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The People Vs. Conversate

I get the feeling that one of these ninjas conversates and the other one converses.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why some Black folks HATE the word “conversate” so much. In the reading ninja commrunity, hearing a Black person say “conversate” is akin to a white person using the word n-word. All of a sudden the sky opens up and the spirits of dead slaves pour down their disappointments and blackberry molasses upon the souls of Black folks. You know somethings will never change.

But really, what’s the big damn deal? I get it. It’s not a real word. (Sidenote: According to Dictionary.com, it is commonly recognized as a word nowadays, who knew?) But we make up words all of the time. Look —-> trill.

I know for a motherlovin’ fact that a huge segment of the reading populace was runnin’ around talking about how “trill” things were. I know I was. There was even a southern d-boy argument about who came up with the term. That’s how serious it was. Granted it’s a slang term and perhaps that’s where the argument breaks down. Perhaps the big problem is the assumption that people using the word “conversate” don’t actually know any better. These ignant ninjas really are ignorant. There’s no joke. No punchline. They’re allegedly using it because they don’t know that it’s “converse”. But are they really? Put a pin in that, we’ll come back to it later.

Now, I could chalk that up to syntax and English snobbery. Hell, Twitter has proven that even the smartest of ninjas really have no idea how to spell common words and phrases they’ve been using for eons. This commonly riles people up, understandbly, I suppose. For example:

For all intensive purposes. I can’t tell you how many people I know with degrees show up on Twitter or Facebook and write that statement and effectively admit that they have no effin’ clue what it is that they’ve been really saying despite knowing how to use it.

Back to “trill” for a second and this idea of not knowing any better. While the reading ninja in me loves made up words, I also know when to use them. I won’t be sitting in a meeting with my boss and point out how “trill” a certain estimate of something is. It won’t happen. And I think we can safely assume that most reading ninjas won’t. But, again assuming, that the people who use “conversate” don’t know any better, maybe the fear is that they WOULD use that word, on purpose, in a setting where they’d make us all look bad. Is that it?

Understandably, somebody who uses conversate might likely use that word in any setting or circumstance, regardless of who’s present. Whereas I, again, know better. Here’s another monkey wrench – does it carry more weight if a white person says it? I’m asking because I get the impression that this isnt’ a Black thing, it’s a “conversate” thing. It’s a tricky English language thing. I can imagine a foreigner mistakingly thinking that two people have a “conversation”, but one person might “conversate” with another. Would anybody be upset if that happened?

To make that even more f*cked up, you go from “orientation” to “orientate”. Tell me that ain’t confrusing, Young Buck.

Let’s be real, English is one of the hardest languages to learn because of how many other languages we’ve pulled from. Not to mention the myriad homonyms, synonyms, etc. Hell, I can barely make it through some of the books like Souls of Black Folks because of the language use and I’m a motherf*cking honeybadger. We’re all aware of people who are extremely learned who don’t have a full grasp of the English language and all its nuance. And it’s not SUCH a huge leap to think that “conversate” is a real word. I mean, my ni**a, Converse iz and are shoes.

Hell, quick, quick…somebody define, without looking up: gerund.

But “conversate” is like nails on a chalkboard for many a ninja. It’s almost like the delineating point between ignant ninjadom and breaking out of the hood or something. In an odd twist of irony, I think I’ve jokingly heard “conversate” so much that I’ve had to check myself before to make sure that it wasn’t actually the right way to say “talk to a ni**a”.

Actually, that might be the legal definition of “conversate”.

Here’s another issue, I think “conversate” actually sounds better than “converse”. Unlike “irregardless” which clearly sounds horrible and is a double negative. But that all comes down to personal preference I suppose. And seeing as my ignorance is sophisticated, for all intensive purposes, I only use “conversate” in the midst of a powwow with somebody who eats #flamingyoung. Or who can at least appreciate what just happened there.

If you have no idea what #flamingyoung is, then you also have no idea what #theplate is and need to spend more time dealing with Black people who deal with other Black people who spend inordinate amounts of time on Twitter.

So VSBNation, I ask you, what’s the big damn deal with the hatred for the term “conversate”? And why do we seem to conflate it to mean so much more than it actually is?

Conversate with P.


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Damon Young

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  • http://twitter.com/fixedwater fixedwater

    they WOULD use that word, on purpose, in a setting where they’d make us all look bad. Is that it?
    Yes, this is it!
    My mama told me I couldn’t use slang until I understood when and where to use it.

    • Leonie UK

      …and mother was right.Slang actually trips me up every day,along with patois phrases and bible slang.

      • MJB

        I swear having Jamaican parents is the worst thing that ever happened to my ability to speak English. I still to this day am finding out I say words wrong.

    • Girl Kanyeshrug

      I despise that ‘word’ but as per yesterday’s Bougie Ninja Best Practices:
      I hope no Bougie ninjas ever say ‘conversate’ because it’s on the list of things that bougie ninjas should NEVER do

  • iNeedANewVSBName

    It’s a #BougieNinjaPractice to not except “conversate” as a word. Low class people like Charlie Wilson and Beyonce use the word conversate, so educated folks cannot.

    Sidebar: If these people have “writers,” how do they end up with these made-up words?

    Sidebar Part Deux: Does anyone pay atttention to the #RedLine anymore? You know, the line that tells a person that “conversate” is, in fact, not a word?

    • http://iamyourpeople.com I Am Your People

      Sidebar Part Deux: Does anyone pay atttention to the #RedLine anymore? You know, the line that tells a person that “conversate” is, in fact, not a word?

      I ask myself this question every time Tyrese tweets

    • dc1913

      LOL I came to say the same thing… it’s because we are #bougieNinjas a bougie ninja feels that they have to uphold the positive image of the whole race in front of white folk so when you bring ur conversatin arse over we have to proclaim that we are in fact aware that it isn’t a word as loud as possible in case any white folk are around that may question our #BougieNinja-ness

    • A Woman’s Eyes

      The part-time bougie in me is thinking, “The right word is accept, not except!”

      I know I need help.

      • http://www.twitter.com/drrdb TWIsM

        Fellow Grammar Nazi. Welcome.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5FR1LGsT7E TheAnti-Cool

          They’ve begun finding each other… May the Slang Gods have mercy on our souls.

        • A Woman’s Eyes

          Thank you for the welcome!

      • iNeedANewVSBName

        Yes, accept. I shouldn’t have been TWS (typing while sleepy). My apologies.

      • Sula

        My eyes were twitching but I went to rehab and now I can glance over it… Lol. It used to be so bad that I will correct people’s mistakes in an email while replying to them. Bad, bad, bad. *smh*

    • http://vanityinperil.blogspot.com Vanity in Peril

      Sorry, call me bougie if you will but using the “word” “conversate” grinds my gears to a screeching halt, sir. English is a very difficult language to grasp but somehow children are able to wrap their tiny little heads around all the subcategorization, diathesis, predicate argument structures, valence, adicity, arity, theta-role assignment etc etc and not slip up too much. I will not give a day pass to some ignit ninja using this word unless it’s Damon Wayans and he’s doing an old In Living Color sketch.

      • http://jouromeo.blogspot.com Sagey Bear

        Hey there ViP,

        are you tightly wound?

        What’s the problem?

        I actually would rather people make mistakes because we all know that nobody is perfect. If they are making mistakes it means that they are literally trying to grow. Maybe the action isn’t a conscious effort but why assist a negative and reactionary aspect of our evolutionary directives rather than find a way to encourage, nurture and enable their individual growth?

        Positive reinforcement is much better a motivator than criticism and corrections. Why won’t you let us be great at growth? (BTW, yes, it is ALL your fault. lol) Side note: The lol indicates the fact that everything I’ve shared was shared in jest in the vein of a lighthearted yet pointed way. Please refrain from bougie-alities.<—this was a play on yesterdays post. And finally, I'm simply pointing to the subtext of my comment to be a lil extra. Isn't that an idiosyncrasy? Lil….extra? Hmmm doesn't really sound like it. Oh well. End journey

      • HLBB

        Thank you.
        Thank you.
        THANK YOU!!

      • SunaoButterfly

        Actually, as any bougie ninja or ninjette who’s taken a linguistics course knows, language is organic and constantly changes. There will always be purists who don’t like or appreciate change (Jonathan Swift, the guy who wrote “Gulliver’s Travels,” complained about the corruption of English for contracting words like “he is” to “he’s”), but the simple fact is that we invent new words every day to describe new things. I mean, damn, “tweet” used to only refer to the sound a bird makes! So as words become more commonly used, even if they’re not necessarily “correct,” they will eventually become acceptable.

        Doesn’t stop me from being grammar Nazi though!

        • http://vanityinperil.blogspot.com Vanity in Peril

          lol… it was NOT that serious to me and was also my opinion which I am entitled to. I don’t recall anywhere in my statement saying that people were not allowed to make mistakes. What I do have a problem with is somebody being corrected and continuing to use the word because they feel like it’s a more organic option for “us”. That’s all. And now here’s Al with the weather…

          • http://jouromeo.blogspot.com Sagey Bear

            Okay, then what about the oddity of appearance of this opinion thing.

            Your opinion on them, their opinion on usage. Just because your opinion on their structure is more proper(or simply proper) does that now mean that you are allowed to enforce?

            The reason I ask is simple: I’ve had a lot of experiences with people that see it like you do. But the opinion is just that. The end of it is to ask why it is okay for a cloaked double standard and if you are aware or mind the presence of it.

            And to be clear…I only say any of this because I see it not because I’m trying to offend you or get you to being defensive. But my gentle intentions aside, your perception rules the way you’ll react.

    • http://kcfiction.tumblr.com NubianEmpress

      Actually, its #BougieNinjaBestPractice to make up your own words, and to use made up words, because you have already mastered the english language.


    • http://verysmartbrothas.com Panama Jackson

      I stay ignoring the suggestions I get from Microsoft word. Whatever, I know what I’m trying to say and just because Word doesn’t doesnt mean I’m not right. I do what I want. I smoke crack in the bathroom.

      • Imperfect

        Drugs are bad mmmkay…

        But I don’t like puttin “g” at the end of “putting”, so I ignore all suggestions by default. But I’m smart. I’ve won a few games of “Around the World” in my day. I don’t feel like a need a paperclip or a dog or whatever other googly-eyed creature Bill Gates decides to telll me how to spell (most of the time)

  • http://www.anythingbutstyle.com Shaynanigans

    doesn’t gerund have to do with something about verb conjugations? *shrugs*

    I don’t have a huge issue with “conversate”…I mean swag isn’t a real word and who hasn’t said/heard that used a hundred different ways. Beyonce got “bootylicious” in the dictionary, so let’s keep working black folk – conversate is on it’s way up.

    • http://twitter.com/fixedwater fixedwater

      I feel like gerund is one of those words whose meaning I figured I’d never be able to work into conversation and so promptly forgot its meaning entirely.
      I thought I was doing something when I learned what an aglet was.

    • OutrageousFlair

      I vaguely remember from my undergrad Spanish linguistics course that gerundios have something to do with the verb ending -ing…

      Por Ejemplo: Sonia esta leyendo. Translation: Sonia is reading
      “Reading” is the gerundio

      Yes, I am a Spanish language nerd :-)

      • http://twitter.com/_boron Boron the Negromancer

        A gerund is a participle that functions as a noun. There. Now you know.

        Grammar rules aside, I feel serious schadenfreude for the vocabulary dilettantes who don’t stick to using real English words and phrases. Really, I would be happy if damnatio memoriae would happen to those buffoons who make zeitgeist fêtes of their mouths.

        Of course, when I’m especially impatient with such people, I follow through on my feelings by throwing them en masse into the nearest active volcano.

      • LMNOP

        Me too. I learned pretty much all I know about English grammar that way.

    • http://jouromeo.blogspot.com Sagey Bear

      I didn’t like anything about the word gerund.

      I real life hate this shinobi for sharing it.

      I’ve come across it before and didn’t like it then neither.

      This word needs to leave me alone before I hire some ronin samurai to force seppuku on it. I don’t know how they could do it but apparently Ronin Samurai can do anything. Like superman but without the curly q and no cape.

    • LMNOP

      OOH OOH ME!!! I know!!!
      Gerund is the -ing form of a verb.
      Like “she is walking,” “he is sleeping,” or “they is conversating.”

      • http://verysmartbrothas.com Panama Jackson

        “They is conversating” might be the most perfect sentence ever uttered.

        • http://twitter.com/#!/NewYork2VA NY2VA

          Actually, if you replace the pronoun, “They” with the common noun ,”Them muh fuggas”, you get an even better sentence.

          Them muh fuggas is conversating!

          Now that is perfection.

          • SunaoButterfly

            DEAD from this whole mini-exchange.

          • http://twitter.com/eazylittle Eazy


      • dos pesos

        I think a gerund is the ing form when its used as a noun.

        Such as “them ninjas over there is conversating loudly” = verb.

        but “them ninja’s conversating is annoying.” = gerund. The conversating is the noun/subject of the sentence.

  • CurlyTop

    “All of a sudden the sky opens up and the spirits of dead slaves pour down their disappointments and blackberry molasses upon the souls of Black folks.”

    Erm, I is DEAD! I actually pictured 400 years dead slavery pouring from the sky as I read this. Why this is funny to be, Iunno but I laughed.

    • CurlyTop

      400 years of dead slaves*

      • http://www.anythingbutstyle.com Shaynanigans

        “All of a sudden the sky opens up and the spirits of dead slaves pour down their disappointments and blackberry molasses upon the souls of Black folks”

        dead slave spirits and then blackberry molasses to sweeten up all those years of dissatisfaction and heads hung in shame…there is always a silver lining

  • Be On It

    I don’t like the word conversate, but it only grates on my nerves when people who claim to be bougie use it all.the.dang.time. Like really? You’re just going to drop that non-word in every other sentence and expect me to view you as highly educated and cultured? Okay playa O_o

    But, knowing that [American] English is the king honeybadger of language in co-opting, creating, and repurposing slang and colloquialisms into its formal lexicon, I can’t get too angry at people who use the less appropriate term. Unless they are wannabe bougie.

    • Andi

      “But, knowing that [American] English is the king honeybadger of language in co-opting, creating, and repurposing slang and colloquialisms into its formal lexicon”

      lol truth.

    • WayUPThere

      I’m just happy the honey badger came back…

      • nillalatte

        Meow… I think it’s time for another super power transformation! :D LOL

  • http://twitter.com/fixedwater fixedwater

    In fact, I told my dear dear Spanish-as-a-first-language friend that it wasn’t a word, then learned via the interwebs that it had been added to the dictionary just like the much aligned “ain’t” of my youth!
    Color me happy and indignant when I could proudly proclaim to my mother that ain’t was now in the dictionary and therefore an actual word. She was NOT impressed, I was still not allowed to use ain’t with her.

    • http://twitter.com/fixedwater fixedwater

      *maligned not aligned

    • LMNOP

      Yeah I remember when I was a kid I would tell adults who said “ain’t ain’t a word because ain’t ain’t in the dictionary” that actually ain’t was in the dictionary, and they were never impressed. They acted like they came up with that little sentence themselves and I was just trying to crush their genius.

      • http://www.wildcougarconfessions.com Wild Cougar

        Ain’t is not only in the dictionary, but it comes from Hebrew root for being. I cringe at bougie ninjas cringing at ignant ninjas. I think its a particularly demeaning form of materialized slavery. Proving to Massa that you are better than those other negros. Because Massa’s approval is ever so crucial to your self esteem. And we can’t have those lowly folk soiling the good image we’ve worked so hard to cultivate so they will finally, finally love us. Cause they’re Gods, afterall.

        Hyperbole, but you get the message. Maybe I’m wrong, and maybe I missed an obvious joke, but isn’t it “for all intents and purposes?”

        • http://www.wildcougarconfessions.com Wild Cougar

          Internalized slavery. Damn phone!

  • http://www.twitter.com/drrdb TWIsM

    I am one of the haters. But I’m a self-admitted Grammar Nazi as well. Hell I wrote a whole post about it. I don’t like that conversate has been voted into vernacular by popular vote (same with bootylicious and d’oh!). Given the rampant rise of the intellectually challenged, or the Stupids as I call them, I don’t think we should be allowing colloquialisms into the dictionary. If for no other reason, it’s because of the “fad quality” they have. Conversate has about every right to be in there as “Groovy” (unless you’re talking about a vinyl album full of grooves). So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Stop voting in slang and stop letting Tyrese tweet, and we may see a brighter day.

    • Be On It

      I’m right >here< with you on not letting modern slang into the dictionary, in spite of the fact that a lot of words that we accept as "proper words" today were slang terms in the days of Shakespeare. #hypocriticalbutdon'tcare

    • CurlyTop

      May I add 50 Cent and Lil Duval to the Forbidden to Tweet List?

    • DG

      You think conversate and bootylicious are bad??? Ninja, Webster recognizes “Crunk” as a word…
      (lets it marinate for a second)

      I’ll say it again, my dude: “Crunk” is in the dictionary….


      • http://www.twitter.com/drrdb TWIsM

        I didn’t mention crunk. That really bothered me at one time but because of http://FunnyOrDie.com/m/50nw I’m okay with it now.

      • miss t-lee

        Wow. Crunk is in the dictionary??? Had.no.idea.

        • DG


          • miss t-lee


      • CurlyTop

        I’m actually hating on that. How are these words being added to the dictionary!?!? I understand popular culture has an influence on society but this is ridiculous. Next spelling will die with “H8t3rZ” being added to the dictionary.
        It hurt typing like that.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5FR1LGsT7E TheAnti-Cool

          (plots on how I can get “asapedly” added the dictionary)

          • Sandpaper

            You mean “asapPedly” don’t you? I’m adding it to the list of potential new words tomorrow.

            – Commander, 1st Precinct, Spelling Division.

          • http://twitter.com/#!/NewYork2VA NY2VA

            I prefer asaptually, myself. Let’s start a letter writing campaign.

        • DG

          It hurts equally reading it….but it reminds me of something else that irks me, albeit slightly. Whenever I see a legit store/business that purposely spells its name so as to denote its ‘hoodness’…as if a potential customer isn’t aware that the business is indeed in the ‘hood. I’m not sure if said business owner is trying to cater to a specific clientele, but I don’t know what the purpose of substituting a $ or Z for an S really accomplishes….to each his/her own, I suppose.

          Examples, you say???
          Urban ThreadZZ
          Klassy Kutz
          Home$ for HO3$

          You get the picture…

          • A Woman’s Eyes

            I’m glad I wasn’t drinking any beverages while reading this. This always cracks me up.

            The only time this type of misspelling is helpful is if you’re in a predominately White community as a tourist, visitor, new transplant and need a haircut, twisting of your roots or need to get your hair “did”.

            I’ve seen similarly named hair salons and barbershops in the suburbs for that type of advertising purpose. Advertising purpose being to let Black folks know to come in, as they won’t jack up their hair.

          • KneeCee

            Not Home$ for HO3$!!!!!!

            But yeah, I. HATE. THAT!!! I hate it so much that I will go out of my way NOT to patronize such an establishment.

          • http://www.anythingbutstyle.com Shaynanigans

            The first one could be because the ghetto clothing establishment up the block already stole the genius “Urban Threads” idea…second one is most likely owned by Kappas…and the third, is this like Habitats for Humanity? Sounds like a very worth cause

            • Fivegirl

              lmao. I once had a Kappa give me a linguistic lesson on why “c” is the most useless letter in the alphabet and Kappas are really doing us a favor because you don’t need C if you have K and S

        • Corey

          Please don’t ever do that again. That sh!t makes my eye twitch and I think I’m about to start yelling at flowers.

          • CurlyTop

            I had to do it. When will people learn? It takes more time to type that way but all the youngins are out there destroying the internet with that mess. Anyone over 18 who does this regularly should be stoned.

        • Imperfect

          I don’t understand why people type out words like “H8t3rZ”. Just takes too much work. Just took me about 30 seconds to type that out because, first of all, if you have the “8”, why do you need the “t”?? 2nd, the “8” in this case should be substitution for the “ate” in “haters, so that also makes the “3” redundant. So the proper way to spell that incorrectly, “if you will”, would be “H8rZ”.
          And what??? Are you emphasizing that there are more than one H8r??? Why the capital “z”?

          You know…I vote against keeping “haters” (“hatin”, “hate”) in our lexicon anyway because it’s widely abused and misused and I’m sick of hearin 50 year olds talk about their “haters”!
          All in favor…

          • DMcMillian72

            …absolutely WEAK! LOLOL!

          • naturalista88

            I vote yea on your proposal to remove the word “haters” and all variants of said word.

      • A Woman’s Eyes

        *Now I’m curious as to whethe this means that Words With Friends accepts “crunk” as a word… *

      • http://snarkyasiwant2b.wordpress.com SnarkyChic

        When crunk was added to the dictionary a little baby angel lost his wings. This is way sad!

        • http://www.twitter.com/SCSilk Silk!

          And a kitten was killed.

    • Andi


    • http://twitter.com/kjnetic peter parker

      *shakes fist at TWIsM’s hateration of conversate in this dancerie*

      Death to the Grammer …ahhh…Grammar Nazis!!!

      or better than death…a lifetime of grammatical errors that can’t be corrected, lol

      • http://www.twitter.com/drrdb TWIsM

        Or just present the fact that Tyrese’s book was on the NYT Bestseller’s list. *And I didn’t know they started putting coloring books on there.* #KanyeShrug

        • http://twitter.com/fixedwater fixedwater


        • xLadyTx

          Oh wow…its THAT easy these days, huh? Smh.

          • http://panamaenrique.wordpress.com Malik

            Keep in the mind that there isn’t a singular New York Times Best Seller list that is needed to get onto. There are about 20 different categories and each one goes at least 35 deep. I don’t have the NYT near-by but the official list in the paper goes near 100 if I recall correctly.

            • SunaoButterfly

              Also remember that just because it’s a “best seller” doesn’t mean it’s “good.”

        • Imperfect

          *And I didn’t know they started putting coloring books on there.*

          I cain’t

        • LMNOP

          I’m not quite a grammar nazi. I think.
          BUT grammar and spelling errors in PUBLISHED books drives me effing crazy.

          • time4reflection


    • HLBB

      “Stop voting in slang and stop letting Tyrese tweet, and we may see a brighter day…”

      *falls over laughing*

      Can I get some clarification? When these “words” are added to the dictionary, are they added to the print edition or just to the online edition? I always got the impression that these additions were PR moves by Websters.

      As much as I love the digitization of my life, there are some things that make it real. When I see it in print, then maybe…maybe I’ll hate on these “words” less.

      *offers up Tyrese to the souls of slaves in hopes that it will placate them*

    • http://verysmartbrothas.com Panama Jackson

      You know one of my big complaints with folks who take umbrage with such words, its that it was just a choice made by somebody at some point that it’s converse as opposed to conversate in the first place. Language is fluid as hell yet people tend to hold on to some of these terms likey Jesus himself said it was so. I have on issue with colloquialisms into the dictionary if they are actually words that people use frequently enough that they need to be there.

      Social mores and acceptable behaviors have evolved and changed a million times since *PICK YOUR BENCHMARK* so it stands to reason that language would do the same. I guess that’s my issue (if I had to have one). Why do we have to let a ho be a ho and do ho things, but if she uses conversate she’s ignant.

      • http://www.twism.com/drrdb TWIsM81

        I guess I look at it from the “If we set a standard, then uphold the standard” standpoint. I’m not a fan of making the test easier because it’s too hard.

        • http://verysmartbrothas.com Panama Jackson

          I don’t have a problem with that. But if the test is outdated maybe you need to improve it to match what’s actually happening.

          • http://www.twism.com/drrdb TWIsM81

            I’m all for updates when said updates will be worth the time to do so. Would it have been worthwhile to add “thebomb.com” to a dictionary when no one would be caught dead saying it three months later? That’s the issue with slang. It’s too short lived to even bother.

      • A Woman’s Eyes

        The only way I’d accept conversate as a word is if the Latin root for conversate is the same as for converse and its in the Oxford English dictionary.

        Otherwise, my reaction is no no no no no !

    • DMcMillian72

      110% Co-sign…alla ‘dis!

      • DMcMillian72

        Oh wow! This didn’t eeeeven post where I thought it would. My “110% Co-sign…” post was in resonse to TWIsM81’s “…grammar Nazi…” comment waaaaaaay upthread. :)

  • Be On It

    A gerund is a -ing form of a verb (I believe its the perfect participle, but since I”m going from memory, I could be wrong) that is commonly used as a noun, as in the following:

    “Running is my least favorite activity, but it is a necessary part of my workout routine.”

    • larenee

      Cosign on the gerund definition. I’m an Engish teacher if that gets us any points.

      Back when facebook groups were cool, I started the official “Conversate is not a word” group :-)

      • http://jamaicanwoman.blogspot.com tonirags

        i think i may have been a member -_-

  • Andi

    I definitely don’t think conversate is better than irregardless. They both come from the same sad place…..

    You hit the nail on the head for me here:

    “Perhaps the big problem is the assumption that people using the word “conversate” don’t actually know any better. These ignant ninjas really are ignorant. There’s no joke. No punchline.”

    That’s my biggest issue with conversate. People aren’t using it as slang, they’re using it as an actual word.

    And I don’t really take it personally if Black people use it vs unknowing people of any other race. Unless you’re using it ironically, everyone gets the same inward sigh and silent tsk tsk. I’m an equal opportunity snob :)

    • OutrageousFlair

      I totally agree with you here. My only issue with conversate is when people use it in inappropriate settings.

      Example: One of my clients actually went to court and was speaking to the JUDGE on the record and used the word. And I quote: “Judge I’ve been conversating with my lawyer about this issue…” Word!? You just gonna embarrass me in front of the judge?…sit down! I could have slapped the sh*t out of him!

      But that situation is in no way worse than when I was in court while a police officer was being cross examined, and he said “pacifically” instead of “specifically!” And he’s supposed to be keeping my streets safe and making quick judgments about suspects? smh

      • http://verysmartbrothas.com Panama Jackson

        nobody said he had to be well learned to do so.

      • Ms. My2Cents

        I work with a girl who has the horrible habit of trying to use the word “literally” waaaayyyyy too often. I say ‘try’ because 1) the things she’s describing didn’t literally happen. For example: she didn’t “literally fall out laughing”! and 2) she says “liberately” instead of “literally”, which any reading ninja will tell you is not a word!!! UGH.

        It makes me grind my teeth every time she says it!


    • http://snarkyasiwant2b.wordpress.com SnarkyChic

      Yes Andi I agree with you to the tenth power. It’s not a poor unfortunate soul that uses non words like irregardless and conversate it is those boughetto ninjas we talked about yesterday that swear fo’ baby Jesus they’re intelligent and go around splashing their ignance in my face. What am I supposed to do? These stupids (as TWIsM called them) truly believe they’re correct that conversate and any of its bastard derivatives including conversating or conversated are in fact words.

      Most days I let conversate slide. Folk use it so much I sometimes question myself. If you however, use conversating I will give you major side eye as if you called my momma a heaux. I will look at you as if I have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about and might even ask for you to repeat what you just said because I’m confused. That’s wrong but I don’t want to be right.

  • BisforBrittani

    I like conversate but ONLY when it’s used as conversate …like you can’t go around putting -ing (conversating) on it because then it just looks (and sounds) weird…….and I only use it when around people who know me well enough to know I am not using the word because I don’t know its not a word or whatever

    Ok so I think I got the #flamingyoung reference but I can not for the life of me figure out #theplate…what does that mean?

    • Imperfect

      Yes! I can’t even gather my thoughts on the use of “conversate” cause I even Googled “the plate” and I can’t find anything remotely sensible in relation to the post!
      And if Google don’t know, we’re hopeless!

      • SheWhoMustBeObeyed

        Deflate maybe??

    • http://verysmartbrothas.com Panama Jackson

      #theplate was a Twitter meme one day that took the world by storm. it was the most cholesterolic, caloric, death on a plate sight i’d done seen in years. #theplate took out osama. #theplate WAS hurricane katrina. #theplate laughs at vegans.

      • miss t-lee

        I’m still trippin’ that ol’ girl cooked that meal, was so proud to take a picture of it.
        I’ve seen dog food that’s looked better than #theplate.