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The (Not So) Definitive List of the Top 25 Reasons Black Men Feel Disrespected

Barack Obama (Scott Olson/Getty Images)


25. Using big words I don’t compressionhenoiafda understand

24. Wearing the same exclusive shoes I have on to the same place at the same time

23. Getting cut off in traffic

22. When I cut you off in traffic and you don’t realize that I didn’t mean it and you get upset

21. Walking too close to me

20. Walking too far away from, what I stink or something? Disrespectful.

19. When you don’t get on the elevator with me and chose to wait on another one

18. Asking everybody for advice but me and we all in the same place and when I politely ask why you didn’t solicit my advice you tell me that it isn’t my business

17. Acting funny, which can mean any and everything under the sun that I determine to mean acting funny whether or not you agree with me or not. I know when niggas are actin’ funny and that nigga was actin’ funny.

16. Stepping in front of me in line for anything (Black women are partial to feeling disrespected when white women steps out of line and returns attempting to regain their space, even if they asked nicely for you to hold their spot)

15. Throwing money at me unless I asked you to toss me some money.

14. Claiming I cheated when I beat you

13. Claiming I renigged and being wrong

12. Clowning me in front of people I know. Similarly clowning me in front of people that I don’t know. Don’t clown me.

11. Not giving me any condiments in the drive thru line (particularly not giving any sauce for my 20 piece chicken nuggets)

10. Not wipin’ your feet on the rug when you come in my house. Your great-great grandmother is rolling over in her grave nigga.

9. Being a man who picks up my tab for my food when I’ve made it clear that my pride would like to pay for its own meal.

8a.Buying my girl a drink in front of me

8b. Looking at my girl in front of me

8c. Speaking to my girl in front of me

8d. My girl being in front of you

7. Calling my woman at any hour between noon today and noon tomorrow.

6. When you dap me up with the left hand. Excuse me, when you attempt to dap me up with the left hand

5. When yougive me weak, limp wrist dap or don’t conclude with an approved finishing move such as a snap (played), locking it up (preferred) or a solid pat on the back during a Black man hug-dap

4. Putting your hands on me in a way that can be construed as a slap. Slap = most disrespectful of violent blows. A punch means we’re going to fight. A slap means you don’t even think I’d ever fight you, which, well, I don’t even need to say it.

3. Stepping on my shoes and not apologizing in the right time, tone, fashion, and with the right facial expression

2. Being told that you’ll pay my monkeyass when you have my money. While logical – you can’t pay what you don’t have after all – it is still direspectful because calling me a monkey ass is rude and implies that you aren’t doing everything in your power to get me the money you owe me, which is disrespectful. Word to Tat.

1. Not acknowledging me with some gesture of acknowledgement when its clear that I acknowledged you with some gesture of acknowledgement, even if its unintentional. If I feel slighted, I was slighted and that’s direspectful.

Bonus: 1a-z. Being Barack Obama.

Panama Jackson

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  • ChiChi

    I see you caved…i’m happy lol

  • Lea Thrace

    Yaaaassss! Now to read the post.

  • Val
    • StillSuga

      She looks like Sanaa Lathan lit with a floodlight with a touch of Zoe Saldana…smh

      • Cleojonz

        I thought that was Sanaa Lathan at first.

    • panamajackson

      I still don’t believe that’s Kerry Washington. It’s like not ONE person was willing to say, “hey guys…I don’t think this is going to achieve the intended goal…”

      • Val

        I think InStyle has set a new standard in making Black women celebs unrecognizable.

    • Sigma_Since 93

      Is this supposed to be Kerry Washington??? The lip isn’t quivering so I can’t tell.

      • HeyBooHey

        Though you’re right, you ain’t ish for that lip quiver comment smh

    • Madame Zenobia

      Why did they do that to her nose and her lips? There’s no excuse for that. What? They thought we wouldn’t notice? NO, they know their primarily middle aged White woman audience won’t notice, because we all look alike to them.

      • Val

        At this point, since this has happened before, I’m thinkinh InStyle made a decision to make her unrecognizzable knowing people would talk about the photo and they would get millions of dollars in free advertising. But, I’m really cynical.

        • Ms TLC

          Hmm, this sounds about right,

    • This is not Kerry Washington, aint no way!

      • Val

        You have to look really, really hard. Lol

    • Charlisia Nwachukwu

      Heyyyy #TGIT

    • I’m still in denial. That ain’t Kerry. Ain’t nobody gonna tell me otherwise. IDC. IDC. IDC.

      • If I told you it was really Kelly Rowland, would you believe it then?

        • cakes_and_pies

          If you said it was Kelly Ripa I might believe you.

          • How about Kelly Kapowski? No?

            • cakes_and_pies

              At this point you could tell me this is a picture of R. Kelly transitioning into a White woman and I’d believe that over this being Kelly washington.

        • NOAP. That picture on the InStyle cover is some generic iStock photo taken of a Black woman who responded to a model casting call.

    • Isn’t this the second magazine that has made Kerry unrecognizable? This is crazy.

      • Val


    • Uniquely Blushed

      they did get her edges right tho

      • Val


      • Angel Baby

        LOL smh

    • Rachmo

      *minimizes and leaves it up to Val to figure out if this was disrespect*

      • Val

        No opinion, Rach?

        • Rachmo

          I’m not looking at White Kerry when I’m all riled up reading about this disrespect. Nope not I

    • h.h.h.

      i’d feel disrespected too if someone made me read a magazine with 538 pages

      • Aly

        Don’t forget the exclamation point –>> !

        • h.h.h.

          that’s even more dissrespect

          *gets on the Kevin Hart 40YO V**gin level of anger*

          • Aly

            I mean, it is a lot of pages though.

          • Val

            Those 500 pages of advertisements are supposed to be a selling point. Lol

    • miss t-lee

      If that caption would not have said “Kerry” I wouldn’t have know who this is.

    • Kerry Washington looks like a Braxton sister, LMAO!

    • mikster

      they need to stop messing with her lips… she must not approve these covers she just be like where my check lol

      • Val

        Lol. You would think she would demand some say since this is the second time a mag has photo shopped her into oblivion.

    • HeyBooHey

      Must be somebody else’s Kerry, definitely not Kerry Washington

      • Val

        That pic is like those puzzles that get passed around facebook where you are supposed to stare at it until you see what you are supposed to see. So, just keep staring eventually you’ll see Kerry. Lol

        • HeyBooHey

          I literally tried this, the face started morphing into everyone but the intended and I gave up smh

    • jolly

      Wait…wow. Huge slap in the face.

  • Sigma_Since 93

    Tightly clutching yo broke down furberry purse with your monthly bus pass in it as I walk by.

    • camilleblu

      stop lookin’ shady #den

      • Sigma_Since 93

        I could see if I was white…..I’m in my suit no white collar criminal here; then I could see you clutchin’ your purse cause I’d be after dem dollars!!!! lol!!

    • True story: I saw this happen on an elevator in Birmingham. The woman that did that got roasted on the spot. I’ll be surprised if she showed her face again behind that, LOL!

  • uNk

    Well i should have seen this post coming but i didnt lol so ill just repost this here

    My top 5 ways of feeling disrespected
    -directly correlating the word b#tch with anything having to do with my personal being
    -disrespect my girl in any way
    -disrespect one of my closest friends
    -trying to embarrass me on camera to be relived over and over
    -taking a parking space you saw me waiting for, we have to fight at this point no talking lol

    • Charlisia Nwachukwu

      That parking space tho… that’s universal disrespect

    • StillSuga

      #facts about the parking space. I almost ran down these 2520s on the way to Watch Night serivce over this very disrespect. They went around me to get into a spot and I had my blinker on!!! *seeing red all over again*

      • Rachmo

        Yo, pen a note and tell em why you mad. It’s cathartic and lets them know “I SAW YOUR BYTCH A$$”

    • Rachmo

      Yo that parking space one. One time I got so pissed off over this that I took a picture of the person’s license plate, found another spot, wrote that person a note cussing them out, and stuck it on the front of their windshield. Fuck they.

      • tgtaggie

        Tell them how you really feel. lol

        • Rachmo

          I had been looking for a spot for a solid 15 minutes and you’re going to cut me off when I had my blinker on? Nah fam. Not TUHday”

      • HeyBooHey

        This is something I would do. Gotta keep pen & paper at the ready

      • camilleblu

        *wonders if you also left a turrible chili recipe on the windshield as well*

        • Rachmo

          haha they didn’t deserve even my WORST chili recipe.

      • uNk

        Somebody with a dirty a$$ car did that to me and i had a field day with their car lol

  • Yes!!!!! number 19, 6, and 3 I can relate to. When those things are done to me, my first reaction is alway, Bish!!!!!!!!!

  • In regards to #4, I think getting mushed is right up there. Unless of course it is something that can be construed as a “slap” of some sort. Plucking someone in the face is also up there.

    • HeyBooHey

      Being mushed is grounds for me kicking you square in the shins. My homegirl does it EVERYTIME she’s drunk and I find a way to inflict pain on her everytime

    • Elowwole

      Who in the world goes around plucking people in the face?? Mushing I get. Slapping I get. But plucking…

      • My dad used to pluck us in the forehead when we did dumb stuff. I HATED it. Quite frankly, if someone tried to pluck me in the forehead as a 30+ year old grown man, my disrespect meter would be at 12 on a scale of 1 to 10….LOL

        • Elowwole

          I know that’s real! You ain’t gonna be playing around my facial region.

          • Sigma_Since 93

            what’s worse; the pop to the front of the head or the back of the head?

            • The front. You can SEE it coming and if its one of your parents, theres nothing you can do to stop the disrepect from coming….

        • Baemie St. Patrick

          I’m 30. To this very day, my daddy’s standard greeting for me is “hey ugly!” followed by a slap on the forehead.

    • My sister’s go-to move in the club is to mush chicks in the face. She legit mushed this chick so hard she fell down. She was immediately carried out by security, lol. I told her that somebody was gonna body slam her one day ’cause that is TOO disrespectful.

      • ChiChi

        I honestly don’t know what I’d do if someone ever mushed me in the face. I just…my hands just went into automatic prayer position and I bowed my head while chuckling.

    • Kim

      Touching someones face point blank period in a non sensual way will get your wig pushed back lol

  • Charlisia Nwachukwu

    BAHHHHHHH!!! *APPLAUSE* .. 3 CHEERS for PJ! The Mega list has arrived. Basically if you are breathing too close to a black man.. it can be perceived as disrespect. and ALSO –

    This ‘Looking at my girl in front of me” YES! I have been out with male friends both straight and gay and if a man is checking me out without first giving him the ” oh that’s you” head nod… all penis welding creatures claim disrespect.

  • bigheadbaby

    Wow…a site that is so responsive to my needs! Where have ya’ll been all my life? Find a need and fill it…now this is a topic that will keep ya’ll occupied from now until the end of time. Should get the Nobel Peace Prize for this one. “…for keeping countless people from getting their asses kicked unnecessarily, we award VSB this prize.” LOL

  • camilleblu

    interrupting my conversation (for clarity – not to speak to ME, but to the person that i am already talking to) without acknowledging said interruption. that’s gonna get you an intense stare into your entire face by me, and a probable step in front of you, you know – so i can finish MY conversation.

    • Val

      I usually just talk over that person when they do that like I didn’t even hear them.

      • camilleblu

        lol….val is an O.G.

    • bigheadbaby

      Make you want to chop them in their throat…so not cool! People who do this are suspect in many other ways, I have found….

      • camilleblu

        you are absofuckinglutely right

    • BreezyX2

      With a side of neck roll too #cuzNawl #Disrespect

      • camilleblu

        also…an exaggerated eye roll or the loudest sigh ever.

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