. My bestie works at a bank, and she’s forever telling me stories about guys trying to flirt with her while she’s looking at their balance, and instantly getting sad.

    • Annalise Keating


      • miss t-lee

        It’s truly hilarious.

    • Tam

      A friend of mine constantly gets numbers written on this receipts from bank tellers. Of course this friend cause me constant side eyes from women ( at the gym when I was active)who wanted him and thought I stood in their way.

      • miss t-lee


        • Tam

          One of the most aggressive one was married, and she made no bones about liking my friend. It got so bad that her husband used to turn up at the gym, children in tow and wait until she was finished exercising. Oh at one point he was cursing my friend and I got cursed by extension , I can not explain why, it just happened. When I say curse, when my friend walked past him he muttered a couple of not too nice statements about him and me. iCan’t with some people.

          • NonyaB?

            *Cackles out loud* WTF? That’s high ratchetry!

          • Mary Burrell

            Oh wow.

  • siante

    Nobody on this series has enough sense to have a team lol. I think a lot of us are just #teamenjoyingthemessyshenanigansofitall. It’s almost how I felt when I was invested in that roomie/lover/friends series on black & sexy tv waaaay back. Early on I gave up on anybody doing anything worth anything lol- but I just couldn’t look away!

  • Reemo

    I’m only #TeamLawrence cause there’s #TeamIssa. People out here going hard on him like he was out here actively crushing on Tasha and cheating. Otherwise he’s a regular smegular n***a who I would have little opinion on. I’d be looking at the both of them waiting on someone to make a move.

    Lawrence has to pick a side at this point. You can’t be out here hoping to get back with (and smashing) Issa while “dating” Tasha or anyone else for that matter. You gotta be in or out with Issa and even though Tasha fine, that looks like another love TKO.

  • Thomas Bernard

    I was on this exact point yesterday, and the #TeamLawrence was not having, but who cares? lol. Most people are cheering him on because they can relate to being cheated on. However, many of these same people only want to hold the cheater (Issa) at fault instead of looking at how their actions (Lawrence’s bumness, lack of emotional support, no s+x, forgetting her B-day, etc.) played into the other person slipping up and cheating. It’s about self reflection…both Issa and Lawrence messed up.

    I’m not on anyone’s team. I hold them both accountable for the mess they created. I do love this line in the article “#TeamLawrence aint rooting for Lawrence. They’re rooting for his dysfunction and that mess.” People are living through his character, wanting him to seek the type of revenge they’d give. Lawrence is no better than Issa in my book.

  • so we can’t root for the guy…

    even if, if the roles were reversed, there would already be #TeamIssa Brunches up and down the east coast.

    got it.

    *scribbles in notepad*

    • siante

      “#TeamIssa Brunches”

      ha! so true!

    • Charlito Brown

      Beyoncé would be played loudly and shamelessly.

  • PriceIsRightHorns

    As of season 2, I’m team nobody. Issa should have left instead of sitting on the couch, unfulfilled and irked at Lawrence for eating cereal.

    There was a whole lot of passive-aggressiveness going on and she didn’t say what she wanted. Mediocrity was all good until it wasn’t. As for Lawrence, he’s acting out of character and I’m curious to see how he navigates the situation.

    • Queen@

      Passive aggressive folks kill me. Like you are a victim and I don’t know it because you ain’t voice your displeasure until it’s boiling over. Damon blamed Law and then said no one controls the other actions…contradictions everywhere.

      • PriceIsRightHorns

        LOL. The entire show, people’s opinions and the think pieces are all over the place.

        I like that it sparks conversations, which have been interesting to say the least.

      • CrayolaGirl

        Lawrence is passive aggressive too. SMH

  • Hugh Akston
    • HouseOfBonnets

      It’s only 8 weeks….you’ll be alright

    • Tam

      You know you are free to ignore these types of posts

      • Hugh Akston

        Of course I ignored the last two

        But you good

        • Tam

          More or less. Thinking about how I have to reorganise stuff for the months coming up and save for vacation next year.

          • Hugh Akston

            Vacation? For where?

            • Tam

              I have not had a vacation in years. I am in the Caribbean. So next year I am hoping to go to NY

              • Hugh Akston

                Oh that’d b cool why ny?

                • Tam

                  Visit family. Plus I owe a cousin in Ohio a visit. I used to come every other year, but have not over the past 4 years becuase of school .

                • Tam

                  Family. I usually spend about 1 month. I have a cousin in Ohio I have been promising to visit in forever, so if I do go there it will be about a week. I was accustomed to going every other year but school had but a dent in that for the past 4 years.

                  • Hugh Akston

                    Didn’t know you were in school lol

                    But which part would you be in?

                    • Tam

                      Southern Caribbean. Was (kinda still though, gotta submit the dang thing) had to return to work in January * tears*

                    • Hugh Akston

                      lol I know where you’re from

                      I was referring to the fam in ny?

                    • Tam

                      Lol.Disqus is being a ho. But Brooklyn

                    • Hugh Akston

                      lol she’s always hoeing

                      But that’s cool and so do I lol have fam in Brooklyn that is lol

                    • Tam

                      I remember you took Jr for a visit. Thought you did, when you mentioned participating/viewing Labour Day activities though. Where livest thou?

                    • Hugh Akston

                      Lol yeah

                      But I’m in ne

                    • Tam


                    • Hugh Akston

                      Yeah so I’m not far from ny

                    • Tam

                      I realise. Lol but you will be out by the time I visit.

                    • Hugh Akston


                      Well hopefully

                      Considering a couple options now but man the salary is a bit off for me :( and that’s the thing about the international you get nice perks but walking in again definitely hurts the pockets

                    • Tam

                      It all depends but you have extra responsibilities now so you can’t exactly back pack it. But do what you must

                    • Hugh Akston


                      Don’t remind me it’s just getting tougher

                      That’s why I prefer living outside

                      Hate to say it but it’s true I just live under a rock…and detach from everyone and certain things I’m just not aware and honestly care about

                    • Tam

                      That situation is replicating all around I am saying. And I do not believe you about the rock, lol.
                      Probably saying that to beat the girls off… or hide the harem.

                    • Hugh Akston

                      It’s true

                      I just don’t keep up or care

                      Not chasing anyone away…and isn’t anyone checking for me and vice versa

                    • Tam

                      So you would say. Do you ever think that your apathy is not healthy?

                    • Hugh Akston

                      Not healthy in what way?

                    • Tam

                      right or wrong I associate apathy as being a step to close to depression. Nothing is wrong with disliking something or holding yourself aloof but apathy leads to too many negative emotions. I get worried when I start feeling apathetic about something.

                    • Hugh Akston


                      I guess I see it as a logical thing

                      Certain things don’t tie me down

                      It’s more like a Nietzschian type of way of looking at the world lol

                      But I just shrug and live life

                      If I’m down I’m down only for that moment it doesn’t go far

                    • Tam

                      Maybe I do not fully understand your thought processes , I get trying to be unbothered by stuff (I’ve tried and failed miserably), I get not getting to caught up and living carefully ( I have done more than my fair share of that) but it is ( at least for me) get worried becoming too detached and disconnected from your surroundings and people ( says the person who is quite adept at tuning people out). To me it is cheating yourself, I am not saying be reckless but be more “alive” and “ish”

                    • Hugh Akston

                      That’s a part of me I tried to understand lol

                      But I’ve mentioned before one of the best memories I have was me swimming in the Great Barrier Reef sure there were other ppl there but I didn’t care about them but I was living my life and experiencing joy

                      But I think I told you before that used to be a big problem in the past to me it didn’t make sense why people were getting mad at me I wasn’t out there cheating doing drugs on beating up on anyone I just wanted my time…alone…but somehow that seemed to be a crime…all the arguments were just a drag…I know folks like to tell me I’m wrong but human relationships are filled with conflicts…if it’s not necessary why bother?

                      I lay my head on the pillow…and ask who is john galt and I can fall asleep within minutes if not seconds…

                    • Tam

                      Do not get me wrong, I am not saying indulging in vices and being an absolute horror of a human being. Nothing is wrong with not giving in to certain proclivities. I get not wanting to be hurt , God knows I hate that feeling but chances are , since I am determined not to cut my self off from others I will be hurt and betrayed again but I see it as a learning curve, and hopefully when presented with the same/similar circumstances I will not make the same mistakes I made, no guarantee but I hope so. You bother because it is what brings out the best in most of us.

                    • Hugh Akston

                      “I will be hurt and betrayed again”

                      Why? What’s the benefit?

                      The problem is you can control your actions and that’s whether you’ve learned from the past have no guarantee on the other person’s action(s)…some call it trusts ..and I keep asking the same question what action does trust prevent?

                      Why go through all of the headaches? What’s the net gain?

                    • Tam

                      Because, I have lived too carefully for far to long trying to be perfect. I will be the first person to tell you I have trust issues so I often allow most persons to get this far and no further.

                    • Tam

                      Moreover, I do have no desire to live reckless but just to experience life a bit more. Trust implies a level of reciprocity in that I give and i take in return . What is the net gain is that I have a support system when I need that support system. I like my alone time, I am happy with my alone time but it can be crushing at time and I am glad to have persons around to lean on sometimes.

        • Tam

          How are you though?

          • Hugh Akston

            Tired today was brutal lol but hey it happens

            • Tam

              What made you tired? Yup it happens

  • Queen@

    As a woman, who is #TeamLawrence, I stopped reading at “Team Lawrence exists to shame Issa.”

    You can be #TeamIssa, and realize that relationship are messy and ish, but you can;t be #TeamConsequencesForyourActions… oh okay.

    • i guess the lesson is, no matter what, a male shouldn’t be petty?

      • Thomas Bernard

        We (men) shouldn’t.

      • Reemo

        No one, man or woman, SHOULD be petty. We know that ain’t how things work though.

      • Kas

        I live to be petty.

        • Queen@

          At some point you will have to admit petty = grumpy old man. Lol

        • you sir, are the hero that vsb needs.

        • Tam

          I thought you were out of that business.

      • miss t-lee

        Since when?

    • gintel

      He’s not perfect, she’s not perfect. To root for him solely because she made a huge mistake ignores the complexity of both characters and how they both weren’t their best. There’s a ton of fingers to point, it doesn’t have to be simplified to teams at all.

      • Queen@

        It’s not ignoring the complexities. In fact its recognizing that therr are consquences for your actions. You can’t hurt me and then tell me how to work through my pain. It doesn’t work like that. The fact that Law left and is trying to find his way, not running back into something comfortable (4 years) is worth rooting for.

        • gintel

          They were both hurting and lacked the emotional maturity to be frank with each other as partners. Him not running back is the bare minimum he could do to me. If I mess up, I try to assess my possible contribution(s) to the issue. He hasn’t got there yet and just jumped to another woman when he hasn’t gotten over Issa. Nah, that’s not worthy of rooting for to me. He will likely hurt Tasha because he used her to pacify his ego.

          • Khal Drag A Hoe

            You can’t speak logic into Team Lawrence, I’ve learned that a long time ago lol.

            • Tam

              They think they have a win and aint nothing can convince them otherwise. I guess when you are accustomed to being teamwrongside, any victory even if it is a pyrrhic victory counts.

              • Khal Drag A Hoe

                you said pyrrhic victory, so i love you.

                • Janelle Doe

                  (And) I love your name

                  • Khal Drag A Hoe

                    Thank youuuuuuuuu

              • Khal Drag A Hoe

                Lawrence was a mediocre man, at best.

                • Tam

                  He is tall and good looking, and he didn’t hoe. Does that count?

                  • Khal Drag A Hoe

                    Well that’s what we black wenches need to be grateful for.

                    • Tam

                      Bed wenches get it correct. Lol.

                  • SororSalsa

                    Should he get a cookie for that? That’s some bare minimum ish right there. Lol

                    • Tam

                      The mere fact that he didn’t cheat first is a cause for celebration for the hive. It is even sweeter when he is slipping the D to Tasha

                    • SororSalsa

                      True dat!

                • HouseSublime

                  Then Issa should have left.

                  • Khal Drag A Hoe

                    I agree she should have left.

                    But he was still a mediocre man, at best.

                  • Question

                    But that wouldn’t have made for good tv…

            • gintel

              Touché. It’s my first dive into this convo besides discussing it with my boyfriend (he’s not #Team anyone either tho, lol).


              • Khal Drag A Hoe

                Rihanna makes everything better.

            • Question

              …Cuz you’re likely typing with folks who have likely either been cheated on or who stuck it out for a wack partner way longer than they should have. PTSD. Flashbacks. The whole nine.


      • Annalise Keating

        Forgetting your girlfriends birthday and having difficulty finding a job you love and think is worthy is NOT on the same continent as cheating. That’s like equating forgetting to move your car on street cleaning day with DUI and leaving the person you hit at the scene to die without calling an ambulance.
        #teamseason1lawrence. #season2lawrenceaintsh*t

        • Thomas Bernard

          Those things when individually compared to cheating are on the lesser side, but all the crap Lawrence had going on TOGETHER compared to the cheating is damn near the same. At the moment, Issa’s cheating was a one-time emotional hit for Lawrence. However, the emotional drain on Issa when it came to dealing with Lawrence’s many issues went on for months. She suffered longer.

          • Annalise Keating

            I don’t see it. nothing (even combined) that Lawrence did justified Issas cheating. If she wasn’t happy she should have spoken up or walked out the door.

            • Thomas Bernard

              He could have also done better if he was actually paying attention to her and being a better man. She wasn’t the only one unhappy. He could have walked as well.

              • Queen@

                But he did do better, though. Is it do better so I don’t cheat or your better and better enough, so I’m still going to cheat? Just trying yo understand.

                • Thomas Bernard

                  You’re giving him too much credit for the upward movement he was starting to make. He was starting a basic job that he could have been working at while on his grind to get his app off the ground. He still wasn’t emotionally there for Issa. The ring hunting thing seemed to be an effort to pacify her. I don’t think he deserves credit for doing something she had already asked/wanted him to do.

                  • Queen@

                    The man can’t win with you. One would argue having a job after not having a job is a move in a positive direction. One would say that pushing through your depressed nature, to actually get out of the house to obtain said job, is a move in a positive direction. One could say, after Issa FINALLY talked to him, he heard her and tried. Small steps, no matter how small are still steps.

                    But we get it, bro. You team Lawrence aint ish.

                    • Thomas Bernard

                      But he could have been had that job. It wasn’t hard to get; it was Best Buy. I don’t give out lollypops because a person did something they are suppose to do. As a man, you get out and work even when times get rough and you have to put your dreams on hold. He had a faithful girl (prior to Daniel) who was there for him. She seemed to have supported him (in more ways than one), and instead of using that as power to uplift himself, he through a pity party for months.

                  • Khal Drag A Hoe

                    Lawrence was a mediocre partner, at best. People need to be honest with how terrible of a partner he is.

            • Maya Cyrus

              She should have broken up with him during Episode 1 like she planned but she didn’t. Lawrence was not the best boyfriend by any stretch of the imagination. He forgot her birthday but he tried to make up for it the next day. He has many issues but he was trying to pay Issa attention but she was not talking to him about what she was upset about. To think that all of his issues together is the same as her cheating is laughable. I mean while she was getting that sad stroke from Daniel in the studio, Lawrence actually got the video removed from the Internet (which was supposedly the reason she was at the studio in the first place). Lawrence came through in the clutch which is a little more than bare minimum. I think there is TeamLawrence because many people did not see Issa doing more than the bare minimum in their relationship either and she cheated. They both weren’t much to write home about but Issa cheated and Lawrence turned Tasha away until he was out of a relationship (hence not cheating).

              • Thomas Bernard

                It’s not laughable it’s real. I’m over the cheating is the worst thing someone could do in a relationship. While it’s a bad blow, there are many others. H3ll, even most divorces end because of finances. For some people, (especially women when their man cheats) a one-time act of cheating isn’t a deal breaker. Many women continue with the relationship.

                It’s only, in this instance, that instead of the woman being the cheatee she’s the cheater. For most men and misogynistic women, of course she’d be viewed as an enemy #1 just because she dared cheat on a basic “nice” guy who wasn’t trying to get his ish together until after the relationship was doomed.

                If you look at them both through unbiased eyes, they both were on an aint-ish crusade. They both are flawed, which means their issues together contributed to the downfall of their relationship. Each side did ish that was worthy of ending the relationship.

        • gintel

          I didn’t equate anything (it’s subjective for the viewer) – only said they’re both not perfect and are generally flawed human beings. Before cheating Issa was thinking about breaking up with him. Lawrence didn’t have a clue that someone who was supporting him was fed up. I also think it’s often glossed over that she was supporting him – that’s huge. Season 1 Lawrence had no self awareness and lacks just basic responsibility in his actions. It’s extremely difficult to be with someone who is that immature.

          Issa also shares blame because she wasn’t upfront about her emotions and threw mini tantrums instead of being frank (again, immaturity). They both acted like kids instead of adults, there’s many flaws. I think in the new season characters will start wising up to things. But I don’t see a need to be #Team anybody. They’re both fucked up.

    • Love Heals

      I sympathize with her genuine pain/regret AND agree he was underwhelming as a partner (I’m using the term loosely). Though I see how she fumbled into that disaster, she’s totally, inexcusably wrong. He’s definitely still processing the breakup & very likely to hurt Tasha, who was clearly into a man she knew had a partner. A sizzling hot mess all around.

    • Anonymous

      Where are his consequences?? I hople he gets both these women pregnant and half his new paycheck goes directly to child support.

      • Khal Drag A Hoe


      • Queen@

        Whoa… his consequences was his girl cheating. All life’s actions have reactions. Consequences, whether good or bad, are a part of Law’s situation.

        Annnnd Ossa could be preggars and not know who the daddy is… she did smash Daniel with no condom.

        • Mary Burrell

          That would really be complicated

        • SororSalsa

          Well….that was 3 months before. I hope she’d know based on when the baby was born whose it was.

        • Question

          And being consciously and purposefully wack means you could lose you girl…

      • Mary Burrell

        I am thinking there is going to be a pregnancy in the future for one of them or both.


    …it’s hard as fuck for some guys to feel like and be “the man” in the bedroom when you’re not the man anywhere else. That sense of emasculation can be self-induced, but that doesn’t make it any less real.

    This is so mutha-effin real. Whew.

    But also uhmmm yeah on bearded tall dudes. Preferably a chocolate one. Mmmmm

    • Aintnuthinwrongwitcornbread

      And that is why, despite Meek Mill’s claims of Drake using ghostwriters was a thunderclap across the bow, “Shouts to all my boss b1tches wifin’ ninjas” was Pai Mei’s 5 point exploding heart punch.

    • Wild Cougar

      I can’t with men whose manhood is dependant on outside factors.

  • Shay-d-Lady

    Why we gotta choose a team tho? lol why we cant jut admit that both of em fucked up out here cause humanity is flawed and we aint perfect and we all got our issues…
    aint nobody really got this ish figured out. I think thats what i really love about the series. it really reflects the “what the f!CK am i doing” aspect of life

    • Dougie

      That’s why this show is fantastic. It shows the humanity of people. Specifically Black people. More specifically Black (mostly) highly educated people. Issa is dope AF.

      I’m #TeamHappiness tho. I want everyone to just be happy. That does not include Issa and Lawrence getting back together.

    • I’m choosing a team because catharsis is real, and receiving child support every month is fun. LOL

    • Furious Styles

      Why we gotta choose a team tho?


      I feel you tho. I’m just happy to be in this era of good black tv where there is less pressure to get “Blackness” ™ right.

    • ladyfresh

      Yeah I ain’t got no team. But heavily sideeye dudes cheering for Lawrence cause mad at Issa but behind 4:44

    • Question

      This. All day. They’re both flawed.

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